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January 1, 2023

The number of, and variety of guns that exist is simply staggering. If you are looking to own a gun, somewhere out there is the perfect gun for you, guaranteed. Pocket pistols are one of the greatest examples of that.

Pocket pistols are great for people that often wear pants with hip pockets. Many people don’t like conventional holsters that utilize shoulder or chest straps, or don’t like hip holsters or wear belts to support them. They fit in your pocket and are essentially the lazy man’s concealed carry.

They won’t win you any perfect concealment awards, but you may not have to change out of your favorite jeans to carry with. Let’s take a look at the best pocket pistols.

Best Pocket Pistols

Glock G43

glock g43

Glock is a well-known name in the firearm world, famous for making amazing handguns. They didn’t jump right into the pocket pistol game, but better late than never. The Glock G43 is on the large side as far as pocket pistols go, but it is a 9mm and worth the extra size. It is thin and lightweight, which makes up for the 6.26-inch length and the 4.25-inch height. If you are already familiar with a Glock trigger, then transitioning to the G43 should be a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Very thin fits nicely in your pockets
  • Sturdy gun can stand up to long days of shooting and being dropped
  • Ergonomics of this pocket pistol is the same as the original full-sized Glocks

Sig Sauer P365 SAS

sig sauer p365 sas

Another top choice for pocket pistols, the Sig Sauer P365 SAS is one of the best handguns you can find. The original P365 is a bit large, but if you go with the SAS instead, you’ll be pleased with the compact pocket carrying. The SAS is truly snag-free, which increases its value as a pocket pistol.

One of the biggest perks of carrying the Sig Sauer P365 SAS is that it is totally snag-free. The sights are cut off, the takedown lever requires a flat head tool, and the slide release is trimmed, making it easy to draw your weapon without worry that you’ll snag it on your clothing.

Key Features:

  • Smaller version of the original P365 is nice and compact, perfect for concealed carrying
  • One of the smoothest designs with the least snag risk
  • Several magazine options to choose from

Beretta 3032 Tomcat

beretta 3032 tomcat

If you’re looking for a tiny pocket gun, this mouse gun from Beretta is a cool option. It has an exposed barrel and exposed slide, making it look like a smaller version of Beretta’s 92 series. This gun is really small, making it a great weapon for concealed carrying. You can easily use it with a pocket holster.

Loading the Tomcat is simple, you just pop the barrel up and load a single round. You don’t have to rack the slide. This .32 pistol is quite small, it is 4.92 inches long, 3.7 inches tall, and weighs just 14.5 ounces. The Tomcat can be used in single or double action. If you need help with accuracy, single-action mode helps with shot placement.

Key Features:

  • Pop-up chamber allows you to load one bullet at a time
  • Single-action mode gives you better aim
  • Weighs less than 15 ounces

Ruger LCP II

ruger lcp ii

As one of the top-performing firearms companies, Ruger is known for developing the best of the best when it comes to guns. Whether you need a full-sized handgun or a pocket pistol, they have plenty of options. Their LCP series has several amazing pocket pistols, including the LCP II. This is a powerful little .380 ACP, and it comes at a shockingly good price.

This lightweight pistol is just 10.6 ounces, it’s 5.17 inches long, and 3.71 inches tall, allowing it to slide into any pocket without a problem. It has an aggressive grip texture, making it easy to keep a good grasp on it. As a .380 ACP, you can expect some power behind every shot. The kickback can be strong, but with the right skills, your bullet will hit the target with no problem.

Key Features

  • Minimal risk of snagging when drawing or holstering
  • Sights on the LCP II are an improvement from the original model
  • Small enough to conceal under a t-shirt

Sig Sauer P938

sig sauer p938

From the all-metal frame to the comfortable firing, this is one of the best 9mm pocket pistols around. If you’re a fan of 1911s, you’d probably love this pistol. It has a thumb safety, it is a single action, and the 9mm magazine is single-stack style. This minigun is a great choice if you need something you can stash away in your pocket.

While the size does allow pocket carrying with minimal issues, keep in mind that the hammer, safety, and sights do give it some snag potential. With such small guns, usually, they are very light. Some people enjoy a lightweight pocket pistol, others want a firearm with some weight behind it. This one is a bit hefty, weighing in at 16 ounces, but that can help you feel more comfortable when firing.

Key Features:

  • Very comfortable to shoot
  • Similar to the 1911s
  • Small enough to pocket carry, although there is some snag potential

Seecamp LWS 380

seecamp lws 380

If you want a tiny pocket pistol, check out the Seecamp LWS 380. This little .380 ACP can hold 6 rounds and has an all-metal frame. At 13.65 ounces when loaded, this would be a great choice to carry in your pocket or purse. With a height of 3.25 inches, this handgun is easily concealed.

Key Features:

  • Small enough to hide in your pocket without worry about an outline
  • Best for close-range shooting

Beretta Pico

beretta pico

This Beretta version of the SAS is a great option for anyone that is looking for a pocket pistol with low snag and easy concealment. It has a trimmed side release and the take-down lever was made to be smooth with the frame.

As a Beretta, there is some weight to this handgun, but it is overall very easy to carry. The only potential downside is that the take-down lever can make reloading challenging.

Key Features:

  • Easily customizable with interchangeable colored grip frames
  • Beretta firearms are high-performing and have a history of trustworthiness

Trailblazer LifeCard

trailblazer lifecard

This is a truly unique pocket pistol. This handgun is a semi-automatic loading pistol, even though it takes up as much space in your pocket as a credit card. You simply unfold the card when you need it.

Key Features:

  • Single-shot .22LR or .22 Magnum
  • One of the easiest guns to conceal, as it does not look like a handgun while in your pocket.

What is a Pocket Pistol

Simply put, pocket pistols are guns so small and easy to carry, that anyone can do it. They are the perfect type of gun to put a hole in any excuses someone may have to avoid carrying it. Now, even though a pocket pistol is designed to be carried in a pocket, don’t think you can skip the holster, you’ll still need one of those. Having a holster, even for pocket carry, is just a part of safely carrying a firearm.

Pocket Pistols vs. Mouse Guns

This is a common point of confusion. A mouse gun is always a pocket pistol, but all pocket pistols are not necessarily mouse guns. The main delineation comes with the caliber, as mouse guns are usually very small-bore guns in calibers like .22LR, .22Mag, .25ACP, or .32ACP.

Most folks who are enthusiasts tend to agree that the crossover point is when you move up to a .380ACP, which is frequently the point at which the gun structurally needs to be a bit beefier to handle the rounds.

Why Choose a Pocket Pistol?

There are three main reasons that appeal to nearly everyone who may be shopping for a new everyday backup carry. Pocket pistols are easily concealable, surprisingly powerful, and incredibly accurate. These reasons combined make pocket pistols one of the most convenient ways to carry defensive firepower without much hassle.


The small size of pocket pistols and their generally more compact form makes them the ideal candidate for a concealed carry location. If you don’t want to draw any attention to your iron, one of the best ways is to go the pocket pistol route. In some situations, you may be able to carry several in concealment.


Some people may see the small-bore calibers (.380 or 9mm) common with pocket pistols and become disinterested because they think there isn’t enough “man stopping” power. Pocket pistols may not have the big-bore boom, but for a pistol or pair of pistols you can conceal in a fitted suit, you can have some impressive abilities at your disposal.


At the ranges you’re likely to be shooting, pocket pistols will have some pretty impressive accuracy. Not only are they easy to handle and bring to bear, but the recoil will be very easily managed and compensated for. Shot after shot, you’ll be able to keep a tighter spread when you’re sending rounds downrange.

What Are The Benefits Of Pocket Pistols Over Regular Pistols?

Convenience, plain and simple. There is no other feature of pocket pistols in which they surpass other guns so readily, as convenience. There are times when you won’t be able to carry the big bada boom that you want due to clothing or other circumstances, but you aren’t really aiming for ultra-concealment.

If you are thinking about getting another firearm and being able to carry comfortably in a variety of clothing is at the top of your priority list, pocket pistols will be the ideal group to browse. They will fit comfortably in most front pockets and can be used with specialized holsters to ensure carrying safety.

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