The 8 Best .224 Valkyrie Uppers


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October 9, 2022

The .224 Valkyrie fills a gap in the AR ecosystem of 22 calibers. Ammunition for the 22 consisted of cartridges such as the 556 and Nosler; however, these cut around 600 to 700 yards without the proper velocity. Federal Premiums created the .224 Valkyrie to remain at supersonic speed for downrange accuracy.

.224 Valkyrie guarantees supersonic speed at 1300 yards. This achievement marks the first cartridge for the MSR-15 platform to achieve that velocity.

This article tells shooters what to look for in quality Upper Receivers for the AR-15 platform. No other ecosystem is as broad and varied as the AR. Every element of the AR, no matter the caliber, can be upgraded or changed out to customize the rifle to exactly what the shooter needs.

Best .224 Valkyrie Upper Receiver

Each receiver has unique characteristics that will bring a positive experience to the shooter. All are quality builds from great companies.

Upper receivers are vitally crucial to the accuracy of the .224 Valkyrie. Not to say the lower receiver does not contribute; lowers give the upper receiver its power.

GLFA AR-15 Complete Upper .224 Valkyrie

glfa ar-15 complete upper .224 valkyrie

The Upper Receiver from GLFA features a 24” barrel and 15 M-Lok for adding accessories. The length of the barrel is perfect for hunting, shooting, self-defense, or competition.  The GLFA Upper works best with a rifle-length gas system.

This upper receiver is built for long-range precision environments. The longer barrel gives the powder more time to burn and build pressure, resulting in higher muzzle velocities.

GLFA has been making quality receivers for years, and this company has been giving shooters consistent quality and performance.

Recoil and muzzle jump is reduced considerably if correctly paired with your rifle. The barrel features a 1:6.5 twist rate, which only enhances the overall performance and accuracy of the receiver. The GLFA is made from stainless steel for lasting durability and is made specifically for the .224 Valkyrie cartridge.

Features of the GLFA AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver

  • Combine with a GLFA Muzzle Brake for Dead=on accuracy
  • Complete Upper
  • Fully integrated M-LOK

Radical Firearms .224 Valkyrie 18” Barrel Complete Upper

radical firearms .224 valkyrie 18” barrel complete upper

Radical Firearms has built many quality features into this receiver, such as the anodized stainless barrel for long-lasting good looks and durability. The receiver features a black hard-coated anodized finish and also features an Atlas R1 15-inch Handguard.

Radical Firearms Mil-Std upper receiver is a medium contour profile, ready to fit any mil-std lower receiver. These characteristics make this .224 Valkyrie Upper perfect for the beginner or advanced shooter.

The Upper Receiver is built with the 15 inch MHR (MLOK Hybrid Rail) free float rail system for increased accuracy, which keeps hands safe and free. The system includes a pepper-pot  stainless muzzle brake.

Features of the Radical Firearms .224 Valkyrie

  • .750 Low-profile gas block
  • Black Nitride Finish
  • Rifle Length Gas System
  • 1:6.68” Twist Rate
  • The receiver is made of 7075 T6 Aluminum

Brenton USA 22-inch Carbon Hunter

brenton usa 22-inch carbon hunter

Brenton’s Upper receiver is a rugged, good-looking, and reliable rig. The carbon fiber handguard adds to the overall look of the rifle while protecting hands and fingers from a hot barrel. The carbon fiber also reduces the overall weight of the firearm.

The medium contour Brenton barrel and assembly can be delivered in camouflage, harvest, midnight, and snow. BCG is hard anodized for reliability under the harshest of conditions. The barrel is a free-floating performance grade type, which is threaded for a suppressor.  

Brenton’s upper receiver is made for the hunter with the handguard ready for a bipod or tripod. The 1:7 twist rate and long barrel make this an excellent long-range targeting outfit.

Features of the Brenton USA 22-inch Carbon Hunter

  • Black Nitride Finish
  • Medium Hunter Barrel Profile
  • 15-inch Handguard length
  • The barrel is made of 416R stainless steel
  • Nickel Boron BCG Coating

Adam Arms Upper P3

adam arms upper p3

Adams Arms is all business with the P3 upper for the .224 Valkyrie. First on the list of technological advancements is the 20” inch barrel from Proof Research. The barrel is match-grade 416R stainless steel that is wrapped in aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

Next up are the Jet Comps designed to maintain your target while engaging the mark in a dynamic scenario. Then consider the Adams Arms ambidextrous charging handles for complete control and the ergonomic free float rail system.

Lastly is the Micro Block adjustable piston system in a Government barrel contour profile. The twist rate is an aggressive 1:7” for long-range accuracy. Weight on the .224 Valkyrie Upper is a hefty 4.8 lbs. The handguard is surrounded by the rail system on top and M-LOK around the barrel.

Features of the Adams Arms P3

  • Lifetime warranty
  • QPQ Melonite/Nitride Finish
  • M4 Feed Ramps
  • Low mass, full auto bolt carrier

Aero Precision AR-15 M4E1

aero precision ar-15 m4e1

Shooters who want their AR-15 to look as bad-ass as possible, this is the receiver. Aero Precision offers a quality Upper that will not break the bank.

The Aero Precision M4E1 is a one-piece design that combines the handguard mounting platform with the upper itself. A free-floating handguard has superior engineering with only eight screws needed to mount. The upper receiver and the handguard’s mounting surface are made of the same forging.

Aero Precision makes several lightening cuts to save weight and give the upper more efficient cooling characteristics.  Installation is quick and easy, slide the barrel assembly into the M4E1, tighten the barrel nut, slide the rail on and tighten. There you have it.

The M4E1 is a modular designed upper assembly and compatible with other Aero Precision components. Combine the Enhanced and Quantum Series Handguards, and you have one of the most capable receivers available.

Features of the Aero Precision M4E1

  • It comes assembled with dust covers and forward assist
  • Machined from 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized Black finish
  • Lightweight at 10.24 ounces
  • Made in America

CmmG Upper MK4

cmmg upper mk4

CmmG offers a complete line of uppers and lowers for the AR-15 platform. Start with just the receiver and add a kit, charging handle, and other components as time goes by. Or buy everything at once, no matter, the shooter is getting quality gear.

The CmmG MK4 is forged from 7075 T6 Aluminum for rigidity and endurance. Add a 22-inch barrel for precision accuracy with a twist rate of 1:7. CmmG also includes a muzzle brake to eliminate muzzle climb. The MK4 includes a complete bolt carrier group, shell deflector, and forward assist.

CmmG MK4 features a low-profile gas block to balance the sleek design and function.

Features of the CmmG MK4

  • Hard anodized finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Accepts standard AR-15 style magazines

Veriforce Tactical .224 Valkyrie Complete Upper Receiver

veriforce tactical .224 valkyrie complete upper receiver

Veriforce has been crafting AR-15 parts since 2003 and offers a complete lineup for the passionate shooter. Over 90% of the products offered by the company are locally sourced and manufactured in the United States.

The Tactical .224 Valkyrie is a match-grade upper assembly and comes complete when it arrives at your doorstep. The product features a BCG and charging handle and fits onto a standard 5.56/.223 lower. The Veriforce is featured with an M-LOK and KeyMod design.

Several colors and options are offered with the Veriforce, everything from Anodized Red to NRA Blue, with differing handguard lengths.  A 20-inch barrel with a twist rate of 1:7 is provided. Also, a muzzle compensator is offered.

Features of the Veriforce  .224 Valkyrie

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Drops onto a standard Mil-Spec Lower
  • Mimics the 6.5 Creedmoor ballistics
  • Complete compatibility with other Veriforce AR-15 parts

Atheris Rifle AR-M .224 Valkyrie Complete Upper

atheris rifle ar-m .224 valkyrie complete upper

Family-owned and operated, Atheris Rifle has been building A-15 complete upper receivers since its inception. Atheris is a fast-growing, quality manufacture in the AR ecosystem. The A-15 is a striking-looking upper assembly.

Choose from either a 22 or 24-inch barrel and an adjustable gas block. Color options for the Atheris are Cerakote or a black finish. The A-15 is a forged Mil-Spec receiver with a barrel crafted from 416R stainless steel.

Atheris guarantees a sub MOA or a grouping of 1 inch at 100 yards. The barrel features an aggressive 1:6 twist rate. The bolt carrier group features a black nitride finish for durability and good looks. Atheris also features a 15-inch MLOK handguard.

Strike Industries provides custom components for the Atheris, including the adjustable gas block and custom dust covers. Shooters who are interested in the best of both worlds should choose the A15-M .224 Valkyrie Rifle.

The A15-M rifle includes many customization options, including the receivers, custom trigger, minimalist stock, and ergonomic grip.

Features of the Atheris AR-M

  • Custom barrel lengths and handguards can be requested
  • Exceptional accuracy with no break-in period
  • Match Grade Upper Receiver
  • Custom muzzle brake and dust covers available

Elements of an AR-15 .224 Upper Receiver

Receiver parts are simple, but all play a vital role in accuracy. AR-15 receivers are not manufactured the same; some parts are crafted with only minimum standards. Let’s look at the seven components that make up a quality upper receiver.

  • High-quality Barrels give the shooter their best shot at accuracy in long-distance situations.  The barrel twist ratio is significant when choosing your distance. .224 Valkyrie is known to have excellent down-range characteristics; It is better to choose a barrel length of 20 inches or more if long-range accuracy is your goal.
  • Gas Systems in the AR-15 improve the overall function of the rifle. There are four lengths to choose from, carbine, pistol, mid, and rifle-like. Gas systems and barrel length work together to improve functioning and accuracy.
  • The Bolt Carrier Group ensures the AR fires and ejects each and every round as designed. Within the BCG is a firing pin, cam pin, gas key, and extractor. The BCG consumes the power of a fired round and bolts backward; this process facilitates the ejection of the round.
  • A Forward Assist is considered by many purists to be strictly ornamental these days. This component is added to the bolt in the chance of a jam or cartridge getting stuck.
  • AR-15 Charging Handles connect to the BCG to help with smooth functionality. The charging handle pulls the BCG back to the chamber and can be used to troubleshoot. When working correctly, the charging handle improves bolt function.
  • Ejection Port Covers or dust covers are some of the easiest and essential parts you can add to the AR-15. Port covers keep the dust and grime out of the most critical area of your rifle and keeps the firearm working as it should. Port covers have become more than just smooth aluminum plates; they have been transformed into signature parts with custom designs.
  • Rail System and Handguards have turned into an essential piece of equipment with thousands of rounds shot through the rifles. Rail Guards protect the shooter from a hot barrel.

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