The 6 Best .270 Rifles


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September 20, 2022

If you’re searching for a deer or elk hunting rifle, the classic .270 rifle is unbeatable. 

From a hunter’s standpoint, the .270 Winchester is excellent for medium-sized game since it is a well-balanced cartridge in terms of velocity, precision, bullet drop, performance, muzzle energy, and the price of ammo.

The deer hunting king of calibers has been around all the way since 1925, when it was initially introduced by Winchester, best known  for the Winchester Model 54 bolt action rifle. The .270 was then made famous by Jack O’Connor, a notable shooter, outdoorsman, and author.

Best .270 Rifles

Browning BAR Safari

browning bar safari

The Belgian-made Browning Automatic Rifle, which is not to be mixed up with the similar BAR 1918, sets new benchmarks in luxury furnishings and elegance. 

The rifle’s spiral etched barrel is drilled and threaded for optics, and the Grade III walnut stock implies it’s meant to be admired rather than used in the field. That argues that form should take precedence over function, yet that idea would be a grave mistake. 

When repeat shots are necessary, the multi-lug rotating bolt provides the most reliable lock up and removal of cartridges. Not every state or region permits self-loading rifle hunting, but those that do usually have a good reason: the wildlife is exceptionally hazardous and even hostile. For such scenarios, the Browning BAR is a reliable rifle in knockdown calibers.

Browning’s introduction of higher-end variants has definitely elevated it above the status of a run and gun rifle. While function and reliability are obvious trademarks of the firearm’s construction and heritage, numerous hunters may consider it blasphemy to carry such a superb rifle into the field, where it risks being tarnished by normal wear and tear.

Key Features:

  • Able to produce multiple shots in a short amount of time
  • Gorgeously designed barrel
  • Is ideal for running and gunning shooting

Benelli Lupo Rifle Bolt Action Rifle

benelli lupo rifle bolt action rifle

This highly ergonomic bolt action rifle was initially developed by Benelli in the year 2020. Lupo means wolf, but with this 7-pound lightweight, we’re trying for deer. A .270 rifle with an extendable trigger and a Crio-style 22-inch threaded barrel.

It boasts an integrated swivel mount, a progressive comfortable system for recoil management, a high-quality framework, customizable shims, and a changeable synthetic stock that feels great. If you think the recoil is too great, you may modify the stock’s length of pull, drop, cast, and cheek weld.

It’s a Benelli guarantee that you’ll receive three-shot sub-MOA shooting. The metal chassis also secures the action and barrel, and I appreciate the seamless 5-round detachable box-style magazine.

Although this rifle is somewhat pricey, it comes with all of the necessary features. It’s available in the calibers of .300 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .270 Winchester.

Key Features

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Built with a 2-piece picatinny rail
  • Progressive comfort stock that is very comfortable and feels good

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt Action Rifle

winchester model 70 featherweight bolt action rifle

The Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt Action Rifle is a mid-priced, dependable and accurate deer hunting rifle that is second to none.

It includes a three-position thumb safety, good furniture, is compact at 7 pounds, and the classic looks are almost the icing on the cake. With its one of a kind claw extractor, cartridge extraction is fast and dependable.

The recoil is completely acceptable for both novices and experienced when used with a .270 cartridge, which is one of the reasons it’s my top suggestion for anyone wanting to shoot deer in the midst of the forest. If you wish, you can always get some recoil pads.

The trigger pull is crisp, and the conventional oak stock is comfortable to hold. Just get some good ammo and some fancy optics, and you’re good to go.

The three-piece thumb safety’s main drawback is that it’s a little too loud for the forest. Aside from that, this is a weapon that will be passed down through the generations.

If you’re prepared to pay a little extra on a Winchester, the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade with a 24-inch barrel and steel integrated sling swivel studs is a great option. The ornate steel crossbolt, indented target cap, and shadowline cheekpiece eye relief, which makes it easier to align your eye with the scope, are the differences.

Key Features:

  • Superior thumb safety
  • Free float barrel
  • Reliable bolt action
  • Hardwood stock

Savage Arms Axis II XP

savage arms axis ii xp

The Savage Arms Axis II XP is a renowned rifle among .270 shooters, and it has a good reputation. It’s ideal for individuals who prefer to make modifications on the go. With the scope, it weighs roughly 7.5 pounds.

The best part about the Axis is that it includes a high-quality Bushnell Banner scope that’s ideal for ranges between 300 and 500 yards. It also performs well in low-light situations and can be adjusted for windage, but it is a little stiff.

It includes a detachable magazine and an extremely comfortable matte black synthetic stock. The rifle incorporates a Savage Arms AccuTrigger that may be adjusted if the trigger is too harsh for some.

This 22-inch steel barrel has a 1:10 twist rate and is easy to clean.

This one is well worth the money, but not just due to the included Bushnell optics. It gives you a lot of power for your cash.

Although the Savage Arms 110 Storm Bolt Action Rifle is a bit expensive, it is available in left-handed variants. What sells it is the soft grip fore-end and pistol grip surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable trigger
  • Built with a Bushnell scope
  • Magazine is detachable
  • Very comfortable with stainless steel barrel

Bergara B-14 Hunter

bergara b-14 hunter

The Bergara B-14 Hunter, with its composite, glass-fiber polymer stock and matte blued finish, is on so many sportsmen’ wish lists who are searching for something different. Different and yet so, so reliable too. 

This gun is incredible in so many amazing ways. The magazine extraction, the operation with a coned bolt nose, the smooth movement and fluid feeding breech, and, of course, the sliding plate extractor that makes cycling and ejecting simpler.

A drilled and threaded receiver for attaching optics is also included.

The matte blue 24-inch 4140 Chromoly steel barrel provides an advantage in precision, muzzle speed, and long-range shooting, but it’s also available in a 22-inch version.

For comfort and convenience of operation, the molded synthetic glass-fiber polymer stock is bedded with integrated pillars. It’s one of the safest and most stable bedding options available, thanks to the Bergara molding technique with steel supports.

The green tint with tan and black patches is ideal for hunting in the woods, and it nearly seems camouflage-like. The SoftTouch coating is very attractive and won’t be bothered by a little rain.

Key Features:

  • Good value for its quality – although it often sells out
  • Magazine removal is a total breeze
  • 24-inches with extra muzzle velocity

Ruger American

ruger american

Ruger’s American line includes a wide range of calibers, ranging from .17 HMR to .30-06. The company’s pleasure in producing a pistol that is built entirely in the United States is evident in its branding and appointments. 

The light, yet rugged polymer stock has a rubber buttpad and Ruger’s Power Bedding Integral Block System, which secures the furniture to the receiver while enabling the barrel to float freely without hindrance from the forearm. Ruger’s dedication to and effectiveness with flush mounted rotary magazines continues, giving the shooter peace of mind when it comes to feeding. 

Ruger also provides a regular Marksman customizable trigger with three to five pounds of adjustment and the safety tab found on most stock target triggers today. Because glares can affect a sight image and give away the shooter’s location, a non-glare finish implies it isn’t glossy.

Sporting rifles are increasingly being sold with an optics bundle. For example, this gun comes with Vortex’s Crossfire II, a 3-9 power by 40 mm scope that can be easily fitted on the rifle’s drilled and threaded receiver. 

The kit as a whole is a ready-to-shoot, out-of-the-box, budget-friendly setup that is trustworthy and capable of withstanding the damage that the wilds may dish out.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable settings on the trigger between three and five pounds
  • Comes with a wonderful optics package
  • 100% American made

How To Choose Your .270 Rifle

You know you want a .270 rifle but you don’t know which type you want. It’s time to take a look at the best features of a .270 hunting rifle. The caliber has been popular for quite a long time, and there are a number of decent rifles available that fit the requirements. So how do you make the choice?


The mobility of a short barrel is enhanced. Given that the .270 isn’t a particularly long-range bullet, it’ll be employed largely inside 500 yards. A rifle with a small and compact form will be easier to handle.

Trigger Setting

Make sure the gun you select has scope mounts drilled and tapped. Or has a configuration that allows optics to be readily added. It won’t survive without a scope because it’s a hunting rifle. Many guns have a trigger that can be adjusted. It is, without a question, a useful, if not vital, feature.

Lightweight Design

Most of the time, a .270 rifle is a hunting rifle. However, the lightweight design of a hunting rifle is an important need because it will allow you to carry it long distances and also use it with total ease. You need true comfort with your weapon and that is what you will get with the .270 rifle. Just make sure you purchase one that feels good for you. 

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