12 Best Adjustable Wrenches


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September 8, 2022

No respectable toolbox would be complete without an adjustable wrench. Fixing everything from a loose nut to a broken bike, and even opening you a bottle of beer in the absence of your trusty bottle opener, an adjustable wrench is a versatile tool that can cover a range of different jobs.

So, whether you’ve been making do without an adjustable wrench all these years, or if you’ve just had to lay your old one to rest, there are tons of great choices on the market. With such an extensive selection, there’s no way you wouldn’t be able to find an adjustable wrench to meet your standards.

In fact, since there are so many choices, the problem isn’t so much about finding a good one but deciding which one to take. So, if you find yourself in the unique predicament of not knowing which adjustable wrench will work right for you, consider this compiled list of the 12 best adjustable wrenches.

Best Adjustable Wrenches

TEKTON 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench

tekton 8-inch adjustable wrench

The drop-forged TEKTON 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench is made from a single piece of carbon steel, giving it supreme durability and strength. The material is treated for corrosion resistance, minimizing the risk of rust over time even with exposure to some moisture and humidity. The satin-chrome plated finish helps to limit the appearance of scratches, nicks, and dents in the metal, keeping your wrench looking as good as new for many years after purchase.

Intended for versatility, the TEKTON 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench can get you to tighten or loosen fasteners of different sizes without having to dive into your toolbox to get an extra tool. On either side of the head are permanently etched size markings for accurate use. One side uses the metric measurements, and the other measures in inches to give you more guidance as you work.

The worm-gear that adjusts the width of the jaws is designed with precision knurling to help you adjust and move the gear with exceptional accuracy. The mechanism itself is smooth and hitch-free, allowing seamless adjustments for perfect measures each time. To top it all off, the wrench also boasts a perfect, ergonomically designed handle that lets you control your tool without fumbling.

Olympia Tool 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench

olympia tool 15-inch adjustable wrench

This drop-forged alloy steel adjustable wrench was hardened and tempered for maximum durability. The chrome-plated and fully polished metal is impressively effective at resisting corrosion and rust, giving you a long-lasting tool that can work on countless jobs over several years.

Engineered for precision, this adjustable wrench features precision jaws guided by a knurled adjustment worm that moves easily with slight effort, but locks in place during use to prevent the jaws from loosening as you get the job done. The sizeable jaw opens to about 4 inches in width which means you’ll have lots of room to work on a kitchen sink pipe with just a single tool from your trusty box.

With its impressive size and burly build, the Olympia Tool 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench can become one of the mainstays in your toolbox. Plus, at a reasonable price point, there’s no way you would regret shelling out on this affordable essential.

Channellock WideAzz Adjustable Wrench

channellock wideazz adjustable wrench

Now here’s a toolbox investment that’s worth the money. The Channellock WideAzz Adjustable Wrench is a premium pick that falls within the more expensive price range, featuring a chrome vanadium steel construction that’s designed for years of use. The handle on the wrench is wrapped in what the brand calls ‘Code Blue’ grips which are comfortable in the palm and less prone to slipping and fumbling.

Not called the WideAzz for nothing, this Channellock wrench opens up to a substantial 1.5 inches, letting you work with a wide range of fastener types. So, despite being a modest 8-inch wrench, the Channellock actually competes with 12-inch wrenches in terms of its jaw width.

With permanently etched measurements, a four-thread knurled worm-gear for precise adjustments, extra-long jaws to reach into tight spaces, and a super comfortable grip, this ergonomic and efficient little tool can become your ultimate companion for home improvement and repair projects.

Bahco 6-Inch Widemouth Adjustable Wrench

bahco 6-inch widemouth adjustable wrench

Despite its quaint little size, the Bahco 6 Inch Widemouth Adjustable Wrench means big business. The design definitely looks mean with its black phosphate finish that gives it a lot of character and appeal, if you’re into that stuff. But aside from looking pretty cool, the Bahco also features a range of qualities that make it a convenient tool to have at the ready.

The extra slim precision head is tapered towards the tips and is designed to be 45% slimmer than other wrenches of the same size. This way, you can squeeze its jaws into the smallest of spaces to deal with a bunch of different DIY projects or repairs. The slim jaws also give it quite a bit more turning power, helping you fasten or unfasten with less effort.

If you’re the kind of guy or gal to get sweaty palms, the Bahco will work in your favor. Its ergonomic grips let you hold the wrench in a variety of ways to address different kinds of repairs and prevents sweat from dampening your grip on the tool. And to add the icing on the cake, the wrench boasts an extra wide jaw that accommodates up to 45% more than other wrenches its size, so you can get more done with the same small tool.

Ares Thin Head Adjustable Alligator Wrench

ares thin head adjustable alligator wrench

Coated in manganese phosphate, the Ares Thin Head Adjustable Alligator Wrench looks like solid tool that could replace a bunch of other items in your toolbox. This premium wrench comes at a higher cost, but also boasts a range of features that put it a cut above the other choices. For starters, its ultra slim angled teeth are designed to get into the tightest nooks and crannies while still providing you the power you need to make secure adjustments without worrying about the durability of your tool.

Along the sides of the head, precision measurements are permanently etched to help you eliminate the guesswork for jobs that require the accuracy. On the opposite end of the end, you also get a durable J-jaw that really extends the function of the wrench to make it an all-around tool.

Durable, long-lasting, and efficient, this everyday repair essential gives you everything you’d need for minor issues that need DIY attention around your home. So even with its slightly steeper price tag, it does provide excellent performance that’s hard to match.

Crescent AC210VS Home Hand Tools Adjustable Wrench

crescent ac210vs home hand tools adjustable wrench

Nothing beats an original. There was no way this list could be completed without an entry from Crescent. Claiming to be the first to introduce the adjustable wrench design into the market, the Crescent brand is one that countless home improvement enthusiasts and professionals have come to trust. The AC210VS is their classic adjustable wrench design, and features all of the basics you would look for in your tool.

The first ever adjustable Crescent wrench was introduced in the 1900s and featured the same forged alloy steel that’s used for the wrenches today. The ultra-tough and durable design can last for decades, giving you a supremely reliable tool that can work on a range of different jobs and repairs.

With its tension spring, the Crescent wrench locks the jaws in place to prevent them from loosening while in use. If you’re measuring, the precision etching on the sides of the head provide a clear guide so you can get accurate readings each time. Of course, you can expect the little worm-gear on this wrench to work like a charm, allowing the most minute adjustments for highly precise use.

IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Adjustable Wrench

irwin tools vise-grip adjustable wrench

Now here’s a pretty basic tool that’s stripped of the fancy features to give you something that’s straightforward and bare. The IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP adjustable wrench is popular for its no-frills design that was intended to simply get the job done – no extra parts, to high-flying claims, and no fancy footwork.

The 10-inch wrench uses a chrome vanadium construction that’s treated to give it extra durability. The head uses induction-hardened edges that become sharper with more use, letting you maintain the accuracy and power of the tool even after years of popping it in and out of your toolbox. The grips are especially easy to hold, featuring a significant thickness that lets you reduce the pressure without losing your grip.

Easy and simple, this pick from IRWIN is perfect for beginners, for do-it-yourselfers, or for those people who just might need an adjustable wrench sometime in the future. Toss it in your trunk or keep it in your at-home toolbox, and it’ll serve a worthy purpose when those unexpected repairs pop up.

HQCollection Large Opening Adjustable Wrench Spanner

hqcollection large opening adjustable wrench spanner

Lightweight and compact, this short-handled adjustable wrench boasts an exceptionally wide-opening despite its size, giving it greater versatility for a diverse range of different repairs and jobs. The chrome vanadium steel construction is especially durable, designed to last for decades without giving into corrosion or rust. The compact size makes the wrench ideal for back-pocket carry, or for keeping in a small drawer or glove compartment for easy access.

Equipped with a precision worm, this pick from HQCollection is big on accuracy. The little gear moves with slight resistance so you can get the most minute adjustments based on your needs. When locked in place, you can expect that the jaws won’t move around, giving you a stable grip that will hold itself in place while you get your work done.

GETUPOWER Adjustable Wrench

getupower adjustable wrench

Sleek and slim, this ultra-thin design allows use in some of the narrowest spaces. In fact, at its thickest point, it only measures about 0.47 inches, making it one of the most ideal tools if you’re working with small, thin, and narrow areas typical in plumbing and automotive jobs. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to handle the tool for greater precision, so you can position the jaws and adjust the worm-gear without losing your grip.

The ultra-wide jaws can open to a width of about 2.1 inches, giving you lots of room to work on a range of different fasteners and pipes. To adjust the jaws, simply move the worm-gear which allows precise movements and miniscule jaw alterations to help you achieve the most accurate measurements.

With its deep jaw, ergonomic grip, slim construction, and heavy-duty design, there’s a lot to love about the GETUPOWER Adjustable Wrench. To top it off, the compact size makes it perfect for different storage solutions, letting you stuff it in a car trunk or an office drawer so you can take it out and put it to work anytime, anywhere.

Channellock Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench

channellock reversible jaw adjustable wrench

Burly, versatile, and pretty darn big, the Channellock Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench is one of the most powerful wrenches on this list. Made from drop forged steel, this premium wrench boasts a range of features that extend its purpose and make it a reliable tool that can work on a job all on its own.

The reversible head gives you the option to work on both bolts and round stock, letting you use the same tool for a bunch of different repairs. The extended jaw capacity can accommodate everything including nuts, bolts, and pipes on the larger end of the size spectrum. When adjusted to the right measurement, this wrench locks in place and gives a solid tight grip that holds on to give you the leverage for a fast, efficient job well-done.

Equipped with all the standards – such as measurement units, longer jaws, durable construction, and a long-lasting design – the Channellock Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench is best suited for those die-hard DIY enthusiasts and professionals who need a solid tool that can do more complicated jobs with minimal effort.

Proferred T05009 Standard Adjustable Wrench

proferred t05009 standard adjustable wrench

The Proferred T05009 Standard Adjustable Wrench is your average everyday wrench that boasts all the basics. The durable design is made from the highest quality steel, promising to give you decades of excellent performance for most of the jobs you’ll encounter at home. Designed with a raised head, the wrench is impressively reliable during use, with the slightly angled jaws preventing unintentional worm-gear movement so you can keep on working without the jaws loosening up.

The black phosphate finish gives a really impressive aesthetic, but also works to prevent corrosion and rust even with exposure to moisture and sweat. Plus, the sleek matte finish also keeps the wrench from slipping out of your hands during use, for more stability and safety throughout your project or repair.

Slim-Jaw Adjustable Wrench

slim-jaw adjustable wrench

There are special situations when you’re going to need to use a wrench over another wrench, and in those cases, you’d be lucky to have the Slim-Jaw Adjustable Wrench in your box. It’s 40% slimmer jaws are designed to get into tight spaces but are also especially reliable in situations where multiple tools might be required. The extra wide design lets you work on a range of repairs and jobs, gripping on efficiently and intensely for a secure hold that won’t budge even with significant force applied.

While its jaws might seem a little shorter than the rest, they do serve a purpose. By limiting the length of the jaw that juts outward from the other end of the fastener, this wrench lets you work on tighter spaces where the protrusion might cause a disruption of your range of movement.

Lightweight and durable, this team-player can be a great addition to any toolbox. Whether you’re working with a single adjustable wrench, or if you need the help of the other essentials in your box, the Slim-Jaw can provide excellent performance that’s versatile and reliable.

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