8 Best AK-47 Magazines


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January 2, 2023

The AK-47 is arguably the most widely used firearm on the planet. Since 1947, it has been carried by both American foes and allies, and it is the standard infantry weapon for 106 countries. Around the world, there are an estimated 100 million AK-47s in various configurations.

It’s a weapon that’s popular among gun collectors, professional military, and civilians alike. Given its history and use by so many in the world, it has a reputation of being a worldwide rifle.

Best AK-47 Magazines

Magpul PMAG AK/AKM Gen M3 7.62x39mm 30-Round Magazine

magpul pmag ak/akm gen m3 7.62x39mm 30-round magazine

Magpul’s version on the AK 30-rounder preserves the company’s long-standing reputation for long-lasting rifle magazines.

These lightweight yet durable polymer ammo feeders are designed for Kalashnikov style rifles in 7.62x39mm and feature Magpul’s characteristic steel-reinforced locking lugs, which assist assure positive seating for faster, easier, and more reliable reloads. Durable stainless-steel internals and a ribbed gripping surface, as well as thicker sidewalls and other significant features, provide the top-quality reliability and durability required for field operations.

Croatian AK-47 30RD Steel Magazine

croatian ak-47 30rd steel magazine

These, like most mags, are composed of steel. They are reasonably priced. While Croatia 30RD magazines are tough and long-lasting, steel magazines in general tend to deform over time. This, however, can be remedied with the use of a good hammer. You can reposition them by bending them back into place.

Repair is not something that comes to mind when thinking of regular polymer magazines. A basic AK-47 follower guarantees compatibility with all AK-47 versions. These AK mags are hard to beat on price if you’re on a budget.

Soviet AG4 “Bakelite” Magazine

soviet ag4 “bakelite” magazine

ICBM warhead caps, billiard balls, and vintage radios all have something in common:  Bakelite. The faux wood-colored polymer that’s making a comeback as hipster jewelry was once a cutting-edge material. While most shooters refer to so-called Bakelite magazines as Bakelites, they are actually made of a similar AG4 polymer. Though they appear to be frail, they are actually fairly sturdy, and most of them include steel locking latches.

Want to know another awesome attribute of plastic? Most solvents won’t harm it, and it doesn’t conduct electricity. While the latter is of no consequence to shooters, the former is a blessing. This magazine’s main advantage is its lighter design, which is combined with near-steel magazine durability. The magazine’s extraordinary cool-factor is an underestimated bonus. 

So this one is light, it looks great, and it’s not nearly as fragile as it looks. There are just so many reasons why you should be investing in the Soviet AG4 “Bakelite”.

ComBlock Steel Magazine

comblock steel magazine

Classic cool, ridiculously sturdy, cheap, and can be used as an entrenching tool in a pinch. The gold standard for reliable ammo feeding is this original all-steel 30-round AK magazine from ComBlock. Mil-spec magazines are available from dozens of former Soviet satellite countries and Warsaw Pact members, which is great news for shooters who are still trapped behind their own iron curtain of AWB legislation, as pre-ban magazines are still plentiful.

Shooters who don’t want to buy used mags can now buy a similar-priced choice made in the United States. Gibbs Rifles Company, based in the wild and magnificent state of West Virginia, has been importing and manufacturing firearms for decades. Their most recent project is a steel 30-round AKM magazine built in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has the same steadfast dependability as the original, but has a glossier surface and cleaner welds. The adoption of a last-round bolt hold open function is the most significant modification. The main disadvantage of either of these magazines is that they do not provide shooters with any 922r compliance points.

If you want something that is just like an authentic Soviet AK-47 magazine, this one from ComBlock is about as good as it gets.

US Palm Polymer AK30

us palm polymer ak30

US Palm’s polymer-bodied AK47 magazines are lightweight and exceptionally durable, with steel reinforcing that puts them ahead of both all-steel and all-polymer magazines. These mags come in four distinct colors and are both stylish and durable. They are, however, more than just attractive. The vented, anti-tilt follower, for example, allows trapped debris to be shaken clear from the magazine body without disassembly. This is useful since the baseplate is semi-permanently bonded, making it difficult to disassemble the magazine.

Although they are more expensive than surplus or all-polymer magazines, they aren’t meant to compete with them. They’re created solely in the United States to provide shooters with the strongest, most durable magazine possible.

US Palm is now considered one of the leading AK magazine makers in the state and this is perhaps one of their best creations. With high-grip texture and waffle patterns created for additional strength, the Polymer AK30 is one of the best on the market. 


tapco ak mags

TAPCO is no stranger to AK-47 magazines, having created AK mags for several years. Its most recent design features a characteristic shape that makes it easier to handle than other AK magazines. Its glass-filled nylon magazines hold 30 rounds and have a heavy-duty spring for further durability.

Furthermore, its anti-tilt follower reduces faults and ensures consistent feeding. They come in a range of hues as well. If you don’t want to customize, go with black, although the option to do so is always welcome. With these magazines, you can’t go wrong.

Bulgarian Circle 10

Bulgaria, a relatively small country, produces one of the best magazines ever designed. The Bulgarian arms firm Circle 10 is known for producing high-quality AK rifles that rival the quality of Russian-made models. They also produce polymer magazines. The Bulgarian Circle 10 magazine, which has a polymer shell with steel reinforcing, is a favorite among purist collectors and AK enthusiasts.

The waffle-patterned body of these magazines, as well as the imprinted number 10 inside a circle, make them clearly identifiable. Russian 5.45mm magazines had been doing this for years, but Bulgaria needed a modern polymer magazine to replace its 30-caliber AK weapons. The end result is the best polymer AK magazine ever created. The only issues are cost and availability.

Due to the fact that these magazines are still in production and are imported from Eastern Europe, they have sporadic availability. Then there’s the question of cost. Since their initial introduction, the price of these periodicals has grown dramatically. Inflation, to be sure, plays a part, but it still makes magazines prohibitively expensive for shooters who buy a half-dozen at a time.

The good news is that, unlike many semi-automatic rifles, when it comes to magazines, the AK has more good options than bad. That isn’t to say that any AK magazine will work flawlessly, but if a shooter chooses one of the aforementioned and performs the absolute minimum of preventative maintenance, it will last a lifetime. The only issue now is getting enough ammunition to fill all of them.

Zastava AK-47 Bolt Hold Open 7.62x39mm 30-Round Steel Magazine

zastava ak-47 bolt hold open 7.62x39mm 30-round steel magazine

Who better to service AKs than a former member of the Warsaw Pact? Of course we are talking about Serbia, home of Zastava and their 30-round steel magazine for the AK-47 Bolt Hold Open. Zastava, in fact, predates the AK-47 by over a century, with beginnings dating back to 1853, when it produced cannon barrels and howitzers. They’ve specialized in AK parts, including magazines, since then. With a background like that, it’s easy to see why so many AK owners are drawn to all Zastava items.

These combat-ready surplus AK Mags are made entirely of steel and include a ribbed gripping surface and steel spring internals. The original of these magazines is likely to have seen a lot of fighting in Serbia throughout the many years of conflict in the region, so the people at Zastava might know a thing or two about guns.

How to Pick the Best AK Magazine

There are dozens of powerful AK magazines out there ready to be found. However, not all of them are as trustworthy as they claim to be. Choose a magazine that meets your demands and specifications and will not jam at inconvenient times. Before choosing an AK magazine, there are a few things to consider.

The answers to these questions will limit the options available to you. While conventional magazines may hold 30 rounds, several states restrict you to use smaller magazines with your Kalashnikovs. In fact, because of their improved agility, this could work in your favor.

The feel and durability of the mags are also affected by the material. Polymer magazines are lightweight and often have textured grips. Steel magazines, on the other hand, are more powerful. These magazines can also be repaired if they are damaged due to unforeseen circumstances. Steel magazines, on the other hand, should be purchased with caution because to their weight. It’s not easy lugging six of them around. Finally, the texture of a magazine is sometimes a matter of personal taste. Choose one that feels comfortable in your hands. Some of them are also suitable for use with gloves. Some stores even offer bespoke AK mags if you’re into that sort of thing.

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