8 Best Aluminum Can Crushers


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4 months ago

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Recycling is an important responsibility that everyone has to contribute towards. However, recycling can be a little demanding, especially when recycling aluminum cans. Not only do they take up a lot of space, but folding them can make them sharp and dangerous. Therefore, the best way to recycle and save space is to get an aluminum can crusher. 

These small machines can easily squeeze a can into a comfortable size, which you can then throw away more comfortably. It is not as sharp, and it can reduce the can’s size by about 75%. So if you happen to be looking for a can crusher, here is a good guide to buying one. Here, you will learn what to consider before buying one, and the best ones you should buy. 

The Best Can Crushers You Can Buy

Aluminum Can Crusher by MasterCrush 

aluminum can crusher by mastercrush

This aluminum can crusher by MasterCrush is simple and effective. It has a long lever that allows you to easily pull down the hammer, which crushes the can entirely. Its biggest selling point is easily its size, as it can even work with massive 24 oz cans. The construction features solid steel, making it sturdy enough to survive prolonged use. The metal is powder-coated, making it better at resisting different weather conditions. 

It is perfect for outdoor use, and it is nothing too fancy. It can also reduce the size of the can to the smallest five cubic inches, making it great for saving space. It can only crush a single can at a time, though, and does not have an automatic feeding rack. 

Foot Operated Can Crusher 

foot operated can crusher

The foot-operated can crusher is the cheapest of the bunch, with possibly the most functional design. You simply need to lie the can down horizontally and step on the lever, crushing the can in the process. It is simple and very effective. Unfortunately, this doesn’t crush cans in the traditional vertical way, which means they still take up more space. 

There is also the issue that these horizontally pressed cans are much sharper. So if you are using this crusher, keep that small fact in mind. Otherwise, this is a perfectly functional crusher with durable materials and a very easy-to-use design.  

16 oz and 12 oz manual crusher 

16 oz and 12 oz manual crusher

The 16 oz and 12 oz manual crusher live up to its name by crushing both types of cans. Therefore, regardless of whether you drink soda or beer, you can easily crush those cans with it. The heavy-duty metal frame can withstand longer use and comes with a proper coating that makes it good for outdoor use. 

It is very easy to use, with the top lever being very comfortable to grip, while still being very easy to use. It crushes cans to the smallest size but does not have an automatic feeding unit. Instead, you will have to feed each individual can separately. 

Multi Crush by Basic Industries

multi crush by basic industries

Basic industries have outdone themselves with the Multi Crush, as it lives up to its name of being effective at crushing multiple cans. With the feeding basket at the top, you can store six cans, which you can then crush easily. As you crush one can, the other loads into dedicated space, and the crushed can slide out of a dedicated slot. 

Other than its unique selling point, the multi crush also uses very heavy-duty metal to have a very strong build. It can resist most weather conditions and features bolts that allow it to stick to any surface. However, this is a little more on the expensive side. 

Multi Load by Ram-Pro

multi load by ram-pro

The Multi Load Can Crusher by Ram-Pro is a very effective crusher that can easily hold up to six cans. It works very similarly to the multi-crush by basic industries. You will load six cans into the top and then crush them one at a time. The crushed cans slide out of a small pocket, and the fresh can slides in. 

Not only is it very simple, but it also saves plenty of time in the end. It features a heavy-duty lever that is very smooth and has almost no resistance, ensuring you can crush as many cans as possible without getting tired. 

Bottle Opener and Can Crusher by Ram-Pro 

bottle opener and can crusher by ram-pro

If you want a well-built can crusher with excellent quality, which can also act as your bottle opener, then this crusher by Ram-Pro is a good choice. The steel construction makes it as hard as nails, and the small size can crush both 16 oz and 12 oz cans. 

You can bolt it to the wall or a fence, and it can very easily use both of its features. The device is a single loader, so you will have to add each can individually. It is a fairly mid-range option and is a very good price for its overall quality and ease of use. 

Metal Can Crusher by McKay     

metal can crusher by mckay

The Metal Can Crusher by McKay is a simple and effective tool intended for frequent use. While you will have to add each can individually, the lever is exceptionally smooth, and you feel almost no resistance as you pull down. The crusher also features a red color, making it more aesthetically pleasing. 

It can easily crush both 16 oz and 12 oz cans but does not look as durable for outdoor use. You can keep it inside and use it effectively there. 

Easy pull can make crusher by dial industries

easy pull can make crusher by dial industries

The easy pull can crusher is a good option for people who like an easy-to-use can crusher with a disposable bin. As you crush your cans, they will automatically fall into the bin, allowing you to continue using the crusher without stopping. The lever is also very smooth, easily compressing the cans. 

It is a little pricey, but that extra price directly correlates to its overall quality. The construction features heavy-duty materials, making it very effective in keeping these crushers looking good. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a good fit for outdoor use. 

Why Buy a Can Crusher  

A can crusher is a great tool to buy if you find yourself buying a lot of cans of soda or beer, then a can crusher can make disposing of these cans so much easier. Since these cans are fairly easier to recycle, everyone should be making an effort to recycle them. 

So if you recycle these cans often, you can reduce their size considerably, saving plenty of space. Therefore, if you tend to recycle many cans, you don’t need to buy a bigger recycling bin. Instead, these aluminum cans can shrink in size considerably, reducing the space they take up. 

For example, the average can have a size of 23.3 cubic inches, which can take up a lot of space in a bin. But with the help of a can crusher, you can easily reduce that size to 10.4 inches using a manual can crusher or down to an incredible 5.7 cubic inches using the industry-grade crushers. Either way, you are saving a lot of space with these crushers. 

Your saving space will allow garbage trucks to have more room for more things to be recycled. All in all, just the fact that they allow you to save space is reason enough to buy one. 

The Importance of Recycling 

There is a reason why people specifically emphasize recycling aluminum cans, which is that there is no real limit to its recyclability. According to many experts, companies can endlessly recycle aluminum, which means they no longer have t extract it from the earth. It also helps that the infrastructure needed to recycle aluminum compared to producing it is much lower. 

The US energy information administration also provided some hard numbers on how recycling helps. According to their research, companies require 90% less capital and energy when recycling aluminum rather than producing it. The sheer savings that companies can make with aluminum cans also explain why 75% of all the aluminum used since the later part of the 19th century is still in use. 

Despite so much aluminum still being in production, recycled aluminum only makes up 35% of total aluminum demand. Therefore, everyone should do their part in recycling and making the world more sustainable. 

Features You Should Consider 

While buying a crusher might look simple, the truth is that it can be a little difficult. Since you will not be buying these crushers often, you want to make that purchase matter. Therefore, you should consider a few things before making a final decision. These include:

Good Build Quality 

As we mentioned earlier, you will not be buying these crushers often. So you want to make sure that it features materials that make it long-lasting. You should be able to use it for a long time and not rust as much. Finally, make sure the material used in the crusher does not bend or lose its shape. 

Ease of Use 

Other than the can crusher is durable. It should also be easy to use. There should be no fancy bells and whistles, and it shouldn’t take you a manual to properly use one. Fortunately, all of the ones that we mention here are easy to use and do not require any additional skills on your behalf. 

How Many Cans It Can Crush 

If you just want to crush two or three cans every day, this doesn’t necessarily concern you. But if you will regularly be consuming drinks in the double digits, you might want to consider how many cans it can crush. Usually, can crushers can store up to six cans to crush. 

 How Much It Crushes the Can 

The entire point of getting a can crusher is that it can easily save space. Therefore, you should consider how much it could reduce the size of your cans. Will the crusher reduce its size to 10 cubic inches or closer to 6 cubic inches?

Its price 

Finally, one of the most important things you should consider is the price of the can crusher. Can crushers are generally fairly cheap, but you should never go above your budget for a crusher. Instead, you should always find one that fits right into your specific price range. 

Tips to Improve the Life of Your Can Crushers

Can crushers can have a very short life span if you are not taking care of them properly. Only when you can take care of them will you use them for longer. However, there are also a few general tips you need to follow to prolong its lifespan. These include:

Better Bolts and Screws

When you buy a can crusher, the chances are that it will already come with bolts or screws. If they happen to be cheap ones, you can easily replace them. Find better ones and use them to install your crusher. 

Mount on a Stud

If you’re mounting the crusher on a wall, ensure that your preferred location has a stud. If you do not install it at a stud, the crusher will fall to the ground. 

Mount In Covered Area

While they can survive most types of weather, it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Install the crusher in a covered place to protect it from the rain. 

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