9 Best AR-15 Pistol Grips


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January 2, 2023

You believe you’ve got the perfect AR-15 setup. Your gun, on the other hand, isn’t complete unless you have a pistol grip that delivers and helps you to improve your accuracy and comfort.

A pistol grip that fits your hand properly, has decent texture, and works well in a variety of temperatures should be taken into consideration. And some of these reasons may be causing some of your present grip to fail.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top AR-15 grips we could find on the market right now. Choosing the appropriate one can help you improve your AR shooting experience significantly.

Best AR-15 Pistol Grips

Bravo Company AR-15 MOD-3 Gunfighter Grip

bravo company ar-15 mod-3 gunfighter grip

Bravo Company has recently released an AR-15 pistol grip that is meant to last a lifetime thanks to its increased toughness. This is due to BCM’s usage of a sophisticated polymer in the production of this pistol grip in order to extend its usability.

The polymer construction with the MOD-3 Gunfighter Grip is also highly impact resistant, and it comes in four different colors: black, wolf green, foliage green, and flat, dark earth green.

Because of its straight shape, it can accommodate those who prefer a squared-off stance to an angled stance when pointing and firing.

The sides of this pistol grip are checkered for a secure grip, effectively reducing any potential slippage to zero. The inclusion of grooves on the front of the shoe adds to the secure grip.

The pistol grip also has storage, which is accessed by a small hinged door at the bottom.

Magpul AR-15 MOE K2 + Grip

magpul ar-15 moe k2 + grip

Magpul’s top-of-the-line AR 15 MOE K2 + Grip comes in a variety of colors, including Black, Flat Dark Earth, Gray, and O.D. Green. Magpul, as you’re surely aware, is known for producing high-quality gun parts, and this grip is no exception.

It’s made of a reinforced polymer with a rubber overmolding. The molding is designed to provide exceptional grip purchase in a variety of circumstances. The front and back straps have grooves that help with this.

The grip angle is steeper than that of a standard pistol grip. However, this is so that it can be tuned for Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) configurations. The angle enhances overall comfort and allows you to operate short-pull guns better. This is due to the fact that it draws your primary shooting hand closer to your body.

In addition, the top circular depression allows you to exert more control over felt recoil. The beavertail also protects your hand by supporting it and reducing the chance of losing control.

Magpul AR15 MOE-SL Grip

magpul ar15 moe-sl grip

The AR-15 MOE-SL Grip from Magpul is a pistol grip designed for AR-15 users with smaller-than-average hands. You don’t have to have huge hands to hold your pistol! The size of this grip is  due to its circle being narrower than you’d see on a typical pistol grip of this type.

It may appear and feel smaller, but its total size, especially from back to front, is still large enough to provide you a strong grasp without being unpleasant.

Another advantage of the thinner grip is that it can handle smooth-sided AR-15 rifles more easily. But the news isn’t all good. Because of its narrowness, there isn’t enough room inside for any storage.

But let’s get back to the positives, such the lowered grip angle, which gives you the best of both worlds. Because it is classified as semi-vertical, you can maintain a straight posture if desired. Traditionalists, on the other hand, will appreciate how this maintains a natural and pleasant feel.

There’s a rough texture on the edges of this pistol grip to help you handle your AR-15, and the horizontal lines across the finger region double down on that, so even wet hands shouldn’t slip.

DPMS – Black A2 Pistol AR-15 Pistol Grip

The A2 pistol grip style is one of the most popular, owing to the fact that it is often the default grip for AR-15 rifles. The DPMS variant is straightforward, good value for money, and suitable if you want a tried-and-true pistol grip.

When it’s time to replace your old grip, the DPMS’s simplicity shines through. It’s as easy as removing the old one, pushing on the DPMS grip until it’s in place, and tightening the screw. Even for me, it wasn’t that difficult.

The sides of the DPMS grip are checkered to provide a more secure grip when utilizing your AR-15. Even if your hands are sweating, you will not feel any slipping or movement when holding your gun.

The finger protrusion on the DPMS pistol grip is perfectly positioned to keep your pointing finger properly independent of your other fingers in terms of position.

Ergo Grips AR-15 Ergo Grip Rigid Ambidextrous

ergo grips ar-15 ergo grip rigid ambidextrous

Some pistol grips are designed to fit either left- or right-handed users, but the Ergo Grips AR-15 pistol grip is meant to be ambidextrous.

This pistol grip’s palm swell is large and stunning in design, and you will notice it in your palm when using it. It is not, however, so large that those with medium or even smaller hands would struggle to wield it. Because of the magnitude of the palm swell, it will absorb recoil more effectively.

The finger grooves are equally efficient in complementing the grip provided by the palm swell. The grooves are visible, but not so deep that they prevent you from moving your fingers when holding your AR-15. The grooves are best described as a guidance for your fingers rather than a means of enforcing their position.

The Ergo Grips AR-15 pistol grip has a rubberized texture on the surface that the designers have dubbed ‘Rhino Hide’ which sounds somewhat exotic and intimidating. The name is a bit weird but the texture gives excellent traction, and the rubber, in combination with the polymer body, ensures that this pistol grip will last a long time.

Ergo Grips – AR-15 Grip-Suregrip

ergo grips - ar-15 grip-suregrip

This AR-15 Ergo Grip-Suregrip might pique your interest if you value comfort and a secure grip. This grip, which is made in the United States and comes in black, features a fingered-groove design that allows you to get a firm grip on your firearm.

You’ll also benefit from additional palm swells on the grip’s side to improve your control and accuracy. Furthermore, the surface is textured with a Suregrip non-slip surface.

All of these features are built into the cutting-edge Suregrip rubberized over-molding that houses them. The molding also provides cushioning, allowing you to use your rifle comfortably for longer periods of time. It may also aid with recoil absorption. Then there’s the main body, which is made of an extremely tough yet lightweight polymer.

It also offers excellent value for money. It looks aesthetically nice and in keeping with an AR-15, and it performs arguably better than factory-installed grips.

This AR-15 Ergo Grip-Suregrip is recommended if comfort, safety, and aesthetics are important to you. It’s also worth noting that it comes with additional mounting hardware as well as Gapper technology.

Hogue Overmold AR-15 Rubber Gun Grip 15000 Gun Model

hogue overmold ar-15 rubber gun grip 15000 gun model

Because of Hogue’s distinctive rubber over-molding, this grip is softer than most factory AR-15 grips. This translates to increased usability and comfort.

Finger grooves are also included to allow for a more relaxed grip while yet maintaining a firm and secure grip on your firearm. There’s also some texturing and a palm swell. These functions will function even if you are wearing gloves in inclement weather.

The basic structure is a tough fiberglass reinforced design with over-molded rubber all around the exposed portions. It’s also designed to lessen felt recoil, allowing you to fire rounds faster while retaining accuracy.

Finally, Hogue has provided storage space inside the grip for batteries and other small tools and equipment to be kept in your rifle.

Daniel Defense Pistol Grip with Oversize Trigger Guard

daniel defense pistol grip with oversize trigger guard

Daniel Defense’s beauty has a large trigger guard and is available in three colors: black, mil spec+, and tornado.

When you need extra space for gloves, such as in cold weather, a bigger trigger guard is a good choice. Factory-installed trigger guards can sometimes be irritating to the fingers, especially if you have large hands. This Daniel protection trigger guard is also very easy to install and does not require the use of a roll pin.

A soft touch over-molding is used on the grip to provide you with comfortable and complete control over your AR-15 rifle. The rubber composition allows you to maintain a tight grip even in adverse weather situations such as heavy rain.

Both sides of the grip have a patterned texture. In addition, there is an ergonomically located thumb well where you can rest your thumb for extended periods of time.

Tangodown – AR-15 BG-17 Rifle Grip

tangodown -ar-15-bg-17 rifle grip

This grip is modeled after the BG-16 and is built primarily for larger handed shooters. It’s also built in the United States, available in black, and should work with a variety of AR systems.

If you want your grip to be useful as well as perform, the BG-17 includes a unique storage system that you might be interested in.

Two Aimpoint-type power cells can be placed in two different cavities inside the grip. Alternatively, two AA or 123 lithium batteries can be kept in the grip. You may also only keep small tools inside, such as an Allen wrench.

They’ve also included foam spacers inside to prevent possibly bothersome rattling noises while you’re out in the field. There’s also a flexible and effective lid that keeps moisture and debris out of the compartments.

Furthermore, the installation is simple. To complete the job, you’ll need a stainless steel dry-lock attachment screw and an installation tool.

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