35 Best Backyard Lighting Ideas to Decorate Your Home


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2 months ago

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Investing in backyard lighting is the simplest way to decorate your home’s outdoor space. Depending on the space you’re illuminating, you may require a variety of lights to serve a variety of functions. 

Try recessed, accent, or floodlight fixtures if you want to use the lights for security or to create a romantic ambiance. You may also want to consider installing post lights or decorative planters for safety and security reasons. 

You’ll be pleased with the outcome of your landscaping regardless of the style of landscape lighting you choose. Landscape lighting’s goal is to create a safe and appealing environment for your home. 

If you want a more subtle look, choose smaller fixtures that will give your yard a more romantic feel. Keep in mind that different styles have different uses and benefits when shopping for fixtures. 

Best Backyard Lighting Ideas

Landscape lighting for backyard areas has numerous advantages. It not only improves visibility, but it also reduces the risk of tripping. 

Uneven walkways and cracked sidewalks can be hidden in dark areas, which can be dangerous. Because homeowners are liable for accidents on their property, strategically illuminating problem areas can help to prevent them.

Another advantage of landscape lighting is that it can draw attention to your home’s most appealing features. Installing exterior lighting fixtures can highlight your home’s architectural and design features. 

It also enhances the beauty of plants and flowers. These features, combined with the increased safety and security provided by landscape lighting, will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. 

Landscape lighting for the backyard is a low-cost way to enjoy your outdoor space both during the day and at night. You’ll be able to hold parties outside, enjoy the evening air, and allow your children to play safely if you install outdoor lighting. 

Here are the 35 best ideas for installing outdoor backyard lights.

Color-Changing String Lights

color-changing string lights


If you’re looking for a colorful and unique way to add lights to your patio, backyard, or deck, you’ve come to the right place. Color-changing string lights will give you an impressive array of colors and are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined during a storm. You can use these lights to decorate your backyard. These lights will automatically change color and illuminate your backyard during parties.

Curtain Lights

curtain lights


If you want to add festive lighting to your backyard, you can use certain lights. These solar-powered outdoor lights are energy-efficient and last for many months. Some are battery-powered, while others are USB-powered. Whatever your lighting needs are, you’ll find a great option for your backyard with curtain lights. There are many different types to choose from, but the one that is best for your home is the one with LED bulbs.

Fairy Lights on a Tree

fairy lights on a tree


You can also hang fairy lights on a tree. When hanging these lights on a tree in your backyard, start with the focal point of the landscape. A large, majestic tree will look impressive and magical when illuminated. To get the best results, choose a tree that is unusually shaped and has a beautiful shape. To make sure the lights are evenly spaced, you’ll need a larger number of lights than a small one.

Paper Ball Lights

paper ball lights


Strings of colorful, affordable paper ball lights can add a festive touch to your patio, balcony, or deck. They feature built-in hooks on each bulb for hanging and are available in pewter, antique bronze, and copper. The string comes with three extra bulbs and an extra cord. These light fixtures are also weather resistant. These lights emit a warm white light. 

Metallic Solar String Lights

metallic solar string lights


For outdoor lighting, metallic solar string lights are the perfect option. These light strings are water-resistant and will last for years. You can choose between several different color options for your outdoor decorations, including warm white and cool white. You can also add some colorful bulbs for a colorful look or for a different season or holiday. These lights are great for any backyard and will provide you with a festive atmosphere all year round. 

Stunning Backyard Chandelier

stunning backyard chandelier


A dazzling backyard chandelier is a perfect way to add a touch of class to any outdoor space. This unique outdoor lighting fixture can be found at home improvement stores and can be purchased online. In addition to adding a unique look to any outdoor space, this item is also great for daytime use. 

Solar Pendant Lights

solar pendant lights


Solar pendant lights are a great way to illuminate your garden or backyard. They can be hung from trees or hung from a tree limb for an elegant display. You can also hang them from a hook to accentuate your patio or deck. These outdoor solar lighting fixtures can last for several years when properly installed. They can even be recharged by the sun, so you can enjoy your patio and backyard any time of the year. 

Silver Patio Lantern

silver patio lantern


A silver patio lantern will add a warm, inviting glow to your outdoor space, whether you choose to hang it from branches or place it flat. This practical lighting accessory can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s an excellent choice for weddings, birthday parties, and housewarmings, as well as an ideal home decor accent. 

Fairy Light-Filled Jar

fairy light-filled jar


Fairy lights filled in a mason jar for backyard decorations are a fun DIY project. They only take a few supplies, including a clear quart jar, glitter, and miniature lights. Then, they can be placed anywhere you wish. They’re especially good for decorating bedrooms or living rooms, and they can be used on the lawn as well. They also make great decorations for the holidays. 

Retro Light Bulbs

retro light bulbs


There are many ways to incorporate retro light bulbs into your backyard, and some are more attractive than others. For example, you can choose an Edison bulb for the ambiance it provides. This bulb is available in many shapes and sizes and is well known for its energy efficiency and ability to add ambiance to any setting. You can find these light bulbs at most home improvement stores, and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Grapevine Balls Filled with Lights

grapevine balls filled with lights


Hanging grapevine balls filled with lights is an easy way to decorate your backyard. First, deflate the ball and add more grapevine to fill it. Then, place a string of lights on the string and plug it into an outlet. Then, hang it on a tree branch or in your garden. To make this project look more aesthetically pleasing, you can use clear fixative or moss to hide the wires. 

Ladder Hanging Light Bulb Strand

ladder hanging light bulb strand


You can use an old ladder as an outdoor lighting fixture by attaching it between two branches of your favorite backyard tree. A vintage bulb strand adds character to your backyard and will be more attractive than a standard string of lights. It can also be used as a conversation corner in your backyard by highlighting the area where you and your family can hang out. 

Glowing Lights on Garden Trellis

glowing lights on garden trellis


The easiest and least expensive way to add glow to your garden trellis is by installing strings lights. These lights are suitable for outdoor use and are very affordable. Alternatively, you can use battery-operated or solar-powered string lights. Simply weave strands of lights through the slats of the trellis.

Simple Patio Lights

simple patio lights


If you’re not sure where, to begin with, your lighting setup, a simple patio light will be perfect. You can decorate the patio with different types of lights. To save energy, you can go with small LED lights or a single light bulb. It will help you to see during the night.

Outdoor Candle Stand

outdoor candle stand


Adding a beautiful outdoor candle stand will help create a relaxing ambiance in your backyard. You can even use one inside a tall lantern. Then you can place it next to some furniture, a planter, or the fire pit. Choose a metal lantern for a vintage look or a painted ceramic one to add a splash of color.  

Mason Jar Tiki Torch

mason jar tiki torch


If you’d like to light up your garden without electricity, you can use a tiki torch. You just need to add some fuel to the mason jar and attach a wick on top. It will work as a torch when you light it. If you don’t have a mason jar or don’t want to make a tiki torch, you can also use a clear wine bottle. 

Vintage Candle Stand

vintage candle stand


If you have a beautiful patio, consider adding a vintage candle stand to your patio. The classic design of this candle holder can give your outdoor space a warm, cozy feel. For extra ambiance, string tea lights from an umbrella and hang a lantern next to it. Another idea is to use an old lantern as a table lamp.

Candles in Glass Jar

candles in glass jar


Candles in a jar are a great DIY project that can brighten your patio or backyard. These DIY lighting fixtures can also be made from other popular crafting materials. Mason jars are a versatile crafting base and are great for fragile housing lightbulbs. To get started, simply gather some candles and put them inside the jar.

Classic Black Chandelier

classic black chandelier


If you want a sophisticated light fixture for your backyard, a classic black chandelier is a great choice. They are a beautiful addition to any space, whether you’re planning a large, open-air kitchen or a small, cozy dining room. Using a chandelier in your backyard will help you set the perfect mood for dinner outdoors or for entertaining guests. 

Staked Solar Lights

staked solar lights


Another thing you can do is use staked solar lights. When choosing a solar light, you’ll want to choose one that is designed to stay in place in your yard. The most durable ones are hammered into the ground, while stakes that are twisted into the ground are less durable but can be more easily removed if the weather changes.

Glowing Backyard Bees

glowing backyard bees


A glow-in-the-dark garden will be a charming addition to your lawn or patio. You can create a glowing bees display by placing glow-in-the-dark bumblebee lights on the stamen of blooms. This will give them a rich yellow glow while illuminating your yard in the evening. These lighted bees can also serve as a centerpiece display. 

Twinkling Lights

twinkling lights


Strings of twinkling lights for backyards can be the perfect way to add a festive atmosphere to your garden. Swagged string lights can be used to decorate a walkway or fence, while nautical-themed microlights are great for illuminating vast spaces. You can choose from a wide range of colors, including white and multicolor.

Outdoor Chinese Lantern

outdoor chinese lantern


A classic outdoor Chinese lantern is a perfect way to light up the night in your backyard. You can use this type of light in the backyard to make it visible as well as improve the aesthetics. Depending on your needs, you can choose a different type of lantern depending on the situation. 

Solar Roses

solar roses


If you’re looking for a romantic ambiance for your garden at night, solar rose lights can provide it. These solar lights use LED technology and come in a variety of colors. They can be placed alongside other outdoor lights to provide a point of reference. They can last for 10 hours with full sunlight. They can also be used to accent a tree or other garden area.

Mosaic Pattern Outdoor Lights


One way to light up your backyard is with a mosaic pattern light. You can find many designs and styles of these solar-powered lights online, so you’re sure to find one that matches your décor. The best part is that they’re very affordable, too. You can pick up several sets for a fraction of the price of the traditional varieties.  

Outdoor Candle Holder

outdoor candle holder


If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor candle holder for backyard lighting, you should consider purchasing a wrought-iron version. These holders are made of durable iron and look stunning when lit. While the copper wire version is a bit more expensive than other options, it is worth the extra cost.

Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jar chandelier


Make your own chandelier by using mason jars and twine. Use galvanized wire and tie it around the rim of the jar. Add some more wire over the rim of the holder. Place votives or battery-operated tea lights inside the vases and hang the jars from C-hooks. It is perfect for backyard lighting.

Backyard Fountain Lights

backyard fountain lights


If you’re looking to add illumination to your water fountain in the backyard, it is crucial to choose the right kind of lighting. There are two main types of lights, including those that are under the water and those that are external landscape lights. The choice between these two will depend on the size, style, and design of your fountain. Using an IP68 waterproof tape light will allow you to submerge the whole fountain, but make sure to consider the wattage. 

Log Pathway Lights

log pathway lights


You can also choose log pathway lights to light up the backyard pathway. When you install log pathway lights, you’ll want to install the wires with weatherproof connectors. It will help you to illuminate the entire way.

LED Lights in Backyard


LED lights are fast becoming the best solution for outdoor lighting. They offer the highest energy efficiency, longest product warranties and produce the highest quality light. Furthermore, LEDs are small, steady-state lights that do not have any breakage or recycling issues. You can use these lights in your backyard. 

Tree Strings Light

tree strings light


Decorative outdoor string lights are an excellent choice for your landscape. They can be strung across your entire yard or just a section. You can even use trees to support the lights on one side of a grassy area. To create the best look, ensure that you space them properly.

Pathway Lights in the Backyard

pathway lights in the backyard


If you’re looking to install lighting in your backyard, consider a variety of lighting options. One of the most popular is pathway lights. It uses less energy to operate than standard lights. These fixtures are best suited for pathways or walkways in your yard. 

Table Lights in Backyard

table lights in backyard


Having a few outdoor table lights in your backyard will provide ambiance and extra lighting when you need it. These lights are ideal for putting near your pool or spa and can be recharged by a USB cord. They can also be moved to other areas if needed. They can be easily stored indoors or out.  

Backyard Lamp Post

backyard lamp post


You can also install a backyard lamp post for lighting. It is perfect for houses with huge backyards. Make sure you install multiple lampposts to illuminate the entire area. It will give a traditional and vintage look to your backyard.

Patio Spotlights

patio spotlights


If you want something modern and fancy, go with patio spotlights. It is the perfect way to illuminate outdoor space. You can choose different color lights for a sophisticated effect. Most modern homes have this type of light.


When it comes to backyard lighting, a variety of ideas can be employed to highlight important areas of the garden. It will help you to illuminate the backyard at night and host parties. Along with that, it will improve the overall aesthetics. We have discussed the 35 best backyard lighting ideas in this article. You can use any of these ideas to keep improving the safety and appearance of your backyard. 

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