Best Backyard Office Sheds & Pods for Remote Work


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3 months ago

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The landscape for work has changed in the last few years, and so many more of us are working from home. This is, of course, a blessing and a curse, especially for those who have children or other dependents in the home with you. With or without someone else in the home to distract you, being cooped up inside all day can affect your productivity and amp up your anxiety, so having a quiet place protected under lock and key to escape to may save your sanity and your job.

That being said, simply sticking a shed out back and dragging a desk inside may not be the best solution to get you the solitude and peace of mind you need. Some sheds are better equipped to keep you comfortable than others, hence the making of this list.

If you’re looking for sleek, comfortable, adaptable, and useful backyard office sheds and pods, then look no further. All choices on the list were chosen based on their user ratings, the usefulness of their features, and their price points. Some of these options will be much pricier, but they are pre-built for office space, outlets, and sometimes indoor cooling and heating included. Others, you’d have to adapt yourself.

The Twelve from Mini-Office

the twelve from mini-office

This model of home office is customizable, but it arrives fully finished with an array of features designed to increase your comfort, including climate control, double-glazed sliding doors and windows to insulate against extreme temperatures, and insulation. From the moment it arrives, it’s ready to use with 6 LED spotlights and 14 power outlets. If you want your office to double as a studio, or if you really like a quiet work environment, The Twelve also comes with acoustic foam ceiling panels. This pod was built to last with reinforced exteriors to withstand extreme weather and water-proof and scratch-resistant flooring. Mini-office sheds are hand-built in the United States and have some impressive warranties, including a 25-year limited warranty for the vinyl flooring, among others. Financing makes this top-tier shed very affordable, and though its price point is higher than a conventional shed, it still beats out equivalent pre-built office sheds from Home Depot in terms of price. This office shed would be great for long-term remote workers who don’t have the time or desire to do the installation themselves but would like a comfortable working environment for a long time to come.

Bristhol 13 x 11 garden shed | 117 sq ft

bristhol 13 x 11 garden shed | 117 sq ft

French door, anyone? The Bristhol shed is roomy and pristine with a solid wood construction of Norway Spruce, and it is darn beautiful. Windows and doors feature dual-pane glass for better insulation. The inside of the shed, rather than ugly plywood, is finished with milled spruce wood that, according to the website, smells amazing. Purportedly, the wood with which the shed is made is known for its durability, standing strong in Europe and Scandinavia after 200 years. Perhaps the Bristhol shed would be a great heirloom, as well. The shed kit is a do-it-yourself version, but free and fast shipping, easy construction, and downloadable blueprints will make the job easy and delightful. This shed is best for those who might like to have a bigger hand in building and customizing their home office. Electrical installation and insulation would have to be done yourself, but the materials that go into the foundation of this shed make it a solid investment that will last a lifetime.

Sela Pod

sela pod

The Sela Pod is pre-assembled, modern, and just the right size for a home office. If you’re looking for something that will inspire you just by looking at it, take a gander at the pod’s wood siding, dark metal trim, sliding glass door, and wide, glass skylights. At 54 square feet, it’s small, but its engineering and construction specs help it stand out as well worth the space limitations. For one thing, as an insulated, pre-built option with electrical outlets already installed, the price is quite competitive. As far as what goes into it, customers will enjoy the selection of wood flooring, interior walls, and siding. Unlike many other kits, shingles are included if you select that option as opposed to metal roofing. Lighting includes sleek recessed LEDs. While this option doesn’t have climate control, a shaded position for the summer and a space heater in the winter should be plenty sufficient for comfort. The Sela Pod would be a great fit for 9 to 5 workers who go into the shed to work and don’t need it for anything else. While it could double as a private retreat, it isn’t spacially equipped to be both. For this option, buyers would enjoy that the work for making this shed livable has already been done.

Office Pod Medium

office pod medium

Office Pod is one of the pricier, pre-built options on the list. It goes for more than most would pay for a quality, new car, but, once it’s yours, you won’t have to do anything to it to make it livable. It’s air-conditioned and heated, and it comes with the concrete foundation you’d have to install yourself on most other pre-built sheds. In terms of visual appeal, this shed is plain but stylish. Design customization is available, plus you can choose the exterior paint color. Sliding glass doors are recessed on a small patio, and the wood lining and outdoor lights make it feel homey and welcoming. You may even enjoy a potted plant or a patio chair, where room allows. The electrical hook-ups are already complete, so all you have to do when you get it is decorate, plug in, and enjoy. This office pod is best for those who value a clean and conventional work environment and would like things to work right, right away. If work is your home away from home, try out the office pod.

Sunshed 8 ft. x 12 ft. Western Red Cedar Garden Shed

sunshed 8 ft. x 12 ft. western red cedar garden shed

This relatively low-priced option comes as a kit, but its cedar construction makes it bug-resistant and durable once it comes together. Natural light is abundant with its wall of cute windows that actually open, making a small window AC unit a possibility for the summer. Included in the kit is a full-wall workbench that would work great for shelving or a bar-like laptop work environment. While not wide enough for a desktop computer, it might fit a coffee maker and some other office essentials. Flooring isn’t included, but cedar joists and floor runners allow for your choice of flooring to be installed. One of the features it boasts that is most unique is that it was made completely out of renewable resources, giving the Sunshed a place on the list as one of the most sustainable options. Customer reviews focused on how easy and fun it was to put together and how attractive it is when it’s all said and done. The Sunshed would be a great option for those who want their office space to be more than just a place to put your desk. If you like to feel like you’re on a secluded cabin vacation when you go to work, check out this option by Outdoor Living Today.

Handy Home Products Do-it-Yourself Windmere 10 ft. x 12 ft. Wooden Storage Shed

handy home products do-it-yourself windmere 10 ft. x 12 ft. wooden storage shed

As the cheapest option on the list, the Windmere may require a little more TLC, but it will get you plenty of extra budget for securing the flooring, electrical installation, and other modifications. This spacious shed actually looks like a little home with its barn-like double door and shuttered windows. Indoors, a complete wood floor and decking make it more move-in ready than similar kits. There’s also an “organization package” included in the deal which has a shelf, a work surface, and a loft ready to be built in! Shingles and paint are sold separately, but at this price point, you can afford to shell out for the extras. Overall, this budget-friendly option comes with a DIY-friendly construction package, plenty of room for your office, and is a blank slate for you to adapt. The Windermere would be a great option for DIY enthusiasts who like to get the most bang for their buck.

Duramax Buiding Products 13-ft x 10-ft Insulated Building Galvanized Steel Storage Shed

duramax buiding products 13-ft x 10-ft insulated building galvanized steel storage shed

Now, the Duramax is by far the ugliest option on this list, but it’s also insulated, cheap, and fire-resistant. The Duramax claims to be one of the strongest do-it-yourself buildings, and with its snow load, fire retardant insulation, and metal foundation, that may well be the truth. Flooring is not included, but the basic building blocks for your building are all in place, and the space you have to work in gives you more possibilities. Office space? Sure. Office space and futon lounge? Maybe! The galvanized metal construction is also UV protected, has a high maximum wind load, and may be a great surface for a personalized mural if you want to make it less of an eyesore. This backyard office option is great for those who are on a budget and may not live in the friendliest weather environment. You won’t have to worry about this guy falling apart on you, and you can make it whatever you want it to be with a little creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a shed as a home office?

Yes! Without many added features, a home can be a great semi-outdoor area to get some work done on a portable computer. However, with a permit and some electrical work, it can become a great place to get work done outside of your home in a comfortable, distraction-free environment.

How do I turn my garden shed into an office?

To make your garden shed a livable space, you might want to consider adding insulation, fitting it for electrical outlets and wiring, adding lighting and switches, and installing climate control options. Contractors can do this work for you, but it’s entirely possible to make your shed into an office on your own.

Does an office shed add value to a home?

Estimates vary, but many real estate agencies value finished sheds that double as offices, studios, and extra living space may add up to 10% to the value of a home. The property must be in good condition and add livable space, not just storage space, though regular storage sheds can add a little bit of value, too.

How do you insulate a shed for an office?

Where you put the insulation might depend on the material used to construct your office. Wooden sheds might require floor or ceiling insulation whereas metal sheds may be more amenable to wall insulation. An easy form of insulation would be a layer of insulation board underneath your permanent flooring to protect you from cold breezes flowing underneath the building.

Can you use carpet to insulate a shed?

Carpet is a great, cost-effective way to add a layer of insulation under your feet. Not only can it help your shed retain heat in the winter, but it can help keep the area cool during the summer, as it won’t conduct heat like some smooth surfaces.

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