8 Best Balisong Knives


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January 16, 2023

Out of all the knives you have seen in movies and film, few are cooler than the balisong. Better known as the Butterfly knife, these blades are not for beginners, and a person holding one of these is rarely to be taken lightly.

If you’re in the market looking to buy one of these very cool blades, then this guide will be helpful. Here, we will go over all of the considerations you should make before buying a balisong, as well as the best ones you should consider. 

The Best Balisong Knives 

Kershaw Lucha 

kershaw lucha

Kershaw has always been famous for its incredibly smooth arms, which spin like butter. However, the best thing about the Lucha is that it doesn’t just have incredible folders. It is a masterpiece in craftsmanship. The stainless steel clip point looks wonderful with the stainless steel handles, giving the knife an incredible look. It is very resistant to corrosion and comes with a safety clasp at the back.  

BRS Alpha Beast Balisong 

brs alpha beast balisong

Better known as the Rolls Royce of balisong knives, BladeRunner Systems (BRS) offers customers some of the best balisong knives in the market. Their premium quality steel, matched with the incredible grip of the handles, instantly makes it stand out. The clip point, stainless steel, the blade is instantly eye and is very sharp. The safety latch at the back will keep the balisong closed whenever using it. 

Squid Industries Krake Raken 

squid industries krake raken

Squid industries specialize in selling some of the blunt steel balisong knives in the market. But the Krake Raken instantly stands out, as it is sharp right out the box. The modified blade with carbon coating makes it very resistant to corrosion and is very sharp. It is also very durable to drop, ensuring that you can easily practice without worrying about dropping and breaking it. 

HOM Basilisk 

hom basilisk

The basilisk is one of the oldest balisong knives to become incredibly popular within the balisong community. But since it was technically extinct, many new members couldn’t buy it until now. This remade version of the basilisk features the same clip point stainless steel blade and skeletonized titanium. This is a real collector’s knife that will look great when flipping it, especially since it is durable enough to handle a drop or two. 

Benchmade Morpho 51

benchmade morpho 51

The Benchmade Morpho 51 is one of the best blades you can buy in any class. As a collector, the orange handles and stonewash finish of the blade look incredible in a display set. But for flippers, the knife is just the right weight while being balanced, ensuring that you always look good when flipping. The spear point blade can hold an edge very well, and the blade makes for good piercing and slashing action. 

Benchmade 87 Ti 

benchmade 87 ti

The Benchmade 87 Ti is very expensive but is worth every penny. The unique reverse tanto style blade goes well with the fashionably designed handles. The Chanel titanium handles do not just look good, but they also feel good to hold, offering a tight grip. It also comes with a magnetic latch that is very robust and will last you forever, even though you could be flipping with this. At its current price, it’s better off as a collector’s item.  

Bear & Son 517

bear & son 517

The Bear & Son 517 is a very good balisong that feels good to the touch. Despite being less than $100, it also has very durable stag handles. For flippers, this is a great choice, especially with the durable choice of handles. A clip point blade is an excellent option, adding to the knife’s aesthetic appeal. And with a good latch at the bottom, this is a very good daily driver for most people. 

Chimaera Premium

chimaera premium

The Chimera by HOM has everything that would instantly put it in the Hall of Fame for Blaisongs. The sleek drop point blade with a stainless steel finish makes it instantly recognizable. The skeletonized titanium with a safety latch at the back gives it a nice feel and gives the knife a stunning look. This is a great collector’s item while still being good to use in most everyday situations or flipping. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Balisong 

It is worth considering a few factors before choosing one. Remember, these are not ordinary knives, so you should set your expectations accordingly before you get into actually buying one. So when a knife is so different from its contemporaries, you will have to consider a few things before settling on a single one. So without further ado, here are a few considerations you should make before you decide on a butterfly knife.  


As we mentioned earlier, balisong knives are not like ordinary knives. They are speciality knives that only experts carry or that some collectors collect. Therefore, their legality is the first thing you should consider before buying one. In certain states, it is legal to buy and own one, but it is not legal to be carrying one. On the other hand,  certain states have banned ownership entirely, whereas some even allow you to carry them on you. Therefore, be sure you check its legality before you buy one, as some of these knives can be fairly expensive. 


Speaking of being fairly expensive, you should also consider the price of a balisong and how much you are willing to spend on it. The butterfly knives that you can buy fall into two major categories, ones you will use and ones that you will collect. Collector’s items usually come with many design elements that can increase their price more than what their utility is worth. Other balisongs are the type you will use, so they are more reasonably priced. However, they are still much more expensive than most other blades that you can buy, so watch your range. 


The performance of a blade is another thing that you should consider, as you don’t want a blade that’s hard to flip. Shorter blades can be difficult to open, whereas longer blades are even more difficult to open, given the extra weight. Longer blades also come with the risk of a deeper cut when trying to open, so you should be very careful. Considering both sizes, you should opt for a medium-sized blade, which is a little easier to flip and is generally more useful. 


There are different blade types that you can choose as well, which can change the way you use it or flip it. Your choice of the blade will also affect the knife’s weight distribution, giving a striking difference to how you use it. 

There are drop point, tanto, clip point, spear point, dagger point, and straight point blades. Balisong is also the only type of blade that comes with a blunt steel option that you can shape for yourself or a trainer blade to help you learn the motions of the balisong. Considering the price of most of these knives, you will want to consider your choice wisely. 


All good balisongs come with a safety lock feature, which keeps the balisong open or closed. This little safety feature can be a lifesaver at times, as it ensures that your knife will not be accidentally open when it is in your pocket. Furthermore, you should also consider if you will be buying a balisong with a single or a double bitehand. A bitehand is an arm of the knife that closes on the edged side. You never want to hold a butterfly knife from the bitehand, as that could lead to an injury. Only experts make use of a double bitehand or a double-edged knife as they can easily control it.  


Premium butterfly knives always come with very good material for both their blade and its grip. Given the unique shape of these knives, you need the handle needs to have a very good grip. And if you will be collecting these knives, you want them to every resistant to corrosion. But if you will be buying it for general use, you should get something that can also be very sharp and retain its sharpness. You can look up a guide on the different steels that different knives often come with. You can also check the properties of each steel and how well it can handle your specific use.


Finally, you should consider why you’re buying a balisong knife in the first place. Are you just looking for a nice collection piece, or are you looking for a balisong knife to help you learn to flip? Either way, you should have a knife that better aligns with your specific purpose. 

Why Would You Want a Balisong Knife? 

A balisong knife is a great knife to have if you’re a collector. These knives are often rare and feature impressive details that make them harder to find. Furthermore, these knives have a limited production cycle, so there are only a few of them that you can find. So if you’re a collector who has a soft spot for balisong knives, then you should consider investing in them. 

On the other hand, if you’re an expert flipper and want to look good while showing off your skills, these balisong knives are a good choice. The only place where butterfly knives look better is in the hands of a skilled flipper or fighter. So if you have all of your skills down to a T, you will especially love a good balisong knife to help you look good while performing tricks. 

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