6 Best Batons for Self-Defense


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January 16, 2023

When people talk about self defense, most everyone thinks of weapons such as guns. But self-defense batons are one of the best ways to take care of yourself and your family – and they have been for ages now.

Batons aren’t exactly an innovative way to keep yourself secure. If you’ve worked in police enforcement, the military, or any form of security, there’s a good chance you’ve had some experience with them. It’s also for a good purpose.

 They’re one of the most effective non-lethal self-defense techniques available. This is why they’ve been utilized professionally for this exact purpose for generation after generation.

In the days of America after the industrial revolution, police officers carried two different styles of truncheons. One was carried in the day and was significantly shorter. This was referred to as a day-stick. Officers who patrolled at night wore the second type, which provided them with slightly additional protection due to its increased length. 

This was the origin of the term “night-stick,” which is still used by many modern law enforcement officers to refer to a baton.

Yes, humans have been using clubs and sticks for self-defense for over a century. Batons are used by military groups, police, and other law enforcement authorities in a variety of scenarios. Over time, the self-defense baton has changed dramatically.

It is no longer made entirely of wood. Plastic, rubber, and metal are common materials utilized in the production of durable and easy-to-carry self-defense batons. Our guide will discuss the best batons for self-defense and personal safety.

Best Batons for Self-Defense

Smith & Wesson 12″ Compact Pocket Baton

smith & wesson 12" compact pocket baton

Smith & Wesson’s SWBAT12B is the ideal size for runners, walkers, and hikers searching for a self-defense weapon. When closed, the baton is only 4-3/8′′ long and comes with a handy pocket clip.

The baton also comes with a sheath for carrying in hand if you don’t want to use the clip. When in use, the baton is constructed of steel and expands to a length of a foot.

Smith & Wesson’s collapsible self-defense equipment is one of the best on the market. It’s light and easy to carry along. The gadget, according to Smith & Wesson, is ideal for both citizens and police enforcement agencies. Unless you’re dealing with Jack Bauer, which you don’t want to do, the tool gives you perfect peace of mind.

Because of the lightweight expanding carbon steel’s ability to move quickly, it instills a sense of confidence and allows for speedier strikes.

Schrade SCBAT 21 21″ Tactical Expandable Friction Lock Baton

schrade scbat 21 21" tactical expandable friction lock baton

One of the longest self-defense batons is the SCBAT21 Schrade baton. It is composed of two parts that expand outwards to form a 21″ length. You don’t have to step in close to have an impression with a longer self-defense baton since it’s longer.

It’s really easy to open the baton. All you have to do is swing the baton into play with the rod’s tip facing outwards. To collapse the tip, tap it firmly against a solid surface. For persons with weak arms, the weighted tip can be quite useful.

The durable baton features a rubberized TPE handle for a secure and pleasant grip. You can rest assured that the self-defense baton will not escape your grasp when you need it most.

The design provides plenty of leverage, maximizing the potential of each baton blow. With the Schrade baton, you may improve your strike’s security and effectiveness.

Cold Steel Escrima Stick Black Polypropylene

cold steel escrima stick black polypropylene

The Cold Steel Escrima Stick is made of injection molded black polypropylene and has a traditional design. The stick is constructed in the same manner as the traditional rattan stick, which is widely used in self-defense training.

Its very robust black polypropylene and cross section shape make it a highly durable self-defense weapon. It measures 32 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. The stick is just over 15 ounces in weight. The nicest feature is that you can make the stick any length you want.

This top self-defense item is arguably the easiest to keep clean and keep. It really doesn’t crack, dry out, warp, or shrivel like a typical Escrima stick, and it’s mildew-proof. The dependable stick is impact resistant while yet providing a punch.

It’s also quite difficult! One of the hardest materials utilized in the manufacture of self-defense gadgets is black polypropylene. The stick has been created by Cold Steel to stay sturdy and not break under any circumstances.

ASP 26″ Electroless Expandable Police Baton W/ Foam Grip

asp 26" electroless expandable police baton w/ foam grip

One of the most sophisticated impact weapons employed by law enforcement agencies is the ASP 26′′ Electroless Expandable tactical baton. The baton, which is also available to the general public, is 9.5″ long when closed and 26″ long when open.

The ASP baton stands out in terms of durability, quality, and performance thanks to its superior craftsmanship, premium materials, and flawless function. In every way, this impact weapon is one of the best.

The term “electroless” alludes to the model’s corrosion-resistant finish, making it one of the best self-defense batons for use in high-humidity environments.

The Friction Loc series is easy to grip, making it an effective self-defense tool. The typical foam vinyl that covers the handle makes it easy to hold and absorbs a lot of shock.

The baton is made for use in a maritime environment, which is ideal if you live in a hot and humid climate. The baton’s improved surface hardness, matte finish, and lubrication assure it will never let you down.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty Baseball Bat

cold steel brooklyn shorty baseball bat

The Brooklyn Shorty Bat may very well be the most durable mini-bat self-defense weapon in the world. The best part about this bat is that you don’t have to be without your reliable defense weapon even in states where batons are frowned upon.

This popular bat comes at a bargain price. It is a super tough tool with molded-in wood grain finish that makes it grippy. You may have difficulty with the bat if you have exceptionally large hands since the bat is too thin.

Many people overcome this drawback by using friction tape around the handle. However, that could affect how well you can hit with it. The bat is multi-purpose with various uses. You can use it both as a tire thumper and to protect your dog from coyotes on walks.

Smith & Wesson SWBAT26H 26″ Collapsible Baton

smith & wesson swbat26h 26" collapsible baton

Smith & Wesson’s SWBAT26H 26-Inch Baton is made for protection. It arrives with a convenient, easy-to-carry package. With the SWBAT26H, you won’t have to fiddle with stuck batons that won’t open.

The baton has a textured rubberized handle and is made of hard-anodized 4130 seamless aluminum steel for a firm grip. It also has a telescoping friction lock that makes opening and closing a breeze. The baton works well in both rainy and dry conditions.

Smith & Wesson makes a close-quarters, high-quality self-defense alternative to satisfy the specific needs of police enforcement officers. This merely goes to prove that you can rely on this weapon when faced with a threat.

The tubing is made of a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel alloy. It’s then given a tough black coating to protect it from wear.

How To Choose Your Self-Defense Baton


A lot of folks don’t pay attention to how they hold their self-defense weapons. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a rifle or an extending baton, make sure the weapon fits comfortably in your palm and gives you confidence.

You must understand that you will not always be in perfect control of your actions and perceptions in the event of a threat. Adrenaline will take hold, and you must do all possible to assist your body in defending itself.

As a result, always go for a self-defense baton with a certified non-slip and sweat-resistant grip. Also, make certain that the baton is made to fit your size requirements.

For example, if you have little hands, you won’t be able to get a thick baton. If you have huge hands, though, don’t rely solely on friction tape to get the job done.


People strolling their dogs and seeking protection from wild creatures may find sticks useful.

If you’re worried about a prospective attacker, though, a small baton that can be quickly removed and deployed should be your first choice.

The type of distance you are comfortable with while defending yourself is also influenced by your size. For example, some batons are 26 inches long while others are only 12 inches long.


Another crucial issue to think about is this. A self-defense baton made of high-quality materials should be your first choice. You don’t want the tool to shatter when it hits something or when it’s in your pocket. Steel or black polypropylene are good choices for sturdy, impact-resistant materials.

Finally, before obtaining a self-defense baton, make sure you verify your local regulations. Some of them require that a person be at least 18 years old. Getting professional training to make the most of a circumstance with an expandable or foldable self-defense baton is also a good option.


Batons for self-defense come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some of them are clippable, collapsible, and have locking mechanisms. You should look for a product that is simple to use and transport.

When you’re about to hit an adversary, you don’t want a baton that takes a second too long to deploy. You should also choose a baton that matches your demeanor.

For example, if you are not sufficiently aggressive, you should avoid purchasing a weapon that demands a strong tap to open and close. Instead, you should use the default threatening settings, which will deter potential attackers from attacking you in the first place.

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