8 Best BBQ Knife Sets


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January 16, 2023

Every good pitmaster needs a reliable and good set of BBQ knives for when they take over the essential responsibilities of the pit. Of course, you might already understand just how important the right knife sets can be to the BBQ experience. The wrong knife can ruin your cut and ruin the fun of cooking the meat. 

The Mercer Culinary Knife Set features eight knives catered to your BBQ experience. The stainless steel material ensures that the knife does not stain, and it can get very sharp very quickly. Along with the knives, the set also comes with a honing steel rod, which you can use to maintain your knives.

So whether you’re looking to casually cook your BBQ or are looking for a set for your professional kitchen, you will certainly find something here. Not only will we go over the best knife sets that you can buy, but we will also go over all of the things that you should consider first.  

The Best BBQ Knife Sets

Mercer Culinary Knife Set

mercer culinary knife set

The knives are incredibly sharp, cutting through all types of raw meat with ease. However, you will be using that honing tool very often, seeing how stainless steel tends to lose its edge fairly quickly. The Santoprene handles matched with the stainless steel make these knives very good to use. But they are a little too light, which tips the knife’s balance more towards the sharp edge. 

OOU Kitchen Knife Set

oou kitchen knife set

While this is not a set made specifically for the pitmaster, it is a very well-rounded set that is worth mentioning. With a total of 15 pieces, you can easily find the right knife for the job. Each of the knives also features carbon steel materials, which allows them to keep an edge for longer. 

The carbon steel also means that you will be very careful in maintaining these knives, as they could rust. Fortunately, it does have a protective coating of black oxide, making it more resistant to corrosion. Of course, in the cutting department, these knives are excellent and can slice through the toughest of fat and meat. It also helps that this is a fairly budget-friendly option.  

Shun Classic Blonde

shun classic blonde

Despite only featuring five knives, the Shun Classic Blonde Knife Set is more than capable of competing with the other knives in this list. All knives have been forged with Japanese steel, allowing them to get very sharp while maintaining that edge for some time. 

These knives especially excel in cutting raw meat, which is also apparent with the types of knives available. The set features a paring knife, utility knife, chef’s knife, and honing rod. While offering great quality, the knife set remains very affordable while keeping the wooden handles very safe from moisture. It looks good but also feels good to use in the kitchen.  

DFACKTO Chefs Knife Set

dfackto chefs knife set

Dull knives will completely ruin your grilling experience, which is where the DEFACKTO Chefs Knife Set shines. The corrosion-resistant matte finishing not only looks good but allows these knives to retain their edge for much longer. They can also get very sharp, being able to cut through the thickest slices of meat with ease easily. 

Further adding to the cutting experience are the balanced handles, which do not tilt any specific way. Less tension on the wrist also means, less fatigue, which means more time at the grill.

Farberware Forged Knife Set

farberware forged knife set

There are plenty of forged knife sets that you can buy, which are very expensive. But if you’re on a budget and prefer functionality over style, then the Farberware Forged Knife Set is just for you. Despite being marginally cheaper than most other brands of knife sets, these knives are perfectly balanced and could even convince you that it is a premium quality knife block. 

The set features 15 pieces and a graphite block that looks very aesthetically pleasing. And while you won’t feel like a professional chef when using this set, it does have all of the essential knives you would want when at the grill. It is perfect for beginners, but some have complained that the handles can rust easily. 

Hast 7P Luxurious

hast 7p luxurious

Being a pitmaster is about more than just cooking well. You also need to look good while doing it. Therefore, you need a knife block that matches your luxurious style, like the Hast 7P. The set features premium handles that are lightweight and ergonomic, ensuring that you have a comfortable feel when using them. 

They are also perfectly balanced, making them easier on your hands and wrists. The less strain on your hands means that you can cook longer without getting tired.  

Ross Henery Professional Knives

ross henery professional knives

The Ross Henery set of professional knives is the polar opposite of the Faberware set, as these knives make you feel like an expert chef. These knives come in a fancy zipper case along with nine knives for all of your possible needs.  

The knives have been sharpened by hand. When matched with the stainless steel blade, the knives offer a surreal cutting experience. The extra care is given to these knives also ensures that they can retain their edge for a long time. 

DALSTRONG Shogun Series

dalstrong shogun series

The DALSTRONG Shogun series of knife sets feature all of the knives that you would need for either an average day of grilling or for your restaurant.And the best part about all the knives is that they have a front face design, allowing you to flip food on the grill.  

Thanks to a material that they call super steel, the knives are very durable and remain resistant to rust. They are also very sharp, cutting through meat smoothly like a hot knife through butter. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing a BBQ Knife Set 

Knife sets are an investment that you should never take lightly, which means that you should never just go out and buy one. Instead, you should always consider essential things about a knife set to ensure you’re getting the best one for your specific task. Here are a few things you should consider before making your final decision. 


As we mentioned earlier, knife sets can be fairly pricey. But the higher price, matched with a reputable brand, can usually save you from a poor experience. It also helps that these bigger brands also come with very good customer support, allowing you to fix any issues you might face instantly.

Furthermore, luxury sets don’t always offer the best performance, especially when you’re working heavy duty. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense for you to spend so much on a luxury set, only for it to underperform. Instead, you should always set a budget and look for good options within it. 


A general rule of life is always to get a product with a reasonably high warranty period. And in the case of BBQ knives, you should be getting a knife set that comes with a lifetime warranty. While these are usually the more expensive ones, they also ensure that you have no issues in the future as you are using them. 

Even if you get a cheaper one with a limited warranty, you should be careful when the warranty expires. Remember, the warranty period reflects the company’s faith in its product. So always, get a knife set with a very good warranty period.


This is a particular consideration for relatively new pitmasters who struggle t effectively sharpen their knives. But even more, experienced chefs should always look for knives that are still easy to sharpen. 

 Of course, this does come down to the knives’ material chosen, as it dictates how long it takes to sharpen. For instance, stainless steel knives can resist corrosion and easily sharpen. But they come at the cost of losing their edge fairly easily. So be sure you consider this before you choose your specific knife set.  


For the most part, the handle of your knives comes down to personal preference. If you like a knife that has a very traditional feel and looks good, then a wooden handle is a perfect choice. But if you don’t mind the feel and look of a plastic handle, then they can make for a good choice as well. 

Of course, if the thing that you are concerned about is the quality of the blade itself, then the handle will rarely make a difference to you. 

Weight and Balance

You can be surprised just how many knives feel unbalanced, giving them a very cheap feel. The blade and the handles should always have equal weight, improving your experience when using them. If you’re wondering why this is important, it’s because imbalanced knives can make you feel tired after using them for a while. 

Most premium knife sets already come with well-balanced knives, making them easier to handle. You should also consider investing in a lighter knife set, which is better to handle.


BBQ knives come in two different types of material, the first one being stainless steel and the other being carbon steel. These materials are very durable, but you can find out which is better through the Rockwell hardness test. 

Stainless steel is very resistant to corrosion, making it an especially popular element to use in kitchen cutlery. And as we discussed earlier, stainless steel can be very easy to sharpen, but at the cost of losing its edge fairly easily. On the other hand, carbon steel can retain its edge for much longer, but it does so at the cost of requiring more maintenance. 


All of the knife sets mentioned above fit every type of pitmaster’s niche. Even if you are a beginner just starting, we mentioned a knife block that you can test the waters with. As for the best out of these, it does come down to personal preference and the considerations we mentioned earlier. So even though, objectively speaking, the Ross Henery Professional Knives are the best, they might not fit someone’s preferences. 

Therefore, be sure to consider what you want from a knife set before you decide on one. And try your best not to compromise on quality and cutting efficiency, as they dictate your overall experience.  

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