10 Best Bedroom Heaters


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3 months ago

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For whatever reason, sometimes the central heater doesn’t quite reach the rooms it needs to reach most, leaving you huddling under layers of blankets in the winter and hesitant to get out of bed in the mornings. The right bedroom heater could keep you comfortable all night, but you don’t have to worry about it overheating or tipping over. 

If you shiver your toes off in the winter and are looking for a portable heater that you can trust not to start a fire, look no further than this list of the best bedroom heaters. Every option featured on this list was included because of high customer satisfaction, unique and useful features, and safety ratings.

Best Bedroom Heaters

PELONIS PHO15A2AGB Basic Electric Oil Filled Radiator

pelonis pho15a2agb basic electric oil filled radiator

One of the most highly-rated heaters on Amazon, the PELONIS heater has three heat settings and a knob to adjust the power of the air, plus it maintains a constant temperature so you don’t have to worry about waking up in a suffocatingly hot room. It also has overheat protection, so it will automatically turn off when it reaches a certain temperature. In case you’re wondering about that “oil-filled” bit in the title, apparently, that’s to counteract the consequence of traditional heaters that makes the air dry. The oil will keep your hair humid and breathable instead of leeching the moisture out of it and calling for a midnight nosebleed. Some additional features include quiet operation, wheels and handles for portability, and a 1-year warranty. Satisfied customers praise its quietness, the expanse of the heat, and how little you have to endure temperature swings before it kicks back on. 

Space Heater, Portable Electric Space Heater

space heater, portable electric space heater

With three power settings, the VIIMI space heater has temperature control and power control that varies from a natural warmth to a high-temperature torrent for extra chilly winter nights. It operates at a low decibel but has a little bit of a hum to it for those that enjoy the sound of a fan while sleeping, and you know it’s safe enough to leave on all night because it automatically kicks off if it’s tilted or moved, and it has an automatic off feature to protect from overheating. This heater claims to be able to heat up to 200 square feet in a matter of seconds, making it a great option for bringing to winter cabins or for those who find themselves coming home to a cold house. Its extra light and portable shape are easy to handle and travel with. This heater would be great for small spaces, those who are always cold, and those who need a travel heater. 

BY Misletoe Space Heater, Portable Electric Oscillating Heater

by misletoe space heater, portable electric oscillating heater

Heating range is the primary limitation of most space heaters. How the Mistletoe heater combats that is with 90-degree oscillation. With your setting knob, you have a range of options, including non-oscillating cool air, non-oscillating warm, and non-oscillating hot, with the same for oscillating. This tiny, space-saving heater has tip protection and overheat protection, plus a handle on the back of the heater that will not burn you if you move it after use. This space heater is best for small bedrooms and may work well on a bedside table.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

dr. infrared heater portable space heater

Set in a cherry wood case, this heater is both an accessory and an asset. Though heavy for a heater at 24 pounds, it is set on wheels for portability and heats large rooms more completely and more efficiently than the previous options. It claims to be able to accomplish this feat due to its dual heating system, combining PTC heating with an infrared quartz tube. Eco settings even allow you to leave the decision-making to the heater to warm the space in the most energy-efficient way possible. If eco-mode isn’t doing it for you, you still have a high and low power setting with precise temperature control, and you can control the heat and power with your remote control, so there’s no need to put on your slippers to turn it off or on in the middle of the night. Satisfied customer reviews stated that the heater warmed large spaces faster and better than any other heater they’d used, so if you’ve got a large space or even difficult-to-heat environments like garages and basements, Dr. Infrared is a great option for you.

Honeywell – UberHeat Electric Heater

honeywell - uberheat electric heater

Two power settings and a temperature knob make this small and simple ceramic heater easy to use and, according to user reviews, it packs a punch that contrasts its daintiness. The UberHeat is not only adorable, but it’s safe. With multiple levels of overheating and tip protection, its housing is also designed not to burn you if you touch it. An inexpensive warranty will also protect your heater from accidents for two years with the promise of a full replacement. With all of the positivity in the review section, the price point is unbelievable. Just be sure not to use it as a bathroom heater, as the manufacturer has repeatedly stated it isn’t safe for humid environments. While it seems like the UberHeat works best in small, contained environments, you might be surprised what you can get out of it in a little larger area. 

Lasko 300 sq ft Electric Ceramic Tower Heater

lasko 300 sq ft electric ceramic tower heater

Probably the most programmable option on the list, the Lasko has high and low power settings, multiple heating options, an automatic setting, a 7-hour timer, a programmable thermostat, and remote control. Wide-angle oscillation allows you to heat a large space, but you don’t have to worry about it being loud and distracting, as it was designed to operate quietly. While it doesn’t seem to have an automatic off for tipping, it has a sturdy, non-slip base. Because of this, the Lasko is probably best utilized on hardwood flooring or other smooth surfaces. 

700-Watt Electric Oil-Filled Radiant Space Heater

700-watt electric oil-filled radiant space heater

According to satisfied customer reviews, this space heater is the perfect wattage and size for small bedrooms and is reliable enough to be left in a child’s room overnight. Its easy-to-use adjustable thermostat will fix the temperature at a steady, manageable output, but you can relax in the warmth with your mind at knowing you have automatic-off overheat protection and your heater will kick off once you reach the desired temperature. This lightweight, small bedroom heater with stands and handles is infinitely portable, and as an oil-filled heater, your long nights of staying in with this guy won’t dry out your skin or sinuses. Purchase an inexpensive warranty, and you can enjoy two years worry-free. This bedroom is best for small spaces with hard flooring, but it can be propped on a smooth surface if the carpet is an issue. 

Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Bladeless Fan & Heater

dyson am09 hot & cool bladeless fan & heater

If you can afford it, the Dyson heater/cooler has earned hundreds of great reviews for its ability to climate control quickly and efficiently. Remote control options allow you to decide the power setting, heat or cool, temperature, timer, and oscillation. On the base of the heater, you can see and control the temperature; however, smart temperature control allows the device to shut off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. One unique feature of this unique option is that you have ten speed settings. With the number of options available, this is the most customizable fan and heater on the list. You can have peace of mind leaving this guy alone in a room because it has an automatic shut-off when tipped, it’s ETL listed, and has a 2-year limited warranty. For all the positives, customers have said that it can be quite loud. If you like brown noise in your room while you sleep and want a heater you can really trust, the Dyson is your top pick.

HeatStorm HS-1500-PHX Phoenix Infrared Wall Heater

heatstorm hs-1500-phx phoenix infrared wall heater

This simple, safe-touch heater claims that even the grill won’t burn you when it’s on. Two power mods and precise temperature control are the only, most essential settings on this heater, though you can do it from a distance with its on/off and temperature control remote. Customer reviews say it’s perfect for small spaces, though the product’s specs claim it can heat an area of greater than 300 square feet. With its energy-saving abilities, you can trust that it will turn off when its job is done. Other safety features include an ETL safety listing, automatic shut-off for tipping, and overheating shut-off. While the heater and its controls are simple, making it a great fit for anyone, regardless of their relationship with technology, you can also download an app to control the heater through Wi-Fi. These things alone make this a cross-generational heater for everyone.

De-Longhi Mica HMP1500

de-longhi mica hmp1500

Marked as a high satisfaction item, the DeLonghi heater is safe, effective, and out of the way. Using micathermic heating, the device is efficient and consistent. The product description claims you can even mount it on the wall! It’s thin enough to mount, but its wheeled stands make it easy to reposition if you leave it on the floor. Several safety features make this highly-reviewed option a top choice, including a thermal cutoff function, a tip-over switch, and heat indicator lights. If you want to try out this slender, space-saving heater on the wall, a wall mounting kit is included. Customers rave that the heater is silent, it raises temperatures quickly, and the company is one you can come back to again and again for your next purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity? 

Contrary to popular belief, space heaters are not more energy efficient than using your home’s heater. They should be used with energy-efficient settings in conjunction with your house’s heater to save on energy. 

Can you keep a space heater on all night?

It is not recommended in most cases to leave a space heater running unattended or while you sleep. Making sure the heater is certified through major testing organizations and that it ticks off all the safety feature boxes can help put you more at ease, however, if sleeping with the heat on is a must.

Is it OK to plug a space heater into a surge protector?

It is never OK to plug a space heater into a power strip or surge protector. Manufacturers and fire safety organizations both warn against this, as it puts your device at risk of an electrical fire.

Can I use a space heater on the carpet?

It is not recommended to place your space heater on the carpet unless it is mounted at an adequate distance from the heating elements to the ground. Even then, it’s risky. If you have carpet, consider putting the heater on a heat-safe table that isn’t at risk of being bumped.

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