25 Best Bedroom Organization Ideas and Projects


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3 months ago

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Your bedroom is your safe space, it’s the place where your day both begins and ends. This means it’s extremely important for it to be uncluttered, relaxing, and stylish. More often than not, bedrooms become the home for things that don’t have a place. Your drawers, dresser, and closet become overrun with things. That’s why we compiled 25 of our favorite bedroom organization ideas to help you get started.

You’ll definitely be able to find something for your space from this list! Organization ideas are plentiful, there are hundreds of ways you can optimize space to make your bedroom look the best it can. We’ve put together some ideas and projects that we think are the best, keep reading to find the 25 Best Bedroom Organization Ideas!  

1. Out With The Old


If you’re looking to get organized is, the first thing you should do is clean out closets and purge any piles you may have lying around. It’s super easy to forget about those drawers that fill up with clothes we don’t wear anymore and for the back of your closet to become packed with boxes of items you forgot about. Start your organization project by getting rid of all the things you no longer need. 

2. Under the Bed Shoe Drawers


Beds really take up a large amount of space. Of course, a bed is super important but the space it takes up could also be used for other things. So to utilize that space as much as possible, we recommend getting drawers for under the bed. In the photo above you can see a nice under-the-bed shoe drawer with wheels. They allow you to easily access and store your shoes.

3. Get Double Duty Furniture


If you’re investing in a piece of furniture for your bedroom, why not get something that has multiple uses? An ottoman like the one above is great if you need a place to rest and put your shoes on in the morning. Finding an ottoman with extra storage on the inside will make it a valuable piece of furniture.

4. Put Pictures, Paintings, and Artwirk on the Walls


Putting pictures, paintings, and artwork on the walls is especially useful if you have a small bedroom. Putting these things on the wall and not on your nightstand, dresser, or vanity keeps the spaces clear for other items and will leave your bedroom with a more streamlined look.

5. Slide-Out Belt and Scarf Organizer 


Are you always shoving your belts and scarves in a random place? Try creating this slide-out organizer! This project will give you easy access to every belt or scarf you may have. The basic idea behind this is to attach one side of a drawer slide to a closet or wall and attach the other side of the drawer slide to a board. Then you attach either hooks or a rail on the front of the board. Pretty easy, right? Don’t stop at just belts and scarves, you can also organize bags and hats. 

6. Door Hanging Shoe Organizer 


Door-hanging shoe organizers are great for storing shoes but they’re also great for storing all kinds of things. You can organize and store anything that will fit in its pockets. You can fill the pockets with socks by either color and style or you can use them to organize skincare and makeup products. The possibilities are endless! 

7. Bookshelves Above the Bed


It’s not uncommon to forget about the vertical space in a room, so we’re here to remind you of it. It’s important to utilize this space because there’s so much of it! Do you have a large collection of books or movies that you have nowhere to put? Install multiple bookshelves like the ones seen in the photo and you can keep everything there! 

8. Utilize a Garment Rack 


Do you find that you don’t have enough room in your closet for your entire wardrobe? If so, don’t worry. We have a solution for you. A garment rack is a simple way to give yourself some extra storage. As a bonus, if you need some more decor in your bedroom, hang your favorite pieces in a color-coordinated fashion and it will double as decor. 

9. Store Extra Blankets on a Rack


If you own a ton of quilts, throws, and blankets and have the floor space for a blanket rack. We really recommend considering one. They’re budget-friendly simply because of how easy they are to find at thrift and antique stores. With a blanket rack, you won’t be tempted to throw everything on the floor.

10. Keep Cords Tidy


Keep streamlined and clean on your nightstands when charging cell phones, tablets, and other electronics by turning the drawer of your nightstand into a charging station. Organize unsightly chargers and chargers all the while keeping them in reach by hiding them inside the drawer. Depending on how your nightstand was constructed, you may be able to thread the cord up through the bottom of the nightstand and behind the drawer. If your nightstand doesn’t allow you to do this you may need to cut a small hole into the back of the drawer.

11. Wall Hooks for All of the Important Things


Just like the bookshelves above the bed, wall hooks are a great way to use up vertical space in our bedroom. The truth is you can easily get everything organized with wall hooks. Get a few sturdy wall hooks and attach them to your walls and then you’re all set to hang your instruments, bags, and other accessories on them.

12. Bedside Caddies


It can be really annoying to try and dig around to find the remote in the middle of the night. You can keep it close by adding a caddy to the side of your bed. Don’t stop at just your remote, you can also store your phone, chargers, tablets, hair ties, and whatever else you may need! 

13. Have a Place for Trash 


A small trash can that is kept in the bedroom will provide you with a place to throw away scraps of paper, tissues, and any other pieces of trash that you find. You don’t want to have a large can in your room so be sure to look for a small trash can. We recommend a bathroom-sized trash can, anything larger will be noticeable and take up too much room. The smaller it is, the easier it will be to stick it beside a dresser or under a nightstand.

14. Utilize Corners


Corners in bedrooms are often left unused and empty. This is a mistake, they can be perfect for creating functional and stylish storage options. Furniture that is designed for corners will maximize the space. For example, corner shelves are great using the vertical space that corners offer while taking up very little space.

15. Use Bins From the Dollar Store to Store Garments


Small rooms almost always equal a small closet, To make the most out of your closet space, we recommend using bins from the dollar store to store your garments. All you need to do is roll your garments and stack them vertically. You want to roll your garment instead of folding them because it allows the bins to hold. You take the organization to the next level by labeling the bins as well. 

16. Use a Dresser as a Nightstand


For more storage, you can repurpose an old small dresser and use it as a nightstand! This way you can minimize the amount of space you use and store away extra sheet sets, accessories, off-season clothing, and more!

17. Hang Jewelry


You’ve got a beautiful collection of jewelry, why not show it off when you’re not wearing it? You can create a jewelry organizer that doubles as stylish bedroom decor! You can either hang metal grates or wooden dowels on the wall. Once you do that wrap watches and bracelets around and hang necklaces. 

18. Hanging Laundry Hamper


Laundry bins can really take up a lot of space, so if you have the option to hang one. Why not? The hanging hamper above is very sleek looking and can be hung anywhere. Behind doors, on the wall, in the bathroom, etc. One of the best features about this hamper is that it has a zipper along the bottom that allows you to easily unload your dirty clothes into the washer

19. Organize Items with a Cubby


This cubby may be small and in this photo, you can see it’s used to store children’s toys but don’t underestimate it. This is the perfect place to store any knickknacks you may have or even beauty items like make-up and nail polish. 

20. Labels, Labels, and more Labels


Once you get everything organized, it’s important that you make sure you keep them that way. The easiest way to prevent clutter and stay organized is to use labels. Use tags/adhesive labels on things like boxes and baskets and use chalkboard labels for temporary containers and items. When things are properly labeled, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

21. Use a Platform Bed


If you don’t mind having a raised bed, then a platform bed could be one of your best options for solving your limited storage space issue. The point of this project is to mount a bed frame onto sturdy pieces of shelving, the shelving in the photo happens to be cube shelving. This will maximize the storage under your bed. 

22. Stackable Storage Solutions


The whole point of organizing is to make your things accessible. For example, you may have your hats organized in dozens of plastic bins that are labeled and stacked in your closet. However, if the hat you’re looking for is buried under your other hat boxes then you have to dig through to reach it. Stackable storage options are the key to avoiding this, they allow for easier accessibility.

23. Mini Headboard Bookshelf


If you have an existing headboard already then this can be a little more difficult to pull off. However, if you don’t one yet and are planning to get one we can’t recommend a headboard with a built-in bookshelf enough. You can either make one or purchase one, if you don’t want to make one there are relatively inexpensive options out there.

24. Glass Jar Displays


You can display smaller items in glass jars on shelves, bookcases, and tabletops. Small glass jars are great for storing buttons, q-tips, and any other odds-and-ends you may have. Large jars are perfect for organizing makeup brushes, belts, hair accessories, and scarves.

25. Above the Door Floating Shelf


Just like corners another area that’s overlooked regularly is the space above the door. This can be used as storage space for almost anything and should especially be utilized if you have a small bedroom.

25 Awesome Bedroom Organization Ideas

Who wouldn’t want to keep their bedroom organized and decluttered? Utilizing organizational designs or ideas to revamp a bedroom, whether it be a big or small change, can leave a lasting impression on the interior of the room and whoever visits it! Having an organized space can elevate it to new levels, even more so if you feel like the bedroom is just missing that one thing to pull everything together. What is even better is that there are plenty of ways you can organize a bedroom. With having so many options, you are able to get exactly what you’re looking for while keeping the room clean whether you just need to add a small piece of furniture or to makeover the room completely.

If you are unsure how to organize your bedroom and need a place to start, then the 25 Best Bedroom Organization Ideas we shared above should give you a good starting point! A lot of the organizational ideas are straightforward and don’t take much to complete, but there are definitely some ideas and projects that are more time-consuming than others. Let us know which idea was your favorite! What organization tools do you use in your home?

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