20 Best Brick Fireplace Ideas for Cozy Homes


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4 months ago

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If you have a brick fireplace, you know how much of a focal point it can be in any home. A brick fireplace is not only attractive, but it is also inexpensive and heat-safe. 

While traditional red brick may appear dated, you can add a contemporary twist by simply changing the color. With a little imagination and paint, you can give your home a new look. 

To give your brick fireplace a new look, paint it. A coat of white or black paint can help you update and revitalize your fireplace. You can paint your red brick fireplace to give it a new look. 

While you should exercise caution when painting a red brick fireplace, a new coat of paint can make a significant difference. To bring out the details of the stonework, use a shade of teal or sage green. A pristine white color will give your fireplace a clean appearance while also adding warmth to your room. 

Best Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

1. All-White Brick Fireplace


The easiest brick fireplace idea is painting. You can use white paint to create an all-white brick fireplace. Painting an all-white brick fireplace is an easy, cost-effective project. While some people say that special paint is needed, you can use regular interior paint. You can start by priming the brick fireplace. Next, you can paint it. After you’ve completed the first coat, you can start adding a second coat. You can add dimension to your All-White Brick Fireplace by using paneled wood up to the crown molding on the ceiling. This will extend the mantel area and draw the eye up, making the room appear larger and more spacious. 

2. Exposed Brick Wall


An exposed brick wall fireplace design is an excellent choice for homeowners who don’t want to cover the entire wall. The style is traditional and rustic, and it’s perfect for a home with an open hearth. If you’re considering painting over your brick fireplace, there are a few tips that can help you make it look better. First, don’t forget to leave enough space between the mantel and firebox. If you have a brick fireplace in your existing home, you can easily match it with a white wall to give it a more industrial feel. This style is perfect for older homes and often works well with a white-walled look.

3. Arched Brick Fireplace


The Arched brick fireplace design is one of the unique ways to decorate your home. Its distinctive form and elegant bluestone accents make it a striking focal point for any living space. This particular fireplace design features a curved raised hearth with flanking brick pedestals. This unique style is a great option for a contemporary or traditional interior. 

4. Standout Black Brick Fireplace


If you’re considering remodeling your fireplace, you might want to try a standout black brick fireplace. While these aren’t the most common options, they are definitely a good option for a modern look. This style is both classic and contemporary, and you can choose from a wide variety of black shades to fit your decor.

5. Slanted Brick Fireplace


When you’re thinking about a new fireplace for your home, a slanted brick fireplace design may be the perfect solution. A brick fireplace looks dramatic, especially when set against a white background. The design of this type of chimney is also ideal for a contemporary home, as the concrete masonry units give it strength, durability, and fire resistance.

6. Traditional Brick Fireplace


One of the most common designs for a traditional brick fireplace is a stacked design with multiple pieces. This fireplace looks great on its own, but it can also be a focal point in a room when combined with a variety of smaller pieces. To add a bit of drama, try incorporating a chevron pattern of light-colored stones. The fireplace’s layered look can be further enhanced by using a string of seasonal lights or greenery.

7. Small Space Fireplace Design


Whether you have a small living room, the perfect fireplace design can make a big impact. It’s not necessary to paint the brick or the mantel, but it certainly can help. Adding a beautiful piece of art above the fireplace, a cluster of mirrors or a new mantel can transform a room. For a unique look, try using different materials and colors to accent your wall. 

8. Herringbone Brick Pattern Fireplace 


A herringbone brick pattern fireplace is a unique way to decorate a fireplace without spending too much money. It is a decorative design that is often used in European and Asian homes. The fireplace is traditionally made of firebrick. You can choose from different colors, sizes, and patterns for the bricks to add interest to the space.

9. Mirror or Artwork above Fireplace


Hanging a mirror or artwork above your brick fireplace is a simple and inexpensive way to add elegance and beauty to your home. A mirror will reflect the decorative items you place over it. A mirror over a mantel can reflect the scented candles and colorful flowers that fill it. It can also be used to display figurines and other decorative pieces. This is a perfect way to add some color to a drab room.

10. Farmhouse Style Fireplace


A farmhouse-style brick fireplace will make a statement in any room. This type of fireplace is made of exposed brick, which makes it look older than it is. Luckily, there are several ways to make it look new again. First, paint the bricks a different color. Then, add a few items to the mantel to add more interest to the fireplace. Choosing the right colors for your home will depend on your own personal taste and what kind of look you are going for. 

11. White Washed Brick Fireplace


If you have a brick fireplace, consider painting it white. The paint will soak into the bricks quickly, making them appear painted white at first. Later, the color will show through and look more like it was stained. It is perfect for an old and vintage look.

12. Aged Gray Brick Fireplace


You can also go for an aged gray brick fireplace design. Instead of using a modern look and bright colors, you can use rustic gray color to paint the fireplace. This will create an illusion on an aged gray brick fireplace. It goes perfectly with all types of homes. 

13. Simple Chic Style Fireplace


Another idea is a simple chic style fireplace. If you want to keep the brick fireplace simple, go for chic colors like white and beige. The minimalist design will highlight the fireplace in the home and make it appear cozy and simple. 

14. Brick and Wood Frame Fireplace


You can also use a wooden frame to highlight the brick fireplace in your home. When designing a brick and wood frame fireplace design, consider the shape and size of the structure. A brick structure that ticks out from the wall looks more elegant than a fireplace that is flush against the wall. A pull-out style adds dimension, whereas a flush-faced brick fireplace lacks this element.

15. Neutral Color Brick Fireplace


A neutral color brick fireplace is essential for rooms with blues, blacks, and other dark colors. To create the desired effect, most interior designers will whitewash the brick to match the room’s color scheme. However, if you aren’t sure which color to choose, consider a monochromatic gradient. You can match your mantel to the fireplace’s finish, and you’ll have a beautiful brick fireplace in no time.  

16. Antique Style Brick Fireplace


The antique-style brick fireplace is another option. If you want to create an antique-style brick fireplace, you may be hesitant to use paint. This might be a good reason to consider getting a mantel that complements the brick fireplace. This way, you can add decor to the mantel that makes a huge difference. For example, you can add a new piece of art or a vase of flowers.

17. Rustic Stone Brick Fireplace


You can also create a rustic stone brick fireplace. Use rustic color shades to give the brick fireplace an old and stone-like look. In addition to painting, you could also add some plants to the mantel. There are many ways to decorate a brick fireplace, including changing the mantel’s color, adding new artwork, and even a new mantel.

18. Brick Fireplace with Handwritten Sign


If you’d like to add a more personal touch to your fireplace, you can add a handwritten sign to your brick fireplace with a message. This sign can be leaned up against the wall or set atop a wooden plank. The design is clean and simple and will blend with your home’s rustic and farmhouse decor.

19. Modern Rustic Fireplace


If you love the look of a modern rustic brick fireplace, you can still achieve the same look without painting the entire wall and replacing the mantel. A small number of bricks on the fireplace’s mantle will give it a defined look. Adding a large painting over the fireplace will bring different decorating styles together.

20. Mediterranean-Style Brick Fireplace


A Mediterranean-style brick fireplace is an elegant way to add warmth to a small living room. Its exposed brick walls and wood surround have a rustic appeal, while its tile surround is rustic and eclectic. Although it may seem a bit rudimentary at first, this look can give a room a charming, warm feel.


If you’re looking to add a little touch to your brick fireplace, consider redesigning it. You don’t have to break anything. All you need is a simple coat of paint and a few accessories. Painted brick fireplaces have been popular in recent years, and you can create a contemporary or traditional look by choosing the right paint colors. We have discussed 20 brick fireplace ideas in this article. You can use any of the ideas to give a new look to the fireplace in your home

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