The Best Campervan Mattresses in 2022 – Sleep Better


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October 13, 2022

The best campervan mattress is one that is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. You’ll want a mattress that can withstand the rigors of driving, but also one that is comfortable enough to sleep on.

Campervan mattresses come in a variety of styles and materials, each with its own benefits. A foam mattress is great for comfort and support, but it can be bulky and heavy. Inflatable mattresses are lightweight and easy to store, but they might not provide much support for your back or hips. And memory foam mattresses offer excellent support and comfort, but they tend to retain body heat and can be difficult to clean.

Best Campervan Mattresses

The best campervan mattress will depend on your personal preferences as well as your budget. Here are our top picks available on the market:

Amazon Basics

amazon basics

The AmazonBasics 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is designed to give you a comfortable place to sleep without breaking the bank. The mattress features a top layer of memory foam on top, which makes it soft and plush. 

The memory foam layer conforms to your body and provides just the right amount of support for your back and joints. The base prevents sagging over time and keeps you cool through the night. This mattress would be ideal for someone who wants a comfortable mattress but doesn’t want to spend too much money on one.

The mattress arrived quickly after ordering (which was very important). Upon opening the box, it is very easy to remove from its packaging and set up on your bed frame. You do not even need any tools to attach it to your frame.

The foam itself is nice and soft, which makes it really comfortable. It’s not too soft though, which makes it perfect if you like firm mattresses. The foam also has some springiness to it, so you don’t feel like you’re sinking into the bed when lying down on it – instead, you feel like you are floating on top of the mattress surface instead of sinking into it like with some other memory foam mattresses.



The Sweetnight Breeze 12-inch full-size mattress is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a quality mattress at an affordable price. With this mattress, you will get the best of both worlds: comfort and support. This is because it was designed with 3 layers, which work together to provide great sleep quality.

This mattress has been designed to be durable and long-lasting. As such, it will not lose its shape or support over time. It also has an excellent warranty that covers any defects that may occur in the seams or materials used in manufacturing.

The Sweetnight is made from high-quality materials that have been selected to ensure optimal comfort, support, and durability. The first layer of this mattress is gel-infused memory foam; this material offers excellent pressure relief as well as great cooling properties that keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night so that you can sleep soundly without waking up due to overheating or sweating. 

The second layer of this mattress consists of supportive memory foam; this material provides additional support for your spine while also reducing pressure points to improve circulation and help relieve pain caused by arthritis or other conditions affecting mobility.

Iyee Nature Mattress

iyee nature mattress

Memory foam mattresses are known for their comfort. This type of foam is molded to your body shape and provides support where you need it most. The memory foam layer in this mattress is high-density and will not lose shape over time. The gel-infused layer not only adds comfort but also helps to wick away moisture from your body during sleep. This mattress is made in the USA with certified foams that are free from harmful chemicals that can irritate your sensitive skin or cause allergies. 

The mattress layers are bonded together so that no adhesive is used to keep the layers from shifting or separating over time. This mattress comes compressed and rolled up in a box so it’s easy to transport and set up once it arrives at your home! You just need to remove it from the box and let it expand for an hour before placing it on your bed frame or foundation.  

This is a great mattress for anyone looking for a medium-firm feel. This mattress has an 8-inch layer of gel memory foam on top, making it one of the most comfortable mattresses we have ever tested. The top layer is designed to contour your body, but also provide some support for your back and hips. Finally, there is a base layer that adds durability and longevity to the mattress.

The Iyee Nature mattress is perfect for anyone who wants the comfort of memory foam without having to pay a fortune for it! You will not find another mattress with this level of quality at such an affordable price point anywhere else!

Inofa Gel Topper

inofa gel topper

Featuring a 3-inch gel-infused memory foam layer, this Inofia mattress topper will help you sleep cool and comfortable all night long. The gel memory foam is infused with gel beads that are designed to stay cool throughout the night. This means you won’t wake up in the middle of the night sweating or feeling hot. The memory foam also contours to your body shape to provide support where needed most.

The cover of this Inofia mattress topper is made from quality fabric that is soft and smooth on your skin so you can sleep soundly through the night without any distractions. The cover is also toxic-free so it will be easy on our skin.

The cover has been designed with built-in straps at all ends so you can easily attach it to your bed and take it off if needed. 

How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made from a material called viscoelastic foam. Viscoelastic foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is used in the medical industry for its ability to conform to an individual’s body. It is also known for its responsiveness and ability to return to its original shape after being compressed.

Memory foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic foam that has been shaped into a mattress and then covered in fabric. The cover can be removed so that you can wash it, but it is not recommended that you do this frequently because this will compromise the integrity of your memory foam mattress.

The best way to clean your memory foam mattress is by vacuuming it with a soft brush attachment or using an upholstery attachment on an upright vacuum cleaner. Use low suction settings so as not to damage your mattress by removing too much air from inside it. If there are any stains or spills on your memory foam mattress, blot them with a damp cloth before vacuuming them so that they don’t spread into other areas of the mattress.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are a great choice for buyers that like the feel of memory foam but want more support than traditional memory foam. The mattress is made with a layer of high-density memory foam that is surrounded by a supportive base layer to prevent sagging and give it a firmer feel.

Molds To Your Body

Memory foam mattresses are great for people who like to sleep on their sides or back. They tend to mold to the body, creating a more supportive base than other types of mattresses.

Memory foam can also be molded into different shapes, which makes it easier to move around while you sleep. Many memory foam mattresses also come with some kind of cooling system in place that helps regulate temperature and keeps you comfortable as you sleep.

One of the main benefits of memory foam is its ability to mold your body shape and provide support where needed. This makes them ideal for people who like to sleep on their side or back.

However, if you sleep on your stomach or move around a lot in bed, then a memory foam mattress may not be the best choice for you because they don’t tend to quickly bounce back into shape when pressure is removed from them.

Reduces Pain

The most common benefit is that it reduces pain. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for people who suffer from back pain, joint pain, and other muscle aches. These mattresses are also good for those who have sleeping problems or snoring issues.

The main reason why these mattresses are so effective at reducing pain is that they conform to the shape of your body. This means that there will be no pressure points on your body while you sleep and you won’t wake up in the morning feeling stiff or sore. 

Memory foam mattresses can do wonders for your back. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, it contours to the shape of your body, providing support for your lower back. This helps reduce pressure points as well as back pain and stiffness. Many people say that they wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to go after sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Temperature Control

Another benefit of memory foam mattresses is that they do not retain heat as traditional spring mattresses do. When you sleep on a spring mattress, it can get very hot and uncomfortable during the summer months or if you live in a warm climate year-round. 

However, since memory foam does not absorb as much heat as traditional spring mattresses do, it keeps you cool while you are sleeping which helps to prevent any type of overheating issues from occurring during the nighttime hours when you are trying to get some rest and recharge ready for another busy day ahead of you!

How to choose the Best Mattress for van life

Many people will tell you a foam mattress is the best because of its comfort, but how do you know if it’s suitable for your campervan? There are a few things to consider before you make a decision.

The first thing to think about is the size of your van. If you have a big van, then you may want to go with something thinner like an inflatable mattress or even a cot style mattress. If you have a smaller van, then it’s probably better to go with something thicker like memory foam or latex.

The second thing to think about is how much time you spend in your vehicle and what kind of activities you do when there. If you spend most of your time driving around or doing outdoor activities and don’t spend much time sitting on the bed, then maybe an inflatable mattress would be a good idea for you because it will take up less space and won’t weigh down the back of your vehicle. 

If however, you plan on spending more time lounging around than driving and doing other activities, then maybe one of these thick memory foam mattresses would be better suited for your needs because they offer more comfort and support.

Final Thoughts

The owners of the best campervan mattresses will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep in their onboard bedrooms, no matter where they are. The durability and comfort offered by these top brands make them ideal buys for anyone in search of a new mattress that is going to last. When the time comes to invest in a new bed for your campervan, it makes sense to choose one of these top brands.

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