The Best Car Gun Safes in 2022


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September 12, 2022

Transporting firearms without a gun safe is an excellent way to get someone injured. Securing the safe to the floorboard is a must and some states require the safe to be bolted down.

Plenty of firearm cases are designed with a lot of outstanding features like advanced biometric locks. These locking mechanisms are great, as long as they are combined with tough, rigid case materials.

If you have been actively shopping for a firearm safe, by now you are aware some are nothing more than a thin metal box with a key. Cheap is not the way to go.

Best Car Gun Safes

The following post highlights seven of the best gun safes built specifically for a vehicle.

They are heavily fortified with excellent locking mechanisms, with a couple being absolute beasts.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

vaultek vt20i biometric handgun safe

Vaultek spent months researching the best materials and technology to feature for their first safe. Three months were spent with its manufacturing partner to train workers and set quality control standards. The first product for Vaultek, the VT20i.

Vaultek’s VT20i is a full-featured high technology handgun safe. The VT20i weighs in at only 5.2 lbs. Instead of steel plates, the company uses composite materials to maintain strength, even though the VT20i is crafted primarily from the best 14 gauge carbon steel.

Access to the VT20i is by smart key, numeric keypad, and a smartphone blue tooth app. An advanced biometric scanner for quick access is available. The VT20i has way too many features to name each one.   

Features of the Vaultek VT20I Biometric Handgun Safe:

  • Construction is by progressive formed 14 gauge steel
  • Biometric Imaging speed at 10 FPS
  • Weighs in at 16lbs.
  • Vaultek Smart App
  • Proximity sensor with illuminated keypad offering 19,000,000 combinations

SentrySafe QAP1BLX Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

sentrysafe qap1blx quick access biometric pistol safe

SentrySafe and its partner MasterLock have been in business since 1930, building fire-resistant storage solutions. The multi-national company now builds safes for everything, from handguns to files and folders. Any mention of a safe must include the name SentrySafe.

QAP1BLX  is an all-new top-of-the-line revolver case with state-of-the-art features. Solid-steel, pry-resistant locks provide the ultimate protection against tool attacks. Biometrics features a fingerprint scanner, a silent digital lock, and an override key.

Bolt-down kits are included with the purchase. Interior lighting and whisper-quiet operation make this safe extremely convenient to have under your seat. The QAP1BLX is California DOJ certified for gun storage.

Features of the SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe:

  • Compression gas struts for quick opening
  • Single-handed access and high-compression foam
  • Lifetime Warranty

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

fort knox pb1 handgun safe

Fort Knox Gun Vault is one of those American-made companies that stand firmly behind their product. Warranties for any gun safe sold by Fort Knox are guaranteed for the life of the original buyer. Not only the case itself but the front locking mechanism and door; essentially everything on this safe is guaranteed.

We consider the Fort Knox PB1 to be one of the most secure handgun safes in the industry.

The PB1 features a locking mechanism that is simple in design, with a push-button mechanical lock. If you do not have the code, you are not getting into the PB1, unless you have the back- up key. This handgun safe features 10 gauge steel with a 3/16” plate door and weighs in at a hefty 22 lbs.

Four pre-drilled holes allow the purchaser to attach the PB1 to your car’s floorboard. When you purchase any Fort Knox Gun Safe, you receive a Free Defensive Handgun course.

Features of the PB1:

  • Antique silver, powder-coated finish
  •  Simplex mechanical lock
  • Accommodates most pistol sizes with room for extra mags.
  • Foam-lined interior for gun safety and protection
  • Expensive

GunBox 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe

gunbox 2.0 quick access gun safe

There is a lot of cool, solid technology built into the GunBox. This safe has room for hiding a pistol with extra mags, ammo and a few personal items. Not only is The GunBox aesthetically pleasing, the case easily fits under a car seat or in the glove box.

The GunBox has added two USB ports for charging phones and other devices. Entry into the safe is an unbreakable fingerprint scanner, RFiD tags, or an intelligent keypad. They have constructed GunBox with a high tensile aluminum alloy. You are restricted to place the GunBox where the lid opening is only at a  45 degree angle.

The GunBox manufacture has placed its efforts and focus on technology and convenience. Biometrics can hold up to 100 stored fingerprints and features a smartphone app with Bluetooth.

If you use the battery rather than a power source, the battery can last for over 18 months.

Features of The GunBox

  • Easily adjust fingerprint sensitivity
  • Audible motion alarm
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Internal LED light
  • Weighs in 7.2 lbs.

V-Line Brute Tactical Handgun Safe

v-line brute tactical handgun safe

V-Line Industries has been crafting quality safes in Simi Valley, Ca. for over 30 years. The Mission for V-Line has been to provide quick access products for a  broad range of applications. V-Line safes are used heavily in both state and federal agencies.

The Brute is another example of a complete and secure handgun safe. Constructed of 10 gauge steel with an overlapping lid, it makes the Brute virtually impossible to break into. The safe features a rugged Black powder coating for extreme durability.

There is a lot to be said of the newest security systems with biometrics from other manufactures,  however, simple is best. Brute features a Simplex five push button mechanical lock which never requires a battery. Brute is a California-approved safety device.

The case is a clam-shell design with an anti-pry lid. Brute also features a convenient 360-degree rotational knob to open after imputing your code.

Brute features an oversized steel lock block, and deadbolt, and gas assist opening strut. Hinges are welded on the Brute and the case is made entirely in the USA.

Features of the V-Line Brute Gun Safe:

  • One Year Limited warranty
  • Built from 10 gauge steel and metallic fiber
  • Hefty 21 lbs.
  • Quick Access Lock
  • 12 gauge steel plate surrounds the Lockplate

Hornady RapidSafe Handgun Safe

hornady rapidsafe handgun safe

Hornady has been in the gun business for over 70 years and is known primarily for its reloading products. The company sets quality and customers as its primary focus for longevity. The new RapidSafes are technologically advanced, with input from a lot of customers .

The Rapid-Safe is a quick access handgun safe. When a person must find their handgun quickly without fumbling around, RapidSafe is the answer. They offer the RapidSafe in five different sizes for the type of handgun carried.

Hornady’s RapidSafe features patent-pending RFiD technology to open and access the firearm quickly. The company supplies a wrist band and key fob to open the RapidSafe without touching the case. The safe is easy to install between console and seat with no modification.

Hornady has recently developed a new polyurethane bladder for installing their RapidSafe at any place in the vehicle without mounting holes. The RapidSafe fits a standard 4-inch barrel handgun. The safe is ideal for law enforcement and security, where quick access is a necessity.

Features of the Hornady RapidSafe:

  • Comes with a 1500 ln. quick release security cable
  • Digital and mechanical keys
  • Approved by the California DOJ
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes

SnapSafe Trunk Safe II

snapsafe trunk safe II

SnapSafe was started by a third-generation safe builder and hunter. Edward McGunn knew the problems of carrying long guns in a vehicle. Safes from SnapSafe are modular and can be fitted anywhere in the vehicle. In 2015 Hornady acquired SnapSafe to form a tremendous safe building partnership.

Sturdy, lots of weight and security are the words that best describe this gun safe. 13 gauge steel and weighing in at 69 pounds make this safe the perfect answer to store oversized valuables. Once the SnapSafe is bolted to the trunk floor, it is not coming back up.

The interior door of the Trunk Safe is built from hefty 6 gauge steel with eight locking lugs. Hinges are on the inside with a lid that features a smooth operation by gas shocks.

Keeping firearms secure is by a digital lock with either three to eight-digit access code. The door is pry-resistant, and the interior features a padded floor with four pre-drilled anchor holes.

Features of the SnapSafe Trunk Safe II

  • Lifetime Warranty if it breaks SnapSafe will fix it
  • 42” x 7” x 13”
  • 3-foot security cable included
  • Integrated handles for easy transport

Consider These Two Points Before Making Your Vehicle Gun Safe Purchase:

  • Quality gun safes should feature steel plate in the body, preferably a lower gauge like 10 or 12. The door should be constructed with a steel plate or a composite. Better quality gun safes for a vehicle, combine steel alloy, aluminum alloy, or some other complex composite. Make sure the locking mechanisms are biometric or Simplex design. Cases do not need several different locking mechanisms, only one that is impossible to break. Make sure they have a backup key.
  • Security ratings for a firearm safe are an excellent way to distinguish the bad from the good. They base ratings on “content value” and the time and tools needed to break into the safe. Ratings range from $5,000 content value and 5 minute attack time with simple tools–Up to  $1,000,000 content value and 30 minutes with a torch. Insurance companies are an excellent resource for specific safe ratings.

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