25 Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas


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3 months ago

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Coffee tables are great pieces of furniture, they can really uplift and change the look of your living room. However, they can be tricky to decorate. This is because decorating a coffee table and coffee table decor differ from a lot of other pieces of furniture in your living room because these items anchor the area and make a statement. A coffee table can display more than you think, floral arrangements, books, candles, unique accessories, or cute decorations.

While the right sofa, lighting, and artwork choices can speak volumes, the real centerpiece is the coffee table. It’s where you unwind, you and your guests gather to catch up, and simply rest your drinks. It’s a place where you can showcase your personal interests and tastes. As such, styling it with care can immensely improve the overall aesthetic of your living room.

The best coffee table decor ideas are not specific items, the decor should simply complement the style of your home and add flair with decorative accents and arrangements. Whether your home is rustic, classic, modern, or farmhouse style there’s always a way to beautifully decorate a coffee table.

Swapping out your coffee table décor or even just restyling what you have is the most cost-effective way to breathe new life into your living room. So whether you’re looking for some inspiration from design-forward tabletops or you’re in the market to replace your coffee table, get inspired with these 25 Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

1. Try a Two-Tiered Coffee Table 


If you have or are considering purchasing a two-tiered coffee table, consider keeping most of the table’s surface area open and decorating the table with minimal items. This could be a small lamp and a book. It’s a good idea to keep it minimal in a space like the one photo above because  the rest of the room is bursting with other eye-catching decors. The bottom tier of the table can be used for board games, storage baskets, or extra blankets.

2. Flower Arrangement with Geometric Vases


This space is proof that simplicity is not boring! When you have a neutral color scheme like black and gray, it’s important to add small amounts of and play with texture. The geometric vases and a large hardcover book add eye-catching texture without taking away from the space. This leaves room for you to add a pop of color with flowers and give them center stage.

3. Rustic Coffee Table 


A sturdy iron and wood coffee table makes a great anchor, for larger, solid decor. For a coffee table like this group several sizeable decorative pieces together in a basket. This could be things like a stoneware vase and ceramic bowl filled with moss balls. If books are your thing, you could also add some heavy books.

4. Create a Grid


When working with an extra-large coffee table, knowing where to begin can truly be a feat. To figure out how to best place and style a large coffee table we suggest that you tape off sections to form a grid. Next, position the objects you want on the table within the squares. This helps compartmentalize what you have and it makes the entire task less intimidating. 

5. Stick to the Basics


If you want to minimize clutter and maximize space, we suggest that you stick a small curated collection of books on the coffee table without any other décor. This way your coffee table will look clean and organized without making the coffee table look unfinished or boring. The trick here is to still decorate the room with coffee table decor,  but instead of putting these pieces on the coffee table put them on other surfaces in the space.

6. Book Stack With Gold Accent Art 


This coffee table display is unapologetically fabulous. It holds its own against the plush couches and cushions, the gold accents and pops of dark pink pull the eyes’ attention to them. The colors all work together because of how expertly layered they are. You can do this too, by clustering elements together, like the gold tray, black and white book stack, and hand sculpture.

7. Luxury and Modern Cofee Table


Are you working with a small living room? You can make it feel bigger with a mirrored coffee table that has interesting geometrical patterns. Decorate the piece with appropriate elements like a three-dimensional geometrical knot figure and a geometric gold box that has an interlocking square closure.

8. Decorate with High and Low Pieces


When rooms or coffee tables are decorated with items that are at the same eye level, it can make things look cluttered and nothing gets noticed. All the decor pieces will look clumped together. To create a more eye-catching area, vary the scale and height of the decorative items used on the coffee table.

9. Keep It Clean and Classic


Another way to keep things simple is to decorate with flower arrangements. The coffee table above is playing with scale and proportion, with only one piece. The floral arrangement. Again, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your coffee table completely empty. Rounded tables specifically make great options for a single bouquet of flowers. To keep it sleek, place the flowers in a clear vase.

10. Beachy Orchid and Shell Display


The ocean environment is perfectly captured here, we can see the light and airy ocean environment with this tabletop arrangement. Instead of using a glass or ceramic container to store the shells, use an oversized clamshell instead. It’s a very nice touch. The silver candlesticks and elegant glass vase bring the shimmer of the sun on the ocean waves to mind. The simple white orchid ties into the space perfectly and adds some life.

11. Decorative Farmhouse Accents


Bring the farmhouse into your home by decorating a whitewashed wooden coffee table with fresh herbs in little pots instead of a more traditional centerpiece like candles. Finish the old-fashioned look with a wicker baskey and well-loved/tattered antique books.

12. The Rule of Threes


I’m sure you’ve heard of the rule of threes. It’s used in a lot of different ways, but it definitely comes in handy when you’re styling your coffee table. Like in idea #4, for a grid. You should divide your coffee table into three separate sections, this can help you decide where things look best. This is especially true if you’re working with a long, rectangular coffee table. 

13. Decor Doesn’t Have to be Symmetrical


Even though the decor on this coffee table is not symmetrical, it still looks balanced. Since the table itself has rounded edges, each item looks like it’s sectioned off into its own space. If you want to create a similar look, separate any coffee table books you have, grab a rounded bowl, and then arrange it all in a zig-zag formation. 

14. Upcycled Spool Table with an Antique Tray


The darker neutrals like the warm brown color of the couch and the soft contrasts like turquoise and light pink are a nice alternative to bright colors. This upcycled wood coffee table has an antique wooden tray that holds a collection of photos, worn books, a turquoise glass jug, and candle pedestals with floral accents

15. Country Style with a Creative Centerpiece


Often times when someone wants to create an American Southwest-inspired space, they use patterned woven textiles. Adding lanterns with their own geometric patterns punched in the sides and stout candles wrapped in patterned paper pair well with the patterned woven textiles and really take the aesthetic to the next level.

16. Use Contrasting Colors


Choose decor that plays off the color palette of your coffee table. If you have a white coffee table, go with bold-colored decor pieces to go on top. For dark wood or black coffee tables, showcase crisp white or metallic tabletop decor items. The most universal option is a clear table, you can use any colors you like. 

17. Make a Statement with Marble


If you have a coffee table made from marble or if you want to purchase one, be sure to keep to the color palette when choosing décor pieces. This white marble slab is paired with bright furniture, lamps, and walls to extend the feeling throughout the space. The coffee table is topped with minimal black pieces to complement the throw pillows on the couch and the background decor.

18. White and Green Grouping of Tulips and Moss Topiaries


Natural colors like green and white can look like they’re glowing when paired with wood neutrals. This coffee table is an antique that is paired with simple decor and organizing baskets. The two topiary spheres add unique textures and the antique ceramic pitcher is used as a vase for a bouquet of tulips.

19. Natural Wood Coffee Table


Add some nature into your living room and embrace the beauty of it with a wooden table that is decorated with a faux wood slice. The faux wood slice is topped with other natural elements like large pine cones and a glass bowl filled with decorative grasses and sand.

20. Add Some Entertainment 


Entertainment is a great way to give guests a way to break the ice when seated around the coffee table. Here are a few fun options to consider: a vintage or modern board game, a deck of cards, dominos, or even a Rubiks cube to add a little playfulness to your space. 

21. Add Extra Seating


If you prefer things to be more minimalist, look to the space around your coffee table to add décor to. In this living room, you can see three black seats contrast the white table wonderfully, the coffee table is styled with simple items that stick to the airy color scheme of the room. The seating reaches the same height as the coffee table for a sleek finish.

22. Ultra Functional Coffe Table with Storage and Neutral Elements


Is your living room plagued by work stuff, a sea of toys, or other miscellaneous items? If so, you need a coffee table with storage! We can almost guarantee that all the drawers of the coffee table in the photo are filled with stuff. However, you’d never know because the space looks so organized and beautiful! 

23. Try a More Unique Coffee Table


Do you prefer the comfort an ottoman offers but also enjoy the storage space a coffee table offers? If so, I have some good news for you, you don’t have to compromise! All you need to do is set a round tray on your ottoman, preferably a sturdy one, and fill it with the things you might otherwise keep on a table. This could be a vase of flowers or candles.

24. Use Every Inch of Space


In this living room, the coffee table ties together the theme of the other items in the room. If your living room is more on the minimalist side, you can add a flair of personality by taking a maximalist approach with the coffee table. A vase and woven basket that’s paired with books, a green palm, and other beach-inspired pieces, add dimension while complementing the room.

25. Earth Tones Paired with Silver Accents


There are so many ways to tie the traditional and minimalist decor together, the photo above is one of our favorite examples of this! The gray is beautiful and warm. The antique silver trays placed on top of the table pull everything together, and the warm wood, burlap, ceramic items, and glass, really create a focal point.

25 Unique Coffee Table Decorating Ideas!

Who wouldn’t want to give their living room some character or a revamp? Utilizing a coffee table to show off decor, whether it be a big change or a small change, can leave a lasting impression on the interior and whoever visits it! It can elevate the space to new levels, even more so if you feel like the living room is just missing that one thing to pull everything together. What is even better is that there are plenty of ways you can decorate a coffee table. This way, you are able to get exactly what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking to transform your living room but are unsure how we can’t recommend changing around or adding decor. We hope the 25 Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas we shared above give you a good starting point! We hope you are inspired to style a coffee table in a way that will really make it shine in your living room. These ideas are unique, beautiful, and are easy to complete. It’s time for you to give your living room a makeover with coffee table decor, have fun!

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