8 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers


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4 months ago

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Oh dear. You’ve once again become unplugged. Your spouse is inside so you’re solo on this mission–again–and have to trudge the one hundred feet back to the outlet to power your tool. Once done reconnecting, you’ve lost your momentum and have found a powerful thirst tugging at the back of your throat. Inside for a quick beverage, then back to work you’ll go.

Back at it for twenty minutes, you’re doing good. You’re even getting better at shaping and angling the way the professionals do it. You realize real quickly that your foot is tied up in your cord, so you kick, kick, reach back to pull free, and knick the cord, the lifeline that gives you power to do your hedge trimming. This is an abomination. Duct tape. Surely duct tape will do the trick.

You’ve duct-taped your cord, requenched your undying thirst, and had a quick sandwich. You head back out to resume your chore, which was starting to be fun, and now is beginning to wear on you, pick up your hedge trimmer, and BAM! Your youngest, running through the yard, has tripped over the cord, just as you were about to trigger the power. You don’t mean to, but at this point you have unleashed the beast on your kid, drop the tool, and give it up.

There has to be a better way.

Well, one solution is to invest in a cordless hedge trimmer. It allows you to cover a large property without worrying about a power source.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

DEWALT DCHT820B 20v Max Hedge Trimmer

dewalt dcht820b 20v max hedge trimmer

With a high capacity 5Ah Lithium-ion battery, this is the tool you need if you want power behind you when you go to work. No need to hassle with gas, which not only smells bad, can get messy, and is a pain if it sits in your machine all winter. Even without the gas power, it cuts 2800 spm, which is enough to chomp through ¾” branches with its reciprocating saw.

The DeWalt Max Hedge Trimmer is a lightweight, 7.5 lb. compact product which makes a long day of cutting blackberry brush, mangroves, or any other troublesome thickets a bit easier. It’s also easy to start. While starter ropes are notoriously finicky and may get stuck or snap, this bad boy starts up with the push of a trigger. Three cheers!

We also absolutely appreciate that DeWalt offers one year of free maintenance on this product, but beyond that, the Max Hedge Trimmer is so much more low-maintenance than many other competitors’ products, as it has no carburetor, no spark plugs, and no air filters. What? No carburetor, no spark plugs, and no air filters. They also offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, and a Three-Year Limited Warranty.

You can buy this product with- or without the battery, although we recommend having a backup battery, so you can have one running and one charging at all times.

WORX WG255.1 20V PowerShare 20″ Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer

worx wg255.1 20v powershare 20" cordless electric hedge trimmer

If your arms start shaking and feel like jello for two days after trimming your overgrowth, this is a great product to consider, as it weighs in under the DeWalt by a pound and a half. At 6 pounds, even a young kid could do a smaller job, and longer jobs can be done easier and more quickly, without killing yourself to get your work done.

The WORX WG255 PowerShare runs on a MAX Lithium battery, which runs forever. The other great thing is that if you already have a 20V PowerShare battery for one of your other tools, it is compatible with this one, or any other tool on the line including leaf blowers, drills, chainsaws and more. You’re going to save a ton of cash that way. Just keep a couple of batteries: one for the charger, and one for the tool.

Dual-action, hardened-steel blades are going to keep your hedge trimmer steady, as they will keep vibration to a minimum. This product features an aluminum blade cover, which is rust-proof and cleans easily.

This machine also features a D-Grip handle, which helps reach the hardest-to-get-to spots, and boasts a 9/16-inch cutting diameter, so it can get the thick stuff, but is also small enough for detailing and shaping. Excellent product…and runs smoothly and quietly!

BLACK+DECKER LHT321FF 20V MAX Lithium POWERCOMMAND Powercut Hedge Trimmer

black+decker lht321ff 20v max lithium powercommand powercut hedge trimmer

Stuck in a jam? Hit the Powerfeed button on this beast of a machine, the Black+Decker POWERCOMMAND Powercut Hedge Trimmer. You’re going to be able to power through the thickest thickets and the gnarliest snarl-brush your property has to offer, up to ¾ inches worth of branches with a quickness.

This mean son-of-a-gun runs off of a brute, 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery, so you’re going to get maximum run-time and ultimate power. The battery itself should last two-to-three years. Woot! The ergonomic grips on the POWERCOMMAND Powercut were designed with you in mind–they offer low-vibration so you’re not wearing out or going numb. Those of us with carpal tunnel definitely thank them for this!

22 inches on this blade gives you more distance but also cuts the job down. It’s also dual-action, so you’re getting twice the work out of it! Black+Decker has been a trusted brand for almost 110 years, so it’s a company we trust to help us complete our toughest jobs. They also give us the gift of interchangeable batteries. Black+Decker, we salute you.

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2726-20 Fuel Hedge Trimmer

milwaukee electric tools 2726-20 fuel hedge trimmer

This is an M18 fuel hedge trimmer, Powerstate brushless motor, and redlink plus intelligence. This a battery-powered beast that will wear you out before it ever runs out of power. A 9.0 battery will run for two or more hours, cutting ¾” branches that would give other hedge trimmers headaches.

A 24 inch bar is longer than the average bear, and for those of you with even an average wingspan, this helps an enormous amount when cutting brush that is difficult to reach at the least–or simple, and you just want to get the job done quickly. It also has a tipguard to increasethe life of the bar, protecting against any damage from accidental over-eager hedging or slicing.

The Milwaulkee Hedge Trimmer features a Slider-Crank Mechanism, which and a gear-case that is not plastic, but all-metal, providing unmatched toughness and longevity. The brushless motor is going to give you a longer motor life than other trimmer motors, hands down, and the communication between the charger, tool, and battery means that the Redlink plus intelligence is providing both overload protection and top-of the-line performance via total system communication.

Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22″ Hedge Trimmer, Tool Only

makita xhu02z 18v lxt lithium-ion cordless 22" hedge trimmer, tool only

Sssssshhhh! The baby is sleeping! This gizmo is quieter than your gas-powered friends, at 87 dB–so no more searching for those stinkin’ earplugs just to trim the blackberry brush that have gotten out of control! It’s also smaller, which is user-friendly across the board. No woman wants to carry a ten-pounder for two hours any more than a man does. The Makita weighs in at only 7.4 lbs.

It has five cushions within the motor housing which contributes to its ergonomic design, decreasing vibration and lending to a more comfortable handling experience, along with the rubberized grip, which makes it soft and gentle to hold. Along with all of this, and different from other hedge trimmers on the market, it offers an electric brake system so you can quickly eliminate mistakes and increase efficiency.

The Makita-built motor allows for a 1,350 SPM cutting speed, getting the job done quickly and efficiently. It has a 22-inch blade to allow for reach and detail, and also has a battery capacity warning system, which turns on to warn you when your battery is running low. If you grab a quick charge before your battery dies you prevent damage to your battery, thereby prolonging the life of your battery. But, it’s genius!

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40-Volt High-Performance Cordless Hedge Trimmer

black+decker lht2436 40-volt high-performance cordless hedge trimmer

If you have a large property and a big job ahead of you, why settle for a shorter battery life? This hedge trimmer will not only get the job done with the power and force behind the tool alone, which can cut through 2/4” worth of branch, but can also last up to five times longer than other tools.

The BLACK+DECKER has a full, wrap-around handle to make it easier to manage, no matter the angle you’re working with. Its 24 inch bar means you are reaching deep, deep into the recesses of the tangled brush you’re trying to knock down, whether you have short little arms like me, or even better, long arms like a basketball player.

This machine has a power transmission allowing an anti-stall during the toughest branch-cutting jobs you can give it. Also, I do not care who you are, if you run out of battery, you’ve run out of steam. Not so with a one-hour charge battery. There is simply no excuse. Charge this puppy back up and run it for several more hours–he only downside is that you’ve already bragged to buy the product, and now have to answer for it! Battery not included.

Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle

greenworks 24-inch 40v cordless hedge trimmer with rotating handle

This workhorse will blow away the competitors for the sole reason that its 3200 strokes per minute will knock down any type of brush you put in its way–only having a slight bit of trouble if the brush gets up to an inch of diameter and then if its bigger from there, your best bet is a chainsaw. No other hedge trimmer will do any better. It’s ideal at ⅔” diameter, which still beats the competition.

Other handles are fixed, but the best are in a “D” shape around the protrusion from which you hold on to the tool. Those are the market’s “best” tools. Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer has a Rotating Handle, which means at the touch of a button you can have more access to those hard-to-reach places that were inaccessible before–or you could access them, but only with thorns to the knuckles and wrists.

This is another tool with a 24-inch blade, which is as beneficial as it gets. The dinosaur-aged gas-powered hedge trimmers were equipped with nothing more than a twenty- or twenty-two inch blade. Why settle for less? Beyond that, if you buy the battery for this gadget, there are more than forty tools that will fit the battery, saving you dollar bills and headache. Strap it up to the charger, and whatever chore you’re working on will be a breeze.

BLUE RIDGE BR8260U 40V 2.0Ah 24‘’ Cordless Hedge Trimmer Battery and Charger Included

blue ridge br8260u 40v 2.0ah 24‘’ cordless hedge trimmer battery and charger included

When a company stands behind a product, we salute them. Blue Ridge says that when you buy one of their Cordless Hedge Trimmer Battery and Charger, you’re going to get a two-year limited warranty. That’s a big deal when you’re running a machine that takes a lot of wear-and-tear. This one is among the best, though, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

At 7.7 pounds, you’re not going to die running it, and you’ll be able to lift a gallon of milk the next day. That’s always a perk if you’re doing any manual labor. A 2.0 Ah battery is not only a little bit cheaper, but it runs longer and is going to allow you to get the job you’re trying to do done. There’s nothing worse than being ten feet to the end and running out of battery life!

The BLUE RIDGE Cordless Hedge Trimmer is diamond ground and dual-action, meaning you’re going to get double-the work out of it compared to a single-action hedge trimmer–and the sucker is sharp! It has a 24” arm, which we all applaud, as we’ve said time and again. Hip, hip, hooray!

This product also features a hand-guard, which, if you’ve ever trimmed hedges without one, is paramount. It is horrible when you take whips and thorns to the knuckles. The handguard protects against injuries so that when you go back to work on Monday, your coworkers don’t think you got into a domestic. It also comes with the battery and charger, unlike its competitors…thank you, BLUERIDGE.

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