6 Best Cordless Lawn Mowers


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4 months ago

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The lawn mower is the ubiquitous sign of summer. When these beasts get unfurled in the spring and begin whirring their blades, it is clear that winter’s stranglehold upon the season is over and now we rush headlong into the glorious summer. The lawn mower is something we all grew up on and pushing the lawn mower over the years has come to mean many different things. The lawn mower has undergone many revolutions, including the bag mower and the non-bag system. One of the most recent additions is the battery powered mower. These mowers were not initially well-received because the gas-powered motors were more powerful. However, there are lots of great advancements that have been made over the years, and now these mowers are quite standard on many lawns throughout the US.

The best part about these tools? They are great to operate. One of the most interesting things is how quiet they are. Most folks can’t fathom the idea of being able to have a conversation in a normal tone of voice while the mower is running or pushing a button to start the mower. The advancements in the cordless technology make these mowers truly remarkable.

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers

EGO LM2100SP 21-Inch 56-Volt Mower

ego lm2100sp 21-inch 56-volt mower

There is a great wonder to a product that is easy to store and also very effective in its use. When a product shows itself to be convenient and useful, it quickly becomes a favorite in the garage or the shed. The lawn mower is an item we can’t do without, however, the rechargeable battery is something that many folks tend to shy away from because they are often not as easy to use. In the case of EGO, they have married the convenience of the rechargeable battery with the necessity of the lawn mower. The battery that is used on the EGO lawn mower is also used on a variety of other EGO lawn products. With a 56 volt battery that can be slotted into all types of equipment, it is easy to see why convenience is a big part of the EGO experience.

Another big part of the EGO cordless lawn mower experience is how it can be stored compactly. This mower folds up with great ease. There is also great utility in the design. One of the best parts is the nose is a low-profile nose, this means that you can easily get under bushes and other types of shrubs that cause all sorts of chaos for folks who are busy having to navigate the problems of mowing that one annoying spot. When you are done mowing, the design of this mower allows you to fold it up. You can put it in the garage and store it under a table or other item. In terms of convenience, EGO goes a long way towards giving folks who need yard tools everything they need to manage their yard without the headaches of gas cans and storage while getting the same high level of performance.

Ryobi RY40190 20-Inch 40-Volt Mower

ryobi ry40190 20-inch 40-volt mower

In terms of brands that do a ton of pioneering work for homeowners and DIYers, Ryobi is a brand that stands second to none. This is a brand that first began the Expand-IT yard tools that quickly included everything from a week whacker to an edger and even all the way to a pole saw. When Ryobi puts their mind to innovation, there is so much that can happen for which the customer is eternally grateful. In terms of lawn mowers that are cordless, once again, Ryobi has done the job of creating a great lawn mower that does everything that you would need it to do without having to rely on costly gasoline and a loud motor to get it done.

When looking at this particular lawn mower, the Ryobi cuts a 20-inch swath through the grass and keeps it going for a good amount of time. One of the most revolutionary parts of this particular mower is that it uses a load detector to make the blade work at an optimal cutting speed. This may seem a bit egregious, until you realize that the mower’s smart design means that a battery will last longer and deliver a nice, precise cut. The lightweight nature of the mower and quick-release knobs ensure that you can store this mower as you see fit. Whether it is hanging it from heavy-duty hooks or storing it in a place under a table, this compact mower is perfect for wherever you need to go and whatever you need it to do.

Echo CLM-58V4AH 21-Inch 58-Volt Mower

echo clm-58v4ah 21-inch 58-volt mower

When it comes to convenience in terms of a heavy-duty lawn mower there are few cordless options that do exactly what the Echo does. This particular cordless lawn mower is a beast of a lawn tool. The reality is this lawn mower is so much like a gas-powered mower in terms of power. When it comes to spinning those blades and cutting the grass with great efficacy, it is hard for any cordless mower to measure up to the Echo. And yet, the mower is quite quiet and it is quite easy to store. There are so many great things with this particular cordless mower that it is hard to rank them, but perhaps the best part about the mower is that it provides all the benefits of a gas mower without any of the drawbacks.

There are several other areas in which the Echo stands apart. The first is this mower only weighs 57 pounds. That means it is really easy to lift and store for most people. There are other great parts of this mower too. The plastic deck is high gloss, meaning that it resists grass getting on or under the hood of the mower. There are lots of different height settings too – you can have your lawn cut all the way from ¾ of an inch up to four inches. The Echo does quite well on its charge too. This beast of a cordless lawn mower can run up to 40 minutes, meaning that you get pretty much an entire front and back yard done in the time that the battery is powered up for.

Greenworks MO80L00 PRO 21-Inch 80-Volt Mower

greenworks mo80l00 pro 21-inch 80-volt mower

There are so many reasons that folks need a heavy-duty lawn mower with lots of power and options. When it comes to cutting some of the more stubborn grasses like St. Augustine, not every cordless lawn mower can do the job. That is why Greenworks decided that they were going to blow out the capacity of what people thought a cordless lawn mower could be. With a massive 80-volt motor, it is easy to see why this is one of the most powerful cordless lawn mowers that is available today. Furthermore, the 21-inch cutting spread means that you can cover a lot of ground without worrying too much about losing a charge.

There is a lot more to this lawn mower than just being a really powerful cordless lawn mower that has an 80-volt motor and a solid build. This mower has three different functions as well. You can set it to be a bagging mower, a side discharge mower, or you can have it be a mulching mower. Whatever you choose, the mower does what you need with little effort. Also, on a mower this powerful, it makes sense that it would be self-propelled. All you need to do is walk behind the mower and maneuver it around the different curves. The mower provides its own power. Even more convenient is the height adjustment. Using a single lever, you can make sure to get the right height you want and the speed control means the mower moves at the pace that you set. The only drawback? This mower requires you to buy the batteries and charger separately. But, if you get other Greenworks products, you can use the battery on those yard tools as well.

DeWalt DCMW220P 20-Inch 20-Volt Mower

dewalt dcmw220p 20-inch 20-volt mower

There are few brands that have more positive association with being friendly for professionals than DeWalt. Over the years, DeWalt tools have been part of every professional’s toolbelt and a brand that homeowners have relied upon for all sorts of different tasks. Everyone has had a DeWalt drill at some point, and what people remember is the power of the DeWalt tools along with the unmatched convenience of them as well. This is why when it comes to giving people the right tools for any job, the first and usually best choice is DeWalt. The good news is cordless lawn mowers are yet another way in which this awesome company can showcase their ability to give customers everything they could want in a simple yard maintenance tool.

When it comes to this particular cordless lawn mower, it is powered by two of DeWalt’s 20V MAX batteries. If you are thinking that this seems oddly specific – it is. These batteries work with more than 100 different tools that are in DeWalt’s selection. If nothing else, having this mower will make you interested in getting more DeWalt tools, and that in no way is a bad investment. As for the mower itself, it is wildly convenient. The design folds up really well and it has a great design that allows you to move it around and store it vertically if you would like. Another great thing about this mower is that it comes equipped with carrying handles. Instead of grabbing this particular lawn mower by its deck, just pick it up by the carrying handles and move it to wherever the next job is.

GreenWorks 25223 19-Inch 40-Volt Mower

greenworks 25223 19-inch 40-volt mower

There are plenty of people who are sitting here reading these product reviews and thinking that because they do not live in a home that has a large lawn that these mowers are applicable. The reality is there are plenty of smaller mowers that can do a great job on a lawn that is not found on a larger property. In terms of a smaller mower, there should be no sacrifice on quality and power. In terms of finding a small mower that packs a lot of punch, this particular option from GreenWorks is designed for folks with smaller lawns that also require a mower that will do everything they need and then some. In terms of value, it is rare to find a smaller mower like this one that offers as much as it does.

So, in terms of what the mower offers, where is the value? Well, most mowers that offer the three-function capacity are full size mowers. This mower is unique because it offers the mulching function, bagging function, and the side discharge function in a smaller design. The 10-inch rear tires allow you to maneuver the mower with ease. As far as the battery goes, you get some excellent battery life without having to deal with the smaller mower having to use a smaller battery. Basically, when looking at this mower, it appears the only difference between this mower and other mowers is that this mower is smaller with a 19-inch cutting span as opposed to the other mowers. For people living in smaller places, it is quite the value.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Lawn Mower

There are a couple things you should consider when buying a cordless lawn mower. The first is your yard size. Think about how long it would take you to get up and down each row and get an effective cut. This will inform your choices on batteries. If you have a larger yard, then you may want to consider biting the bullet and getting a second battery.

Another major issue to consider is storage. There are many folks who have smaller garages or a shed. Not all of these places store lawn mowers with ease. The big issue with many of these areas is storage is built around the lawn mower. No more – instead your cordless lawn mower will go wherever you want it to be.


There are so many different things to consider when investing in a cordless lawn mower. The good news is these products are always getting better, and now you can really enjoy your cordless lawn mower the same way you would appreciate the power and speed of a gas mower. They’re quieter, cleaner, Earth-friendly, and just as effective.

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