6 Best Cordless Snow Blowers


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4 months ago

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There is no doubt that one of the worst things in the world is when you are snowed in. The problem with snow in the driveway is it makes getting out of the driveway a minefield. The last thing you want is to skid down your driveway. Another big problem with leaving snow on the driveway is when the snow partially melts and then temperatures go down and the partially melted snow freezes. This has deadly consequences.

That said, shoveling snow is most euphemistically described as laborious. Unless you have a friend with a plow – and even then, depending on the type of driveway, a plow can be very problematic. Fortunately, the snow blower is the easy solution to this problem. In the early days, snow blowers would work some of the time and get jammed up quickly. That is no longer the case. Today’s snow blowers are really durable and now that they are cordless, you are not in a position to worry about what would happen if the cord was compromised and water made contact with live wires.

Getting a snow blower is a big investment. But the reality is, a snow blower makes it so you are not spending a lot of time digging out your car. Instead, you’re taking a few minutes to clear out your driveway so that you can make your way to work. Some snow blowers work with different density of snow while others may struggle with heavier snow.

Best Cordless Snow Blowers

Snow Joe ION18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower

snow joe ion18sb ion cordless single stage brushless snow blower

There is a thought that when you are using a cordless snow blower, that the power of the blower will not provide everything that you are looking for it to do. However, the reality is that snow blowers have come a long way, and even though this one does not look like it would, the Snow Joe ION18SB is a beast of a machine that can turn your driveway from a winter wonderland into a functional space. This blower is perfect for that fluffy, powdery snow but when you get to the foot of the driveway it will also do the job getting through the plow’s residue.

What works great about this snow blower is its 18-inch mouth ensures that you will not spend your day walking up and down the driveway. It clears things out pretty quick. The snow blower is rated for 8 inches of snow. However, the great thing about this snow blower is that when you slow down and are more deliberate, it will take out the bigger drifts in the driveway. Another great feature is that if the blower is clogged by snow, all you need to do is press a button and the chute will make it easy to get rid of the snow. One the smart things to do though is warm the snow blower up, this way the snow is melting as it goes through it.

PowerSmart DB2401 Lithium-Ion 40V Cordless 18″ Snow Blower

powersmart db2401 lithium-ion 40v cordless 18″ snow blower

If you have ever pushed a lawn mower, seeing the PowerSmart DB2401 will have you thinking about the summer while the area surrounding your driveway and walkway is unmistakably white. Snow comes every year, and having a snow blower that is reliable and helps you get through the annoyance of snowstorms makes winter just a bit more bearable. The good news about this snow blower to lawn mower comparison? This snow blower is quite light and allows you to easily maneuver it unlike what you may have to do with the lawn mower. The snow blower is quite easy to push and you will have no problem getting going and clearing your driveway of that annoying white stuff. This particular snow blower is all about getting the job done, and it is not one to have crazy bells and whistles like the auto-rotating cute or a headlight.

The key to using this snow blower is the simplicity of it. Just aim it at the snow, start walking, and watch it chuck the snow up to 30 feet away. Now, that being said, not everything with this snow blower is easy. If the snowstorm that hit you deposited heavy wet snow the snow blower stands a chance of getting bogged down. This is a single stage snowblower, so what it will do is clear the driveway all the way to the pavement – there will not be a layer of snow on the ground that is packed in by your feet. The handle is also wrapped in foam – a big plus when it is cold outside.

Snow Joe ION15SB-LT ION 40V Cordless 15″ Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower

snow joe ion15sb-lt ion 40v cordless 15″ single stage brushless snow blower

The “Little Engine That Could” is a remarkable story because it shows what persistence can do. In the case of this particular Snow Joe model, persistence is the key because this is a small snow blower that can do a lot, but you just need to be patient and persistent when dealing with larger drifts. This snow blower is designed for a few inches of snow, it will not be as effective with feet of snow. So, if you are someone who lives in Minnesota, this may not be the snow blower for you, but if you live in a place where when it snows you get a few inches, this snow blower is exactly what you need to make sure your driveway is very safe.

In terms of battery life, this snow blower lasts about 30 minutes, however, if you decide that you need it for a little more work, then it is important to get a second battery. Having each battery charge as you are using the other is very convenient. Another advantage of this particular Snow Joe model is that among snow blowers, it is pretty quiet. Your neighbors will love it because if you get up early in the morning, it will not wake them up. The lightweight design means you can easily move the snow blower around and perhaps even put it in the car to help out a friend or a neighbor.

Snow Joe ION8024-XR 24-Inch 80 Volt

snow joe ion8024-xr 24-inch 80 volt

The biggest complaint that folks have about cordless snow blowers is that they do not have the same level of power as gas powered snow blowers or the corded snow blowers. The reason people think this way is because they have yet to meet the behemoth that is the Snow Joe ION 8024-XR. This is a snow blower that takes out snow the way a jackhammer takes out concrete. This particular model uses two different batteries at the same time, adding to the power. The issue becomes that after 30 minutes, it needs to be recharged, so getting another set of batteries is a great idea. Now, with more power comes more features. This snow blower is self-propelled, and it has a digital drive. There are also different speeds – and that is something very rare to find on cordless snow blowers.

This machine is a beast because of its size. With a mouth that is just more than a foot, it will chew up and spit out massive amounts of snow. The auto rotation in the chute which lets you turn it, so the snow goes flying wherever you want. All you need to do is press the button. The digital display on this is also very helpful because you can check out which speed is being used while also monitoring the usage of the battery power. Now, here is the most surprising thing – this unit is really quiet. It does not look like it would be quiet, but it is. With a headlight and metal snowshoes, you can do pretty much anything at any time with this massive snow blower.

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Cordless Snow Thrower

greenworks 20-inch 40v cordless snow thrower

There are plenty of snow blowers that do a great job, and the Greenworks is a snow blower that is similarly positioned to give you exactly what you need when that fluffy white stuff starts its insidious descent from the sky. This snow blower by Greenworks is very good in certain situations, such as a flat surface that is fairly even. If you have a gravel driveway, this snow blower is not for you. The reason is that this particular snow blower is all about clearing down to the pavement. It is thorough and that is why if you use it on a gravel driveway, the snow will melt and reveal the gravel in the yard.

When it comes to extras, this snow blower is not great on having massive amounts of them, with the exception of the headlight. This is a great accessory because if you have to get your car out in the early morning hours, it will keep you on the path of your driveway. The light is nice and bright but won’t irritate those sleeping. In terms of battery life, Greenworks gets it right. This battery can last for about 45 minutes. This means you can really dig into the snow and make sure that you get everything off the driveway in just one charge. Now, when you are going into bigger snow drifts, it is important to knock these drifts down because the snow blower will get jammed and then shut off. That said, Greenworks is a great company because they back up their products. This particular snow blower has a four year warranty and getting help for the snow blower is very easy as they care deeply about customer support.

EGO 21-inch Cordless Snow Blower

ego 21-inch cordless snow blower

In terms of a heavy duty snow blower, the EGO is one of the top snow blowers on the market. It will truly do it all and if you are someone who lives in a place where the snow is unrelenting and merciless, this is your weapon – this snow blower is how you will make your stand against the weather. Not here. Not on my driveway. When you look at this machine, it can be intimidating and though it is a snow blower that does require some effort to maneuver, the reality is this is a snow blower for people who have a life that snow is constantly barging into. The vicious winters of New England and the upper Midwest are certainly places this monster will do the job.

One of the best parts about this particular model is that it has an adjustable handle. Everyone can use this snow blower. The other great thing is the power of this snow blower – the snow will get thrown 35 feet with ease. The low-maintenance brushless motor is perfect for heavy use. The headlights are great too, working in the dark is definitely something that needs to be done during a big time snowstorm so that your driveway does not get out of control with a couple feet of snow before you get started clearing it. There is one problem though, and that is the batteries are not included. That said, if you have other EGO products, the batteries will do the job for you. The charger needs to be for 56 volt batteries, but the great thing about EGO products is how portable everything is.

Things to Consider with Snow Blowers

There are a couple things you should be aware of when purchasing a snow blower. The first is the contents of your driveway. If you have a gravel driveway, then you need a snow blower that has snowshoes. This allows it to go over the gravel without much trouble. However, a snow blower that goes right to the surface of the driveway will throw the gravel everywhere and create a big mess. This is yet another reason why folks should invest in having a pavement driveway or a paver driveway.

Another issue for folks to consider is the type of snow that routinely comes down. New England and the Upper Midwest are notorious for brutal blizzards. Having a light duty snow blower is a bad idea because that means that they will have some serious issues clearing the heavy snow. Also, if you live in an area where the snow is heavy and wet, there are not as many snow blowers that are adept at clearing out this type of snow. If you are not sure what type of snow blower you need, just try to think of what a routine winter is. If brutal snowstorms are part of how you spend your time during the winter, then you need a powerful snow blower.

There are a great many reasons that folks require snow blowers, but when it comes to keeping themselves and their families safe, the snow blower is an indispensable item. The snow blower also keeps everything nice and neat, this way your driveway is taken care of during horrible conditions.

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