30 Best DIY Fence Ideas for a Unique Yard


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4 months ago

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A fence is more than just a way to create a border around your property or a way to get some privacy, it can actually be a decorative element in your yard. If you are looking to add a fence to your yard check out thee DIY fence ideas that are sure to become one of your favorite parts of your yard. Ranging from the simple to extravagant you’ll still save money by doing it yourself over hiring someone else.

1. Wood and Metal

This DIY fence is all about durability. The metal posts add more strength than simple wood so that your fence will hold up to strong winds. The wood slats add a warmer touch and are spaced just right to offer privacy and yet still allow light through. The back and forth mounting of the wood slats creates a shadowed effect that is different from the average fence or edge liner.

2. Bamboo Fence

To give your yard a unique and Asian feel, consider a bamboo fence. Bamboo is durable and renewable making it a great choice for your fence. You will still need to have a wood frame to screw the bamboo posts to and wood on top of the fence to prevent the bamboo from filling with water. It can be a tedious project to screw in each stick of bamboo but the end result is worth it.

3. Shutter Fence

For a charming and rustic fence consider putting up shutters instead of fence boards. For an added touch you can paint the shutters in varying colors to put a very artistic look on the fence. Using reclaimed shutters can save money and be better for the environment than buying new fence boards. As long as the shutters are weather treated, they should last as long as a traditional fence.

4. Classic White Picket Fence

There is nothing wrong with the classics. This white picket fence is considered to be the go-to fence design for any middle-class home. You can easily do it yourself with some wood and paint to give your home a very traditional look. You can adjust the height and spacing of the boards to suit your needs and your desire for privacy.

5. Piano Fence

If you are looking for a simple idea that makes a big impact, this piano fence does the trick. A simple white panel fence becomes something special with the addition of just a few black boards. To really give the effect of a piano keyboard it is important to get the spacing and the grouping of the black boards just right.

6. Modern Fence

This sleek design is one that may take a little more work than a typical fence but the results are worth the effect. The narrow slats coupled with the dark posts and lighter fence boards have a very modern look. This is a good choice for a divider in the middle of a yard as a decorative accent but it can also be used as a boundary fence.

7. Panel Fence Design

Working with panels makes it easier to design a fence around an irregular shape. The dark, rustic wood slats add a very cool touch and draw the eye. The black border around the panel highlights the rustic wood boards and gives each panel a cohesive design. With each panel made separately this is easily customizable to fit any yard or area.

8. Metal Fence

This fence is easy enough if you have a way to cut sheet metal. The corrugated metal panels have an industrial look but the randomly placed cutouts add a modern touch. For a fence that has more privacy, forgo the cutouts but for a fence that is sectioning off parts of a yard, leave the cutouts. The wood posts add just the right amount of warmth. This is one fence that will have people talking.

9. Marble Fence

This fence is a twist on a simple fence. Once you have the fence panel up you just add in the marbles, this is even a technique that can be done on an existing fence. All you need is clear marbles and a drill bit the exact size of your marbles. Drill holes into the fence and pound the marbles in with a rubber mallet.

10. Simple Lattice Fence

This fence is one that is very simple to build but it looks great and there are different lattice styles that you can choose from. The lattice allows for some privacy but also visibility. It is a good choice for an older home or one where you want to keep pets in but still want to see through the fence. It can be left as a natural wood color or painted white for a more traditional look.

11. Mixed Panel Fence

This fence idea is great for someone who just can’t decide. The different shaped square and rectangle panels have a very modern look and the mixed materials have a very artistic look to them. Create this fence by getting corrugated metal and wood boards and creating panels in your desired size and shape. Then put them together in a wood frame.

12. Branch Fence

If you have a lot of big branches in your yard you can put them to good use with this fence idea. All you need is a wire fence with a wood frame. Then gather up the biggest sticks you can find or if you have recently cut down a tree you can cut branches to size. Attach them to the wire fence and you’ve got a unique and affordable backyard fence.

13. Door Fence

Put old doors to good use with this rather interesting fence idea. It is a great way to take advantage of wood that might otherwise go to waste while having a fence that people are sure to notice. For a rustic look you can leave the doors whatever color you find them or have fun painting them different colors. It also makes for a great fence gate, as long as you remember which door is the one that opens.

14. Lattice Planter Fence

If you want something that is a little more colorful and fresher to look at than just a wood fence or brick wall, consider this option. Replace one panel (or all of them) with a lattice planter wall. It lets you add your favorite flowers to create a beautiful pop of color and some freshness to your landscape. This is also great if you have a small space and not a lot of room for planting, you could even consider a vertical herb garden!

15. Two Tone Vertical Plank Fence

This fence puts a little spin on the traditional style of fencing. The vertical planks are a common choice for fences but the two-tone color of the fence and the support boards makes it stand out. Typically, the posts and support boards are hidden but, in this design, they become a focal point of the fence. This is also a relatively simple fence to put together with plenty of tips and tutorials online.

16. Cedar Fence

This horizontal plank fence isn’t that different from other fences in its construction. Horizontal boards are just nailed into support beams that are attached to reinforced posts. Where it gets unique is in the materials. This fence is made from quality cedar wood which has a rich color which will actually change over time. It is much more expensive than a typical fence but the end result is gorgeous.

17. Giant Fence

If you really like your privacy and you are not limited in how high your fence can be then why not go big? This massively tall fence might be a bit more difficult to build but it is definitely worth it. It is another cedar fence so it has that gorgeous tone and a very rich quality to it. It is also well constructed with overlapping planks so there is no way anyone is peeking through this fence.

18. Stone Fence

This one can be a bit tricky and it requires a substantial amount of stones. All you need to do is create a wireframe supported by wood. It needs to be strong enough to keep all the stones in place because they will get pretty heavy. You can also choose a variety of stones or different color stones depending on the type of look you are going.

19. Bi-Fold Door and Plank Fence

This fence is all about saving money and using wood that might otherwise be thrown away. These bi-fold doors are a unique way to add height and privacy to your fence. The vertical slats of the bi-fold doors are enough to provide privacy but still let through light. The planks hold everything together and the birdhouses add just a touch of rustic charm.

20. Woven Branch Fence

This fence is perfect for anyone living in the woods and with easy access to trees and branches. This fence interweaves branches with tree trunks to create a sturdy and natural looking fence. It almost looks more like something out of a fantasy novel but that is what gives it such a unique charm. It is also stronger than it looks especially if you properly mount the trunks into the ground.

21. Chevron Fence

Vertical and horizontal planks are so overdone it is nice to see something different. This Chevron fence has diagonal planks that fit perfectly within their frame. This one takes a lot of extra measuring and cutting than a typical fence but the result is definitely worth the effort. The different tones of wood also add beautiful element to this fence.

22. Pallet Fence

Put old wood to good use with this DIY pallet fence. The fence uses pallets just as they are and alternates their orientation to add character. All it takes to make this fence is some secured posts and plenty of old pallets. This fence has added beauty with the addition of hand-painted artwork.

23. Wood Fence with Metal Posts

This stunning fence combines wood fencing with metal posts to create a very bold and modern look. The wood is a Brazilian Ipe wood and is very hard exotic wood. The addition of a vertical planter adds a touch of greenery and warmth to the otherwise very modern and industrial styled fence. The posts are aluminum with a stainless-steel cover for appearance.

24. Rustic Branch and Wire Fence

This fence combines thick tree branches with wire fencing to create a fence that is good for keeping animals away from your garden or keeping animals where they belong. It has a bit more of a rustic charm than just a wire fence and the tree branches make it much sturdier. It is easy and affordable to make if you have some trees on your property that need to come down anyway.

25. Windbreak Fence

This beautiful fence features staggered boards to let wind and sunlight to pass through. Metal rods are used to secure the boards and keep them in place even when not secured at both ends. While this would not be the best as a privacy fence it would be good to divide up a backyard or add a decorative accent. Any wood can be used for this project and be stained the rich color.

26. Black Plank and Lattice Fence

This elegant fence combines two different styles to create something that is stunning and unique. Black vertical planks make up the bottom of the fence while the stop features a black latticework design. A stained wood frame adds warmth to an otherwise dark fence. This fence design can easily be done as a modified traditional vertical plank fence.

27. Narrow Horizontal Plank Fence

This dark modern fence is easier to build than it looks and as long as you have some experience with woodworking you could pull it off. The fence uses cedar fence boards and posts which are not necessary if you plan on just painting the fence black or another color. This fence can be built to suit any size yard and the narrow slats offer just enough privacy without being too dark.

28. Rounded Fence

This fence features rounded tops on each of the vertical fence posts. It is also built a little different than other fences in that the frame boards go through the posts instead of just being attached to them. This adds extra strength to the design. This fence was left unstained or painted which gives it a simple country appearance that is nice enough for a garden fence.

29. No Gap Vertical Plank Fence

This beautiful fence takes advantage of different colors and stains of wood to make something that is stunning. There are two ways of doing this fence, either choosing wood that is already varied in color or choosing a number of different stains for the wood you have. The key is to put them together randomly and use the black metal supports.

30. Vinyl Fence

While not entirely DIY, a vinyl fence is something you can install yourself. You can pick out the panels and then put them up yourself. Vinyl fences come in a range of styles and they tend to last much longer than traditional wood fences. They don’t have quite the same warmth and character and they are more expensive but they are very easy to install.

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