20 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas for Beautiful Homes


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4 months ago

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A wall decorated with art gives the home a unique personality!

When it comes to wall art, you don’t always have to spend money. Instead, you can use the DIY technique and make one at your home. It will help you to save money as well as decorate your home.

If you haven’t heard of DIY wall art, you’re in for a surprise! 

This type of art can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You can paint it yourself with just a few simple supplies and create an original piece that will add personality to your home. 

There are many options for DIY wall arts. Let your creativity run wild with this style of art!

One easy DIY wall art project that’s easy to make is a phrase print. This piece is simple to do and can be made with watercolor and a stencil. You can also use a wooden frame or a pallet to create a geometric design. 

You can also try gold leafing to create a gorgeous piece of DIY artwork. The possibilities are endless! Once you have the supplies, just choose the materials you’d like to use to make your DIY wall art.

If you are want to decorate your home with DIY wall art, we can help you. In this article, we are going to discuss 20 easy DIY wall art ideas.

Best DIY Wall Art Ideas

Whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, you will enjoy the many benefits of DIY wall art. These pieces can express a variety of emotions and convey a variety of messages. 

Adding DIY art to your home is a great way to personalize your space. You can add beautiful, inexpensive wall art to your home and showcase your talent.

Decorative wall arts can make any room look sophisticated. It can be inexpensive and made from simple, everyday materials. Moreover, DIY wall art is an excellent way to get your kids involved in the decorating process. 

Here are 20 easy DIY wall art ideas for you. 

1. Clipboard Frames

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes01


You can also create DIY wall art using clipboards. These inexpensive frames can be customized to hold your favorite photos, and they can be updated whenever you like. The pictures can be placed in different spots on the board, and they will look great in any room. You can easily change them to match your style or decor, and they can also be reused. Clipboard frames are great for displaying family photos, and you can even make your own. These picture frames are great for home offices and office spaces, and they are easy to create. 

2. Basket Wall Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes02


When it comes to creating your own wall art, there are several options available. You can purchase baskets in stores such as or you can make your own at home. Then, choose the type of basket that will fit best in your space. Using a variety of different baskets is a great way to customize the look of your room. In addition to adding some personal style to your room, you can also use a basket DIY wall art project as a way to decorate a blank wall.

3. Wall Art Using Strings

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes03


DIY wall art using strings is a fun way to decorate your home. This type of wall art is very easy to create and can beautify any space in an instant. You can create string art on any wood and use various colors to match your existing decor. String art and flowers are adorable combinations. You can use strings to create various patterns and designs and then put them on the wall. 

4. Confetti Wall

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes04


If you’re looking for a more affordable DIY wall art project, consider making a confetti wall. You’ll need a circle cutter, a variety of cardstock, and some double-sided tape. Just randomly tape the circles to the wall until they look like giant confetti. And the best part is you can easily remove them without damaging the original picture frame. It is one of the easiest ways to decorate your living room wall.

5. Tic-Tac-Toe Wall Game


Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun and easy way to decorate your walls. If you have the materials, you can make your own interactive tic-tac-toe board. Wooden letters are an affordable and easy way to create a beautiful and unique piece of wall art. You can buy a kit from a craft store and paint them to match the color of your room. Next, frame the pieces with a one-by-three pine board. This way, you can give a new look to the wall with this artwork. 

6. Kitchen Spoon Wall Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes06


Create your own kitchen spoon display by using thrift store spoons. If you have wooden spoons in your kitchen, you can keep them vertically on the wall as per the size. It will not only help you to save storage space but also to easily create spoon wall art. You can use the spoons when you need them and hang them back on the wall when they are not in use. 

7. Paper Plates Wall Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes07


Paper plates make an excellent canvas for creating DIY wall art. You can cut them with a craft knife into circles and glue them to the canvas. Trace the image on the back with a ballpoint pen, making sure to avoid leaving any holes. Once the paper is dry, hang it on the wall using push pins. Aim to arrange the plates in a symmetrical pattern. Larger plates have more visual weight, so choose smaller plates for smaller spaces.

8. Old Book Wall Display 

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes08


If you have old books in your home that you don’t need, you can use them for DIY wall art. All you need to do is tear some pages from the book and color it in contrast with the wall paint. Now, you can arrange the pages and stick them on the wall to create a vintage as well as modern look. You can also stick the cover pages of the book directly on the wall. 

9. Floral Wall Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes09


Create a unique piece of floral DIY wall art by combining different flowers and foliage. You can start with a single flower and gradually add more elements until you reach your desired size. You can use tulle for the background and rows of woven wire to hang flowers. You can also use a mix of tulle and fabric for a whimsical look. To hang your bouquet, you can use any picture frame you have.

10. Framed Fabric Wall Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes10


Framed fabric DIY wall art is easy to make. You’ll only need a canvas and some fabric. You can buy inexpensive canvas from craft stores or online. Choose a fabric that goes well with your decor. A light-colored canvas looks best with a darker shade. If you’re going to use a heavier fabric, choose a lighter one. Try a repeating pattern to make the piece look more interesting. Glue the frame together and hang it on the wall. 

11. Dry Leaves Wall Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes11


Another thing you can do is collect dry leaves from a park and use it for art. You can color these leaves using watercolor or acrylic color. After that, you can stick the leaves on canvas or walls to create a flower-like design. You can also create a vine-like design with these colorful leaves. 

12. Abstract Painting

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes12


If you are into painting, you can simply paint abstract artwork for your walls. All you need to do is invest in a canvas and use the paints. Make sure you use colors that highlight the wall paint. You can paint anything as you have complete freedom when it comes to abstract painting. 

13. Magazine Collage Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes13


You can also create magazine collage artwork as a DIY project and then use it to decorate the walls in your home. If you have lots of magazines, cut the pages vertically in thin lines. Now, you can stick the lines on a canvas and then draw any animal or flower on it. You have to cut the outline and then put the magazine collage artwork on the wall.

14. Backlit Canvas

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes14


If you are looking for something trendy, this DIY wall artwork is perfect. You have to buy canvas and some lights. Now, you need to make a painting on the canvas with a bold black outline. Once it is dry, you need to put the lights behind the canvas. Make sure you put the lights on the edges. Now, put the canvas on the wall and switch on the lights. Your canvas will illuminate in the dark, highlighting the outline of the painting. 

15. Colorful Flower Origami

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes15


You can also make origami and use it as wall art. You need to buy colorful origami paper and use it to make a flower. You have to make multiple colorful flowers. Now, you can either stick these flowers on a white wall or a black canvas. Either one will suffice as you can use it as wall art. 

16. Washi Tape Skyline

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes16


This is one of the easiest DIY wall artwork. For this project, you need washi tape, a pencil, and an eraser. First, you have to draw the outline of the skyline on a wall behind the headboard. After that, stick washi tape on the outline. This way, it will give the impression of skyline artwork on the wall. 

17. Cut Canvas Wall Art

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes17


If you have a canvas in your home, you can use it to create a unique type of wall art. Instead of painting on the canvas, you need to cut tiny patterns. Make a geometric pattern or any other design on the canvas. Now, you need to use a cutter to cut the outline. It will give a white and transparent effect. You can then put it on any wall. 

18. Popsicle Stick Frame

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes18


You can also buy some popsicle sticks from a stationary store and use them for artwork. The easiest thing you can make is a frame. You just need to glue it together to make a frame outline. After that, stick more sticks to make the frame sturdy. You can then put it on the wall and put pictures inside it. This will give a wooden frame effect. 

19. Photo Collection Display

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes19


If you have polaroid pictures at your home, you can use a string or a threat to stick them together. You can then put this collection on the bedroom wall display. This is one of the best ways to put pictures. You can add some lights for a better effect.

20. Inspirational Messages

20 easy diy wall art ideas for beautiful homes20


Another thing you can do is simply write inspirational messages on a canvas using bold markets. You can then put this canvas on the wall. To make the quotes visible, make sure you write in bold letters. You can also take prints of inspirational messages and use it for wall art. 


If you want to decorate the walls in your home or office and add a personal touch, there is nothing better than DIY wall art. In this article, we have suggested 20 easy DIY wall art ideas. You can use any of these techniques to create artwork and decorate the walls—all the ideas and easy to follow. 

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