25 Best DIY Wine Rack Storage Ideas


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4 months ago

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If you’re a wine drinker then you probably wish your home had a beautiful wine cellar that chills your wine to the perfect temperature. However, one can assume you don’t have one because most homes don’t have such a luxury, and to add one can be quite pricey. On top of that, many premade wine storage racks aren’t eye-catching and the smallest features like a small glass holder add to the cost. 

We’ve put together a list of the 25 Best DIY Wine Rack Storage Ideas, with these ideas you can keep your wine bottles out of the way all while displaying them for decorative purposes. Whether you have a bunch of wine bottles or just a couple, it can be hard to figure out where to store them. This is especially true if you live in a small home or an apartment. That is where good DIY wine racks come into play! There are so many ways to create a wine rack that not only stands out but also that stores your bottles and even glasses. 

1. Herringbone Wine Rack


This herringbone wine rack can be made in minutes! All you need is eight pieces of 1×8 pine wood that are the same size and shape and a pocket-hole jig. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can apply either stain or paint to the piece or if you want to make it interesting you can finish with contrasting colors to bring out the pattern of the wood. You can view the instructions here

2. Built-In Wall Wine Rack Storage


Depending on the space you have, some wine racks look better when they’re built into the wall.  For example, this design highlights that well. This type of storage rack can provide a kitchen with some style due to the slanted pattern that the shelves fall in. Not only does this wine rack look great but it also saves you space. It keeps your wine bottles out of the way while still providing you with easy access.

3. Reclaimed Crate Wine Rack 


You can make a lot of things with reclaimed wooden crates, including a wine rack! All you need to transform a wooden crate into a rustic wine rack is varnish, paint, a wood board, and the willingness and ability to use a wood saw. You can view the instructions here

4. 3 Tier Wine Rack


This 3 tier wine rack is great for those who need to store quite a few bottles of wine. You can choose to put this in your dining room, entryway, or wherever you think fits best. This wine rack can store up to twelve bottles of wine and each tier can hold up to four bottles. You can view the instructions here

5. Under Cabinet Wine Rack 


There’s usually a lot of usable space below kitchen cabinets that go to waste. With an under cabinet wine rack you can use up all of the space that you have all the while giving your wine a safe place and keeping it out of the way. The wine rack is super easy to make, even beginners can make it in no time. You can view the instructions here

6. Chic DIY Wall Wine Rack


Are you in need of a wine rack that will add to your stylish décor? If so, we recommend this choice wall wine rack. This storage option has several built-in shelves that will support different wine bottles. You don’t have to worry about them rolling off because everything is kept in place with hardware. You can view the instructions here

7. DIY Wine Cabinet 


If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty wine storage option that has plenty of storage space then this DIY wine cabinet is a great option for you. This cabinet can hold 9 bottles of wine, glasses, and other miscellaneous items. You can top it off with accessory pieces to tie it into whatever room you choose to put it in. You can view the instructions here

8. Circular Wine Rack 


Here’s another simple wine rack idea that’s easy to make. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’s a great wine rack! It has four compartments for four bottles of wine total, while we usually recommend that you place a wine rack wherever you like we do think this one would look best on the countertop. You can view the instructions here

9. Pallet Wine Rack 


This pallet wine rack uses some old pallet wood to make a wine rack. This wine rack would look great both outside or indoors, it can hold up to 18 bottles of wine along with 7 wine glasses. You can view the instructions here

10. Minimalistic Tabletop Wine Rack 


For those of you in need of a wine rack that can hold just a couple of wine bottles, this minimalistic tabletop wine rack is perfect for you! It can hold two bottles easily, which can be more than enough for some. The bottles look great once they’re in place as they come across not just as something to drink. You can view the instructions here.

11. Barn Wood Wine Rack 


Barn wood makes amazing DIY pieces, whether it be for a table, chair, or cabinet. However, do keep in mind you can use whatever wood you have on hand to make this wine rack. Attach metal hooks, prop it up, and voila: you have a country-chic wine rack! You can view the instructions here

12. Easiest DIY Wine Rack 


This wine rack is called the easiest wine rack because the process to make it is so easy to follow. This wine rack isn’t flashy in the slightest so it’ll be up to your wine bottle to steal the show. Use this DIY wine rack to show off all of your glasses. You can view the instructions here

13. Wine Rack Cabinet 


For those who never have enough space for their wine and glasses then this wine rack cabinet is for you. It’s made from pantry shelves and 1x2s. A router is used to round the top edges of 1x2s. The 1x2s are then cut so they’re a few inches shorter than the shelves depth and then spaced 2 in. apart. They’re screwed to the shelf and the shelf is adjusted so there’s 5 in. of clearance for the wine bottles. 

14. Upcycled Rolling Wine Storage Cart


An antique dresser upcycled into a rolling wine cart is an awesome idea especially if you’re one to host often. This wine storage cart offers a decent amount of storage for wine, but it also offers  additional storage areas for miscellaneous items thanks to the bottom drawers. With this, you can keep anything else you need in one space. You can view the instructions here

15. PVC Wine Bottle Holder


If you’re not a fan of wood or the look that wood offers you can always opt for plastic. However, this project does require some commitment in comparison to the other wine rack options we listed. But if you want a modern storage option, then this can’t be beaten. You can view the instructions here

16. Wine Rack Tower 


Are you in need of a big storage option? Don’t worry we have something for you. This wine rack tower is large enough to hold a ton of wine. It may take some time to create but it will be worth it. You will need a lot of space for this wine rack, please be sure you can fit this comfortably in your space before you create it. You can view the instructions here

17. Industrial Chic Wine Rack Storage


The use of the pipes in this wine rack offers great support for the wine bottles while also adding some style. There is no denying the industrial style of this rack but there’s also a hint of chic found within it as well. We can’t place what gives it a chic look but it’s a great stylish piece. You can view the instructions here

18. Hanging Wine Rack with Glass Holder 


This DIY hanging wine rack with glass holder combines a sturdy shelf with under-hanging glass holders. You can either add stain or paint to this rack or you can leave the wood as-is for a more rustic look. Mix and match the types of woods you use for a more homely feel or use the same type of wood throughout for a store-bought look. You can view the instructions here.

19. Rope Hanging Wine Rack 


You can recreate this awesome wine rack easily with wood and rope. The wine rack is one of a kind and is a perfect home decor piece. It can hold up to five bottles of wine. If you want or need more wine storage then feel free to make more than one of these and line them up next to each other. You can view the instructions here

20. Wall Mounted Vintage Wine Rack 


This wall-mounted wine rack has a super distinctive look. It slants that may make you think that it’s about to fall, but it’s super sturdy. It’s a truly beautiful way to show off your wine bottles, it can hold up to six regular-sized wine bottles. Buy it Here.

21. Wood Plank Wine Rack 


If you don’t want to tackle a big project or if you’re intimidated by larger projects that require more tools and materials then this single wood plank wine rack is a great choice for you. It’s also a worthy wine rack storage idea for those looking for a more straightforward option. You can view the instructions here

22. Rustic Wine Rack 


This wine rack is just beautiful and it will look great no matter the style of the room you put it in. However, it’s just perfect for a rustic-themed kitchen. This wine rack can hold up to three bottles of wine and you can either place it on top of a cabinet or the floor. You can view the instructions here

23. Stackable Countertop Wine Bottle Storage 


Keep your wine bottles close by with stackable countertop storage. These geometric storage pieces fit well on the countertop so that you can add to the décor in your kitchen. This way, you’re saving on space while taking your decorative style to the next step. Buy it Here

24. Horseshoe Wine Rack


This wine rack is one of the wilder options but it looks great and does what it needs to. Whether you love horses or need a western-themed decor piece grab some old horseshoes and create a wine rack that is sure to make a statement. You can view the instructions here

25. Copper Wine Rack


This copper wine rack is ideal for those who are looking at having copper kitchen decor in their home. Whether it be for a modern look or an industrial one. It is a beautiful piece and can store six bottles of wine at a time. You can view the instructions here

25 Amazing Wine Rack Storage Ideas for Your Next Project

Who wants to just stick their wine in a cabinet? A designated wine storage rack to display your wine collection, whether it be big or small, can leave a lasting impression on your home’s décor! It can elevate a room to new levels, especially if you feel like it’s just missing that one thing to pull everything together. What is even better is that there are plenty of ways you can build your wine rack storage. Creating your own allows you to get exactly what you want.

The great thing about wine racks and the ability to create your own is that whatever you want to create you can make it fit your decorative style. It can be vintage, rustic, or even modern. If you are unsure where to start, then the 25 best DIY wine rack storage ideas listed above should give you a good starting point. Almost all of the projects are straightforward enough for beginners, while some require a bit more patience and time to complete. If you are unable to make something yourself but are looking for something handmade, you can always check out sites like Etsy.

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