5 Best Electric Blankets


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January 16, 2023

Recent studies suggest that sleeping in a colder room may help you fall asleep faster,quicker and sleep tight all night. But since nobody wants to be cold at night, the best electric blankets offer the ultimate convenience for better sleep.

While helping you get a goodnight’s sleep, heated blankets will also reduce the electricity bills since they’re far more effective than heating the whole bedroom. So if electric blankets sound like a suitable solution to your sleeping problems, take a look at the best options we’ve found.

Best Electric Blankets

Soft Heat by Perfect Fit Industries – Innovative design for the best warmth

soft heat by perfect fit industries

If you’re looking for an electric blanket to help you warm up, the Soft Heat is the perfect fit for you. The manufacturer is well known for the amazing offer of beddings, pillows, and mattress pads. Its innovative solutions with consistent quality, and durability are a favorite among its customers.


Soft Heat® warming wires

The Soft Heat electric blanket is powered by specifically designed patented warming wires that are thinner and more flexible than conventional heating wires. Thanks to their thickness, the cables are hardly notable, offering you a fantastic experience and consistent warmth.

Convenient control knob

This electric blanket comes with a convenient control knob with 10 personalized heating settings. If you’re looking for a two-person warming blanket, the queen and king sizes come with two individual controllers for the ultimate convenience and customization.

Premium materials

The super-soft electric blanket is manufactured using soft micro-plush fabric that feels refreshingly smooth against your skin and will offer you a royal treatment in your bedroom.

Safe voltage

The extended conveniences and comforts from the Soft Heat blanket come with the ultimate safety of its use. The electric blanket runs on safe, low voltage that uses less than 25 volts and is entirely safe even in case of wire exposure, which is unlikely ever to happen.

Heated Blanket Electric Throw by Bedsure – High-end visual appeal

heated blanket electric throw by bedsure

Bedsure is another reliable manufacturer that offers impressive solutions for heated blankets. It features a fantastic reputation from thousands of satisfied customers on Amazon and is well known for its unique designs and sustainable linens. So if you’re looking to get cozy, Bedsure is the best brand for your choice.


Automatic shutdown

Bedsure ensures the ultimate safety for its customers. So even though its electric throw features top-notch overheat protection. It is ETL certified, and your safety will be reassured with an automated shutdown timer that will turn off the device after 3 hours of use.

Fast and consistent warmth

Bedsure’s Electric Throw features a state of the art technology that provides warmth in as little as 20 minutes after you plug it in. Compared to the competition, this electric blanket displays far better performance at the time-temperature curvature since it reaches the desired temperature pretty quickly and does an amazing job at maintaining its consistency.

Visual appearance

For your ultimate convenience and an outstanding visual appeal, Bedsure’s Electric Throw comes in various fabrics and colors. The throw blanket will come as a stunning display feature of your bedroom or living room regardless of whether you choose the sherpa, faux fur, fleece, or polyester option. All these come in a variety of colors, featuring different shades of blue and brown, along with a more neutral gray option that can easily be incorporated into any room.

Heated Plush Sherpa Throw by MP2 – Most convenient electric blanket

heated plush sherpa throw by mp2

Coming from a reputable brand as MP2, the Heated Plush Sherpa Throw is guaranteed to improve the quality of your sleep. MP2 is highly rated as a remarkable manufacturer that offers a wide variety of innovative heating solutions, including blankets, throws, wearables, and even mattress pads. But if we have to choose our personal favorite, it is definitely the heated plush sherpa throw.


Double-sided design

The electric plush sherpa throw blanket comes in a dual-sided design, featuring a microlight side and a Berber side with an extra soft feel. Since both sides have the same material density, the heat is evenly distributed and works perfectly regardless of which feel or look you prefer.

Simple care

The electric plush sherpa throw can easily be washed and dried without having any particular safety precautions in mind. Thanks to the amazing design and the durability of the materials, it can be washed on a gentle setting and dried using a low heat setting on your dryer.

Adjustable settings

MP2’s Heated Plush Sherpa Throw comes with a convenient controller featuring three different temperature levels. And if you and your partner have inconsistent temperature preferences, you can easily adjust the temperature with the dual controllers that help you achieve different warmth on both sides of the bed.

Heated Plush to Berber Electric Throw Blanket by Woolrich – Most customizable heated blanket

heated plush to berber electric throw blanket by woolrich

The heated plush to Berber electric throw blanket is guaranteed to help you achieve an absolutely perfect temperature in your bed. Manufactured by Woolrich, this electric blanket is no exception from the brand’s proven quality, comfort, and functionality. So if you’re looking for a heated blanket, you can always rely on Woolrich to provide you with warmth and an authentic style.


Incredibly low EMF

If you’re worried about the safety of an electric blanket, Woolrich quickly eliminates any room for concern. Thanks to the Secure Comfort Technology implemented in the soft, flexible wires, the heated blanket virtually eliminates any electromagnetic field emissions so that you can sleep safe and sound.

Flexible temperature settings

If you’re rather picky and often struggle to find the perfect sleeping temperature to help you fall asleep faster and tighter, Woorlich’s plush to Berber electric throw is the solution to your problems. The heated blanket features 20 different temperature settings for a specific amount of warmth.

Ulta flexible heating elements

The heating wires in Woolrich’s heated throw blanket are much thinner and more flexible than many competitors’ products. They provide a genuine blanket feel without itchy experiences since the wires are barely notable.

Reversible Electric Throw by Sunbeam – Top-notch heating system

reversible electric throw by sunbeam

Last on our list of the best electric blankets is Sunbeam’s reversible electric throw with sherpa and imperial plush. Sunbeam is well known for the impeccable heat therapy devices that help induce better sleep and alleviate the pain points so you can have a good night’s sleep. Apart from heated blankets and beddings, the company also sells some unique gadgets to further improve the quality of your sleep.


ThermoFine® Warming System

Sunbeam’s reversible electric throw features the brand’s proprietary ThermoFine® Warming System. Its innovative technology monitors the temperatures of your body, bed, and bedroom and uses the gathered information along with its Positive Temperature Coefficient sensing capability to provide you with a uniform and consistent heat.

Premium quality fabrics

The reversible electric throw blanket is manufactured using premium imperial plush and high-quality sherpa to provide you with the snuggliest experience. Both fabrics are incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch and, when combined with the discreet wiring system, are guaranteed to improve your sleep by keeping you warm all night.

PrimeStyle II controller

The heated blanket comes with Sunbeam’s improved PrimeStyle II controller. It features 3 heat settings and an automated shutdown option for added safety of use. The improved controller is easily detachable, so you can remove it before you wash or dry your blanket.

Beginner’s Guide for Buying the Best Electric Blankets

If you’re looking for a comfortable blanket that will keep you warm during the season, an electric blanket can be a game-changer. These devices offer ultimate conveniences and comforts but finding the best fit can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. So if you’d like to give electric blankets a try, take a look at our detailed guide towards the best heated blanket for your preference.

Electric blanket types

Electric blankets come in many shapes and variants, so the first thing you’ll have to determine is which type of blanket works best for you.

  • Fitted electric blankets – The most popular type of electric blankets are fitted ones. They are designed to fit tightly under your sheet and can be attached to your mattress to stay in place.
  • Non-fitted electric blankets – Non-fitted blankets aren’t as neat as fitted ones and are intended to go on top of your mattress. Even though they are rather similar to fitted blankets, non-fitted ones are usually the more affordable option.
  • Electric throw blankets – Heated throw blankets are the most convenient option, as they offer the ultimate flexibility to their use. They’re used pretty much the same as a conventional blanket, so you can take them with you anywhere you want, as long as there’s an electrical outlet nearby.

Cleaning and care

If you intend to buy a high-quality heated blanket and use it for a long time, you’ll also have to consider how you can clean it properly. So if you’re looking for convenient options, our best recommendation is to make things easier on yourself and consider blankets that are machine washable and suitable for tumble-drying.

Automatic shutdown

To be extra safe and cautious, you should consider heated blankets with certified safety. But apart from the ultimate safety measures, you should also pay close attention to heated blankets that feature an automatic shutdown feature. An automatic shutdown will help you save some money on electricity bills and keep you safe from any harmful results in case you forget to turn off the blanket.

Temperature settings

Temperature settings will also help you narrow down your choice. Take a look at what each blanket has to offer, and you’ll quickly decide if it will be able to provide you with the level of warmth you require.

Dual remote controls

If you’re looking for a heated blanket to share with your partner, you should definitely insist on finding one that includes dual remote controls. Such convenience will let you adjust both parts of the blankets individually, set them up to different temperature settings, or switch your side on or off regardless of what your partner’s doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric blankets safe?

The safety of a heated blanket depends on the manufacturer and product that you choose. Many blankets feature automatic shutdown features or adjustable timers that prevent them from running for extended periods. On the other hand, reliable manufacturers, including Woolrich, pay close attention to EMF radiation and insist on lowering it to an insignificant extent to protect you from unwanted radiation.

Is using an electric blanket cost-effective?

Yes. Since electric blankets help you keep warm at night by heating your bed instead of the whole bedroom, these devices can be pretty cost-effective and significantly lower your electricity bill.


If you struggle to keep your heating costs manageable during the cold months, electric blankets will help you save on energy and get a goodnight’s sleep. They’re comfy and convenient, so you should definitely give them a try. So take another look at the best electric blankets we’ve reviewed above, and get ready to snuggle.

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