8 Best Electricity Usage Monitors


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3 months ago

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In this day and age, smart homes and appliance-heavy households are more common than not, meaning that electricity bills are soaring. Most of us are blind to what’s causing higher bills, and looking up the energy ratings of all our appliances would take a lot of work and calculations that, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t equipped for.

Thankfully, there’s this handy little device for those who want to lower their bills or lower their carbon footprint. Electricity monitors, also called energy monitors, come in all shapes, sizes, price points, and levels of complexity. Those who just need a baseline can pick up a cheap little reader that will tell you how much you’re using without getting too specific. Some monitors will test specific devices by plugging straight into them.

However, those who are willing to spend a few extra bucks can pick up readers that can pinpoint with a fair amount of accuracy which appliances are eating up more energy. You can read your results from your smartphone and adjust accordingly. Whatever your price point, there’s an electricity monitor out there for you.

Best Electricity Usage Monitors

P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

p3 p4400 kill a watt electricity usage monitor

With four different settings, you can track your usage in Volts, Amps, Watts, and Hertz. Leaving a device plugged in will allow you to track how much energy the device uses over a period of an hour as well as how much it uses while the device is turned off. When testing the viability of a smart product for long-term use, this monitor is essential as it will also calculate your projected daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cost for that device. If you’re suspicious that one of your devices is eating up energy while it’s turned off or would like to pit the energy efficiency of some of your devices against each other, this monitor is a cheap, highly-rated, and easy-to-use option.

Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor with 16 50A Circuit Level Sensors

emporia smart home energy monitor with 16 50a circuit level sensors

Clamp-on sensors install directly into the circuit panel of your home to monitor multiple appliances at once. Through the Emporia app, you can not only monitor your basic high-energy devices like your HVAC, washer, and dryer, but with an additional purchase of smart plugs, you can monitor specific smaller appliances, set schedules and timers, and turn them on and off from the app. This monitor is great for people who don’t have many additional appliances in their home beside the necessities. While you can buy adaptors for more specific monitoring, the basic package of the Emporia system only monitors those that are directly linked to the circuit. 

Sense Energy Monitor

sense energy monitor

As one of the pricier monitors on Amazon, Sense Energy Monitor has to meet a pretty rigorous standard. At a nearly perfect customer satisfaction rating, it seems that it does. If the Emporia system doesn’t provide enough detail for your needs, then this device is the next best step. Not only can you monitor and track energy use patterns, but you can see which devices are being left on and at what time. For devices that need time-sensitive tracking, you can get custom notifications if they’ve been left on. No more worrying about whether or not you left the oven on with this one. For more control and ease of use, you can connect your Sense app to your voice-controlled devices and smart plugs, so you can turn devices on and off with your voice. Your monitor also learns over time to recognize and name devices based on their energy output. After twelve months, it will have learned and identified between 25-30 devices. This energy monitor is best for people with smart homes, lots of appliances, and lots of moving parts around their homes. If you’ve got kids leaving lights on, and it seems like chaos to keep up with everything that’s humming and thrumming around your home, get back some peace of mind with this high-end monitor.

Electricity Usage Monitor, Briidea Power Consumption Watt Voltage Amp Meter Tester with 2 Outlets

electricity usage monitor, briidea power consumption watt voltage amp meter tester with 2 outlets

Monitor two devices at once with this power strip electric monitor. Easy-to-use buttons allow you to switch back and forth to see the readings independently. You can also monitor Watts, Volts, Amps, Hertz, and Kilowatts per hour. Not only can you get more use out of your outlets with this space-saving option, but you can keep a close eye on more than one of your appliances with a simple-to-read and use interface. It also has memory, so in the case of a power outage, you can retrieve the information and erase it manually. This device is recommended for smaller appliances that won’t exceed the 10 amp limit, so buyers looking to get more out of a simple, small device electricity monitor than a single device tracker can provide would be satisfied with the Briidea.

MarCELL 4G Multisensor

marcell 4g multisensor

Connected through your 4G cell network, not WiFi, this monitor is great for outdoor use in your shed or greenhouse. This unique energy usage monitor also measures temperature and humidity, making it a great option for people who need monitoring in areas where their devices may be sensitive to moisture and temperature. If your tracking area exceeds a certain temperature, humidity, or if you lose power, you’ll get a notification through your preferred contact method. If you do lose power, the sensor also runs on a Lithium-Ion battery that lasts up to 48 hours, meaning you can still get notifications on your device when there’s an outage. This more travel-friendly option is suitable for people living in mobile homes, gardeners, boating enthusiasts, brewers, and many more. 

Outdoor Smart Plug, Energy Monitoring & Timer Function

outdoor smart plug, energy monitoring & timer function

Holiday decorators and decked-out patio owners may be interested in this outdoor, voice-activated monitor. With two outlets, you can monitor devices through the app, set them on a timer, and control them with voice-activated home products like Alexa. Waterproof and with built-in surge and overheating protection, this device is well-suited for people who have displays or appliances outside of their home and are curious about energy usage or would like more control over their energy usage. The app also allows you to integrate other smart devices and control them from anywhere in the world. For more indoor devices, an additional purchase of smart plugs is required.

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

kasa smart plug power strip

Interestingly enough, the Kasa power strip doesn’t advertise its energy monitoring capabilities. What’s really cool about this strip is that you can basically control your home office, gaming station, or wall of appliances with only your voice. Each of your six outlets can be voice-controlled with your Alexa or Google home device (although you can also control them from the app), and you have 3 USB plug-ins. The Kasa smart app is where all of the energy usage information will go. From this screen, you can see your current power usage, total kilowatts per hour usage, daily average, total weekly energy consumption, and your monthly daily average and total energy consumption. For remote workers and people who spend a lot of time on just a few of their devices, this is a simple and effective way to see how much energy you’re using while also having complete control of each of your smart devices from anywhere in the world.

SONOFF IW100 Smart Outlet

sonoff iw100 smart outlet

A sleeker one-outlet option, the SONOFF device monitors and controls one high-energy device and is safe for your big users like the washer. Similar to other higher-end options, it offers voice-control compatible with your home devices, the app can connect to other smart plugs, and you get all of your power usage information in the app instead of on a small screen directly on the device. One highly useful feature of the app is its cost projection capabilities. Not only will it tell you the energy consumption of your devices and give you instant control from your phone, but it will also estimate the monthly cost for your devices on your next bill. Reviewers have said it has helped them to save money on bills when their kids leave their TVs on, as they can double-check that everything’s off away from home. This device is great for families concerned about one high-energy device but is easy to integrate into a smart household.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is energy monitoring important?

Depending on the needs of a household, an energy monitor can be important for preventing a house fire, lowering bills, lowering carbon emissions, or simply tracking when kids get home from school. In the grand scheme of things, monitoring how much energy you use and adjusting to be more energy-efficient and energy conscious can help lower the demand for energy and be more environmentally friendly.

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