30 Best Farmhouse Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas


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4 months ago

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A farmhouse bathroom design is ideal if you want a fresh and rustic look for your bathroom. 

The bathroom is a place to experiment with different textures and colors. A sliding barn door in a farmhouse bathroom is an eye-catching addition. An antique-style wooden crate filled with hydrangea blossoms and blue-tinted mason jars complements the classic country design of the room. 

Best Farmhouse Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom design is popular for a variety of reasons. For starters, it’s extremely useful. This design has plenty of storage space. Mason jars are ideal for storing small items. Wicker or metal baskets should be used to store larger items. 

Plants can also be used to add a natural glow to your bathroom. They will add color to your walls while also improving air quality. In addition to plants, reclaimed wood shelves and candles can be placed on them. You can even hang a “Farmhouse” sign over the sink. 

Another reason for the popularity of farmhouse bathroom design is its simplicity. A farmhouse bathroom, for example, isn’t limited to a single sink. Instead, install several sinks in different locations and mix and match them. 

A farmhouse bathroom does not have to look rural. The decor emphasizes the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. Subway tile will look great next to a rustic wood vanity. 

Here are the 30 best farmhouse bathroom design and decor ideas if you want this type of bathroom.

1. Antique Toilet Paper Holder


If you want a farmhouse bathroom design, you may be interested in using an antique toilet paper holder. They are available in a number of styles and are easy to install. You can find wall-mounted ones, which work well for small bathrooms, or you can purchase self-standing ones. You can also choose a rustic-style toilet paper holder to compliment the overall look. If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you can choose an antique-style one.

2. White and Gold Bathroom Decor


For a traditional yet chic look, opt for a white and gold farmhouse bathroom decor. This rustic interior style mixes wood and white colors to create a beautiful contrast. Moreover, the use of rustic elements like a reclaimed wood vanity makes the usual bathroom decor more appealing. Add a few touches of color, such as a touch of black. For a rustic look, you can buy a sack-like flower bag and fill it with colorful flowers.

3. Antique Window Frame Decor


An antique window frame can provide rustic appeal to a farmhouse bathroom. Choose a piece that is not overly ornate. A-frame with fewer sections is best, as they do not disintegrate the image. Another option is to mount a picture in a small window frame and then hang it with clothespins. This style is more suitable for a bathroom with a neutral color scheme.

4. Wooden Bathroom Vanity


A wood bathroom vanity will add a warm, rustic touch to any bathroom. You can use a vanity made of solid wood and finished in gray hues. This farmhouse-style piece is perfect for storage and completes the look. These vanities can be custom-sized to suit the size of the room. You can even paint or stain the wood to match the rest of the room.

5. Wooden Theme Country Bathroom


A rustic, wooden theme in a farmhouse bathroom is charming. It is easy to incorporate this design idea into a small space with a whitewashed wall. Painting a white wooden panel will create an architectural statement that will make the room seem more rustic. You can contrast the warm wood colors with vintage accessories, such as a vase of flowers. A vintage tub, placed close to a repurposed rustic furniture piece, creates an inviting atmosphere. 

6. Tiled Bathroom Decor


Tiled bathroom decor for a farmhouse design is a beautiful and functional way to create a warm and inviting space. It also protects the floor from slipping and is a practical way to keep it organized. A patterned rug will add a splash of color and is great for a rustic farmhouse look. You can even use oriental or vintage-style rugs, which will have a worn look and add character to the room.

7. Faux Marble Countertop


Adding a faux marble countertop to your farmhouse design will create a classic, country look. The primary ingredients of this material are polyester resins, pigments, and quartz. Some countertops will also include recycled glass or metallic flecks. These elements help to make the countertop stain and scratch-resistant, and they do not need sealing.

8. Wood Themed Wallpaper 


If you’re looking for a simple way to add some rustic character to your farmhouse bathroom design, try wood-themed wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is often a rustic color like light sand or even white. It is a great way to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. If you’re not sure how to go about this, you can always hire a professional to do it for you.

9. Handmade Bathroom Sign


A handmade bathroom sign is a simple way to add rustic charm to your bathroom while letting others know what is expected in the space. A typical painting can be the inscription, or you can have it personalized. The only limitation is your creativity. You can choose any type of sign that you like. For a rustic farmhouse feel, a distressed wood sign is perfect.

10. Wooden Floating Shelves


A floating shelf is an excellent decorative item for a farmhouse bathroom design. These rustic wooden shelves are made with a farmhouse texture and can accommodate large items. Some of these shelves have built-in features like a towel bar and five hooks. While most of these shelves are used for storage purposes, they can also be used as decorative items. 

11. Freestanding Bathtub


One popular farmhouse bathroom design is the freestanding tub look. This look combines rustic elements with elegant touches like wood paneling. A freestanding bathtub can become the focal point of a large bathroom. You can add some decorative items near the tub to further highlight it.

12. Rustic Wooden Sign


To add a whimsical element to your farmhouse bathroom, you can use a rustic wooden sign. Distressed edges and distressed wood give the sign a charming rustic look. You can also hang a large clothespin or two for storage. A unique sign will tie together your entire theme. 

13. Black, White, and Gold Decor


Incorporating a black, white, and gold color scheme into your farmhouse bathroom design is the perfect way to add character and interest to a plain interior. Adding a few farmhouse-style items to your space will make the space instantly more beautiful and inviting. 

14. Vintage Bathroom Wall Decor


If you’re putting together a rustic farmhouse design, vintage bathroom wall decor is an excellent way to add charm. A simple framed mirror in a dark wood color is a wonderful addition to any room. A wooden board stained with a distressed stain makes a functional towel rack. A wrought iron corbel will add an elegant rustic touch. Jute or sisal rugs are appropriate for this theme.

15. Cotton White Shower Curtain


To achieve the look you want for your farmhouse bathroom design, you can select a white cotton shower curtain. These curtains are ideal for bathrooms with wood tile floors. They will complement your farmhouse-style sink and vanity. You can also add a floating shelf and green plants to finish off the room. 

16. Distressed Mirror with Lights


A distressed mirror with lights in a farmhouse bathroom adds character and a stunning look to any bathroom. With a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, this beautiful decor piece is sure to make a statement. Incorporating a rustic, cottage look into the decor will make it even more appealing. 

17. Simple Wooden Towel Holder


A simple wooden towel holder will add a rustic touch to your bathroom. All you need is a piece of wood, some hooks, and screws to fasten it to the wall. You can stain or paint it if you want to or leave it unfinished to give the space more character. If you want to go for a more rustic look, use reclaimed wood. 

18. Rustic Bathroom Vanity


A farmhouse bathroom design is a timeless style with a rustic look. A farmhouse bathroom vanity can transform a drab room into a comfortable, inviting space. You can choose a traditional or contemporary rustic vanity or a vanity made from reclaimed wood. Whatever your choice, a farmhouse vanity will be a beautiful addition to your room.

19. Wooden Ladder Shelf


If you are on a budget and still want a rustic feel in your bathroom, consider a wooden ladder shelf. These shelves make great accent pieces and can even function as a towel holder. Add a wire basket or an indoor plant, and you’ve got an instant makeover.

20. White Lace Bathroom Curtains


Incorporating white lace shower curtains into your bathroom’s decor will make the entire space feel more luxurious. A lace curtain is also a great way to divide the space between the tub and the toilet. You can hang your woven lace shower curtains using a barn board to give the room a unique accent.

21. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Rug


For a warm, inviting feel, consider a rustic rug in a farmhouse bathroom design. This style includes solid neutral color, a decorative border, and a double-sized rug. You can find a variety of rugs in a variety of colors and sizes to complete your look.

22. Vintage Bathroom Mirror


When enhancing your farmhouse bathroom design, a vintage mirror will add a touch of architectural detail. These beautiful wooden pieces are framed with distressed wood and feature a double-layer frame for depth. Unlike a traditional vanity mirror, a farmhouse mirror is designed to fit over a single sink basin.

23. Freestanding Wooden Rack


A freestanding wooden rack in a farmhouse bathroom will make a bold statement. These accessories add a rustic touch to your bathroom, making them a great way to display your favorite bath towels and robes. They also serve a practical purpose, as they keep your toilet paper holders within easy reach. 

24. Elevated Bathtub with Wood Decor


You can also go with an elevated bathtub and wooden accents. The white bathtub will perfectly complement the wooden décor in the bathroom. You can use wooden shelves as well as mirror frames alone with white curtains for the look.

25. Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet


If you’re planning a modern farmhouse bathroom, a barn door bathroom cabinet might be the perfect fit. The open design and rustic feel are sure to add charm to your space. Installing a sliding barn door is an easy and affordable way to incorporate this look. 

26. Mason Jar Lights


You can also install a decorative light fixture made of Mason jars. These jars have multiple nodes and can hold jewelry or personalized accents. The light fixture can be easily fixed to a wall with a hardware store bracket. It will add a warm light to the bathroom and go perfectly with the farmhouse theme.

27. Metal Bucket Flower Planter


To add character to your farmhouse bathroom, try adding a metal bucket flower planter. It’s easy to make and looks beautiful, so go ahead and give it a try. First, you’ll need a metal bucket and then add a plant to it. It can come in various sizes, from small to large, and can be made out of any material. You can choose to paint it. 

28. Wooden Bathroom Accent Wall


Incorporating a wooden accent wall into your farmhouse bathroom design is a great way to make the space feel more warm and cozy. You could try paneling your walls as this will give a dark look to your bathroom. 

29. Sliding Barn Door


Creating a rustic look in your bathroom is easy with a sliding barn door. It looks just like a closet and has a long track that makes it easy to slide open and close. It is also a good option for bathrooms with limited space because it’s easy to install and conceals the bathroom completely. 

30. Rural Style Bathroom Vanity


The simplest way to bring a farmhouse bathroom design into a contemporary setting is to use a rural style vanity. A simple, white basin sink and wooden cabinet vanity will offset the stark white walls and countertop. It will give a perfect look to your bathroom. 


A farm-style bathroom is a rustic look with a country flair. It’s easy to incorporate elements from the countryside to make the design stand out. Wooden shelves, distressed finish on the walls, and oversized initial signs in the shower or bath create a classic yet charming space.

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