30 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Create a Beautiful Kitchen


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4 months ago

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Kitchen cabinets are typically rectangular boxes with shelves and doors. They are usually divided into sections to allow you to organize all of your kitchen items.

They are made from a variety of materials, depending on the style and price. Farmhouse-style kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are currently popular due to their vintage and aesthetic appeal.

A farmhouse-style kitchen would not be complete without this type of kitchen cabinet. They create the illusion of a large space and are ideal for a large kitchen. The wood has a natural or earthy finish and is generally neutral.

Modern accents, such as stainless steel appliances, can also be used in the room. You can choose a dark grey color for your farmhouse-style kitchen cabinetry or a lighter tone.

A farmhouse kitchen cabinet has a rustic, simple design and an aged appearance. Cabinets are frequently painted white or left bare, with no synthetic materials. Paint is the primary finishing material.

We can assist you in your search for a farmhouse-style kitchen. This article will go over 30 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

You may be considering replacing your outdated kitchen cabinets with new ones. In this case, you should go with a farmhouse kitchen cabinet design.

The most obvious advantage of using this type of cabinet is its appearance. Farmhouse kitchen cabinets have a vintage and rusted appearance that complements all types of kitchens.

These cabinets are mostly made of wood and are eco-friendly. You can choose this type of cabinet if you want to have a low environmental impact.

It can be made from recycled wood or certified wood from sustainably managed forests, reducing your household’s environmental impact. Another advantage of farmhouse cabinets is their ability to accommodate any size kitchen.

This can result in a more functional and beautiful space, as well as the ability to store more items in fewer cabinets.
These cabinets offer additional advantages. They can be designed not only to accommodate specific kitchen appliances, but also to have unique features.

You can choose a custom farmhouse cabinet with a pull-out or a hinged door based on the size of your kitchen. These features make it easier to find what you’re looking for while also keeping the rest of your kitchen clean and organized.

1. Rustic and Off-White Kitchen Cabinets


Off-white kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for the farmhouse look, which is becoming more popular these days. This design style is associated with sleek minimalism, but it can also work well in a traditional or rustic kitchen setting. This look is also very functional and ideal for small kitchens because it saves space. The white color will make the kitchen appear larger.

2. Vintage Victorian Kitchen Cabinets


You’ve probably considered going with vintage Victorian farmhouse kitchen cabinets if you’re looking for a new look for your kitchen. The traditional appeal of old-fashioned farmhouse kitchen cabinets is combined with a modern twist in this look. The wood-based kitchen cabinetry lends an airy feel to the space, while the countertops and dark metal accents add a more contemporary feel. A porcelain sink adds a classic farmhouse feel to the space.

3. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets


You can also choose a kitchen cabinet style that is a mix of modern and farmhouse. Modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets can be difficult to define, especially if you have limited space. This design style is characterized by open shelves, beadboard accents, and glass-front cabinets. You might also want to consider replacing your glass cabinet doors with chicken wire ones. This will add style as well as safety to your glassware.

4. Grayscale Rustic Vibes Cabinets


A grayscale look is a sophisticated choice for a farmhouse kitchen. The warm color of the wood complements wooden accents such as the flooring and countertops. Lighter colors, on the other hand, are emphasized by bright subway tiles and marble counters. Gray is an excellent choice for a farmhouse kitchen because of its cool tone.

5. Cabinets with 70s Color Twist


With open-faced cabinets and a large porcelain sink, this farmhouse kitchen exudes simplicity and warmth. The cabinets have a color twist from the 1970s to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. A second sink and a meal preparation area are also included in the room’s oversized, open-plan kitchen. The classic look is completed by stylish decor.

6. High Contrast Kitchen Cabinets


Using high-contrast farmhouse kitchen cabinets is a great way to make a kitchen look more spacious. Simple white cabinetry set against a black countertop creates a modern, sophisticated space. This design is also very functional since it makes the room appear larger. White cabinetry with black countertops can also disguise any discolorations in the kitchen.

7. Modern Blended Cabinets


A modern blended farmhouse kitchen cabinets style uses neutral color tones in its cabinetry. White cabinets with light wood accents are popular, but you can also opt for vibrant colors. Copper and black accessories also play nicely with these rustic kitchen cabinets. You can choose the exact type of finish for your cabinets and the rest of the kitchen as per your preferences. 

8. White and Grayscale Cabinets 


If you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets, you may be wondering which design style is best suited for your home. The farmhouse style is all about the simplicity and rustic charm of open-faced cabinets. Choosing grayscale and white scale kitchen cabinets will make your space look more modern while still maintaining the same warm and cozy feel of a traditional farmhouse. 

9. Suburban Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets


The suburban farmhouse kitchen design style is an ideal way to add charm to your home without breaking the bank. This design is a cross between a traditional country farmhouse and a modern one with touches of the old world. The rustic wood used in this style has a rich knotted grain, and the cabinets were built around a beam in the ceiling. The hammered iron pulls were a nice touch for this space.

10. Unfinished Vintage Cabinets


If you want a farmhouse look for your kitchen, try installing unfinished vintage kitchen cabinets. These rustic pieces will give your kitchen an authentic, vintage feel, and they’ll go well with a dark, copper-colored sink and countertops. For a more modern look, go with unfinished butcher-block countertops and clean, straight lines. While these cabinets may seem rough, they’re actually incredibly beautiful, and they’ll make your space feel cozy and homey. 

11. Deep Distressed White Cabinets


A modern farmhouse kitchen can look just as chic when the cabinets are white and distressed. In fact, light colors are ideal for this kind of room because they reflect sunlight from the large window. Open-faced cabinets are popular because they give the space a light and airy feel. The deep distressed look will add a more vintage look to the cabinet pantry.

12. Raw Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Raw wood cabinets bring a rustic appeal to your kitchen, and the unfinished look of the wood complements a white porcelain sink and dark countertops. For a country feel, add a reclaimed table or a burnt wood floor. If you’re not sure how to decorate with raw wooden cabinets, consider using a more traditional style with beveled edges. A traditional style with beveled edges gives a high-end look, while the simple style of a rustic design works well in a small space.

13. Dark Wood Contrast Cabinets


When it comes to choosing the right color for your farmhouse kitchen cabinets, dark wood is one of the best options. This style is often associated with a reclaimed farmhouse, but there are plenty of alternatives to this look. If you’d prefer something lighter, go with cypress wood, which is also available in many different shades. This natural wood is much lighter than oak and has a grainy appearance. It’s also a lot cheaper than oak, and it’s still a great option for a reclaimed or old-style look.

14. Cabinets with Beveled Design


If you want to make a bold statement with your kitchen, you can use farmhouse kitchen cabinets with beveled edges. These cabinets are very popular with people who want a rustic feel. These wooden cabinets have beautiful details, so you will be pleased with the way they look in your home. They will match your dark wooden countertops perfectly. For a more nautical look, you can opt for light blue cabinets.

15. Dark Blue Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets


If you have always dreamed of having a dark blue kitchen, now is the time to get started! This style will instantly upgrade a bland space with a farmhouse flair. You’ll also love the combination of white subway tiles and brushed silver hardware, which will bring the entire look together. Dark blue farmhouse kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen look sophisticated as well as vintage.  

16. Distressed Raw Wood Cabinets


If you are renovating your kitchen, you should consider installing distressed raw wood farmhouse kitchen cabinets. These are more affordable and come with a rustic charm. They are also an excellent option for small kitchens. The farmhouse design also provides ample storage places. These cabinets have a warm appeal, which is complemented by dark-stained countertops.

17. Metal Kitchen Cabinets with Crate


Metal farmhouse kitchen cabinets with crates are a stylish way to update an outdated or tired kitchen. Unlike the traditional wood-grain look, these cabinets are made of metal. They are also very durable, making them the perfect choice for a long-term investment. They come with lots of storage space, and they can also make a small kitchen appear larger.

18. Kitchen Cabinets with Chicken Wire


Adding chicken wire to kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to add a rustic element to your space. Until a few years ago, this material was rarely used to make cabinet doors, but now it is a popular choice for a more traditional look. It looks rustic and suits cabinets with glass doors because it’s sturdy and won’t break if something bumps into it.

19. Rustic and Vintage Kitchen Cabinets


A rustic and vintage farmhouse kitchen can be done with white cabinets and black or grey accents. This will give the room a country, rustic feel. To balance out the color scheme, you can use some darker hues, such as grey or brown. If you’re afraid of too much brown, you can add a few more white touches.

20. Shiplap Farmhouse Cabinets


If you’re looking for a unique style for your farmhouse kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. These shiplap rustic-inspired cabinets feature a farmhouse-inspired design, which offers plenty of storage. Dark stained countertops and light-blue cabinetry add a nautical flair. You can choose any color you like, from mint to rusty tones.

21. Classic Style Farmhouse Cabinets 


If you’re in the market for new cabinets, consider a classic style. These cabinets have an authentic vintage look, often with mismatched paint jobs and incomplete paint jobs. A wooden countertop plays well with copper accessories, and a large, open face shelf offers storage for cookbooks and plates. If you’re trying to add farmhouse charm, you can also opt for painted white cabinetry.

22. Cabinets with Black Hardware


Rustic, wood-toned cabinets with black hardware have become a popular choice for farmhouse kitchens. These styles often feature unfinished butcher-block countertops and rusted lower cabinetry. Copper accents are also a popular choice, and they will look great alongside white stone countertops. You can even use a simple black countertop and copper accessories to create a more upscale feel.

23. Vintage Blue Cabinets


A farmhouse kitchen in rich white color is the perfect place to showcase beautiful vintage blue farmhouse kitchen cabinets. This look is ideal for a modern yet cozy home. The pale blue cabinets will make your kitchen feel airy, while the dark wood floor and light oak bar stools will add warmth.

24. Classic Open-Face Farmhouse Cabinets


This traditional classic open-face cabinet has been gaining popularity recently. While this look is often associated with large kitchens, this design is perfect for small spaces as well. White cabinets are the perfect way to highlight a small space, while the rustic finish is a great complement to a dark countertop and porcelain sink. The cabinets have an open face so that you can see what’s inside. 

25. Rustic Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets


A rustic farmhouse kitchen looks great with dark green rustic kitchen cabinets. It can make the room appear larger, but the right counter and backsplash can anchor the look. The wood on all the cabinets is uneven and rough, which is a beautiful design element. The green color stands out against the wood, making it a great choice for a modern, contemporary kitchen.

26. Khaki Tan Kitchen Cabinets


Traditional kitchens have a timeless style, and farmhouse cabinets can add a classic, charming look. These oversized units with a khaki-tan finish give off a cozy feel. To bring out the color, consider installing a contrasting light-blue sink. You can then accessorize with gold or copper dishware and accents placed on open shelves.

27. Dark Oak Kitchen Cabinets


This classic farmhouse kitchen boasts a rustic look and durable dark oak cabinetry. An oversized kitchen island and a second sink complete the farmhouse look. While it may seem bland at first, this design adds visual balance and makes a great focal point for the kitchen.

28. White and Beige Blended Cabinets


A white and beige blended farmhouse kitchen is the perfect choice for the minimalist in your life. The simple color scheme gives the illusion of a spacious room, and it pairs perfectly with natural stone countertops. 

29. Raw Wood Contrast Cabinets


The contrast of raw wood and white is a striking design element in any kitchen. The lower cabinets are made of raw wood, while the upper ones are white. The white and natural colors of the cabinets reflect light from fixtures and windows, blending the two elements to blend warmth and color into the space. 

30. Cabinets with Gold Hardware


Farmhouse kitchen cabinets with gold hardware add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen. The rustic look creates a sense of warmth and homeliness. The rustic wood used for the cabinetry has an uneven grain and a weathered look. The gold hardware complements the rustic look. 


Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are the latest trend. If you are tired of your old kitchen look and want to try something new, farmhouse style is the perfect option. This type of kitchen cabinet is made of wood and exhibits a rustic and vintage look.

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