35 Best Fireplace Design Ideas & Inspiration


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4 months ago

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A fireplace is the centerpiece of any room. It sets the tone for the décor and instantly draws the eye. You might not know what to do with your fireplace or think that it simply is as it is. But the truth is that your fireplace is an opportunity to show off your own personal style and make something absolutely stunning.

1. Simple and Rustic

If you want a simple clean look for your fireplace, painting the brick white is a great solution. This fireplace adds a touch of character with a reclaimed wood mantle.

2. Black with Tiled Wood

Wood adds warmth to a home and to a fireplace but it can require extra maintenance and the color can change over time. This fireplace features faux tiled wood to give the same effect with less effort.

3. Victorian White

Sometimes you want some old-world charm for your fireplace and all it takes is a little tile and some beautiful embellishments.

4. Basic Grey

For a bit of a Nordic feel go with this grey fireplace that puts the extra wood on display.

5. Stone Fireplace with Mantle Cut In

This unique fireplace has a large section cut out above the mantle to display a picture or large objects. It adds a bit of visual interest and matches the cut section for fireplace.

6. White Marble

For a regal and elegant look that is different from the average fireplace consider something like this white marble design.

7. Natural Wood

This simple fireplace lets the quality and beauty of the wood used be the focus with nothing more than a simple protective coating.

8. Simply Smooth

This fireplace is completely no frills but still makes a bold impression. Simple concrete all the way up to the roof and a plain red tile for the hearth.

9. Mirror On the Wall

This fireplace makes the room look bigger with a large mirror above the mantle.

10. Recycled Wood Fireplace

If the idea of a reclaimed wood mantle was intriguing to you, then you might love the idea of doing the entire fireplace in the rustic wood.

11. Decorative Blue Tile

This fireplace has just a subtle hint of decorative blue tile to match the rest of the room. The wood wall takes the majority of attention for this décor though.

12. Chiseled Stone

For a rustic and natural look, this stone fireplace is filled with charm. The chiseled mantle has the appearance of natural stone to complement the stacked stone.

13. Rich and Dark

A bold dark color can help a fireplace command the room and become a perfect accent wall.

14. Dark Wood Mantle

This fireplace is nothing but warm and cozy with its custom-designed mantle. The alternating tiles also add a subtle shine to play off the light of the fire.

15. Spanish Bright and Colorful

For something that really stands out in your living room consider something like these large Spanish tiles. They are filled with color and brighten up the whole room.

16. White Marble and White Paneling

For a clean and formal look pair white marble tiles with white paneling. Simple accents and one bright pop of color allow the fireplace to draw the eye.

17. Metallic Brick

For something modern and unexpected consider using metallic brick for your fireplace.

18. Way Back Fireplace

There’s rustic and then there’s ancient. This fireplace is done in medieval styling with a wrought iron accent.

19. Patchwork Wood

For a rich look that has all the warmth of love with a touch of unique flair consider this patchwork wood design. The white brick fades out to let the wood be the focus.

20. Stone Age

This unique fireplace design goes back to the stone with a primitive stone surround.

21. Chevron Brick

For a twist on a traditional fireplace consider doing a chevron pattern instead of the traditional staggered brick.

22. Aluminum Frame

A new way to get a clean, smooth look for your fireplace is to consider an aluminum surround like this one.

23. Stone, Wood and Entertainment

Your fireplace is the focal point of the living room but that doesn’t mean it has to take the place of your television.  This cozy fire pit location is also the center of entertainment for the home.

24. Vintage Fireplace

Not only does the use of rustic painted wood, a rough mantle, and simple brick give this fireplace a vintage appearance the use of an old window frame pulls it all together.

25. Thin Bricks

This 1930s fireplace features thin bricks staggered on top of each other with a unique scalloped mantle.

26. Barn Door Fireplace

For a country feel to your fireplace consider this sliding barn door look. It keeps the television out of sight when not in use.

27. Wood Pyramid

If you like wood but want something to command the room consider this fireplace idea where the wood narrows up to the ceiling.

28. Blue and Black Tile

Small tiles can be used to create patterns in the fireplace for a show-stopping look. The black and blue ties on this fireplace command the room.

29. Rough Stone and Carved Wood

This fireplace gives a distinct lodge feel with its rough geometric stone and intricately carved mantle. It is destined to be the showpiece of any room.

30. Glass Fireplace

For a fireplace that lights up the room but doesn’t draw too much attention, consider this glass surround fireplace.

31. Mirrored Tiles

This is a fireplace that catches the light and throws it around the room with its multiple mirrored tiles.

32. Black Granite and Tiny Tiles

This dramatic fireplace has tons of smooth black granite to contrast the warm wood walls. The small tiles inside the scalloped edge of the mantle keep this fireplace from feeling too cold.

33. Kiva Fireplace

For a hearth that has room for everyone, this round fireplace is just the ticket. It keeps the room warm and has plenty of seating.

34. Sleek and Shiny

This chrome lined fireplace gleams in the light and the modern artwork above it gives the room a classy yet cutting edge feel.

35. Big and Bold

The oversized mantle on this fireplace is a bold statement in this smaller living room.  Simple accents become stunning when the size is increased.

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