The Best Folding Dining Chairs: Indoors & Outdoors


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2 months ago

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Dining folding chairs are the perfect solution to having extra seating space without cramping up your living space. However, for most people, folding dining chairs have to tick one box only – fold up compactly to make storage easy.

But what if we told you that today’s modern folding dining chairs tick more than this one box? These are the kind of folding dining chairs that will not only provide extra seating when necessary but also complement the style and complete the look of your dining set-up, whether indoors or outdoors.

It’s time to say goodbye to the ugly and boring plastic and metal folding dining chairs you are used to. Say hello to our top 10 picks of the best folding dining chairs suitable for indoor and outdoor dining setups.

Best Indoor Folding Dining Chairs

When hosting your guests, wouldn’t you want folding dining chairs that meet the same level of class and elegance as the entire long table setup? Allow us to introduce our 5 best folding dining chairs to complete your indoor dining setup.

Stakmore Simple Mission Folding Dining Chair

stakmore simple mission folding dining chair

The Stakmore Simple Mission Folding Dining Chair easily passes for any traditional fashionable dining chair in appearance. With a seat back featuring an arched top rail and 6 vertical slats, it fits in seamlessly in any dining room. Your guests will be comfortable sitting on the padded upholstered cushion as you enjoy their company.

Made from solid hardwood and with a steel folding mechanism, the Stakmore Simple Mission Folding chair guarantees durability and stability. This dining chair is available as a set of 2 with the option of Cherry or Oak wood finish – making them a perfect addition to any traditional dining setup.

Linon Keira Pad Folding Chair

linon keira pad folding chair

The Linon Keira Pad Folding Chair comes in a rich espresso finish, making it the ultimate classic style folding dining chair out in the market today. These folding chairs are available as a set of 2 and provide extra comfort due to padding on the back and seat.

This folding chair also features front and back supports for stability and durability. To complete the elegant look, the Linon Keira Pad Folding Chair is upholstered in faux leather, which offers easy wipe clean for the perfect presentation in no time from storage.

Jimena Terai Folding Chair

jimena terai folding chair

If you are looking for the best folding dining chairs that are bold, patterned, and full of creativity, then the Jimena Terai Folding set is perfect for you. Available in three colour and pattern combinations – unicorns, peacocks, and birds – this set is the perfect pop of colour needed to complement any dining table.

Besides, its back and seat padding, made of foam and fibre completed with cotton upholstery, guarantees comfortability.

COSCO Wood Folding Chair Set

cosco wood folding chair set

A white-washed wood complemented with a delicate-toned grey cushion and a contoured backrest, this wood folding chair set by COSCO looks unbelievably exactly like traditional dining chairs. Even better, its soft and subtle colour palette allows the set to be easily paired with any style of dining setup.

These chairs are made of premium wood hence built for long-lasting home use. Besides, the COSCO chair set features an instant locking mechanism for stability that kicks in as soon as the chair is in an open position.

Frontgate Modern Chippendale Folding Chairs

frontgate modern chippendale folding chairs

Available as a set of 2, the Frontgate Modern Chippendale folding chairs come with high-density foam cushioned seats for maximum comfort. What’s more, the cushions are covered in cream beige performance polyester fabric making them easy to clean and maintain.

These folding chairs match perfectly with the rest of your dining room furniture – the set is available in 3 finishes: antique white, fog grey, and sable. Also, the Frontgate Modern Chippendale folding chairs are 25% larger than regular folding chairs meaning extra seating space for your extra guests.

Best Outdoor Folding Dining Chairs

When it comes to picking outdoor folding dining chairs, the two top boxes to tick are sturdiness and the ability to withstand inclement weather. Well, more often than not, they will probably be left outside. We don’t want them blown away by the wind or damned by the cold. 

However, for us, it doesn’t just end there; style, design, and visual appeal are boxes we tick as well. So here are our top 5 picks of the best outdoor folding dining chairs to have.

The Profile folding Chair

the profile folding chair

Not many folding dining chairs can take your breath away as easily as the Profile folding chair. Brought to life by the skateboarders-turned-designers Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown, this folding chair is every bit aesthetic, clean, and sleek.

The Profile folding chair presents itself as the ultimate minimalist folding chair. It is made of a stainless steel folding frame paired with an ash wood seat and backrest. It can even tempt you to make it your standard dining furniture for outdoor space instead of pulling it only when needing extra seating furniture.

Winsome Robin 4-Piece Folding Chair Set

winsome robin 4-piece folding chair set

The Winsome Robin 4-Piece Folding Chair Set is another ideal option for a minimalist outdoor dining space. This set of 4 wooden folding chairs is designed with double-bar backs to offer maximum support when sitting, slatted seats that guarantee your comfort, and a sealed wood finish for ease when cleaning.

Available in four different finishes – warm teak, natural finish, rich walnut, and bright white – you will be spoilt for choice as you shop for the finish to complement your outdoor dining space.

Statra Bamboo Folding Accent Outdoor Dining Chair

statra bamboo folding accent outdoor dining chair

If you are looking for outdoor folding dining chairs that offer extra comfort, the Statra Bamboo folding accent outdoor dining chairs will be perfect for you. This set of 2 chairs comes with thick padded cushions for the seats. Even better, the padded cushions are detachable from the seats to allow easy cleaning when necessary.

Carefully designed with a curved back, you can be assured of maximum support when seated. The Statra Bamboo folding accent outdoor dining chairs also come in multiple colours for the frame and fabric options for the upholstery.

Casual Home Director’s Chair

casual home director's chair

The Casual Home Director’s chair is an extremely functional, comfortable, and convenient outdoor folding dining chair. It is made up of 100% solid wood to guarantee its durability. What’s more, the folding chair is designed with a canvas fabric backrest and built-in armrests for maximum comfort.

Have fun picking out the ideal elements of this folding chair to match your outdoor aesthetic. It is available in four frames: Natural Frame, Black Frame, White Frame and Honey Oak Frame. A simple fold will have the Casual Home Director’s chair out of your space when not in use.

Prego Teak Folding Dining Chair

prego teak folding dining chair

The Prego Teak Folding Dining Chair is a classic furniture piece that will forever be in style. It is made of A-Grade teak; hence great quality and durability are guaranteed. The slender slats that make up the backrest and seat are exquisitely designed to offer maximum comfort.

When it comes to storage, the Prego Teak Folding Dining Chair conveniently folds flat, taking up the least possible space and making it easy to stack a number together to put away. This timeless folding dining chair will add a touch of elegance to any outdoor dining setup.

Our 5 point checklist for choosing the best folding dining chairs for your space

Folding dining chairs can be not only functional but also beautiful and stylish. But before you go out shopping for a folding dining chair, here’s our 5 point checklist for choosing the best folding dining chairs for your space.

1. Dimensions and Size

You want to ensure that your folding dining chairs blend in with your current dining chairs as much as possible. The first elements to consider to make this possible are the size and height.

It may not be possible to get similar dimensions, but close is good enough. Plus, you don’t want any of your guests feeling uncomfortable while eating or in conversations at the dining table because their chair is considerably shorter or smaller than the rest. Therefore, measure the backrest height of your current dining chairs and seat dimensions to guide you as you shop for your ideal folding dining chairs.

2. Shape and Design

Dining folding chairs can come in unique designs. It is important to consider the shape and design of your current dining chairs and furniture, then choose folding chairs that easily complement what you already have. Pay attention to the leg shapes of dining folding chairs to ensure they are compatible with your standard dining chairs as you shop.

3. Frame Material and Finishing

The goal is not to find similar folding dining chairs to your standard ones but rather those that complete and complement the look and feel. This is where your choice in frame material and finishing comes into play.

Whether you opt for folding dining chairs made of solid wood, metal, manufactured wood (MDF), high-density acrylic, or even heavy-gauge stainless steel, ensure the finishing adds visual appeal and is cohesive with your dining setup.

4. Upholstered vs Non-upholstered

Non-upholstered folding dining chairs come with the benefit of ease in cleaning. However, upholstered folding dining chairs tend to offer a more classy and stylish look to any dining setup while guaranteeing comfort at the same time. If you opt for non-upholstered folding dining, you can consider options that feature molded or ergonomic seat designs to enjoy maximum comfort.

For upholstered folding dining chairs, leather and vinyl fabrics are stain-resistant and easily wiped clean. Alternatively, you can opt for upholstered folding dining chairs whose cushions feature removable covers that are easily cleaned separately.

5. Colours and Prints

Whether it’s working with the element of popping colours, contrasting textures, or visually intriguing patterns, we encourage you to experiment with colours and prints when it comes to finding the best folding dining chairs. Even though the primary goal for having folding dining chairs is to provide extra seating space, they should not appear detached from the rest of the dining setup. 

Consider colours and prints that will add to and blend with the overall style and feel of your outdoor or indoor dining setup when shopping for your folding dining chairs. 

Keep Your Seating Space Stylish

You can now host your extra guests with plenty of seating space and great style too. We hope our top 10 picks of the best folding dining chairs have inspired you. It’s time to spruce up your space, get rid of those eyesore folding chairs stashed in your store or garage, and bring in new ones that are full of colour, unique in design, and cohesive with your aesthetic.

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