45 Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas


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4 months ago

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Your front door is the first impression many people will have of your home. You want it to be welcoming and an indication of the rest of the home. A good flower pot can completely transform the look of your front entryway and add plenty of charm and color. It isn’t just about the pot either, it is about the flowers and plants within the pot and how the pot is displayed that really makes all the difference in transforming your front porch.

1. House Number Flower Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 01

If you are looking for a way to display your house number with some color and charm these adorable flower pots are a perfect choice. Each pot has a different number and they can be painted to match your house color.

2. Giant Flower Pots for Trees

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 02

If you have a big space to fill then one idea might be to get a big pot. These pots are large enough to even plant trees and they definitely make a big impression. The pots can also be filled with flowers to add more color. The benefit of putting trees in pots is that they can be easily moved when you want to change the décor.

3. Olive Buckets

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 03

For a bit of rustic charm, these large olive buckets are perfect for a range of different plants. A big batch of flowers adds a splash of welcoming color. The best thing about these pots is that if they rust or patina, it only adds to their vintage charm.

4. Metal Square Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 04

These modern metal square pots are filled with ferns and flowers. Their dark color of the metal pot is softened by the lighter colors of the plants. The metal pots are also durable and will hold up to the elements.

5. Antique Shaped Clay Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 05

These clay pots are shaped like those of ancient Greece and bring some old-world charm to this entryway. The light pastel color makes a beautiful contrast to the deep green of the plants. The clay pots are versatile in that they can be left unfinished or painted to suit your individual tastes.

6. Crooked Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 06

Even the most basic of pots can be eye-catching and decorative if they are displayed in a unique manner. This topsy turvy plants grab the eye and turn simple plants and pots into something cute and fun. This takes a bit of work to put together and it can be hard to replace the plants when the time comes, but the extra effort is definitely worth it.

7. Milk Jug Planter

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 07

Sometimes repurposing something old can make a tired old doorway look brand new. This vintage milk jug adds some country charm to this doorway. The tall jug raises the plants up high so that they catch the eye.

8. Red Pots and Topiaries

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 08

These bright red pots draw the eye and brighten up a dark entryway. The white flowers spilling out over the top of the pots add a bold contrast and the spiral topiaries draw the eye up and toward the door. These plants are easy to maintain and look great.

9. Porch Pillar Pot

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 09

Sometimes what you need for your potted plants is a bit of height. This idea repurposes an old porch pillar to display an overflowing pot of flowers. The porch pillar adds a bit of warm country charm and the feel of a front porch even if you don’t have space for one.

10. Candle Pot

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 10

This is another way to make simple clay pots stand out. By layering two pots you can have flowers and candles to decorate your front entryway. The smaller pot protects the plants from the warmth of the candle yet still allows the light to illuminate the flowers.

11. Oil Rubbed Bronze

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 11

These gorgeous planters have their own vintage style of dark oil rubbed bronze. The circle of rods on the top adds style while displaying the flowers planted within. The dark pots are a great choice to contrast against a lighter color home.

12. Simple Boxes

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 12

Sometimes it is best to let the flowers and the plants take center stage. These simple black square pots put all the attention on the mix of flowers inside the pots. With a variety of colors and heights, the plants really stand out against the home.

13. Sculpted Trees in Large Shining Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 13

These tall trees stand on either side of the front door and are an elegant touch to a grand entryway. The shiny pots are a bold modern touch and complement the dark front door. The shine on the pots also catches the light and brightens up a shadowed doorway.

14. Polka Dot Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 14

These brightly colored pots add plenty of fun and funky charm to the doorway. The contrasting color draws the eye and the monogram adds a very personal touch. The color can be changed to suit individual tastes as well. The pots might overshadow the flowers a bit but it’s worth it.

15. Wicker Baskets

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 15

These adorable wicker baskets come in a range of sizes and are perfect for a front porch. These wicker baskets are filled with different tones of purple flowers to add variety while still keeping to a color scheme. You can add warmth and color to any space large or small.

16. Fruit Basket Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 16

Sometimes the best pots come from turning old objects into new planters. These large fruit baskets are perfect for large plants and they add a rustic touch to the front entryway. They made need to be treated to be resistant to the elements.

17. Large Blue Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 17

Large pots can be great to make a large entryway look warmer and more welcoming. They can also be great for adding more color to a dull front porch. The taller pots are good for a tall entry where smaller pots might get lost in the mix.

18. Watering Cans

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 18

Watering cans are typically used to water plants but here they are used as adorable planters. They are great for a front door that opens to a garden or just one that would like to invoke a garden atmosphere. The large plants in these watering cans are the perfect accent to the steps of this front porch.

19. Varieties of Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 19

Sometimes getting a variety of different pots can add interest and character to a front door. These pots come in different colors and sizes which brightens up the front door. The different pots are filled with similar flowers to pull the design together.

20. Reclaimed Wood Pot Display

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 20

Another way to get vertical color and plants to a front door is with this reclaimed wood idea. Two barn wood planks are used to anchor three plain clay pots in a vertical column. The simple green plants let the rustic wood be the main focus.

21. Similar but Different

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 21

One way to build a cohesive design is to use pots that are the same color and design but different sizes can add visual interest. It is great for steps or different sections of the front porch. The large pots are perfect for the oversized vines on this front porch while the smaller pot is just the right size for smaller plants.

22. Rectangle Planter

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 22

This simple rectangle planter is just enough to add a pop of color to the front door. The simple wood table allows the colorful red flowers to take center stage while raising up the flowers to draw the eye to the door.

23. Make Some Minions

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 23

Sometimes planters can be even more fun than you expected. These adorable minion planters are made from numerous smaller pots painted to look like cartoon characters. The brightly colored minions are sure to draw attention and be as much fun to display as they are to make.

24. Layered Plants

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 24

Sometimes the pot is not what is important as the plants within. This simple copper pot fades into the steps of the porch while the variety of fall flowers are what grabs the attention. A range of different plants of varying heights adds tons of color to this front door.

25. Matching Colors

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 25

If you really want the plants to take the focus over the pot then choose a pot that matches the outside color of the walls. The tall trees are the main focus while the flowers add just a touch of color against the tan of the walls and the pot.

26. Overflowing Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 26

If you really just want pops of color for your front doorstep then these overflowing plants are a perfect choice. They bloom out over the top of the pot and spill over letting the pots go unnoticed. It adds the color of the plants to the front door without worrying about the color or design of the pot.

27. Metal Tub Flower Pot

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 27

This rustic design is perfect for any country home. The metal basin is reminiscent of old washing tubs and the wood frame is just right for a climbing vine. A climbing vine is a good way to add visual height without a large planter or tree.

28. Matching Sculpted Plants

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 28

If you have sculpted plants throughout your front yard or similar colored flowers, a pot can be a way to bring those plants all the way to the front door. This design features a simple gray pot that allows the round sculpted shrubs to follow the front path to the front door.

29. Small Pots for Big Entry

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 29

While a big entry might seem like it needs large pots to fill it or compete with the large columns. But in this design the small short pots make the entryway look even bigger and a create a bold contrast to the white columns.

30. Large Pots and Big Leaves

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 30

If you want to make a big and bold impression for your front entry, then large pots matched with large plants are a great choice. These large leafed plants fill the space and the tropical style pots add an island feel to the front door.

31. Concrete Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 31

For a bit of an industrial look that still adds plenty of color to the front porch, consider concrete pots. The variety of shapes add character but the flowers become the main focus. A variety of spring flowers give this front porch the warmth the concrete pots lack.

32. Matching The Front Door

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 32

To add some cohesiveness and contrast to your front entryway consider matching the color of the pots to the color of the front door. This is great for homes with a front door that drastically contrasts with the color of the rest of the home.

33. Fairy Garden Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 33

For a bit of fun and whimsy considered these layered pots. The simple clay pots don’t draw much attention themselves but it’s the tiny plants and fairy accents that draw the attention. The little house and animals are too cute to be overlooked.

34. Rustic Wood Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 34

These rustic pots are perfect for drawing the eye upward and drawing attention to the plants. The wood pots with rope accents are reminiscent of old barn wood to add an inviting country to feel to the front door. They are also quite durable to hold up to the elements and the water from the plants.

35. Pots on Crates

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 35

Another way to raise pots up and give them some visual interest and rustic flair is to stack them on crates. The similar colors of these pots make them match together even though they are different sizes. The plants are also similar in color even if they are a different type which also ties the look together.

36. Contrasting Color

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 36

For something bold and bright, consider pots that contrast with the rest of the colors of the home. The brilliant green of these pots contrasts with the bright orange of the door and really draws the eye. The simple trees let the pots be the focal point.

37. Matching Stain

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 37

These wooden barrels perfectly complement this front porch because they are stained to match the wood deck of the porch. The matching colors bring the pots together with the floor and allow the colorful flowers to be the focal point. This is a great option and can be done to match any deck color or house trim.

38. Metal Buckets

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 38

Metal buckets add a touch of shine and simple charm to this front door. The gray of the floor blends nicely with the metal buckets and the plain green ferns stand out against the neutral colors. The addition of flags adds a patriotic flair.

39. Urns

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 39

These ornate urn pots are a great way to showcase a sculpted topiary bush. The white flowering vines around the doorway take center stage but the urns are pretty enough to hold their own. The darker tone of the urns stands out against the white flowers.

40. Tall Blue Pot

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 40

If you have a small front entry then you can add plenty of dramatic flair with a large pot. This pot matches the blue theme of the front door and accents while offering a bit of greenery with the plants. The height of the pot is what really stands out and the shine on the pot makes it catch and reflect the light to highlight the plants and the doorway.

41. Same Color Different Texture

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 41

Pots can have the same color but present a very different feel. This black wicker basket pot is a good complement to the shiny clay pot and the black flower pot holder. The similarly colored flowers also help tie everything together.

42. Two Tone Square Planter

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 42

These gorgeous two-tone planters are great for a front entry. They have a diamond pattern of dark and light tones that is reflected in the plants. The plants feature dark green with white accents to match the dark blue and white of the boxes.

43. Orange Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 43

These bright orange pots add tons of color and fun to the front door. The low pots draw the eye down and to the pretty floors of the front porch. The varying plants and flowers add color and a miniature garden feel to make the pots seem bigger than they really are. This is a great choice for any size of the entry.

44. Bunches of Pots

Best Front Door Flower Pot Ideas 44

Having multiple pots can turn even a small entryway into a secret garden. These pots have so many flowers spilling out of them that it is hard to see all of the pots. The bright blue pot really stands out and is a bold choice for this front porch.

45.  Large Urns and Bougainvillea

One way to add lots of tall color to the front door is with large urns filled with growing vines. The colors of these urns stand out against the white walls of the home and are big enough for the large bougainvillea vines growing out of them. Small flowers add color to the base of the vines.

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