The 7 Best G-Shock Alternatives


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January 16, 2023

G-Shock is one of Casio’s more popular products and is a brand that has taken the world of watches by storm. 

G-Shock is an abbreviation of ‘Gravitational Shock’. The range is designed to provide the ultimate durability and ruggedness that regular timepiece brands cannot. 

The modern and multi-functional Casio timepieces are the most popular watches in the outdoor, sports, and tactical industries due to G-Shock’s reliability and resistance to harsh environments. 

However, as brilliant and durable as this timepiece may be, it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. 

For those who aren’t fond of the G-Shock’s modern tactical approach with its aesthetic and bulky design, we’ve looked for similar watches as an alternative.

While the G-Shock range is, in our opinion, the best option for outdoor sports and activities, it may lack features that discerning consumers are looking for. 

Best G-Shock Alternatives

1. Timex Ironman Classic 100

timex ironman classic 100

If you are looking for a mid-range watch with the perfect balance between price and features, the Timex Ironman Classic 100 is a great choice. 

The handy stopwatch can time you for up to 100 hours continuously. 

It can also record 100 different times. Great if you’re into tracking your results.

So, if you want to do 100 laps around a field or on a track, the Timex Ironman allows you to recall up to 100 laps that you’ve run. There is a 24-hour clock timer available. 

It’s the ideal timepiece if you’re spending the day at the pool. The Timex is waterproof and can go as deep as 100m. Bear in mind though, that it isn’t a dive watch. 

It’s very frustrating when you buy a watch and the battery life doesn’t extend beyond more than a couple of months. 

With Timex Ironman, battery life is projected to be up to 10 years depending on usage. 

The INDIGLO backlight allows you to read time in the darkest environments without a problem. It’s no hassle to see when you’ve got that big, clear display. 

An overall assessment of this watch’s capabilities proves it a capable and durable timepiece with great looks. 

If you’re on the lookout for a less expensive alternative to the G-Shock, then this may be the perfect watch for you.

We recommend this watch for athletes or adventurers who swim, run, camp or work out regularly. 

Bear in mind that the wristband is not compatible with third-party brands and you may find that the alarm is a little on the quiet side. 

2. Suunto Core

suunto core

Those of you who are hardcore G-Shock enthusiasts may not be easily convinced that smartwatches are as reliable as the G-Shock range. 

But, some of the smartwatches we’ve looked at can match the G-Shock in many departments and are definitely making up ground on this leading brand. 

The rugged and durable Suunto Core is tailor-made for adventure. 

The inbuilt barometer can track air pressure that predicts a possible storm and then alerts users to the impending change in weather conditions.

This is a great tool that allows you to keep track of any weather that may affect your plans to go fishing, hiking, and camping. 

The case is waterproof to 10m, allowing you to wear it when swimming or snorkeling. 

The Suunto Core bezels are fabricated in aluminum with a strap made of elastomer. This ensures that your watch will withstand day-to-day abuse with ease. 

The negative display (light on dark) makes it suitable for military use where visibility and camouflage are important considerations. 

The inbuilt compass ensures that you will always find your way, no matter the terrain. 

Battery life is good. This is due to the watch having a traditional battery, which obviates the need for carrying around a power bank to charge your timepiece. Suunto Core claims that the battery will last you up to 12 months. However, this is heavily dependent on how much you use the various features available. 

Should you decide that this is the right watch for you, then you get a feature-packed timepiece with great battery life. It’s ideal for outdoor use and isn’t smartphone-dependent.

You should bear in mind that the dark display may not be to your liking long-term and it is not suitable for diving and scuba.

3. Nixon Regulus

nixon regulus

The watch design is based on suggestions taken from U.S. Special Forces Operations Personnel and could go head-to-head with the G-Shock in terms of durability. 

The Nixon is made of shock-absorbent material so it can take a hit and still maintain perfect time. 

It challenges G-Shock when it comes to diving and scuba, which makes Nixon, G-Shock’s biggest competitor. 

The 100m water resistance ensures that water will always be your friend. 

Nixon Regulus’s silent mode prevents noise disturbances, a vital capability when any sound could affect your mission.

You can adjust the LED screen brightness according to your requirements. The screen can be made extremely dim in low-light environments when stealth is a requirement. 

With a five-year battery life, you should have no worries about the battery dying on you at random. 

Extra exciting features include the dual chronograph, which allows you to accurately track time. 

The Nixon Regulus can withstand any terrain and, for all the awesome features, it is reasonably priced and offers an excellent price to performance ratio. 

The Nixon was designed with military users in mind and offers a LED display ideal for covert locations. Its tough exterior and basic functionalities are offered at a competitive price.

4. Garmin Instinct

garmin instinct

If you’re someone who prefers smartwatches and wants something like the G-Shock but doesn’t want to put a dent in your wallet, the Garmin Instinct is the perfect option for you. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, this watch is right at home in any environment. 

The Garmin Instinct meets the US military standard of 810G for heat, shock, and water resistance. This is only possible with a watch that reaches the performance criteria prescribed by the US Department of Defence for military use. 

Worried about getting lost and not being able to find your way? 

The Garmin Instinct supports navigation systems like GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS, so no matter your location, you’ll always find your way home. 

With water resistance up to 100m as well as two swimming modes; open swimming, and pool swimming, it’s a swimmer’s delight. You can measure your strokes, swim efficiency, stroke distance, and calories burned. 

It’s the ideal watch for outdoor activities. 

Whether you are taking a hike, riding your bicycle, swimming, skating, or just looking for adventure, this watch has everything you need and more. 

The battery life is an impressive 14 days when used in smartwatch mode, 16 hours when using your GPS, and 40 hours in “Ultratrac” battery-saving mode. 

It has basic features such as a notification alert, a calendar, a “find my phone” setting, music control, heart rate activity, and many more.

While the watch is perfect for outdoor activities, it’s reported that the heart monitoring is not totally reliable and it has poor display visibility in direct sunlight.

5. Luminox Navy Seal

luminox navy seal

The G-Shock was designed with durability in mind and the same can be said for the Luminox Navy Seal series which was crafted with navy seals in mind. 

Just like the name suggests, this rugged watch was designed for navy seals who would appreciate the tempered scratch-resistant mineral crystal face that withstands damage or scratching. 

As you would expect, the frogmen expect extreme water resistance and are not disappointed with the 200m rating. This allows you to wear the watch underwater without any worries. 

An added feature is the ability to read time underwater due to the watch’s hands and face illuminating in the dark. 

If you‘re looking for a rugged, outdoor watch that stands out from the rest, Luminox Navy Seal comes highly recommended. 

Extreme durability is on offer to a discerning watch owner who demands the best in functionality and looks. However, this comes at a premium price and is only available in analog.

6. Casio Pro Trek

casio pro trek

Casio may be their own biggest competitor to the G-Shock range. The Pro Trek series offers some of the best alternatives to the G-shock range. 

A great example from the series is the PRO TREK PRW-3510Y-8CR. 

It has mineral glass to protect the face from scratches and shocks, allowing you to focus on the adventure you’re engaged in. 

This futuristic timepiece is powered by solar energy. No worrying about your watch’s battery dying at the most inopportune moments. 

It also offers atomic timekeeping that automatically adjusts local daytime savings in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China. 

Whether you are fishing, swimming, surfing, or merely having a shower, the Pro Trek offers water resistance down to 200m, but it is not recommended for diving. 

The barometric alarm informs you about sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. A very useful feature when out on a boat or fishing. 

Regardless of the negative display, the watch’s visibility under direct sunlight is great. 

To combine a barometer/thermometer, an altimeter, and a digital compass, a triple sensor was specially designed and built into the watch. It is extremely accurate when predicting any weather changes. 

Aside from the noticeable resemblance to the G-Shock, the Pro Trek is probably the best alternative to G-Shock watches. 

7. Seiko SKX011J1 Diver Watch

seiko skx011j1 diver watch

Seiko provides quality watches and has great options for everyone in each watch category. 

And it’s not hard to see why the SKX011J1 is one of the most popular Diving Watches on the market. 

The choice of movement is its biggest selling point as it features an automatic movement powered by Seiko’s legendary 7S26. 

It comes with all the basic features that you would expect to have in an analog diver’s watch. 

These include a waterproof strap, 200m water resistance, luminous hands, and markers. 

And as expected, the automatic movement increases the price. 


Q: What is so special about G-Shock?

A: The shockproof construction works no matter what, even in the less expensive models. It is reliable and performs well with an outstanding reputation for quality. Each watch was designed for use by soldiers, law enforcement officers, and outdoorsmen. They are durable and reliable, just like the men they are designed for.

Q: What watches are better than G-Shock?

A: G-Shock has no direct rival. But watches that come close to the quality and durability of G-Shock, are Timex, PRO TREK, and Suunto Core while they beat G-Shock in some departments such as pricing and features.

Q: Why is G-Shock so popular?

A: It is known as the world’s toughest watch and its timepiece, the G-Shock DW5600E-1, is listed in the Guinness Book for that reason. They have a robust and bulky look to them and aren’t easy to break, withstanding heavy abuse with ease.

Q: Is G-Shock worth buying?

A: Most definitely. The performance of these watches is unmatched because the original purpose of the G-Shock was to be unbreakable. There aren’t many watches that can last you a lifetime, but when it comes to G-Shock, you get nothing but the best. 

Q: Is my G-Shock waterproof?

A: Fortunately, no matter which G-Shock you buy, it will always be water-resistant up to 200m. 

Q: Are all G-Shocks expensive?

A: Thankfully, there are multiple affordable G-shock timepieces in the classic series that cost between $40 and $50.

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