8 Best G-Shock for Military Use


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January 16, 2023

G-Shock is very popular amongst service members. For $100, you can purchase one of the best military watches available. They can withstand the most demanding uses and the harshest environments. 

Any one of the G-Shock range can handle the toughest aspects of military life. 

Many watches in the G-Shock line are designed specifically for men and women in combat. Due to its durability and unparalleled shock resistance, the G-Shock has established itself as one of the strongest watches in the world. 

If you’re after a large, bold, utilitarian, and tough watch, the G-Shock military timepieces are your best bet. 

Listed below are a few top timepieces from the iconic G-Shock range of tactical watches. 

Best G-Shock Watches for Military Use

1. Casio G-Shock: GD350-1BG All-Black

casio g-shock: gd350-1bg all-black

The G-Shock GD350-1B is sleek, with a low-key, stealthy, all-black design, and is a highly recommended tactical watch. 

The black and yellow aesthetic accentuates the timepiece’s military bearing and marks it as a tactical watch. 

It carries just the right amount of stylishness to fit in with both casual wear and formal attire. 

The 51mm diameter resin case makes it a substantially sized watch. It may seem quite bulky, but the watch itself is relatively light. It hits the sweet spot between being too large and carrying just the right amount of bulk. 

The functions on the display are easy to read and user-friendly, making this a user-friendly watch in even the most trying conditions.

The vibration alarm creates an enhanced stealth capability and, along with other notable features, this G-Shock offers up to 35 time zones, a countdown, a stopwatch, and an Auto-LED backlight. 

This last feature creates enhanced visibility in low-light environments. 

In addition, the structure of the case provides the G-Shock GD350-1B with a reliable 200m water resistance rating. 

This is an excellent all-around watch with few design flaws and great value for money. No wonder it is a best seller. We would like to see solar charging and a slightly brighter daytime display, as it is a little hard to read in bright sunlight.

2. G-Shock: GA700UC-8A

g-shock: ga700uc-8a

Since the 2016 release of the GA700, the popularity of this watch has grown considerably. 

It is an affordable timepiece, ideal for someone with bigger wrists as it is an extra-large 53.4mm watch. 

It is notable for its front-facing LED light button. This is considered a first for an analog-digital G-Shock that is on the cheaper side of the G-Shock range. 

The estimated battery life is 5 years, which is longer than most non-solar models with an analog display. 

In terms of additional features, they include world time, 5 daily alarms with a single snooze alarm, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. 

This is a great-looking watch for larger individuals. It’s hard to fault the design and the grey camouflage pattern is distinctive and will appeal to a wide audience.

3. G-Shock: GD400MB-1

g-shock: gd400mb-1

This model is a large-sized G-Shock that features a “bullbar” wire face protector. 

The bullbar increases impact resistance and, combined with its green-tinted reverse LCD and all-black body, creates a tough-looking tactical appearance. 

The GD400MB-1 features an adjustable “flash alert” with an LED light and buzzer for the alarms, an hourly time signal, and a countdown timer. 

We liked a couple of the other unique features, which consisted of a multi-time function that displays the time in 4 different cities as well as a low battery warning. 

This tough, practical watch is a winner and we can understand its popularity.

4. G-Shock: GG-1000-1A5CR

g-shock: gg-1000-1a5cr

If you are looking for a watch that is at home in the outdoors, whether it be a hike, a bike ride, or a camping trip, then there isn’t much competition against this model. 

Casio has created a watch that has both durability and style, meshed into one great package. 

With a big, tough, bulky case (which is a tradition for G-Shock), as well as the slightly unassuming brown strap, this timepiece exudes toughness. 

We think you’ll appreciate a few of the interesting features included as standard; multiple time zones, electroluminescence, 200m water resistance, shock resistance, and accurate timekeeping. 

With a shock and mud resistant case combined with 200m water resistance, super-accurate quartz movement, and hardened mineral crystal glass, there’s not much that can destroy this classic timepiece.

5. G-Shock: GW-9400-3CR

g-shock: gw-9400-3cr

The GW-9400-3CR, otherwise known as the “Rangeman”, comes in a large, green case. 

The watch presents a no-nonsense matte-green tone, which goes perfectly with camo gear. 

Due to the Army Rangers being the direct-action raid force of the country, these agile and tough military personnel need to be ready to act fast in whatever terrain is presented to them. 

Therefore, to honor our heroes, the Rangeman is designed with top-of-the-line durability. 

It boasts military-grade shock resistance, 200m water resistance, and even temperature resistance. There’s practically nothing this watch cannot do. 

Many watches are not able to perform in colder climates because sub-zero temperatures can affect movement. However, the Rangeman can withstand just about any climate and condition on the planet. 

This places the timepiece in a category of its own, featuring -10c or 14F temperature resistance, and world time in 31 time zones.

6. G-Shock: Rangeman GW-9400

g-shock: rangeman gw-9400

This Rangeman model features all the signature qualities that make this watch series as popular as it is today. 

With the trademark G-Shock toughness, a robust and almost tank-like 53.3mm black resin case, this watch offers awesome multi-functionality. 

The GW-9400 is equipped with a variety of features that will undoubtedly increase its widespread application in the field. 

It incorporates the ABC sensor technology (altimeter, barometer, and compass). This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. 

The GW-9400 also comes with a built-in thermometer for extra practicality. 

The digital screen is well protected by a sturdy black resin case. 

The control buttons design is user-friendly and clearly displays the functions. An important consideration when used in a high-stress environment.

The timepiece is comfortable and allows for lightweight construction while still maintaining great durability. 

Additionally, the GW-9400 offers a solid 200m water resistance, which makes it suitable for most water-based activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving. 

We particularly liked the inclusion of solar charging and simple controls.

7. G-Shock: GA-700UC-3ACR

g-shock: ga-700uc-3acr

This large and tough-looking timepiece comes from the ‘XL’ series in a case that measures 53mm. 

You can guess that this is designed specifically for those with larger wrists. 

The case color is dark green and shares the same shock resistance as all other G-Shock models. 

It also has a very neatly designed, simple-to-read analog-digital dial. 

The combinations may at first look cluttered, but thankfully, the large case allows the dial to look very cohesive. 

This makes it easy to navigate the watch, which is helpful as you cannot waste time when using your watch in the military. 

A simple color scheme creates a simple look, so there is no worry of accidentally breaking any dress code rules. 

We liked just about everything about this watch and our only concern is that it may look out of place on someone with a smaller wrist.

8. G-Shock: AWGM100B-1A

g-shock: awgm100b-1a

This model is an upgrade from the G100-1BV. It now comes with a solar-powered battery charger. 

The Solar/Multi-Band 6 model is tough and features a simple all-black design with white analog hands, so you can view the time with ease in low light conditions. 

As the only solar-powered analog model from this line, it is smaller in size than the GA-100 models. 

Consider this as one of the best choices for basic time-telling and maintenance-free operation. 

If you prefer to use functions like the stopwatch and the countdown timer often, keep in mind that opting for an all-digital model with a larger LCD is probably a good idea.

We liked the conservative styling with advanced features but feel that it could benefit from a second hand. The countdown timer is limited to 100 minutes, which could potentially limit its practical use.

FAQ: Best G-Shock Watches for Military Use

Q: What is the history of military watches?

A: Watches only became a personal gadget in the 17th century because men started keeping them in their pockets. However, it took over 200 years before they were light enough and men started wearing them on their wrists. 

Q: How were the G-Shock watches made?

A: By the end of the 20th century, the watch industry peaked and had no other products that could improve. Casio decided that they needed a breakthrough, thereby creating the unbreakable watch after 2 years of intense research.

Q: What other brands of watches does the military use?

A: G-Shock and Casio are two names that appear on every military watch list. A few strong competitors include Luminox, Seiko, and Timex. Besides G-Shock, the classic Luminox Evo is one of the most purchased military watches. 

Q: Why are G-Shock watches so popular in the military?

A: There are many reasons why the military is so fond of the G-Shock, but some of the most common ones are its extra durability, its resistance to harsh environmental conditions, and countless added functions. Some are the EL backlight, which is brighter than most other luminous watches, a long-lasting multi-year battery, timing accuracy, and finally, they meet all the specs that military watches require.

Q: How long does a G-Shock watch last?

A: Generally, it is known for its durability. Casio is confident in their product and offers a 3-year warranty. The G-Shock batteries last for up to 2 years on average, but you can always change and recharge them to extend the watch use. 

Q: What kind of watches does the military use?

A: There are many types of watches for different forces in the military. They all possess some common features which are, preciseness, durability, lightweight, luminous, and compass/GPS equipped.

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