15 Best G-Shock Watches


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January 16, 2023

Practicality and persistence are two words that come to mind when you think of a G-Shock watch. From popular culture to the sports world, and even among survivalists and military personnel; this timepiece has captured imaginations for decades. 

It’s stylish and sturdy, reliable and respectable. Anyone that invests in one is sure to have a whale of a time.

With such a wide selection of G-Shocks to choose from, making a decision can be as tough as the watch itself. One must consider their lifestyle and preference, features, and wardrobe compatibility. In your quest to determine which one is best for you, some comparisons will have to be made. Here are 15 of the best G-Shock watches on the market:

Best G-Shock Watches

1. The ‘Baby G’ BGD140-1ACR

the 'baby g' bgd140-1acr

What you have here is a digital watch encased in 42mm of resin. Designed for women and those with small wrists, the baby G is sporty and minimalist, with a simple digital display powered by a Japanese quartz movement. 

Not only does it have a countdown timer, a stopwatch, and a mute function, it can also help you keep track of 29 different time zones. 

The watch is water-resistant up to 330 feet and it has an EL backlight with afterglow for times when you’re in the dark. It’s smooth to the touch, easy to clean, and you can pretty much wear it with anything. 

2. The Move Pro GSW-H1000-1CR

the move pro gsw-h1000-1cr

This digital smartwatch is filled with functions that make your life so much easier. You get maps showing your current location, barometric pressure readings, and it even measures the altitude at any given time. If you’re looking for a personal touch and the freedom to customize, this watch will let you change theme colors and background patterns. You’ve even got three watch faces to switch between.

Other notable features include a heart rate monitor, waterproof microphone, and it offers mobile compatibility. You’ll also be glad to know that it’s water-resistant to 660 feet, it’ll tell you sunset and sunrise times, and it also has tide graphs for those who spend a lot of time at sea. But, the activity history feature, multiple sensors, and compass bearing function are what make this watch worthy of its name.

3. The Mudmaster GWFD1000B

the mudmaster gwfd1000b

The Mudmaster is exactly that; resistant to mud. It has a three-layered bezel made of fine resin and carbon fiber inserts. The back cover is protected by stainless steel, fine resin, and glass fibers. Plus, the case is tightly sealed with metal buttons that won’t let a speck of dirt through.

This device is also water-resistant to 656 feet and it has a thermometer and an accelerometer. It gives you route information and allows access to different metrics by way of Bluetooth connectivity. It looks big, but it’s actually lightweight. This is quality rugged wristware at its best.

4. The Frogman GWFD1000B-1

the frogman gwfd1000b-1

This solar-powered marvel of a digital watch is water-resistant to just over 650 feet. This is the perfect watch for divers, with scuba-specific functions like depth tracking, water temperature reading, and dive time recording. It’s got a chronograph, digital compass, and it connects to the G-Shock app on your phone at the touch of a button.

It takes just under a day to charge in the sunlight. It’s made for people with big wrists and the all-in-one carbon case makes for the ultimate shock protection. With the ability to resist water at up to 656 feet, this watch can definitely turn a man into an amphibian. 

5. Tactical Rangeman GW9400-1B

tactical rangeman gw9400-1b

Both simple and stylish, the Rangeman is packed with survival tools. The atomic timekeeping on this one ensures you can tell the time while flying from one corner of the globe to another. Time and date, you’ve got it covered. 

LED backlighting for dim times, barometric pressure reading for the weather for the geographically keen, shielding that withstands anything. That’s what we’re talking about. 

Now consider low-temperature resistance and water resistance at that good old level of 656 feet. Think of solar power capabilities that will tickle your sustainability muscle. Be one with the idea of an altimeter and digital compass to top it all off and you’ve got the Tactical Rangeman. 

6. G-SQUAD GBA-900 Fitness Watch

g-squad gba-900 fitness watch

Enter another 656 feet deep submersible; the GBA-900. This is one is for the fitness buffs and athletes. Would you be interested in a daily goal attainment rate and exercise intensity graph? What about the power to count laps; a data-fed process that measures how long it takes you to run a mile, for example?

Triple sensor functionality; check. Timestamp feature to record important moments; check. Solar power you can count on despite all the demanding activities; check and checkmate. If you want to witness fitness, then you better go ahead and get this.

7. GMW-B5000D-1 Full-Metal Stainless Steel

gmw-b5000d-1 full-metal stainless steel

This stunning stainless steel piece is sleek and classical on the outside, while the technology within qualifies it as one of the halls of Famers. It helps find your phone, it connects to Bluetooth, and it can even give you detailed reminder alerts. And at the heart of it all is Multiband 6 automatic radio timekeeping. 

The fill auto-calendar display really is something to get excited over, as well as the time calibration signal reception, which is no joke. What’s more, this timepiece offers 656 feet of water resistance to boot!

8. The GMWB5000CS Men’s Watch

the gmwb5000cs men's watch

Another one for sportspeople; this watch lets you create 20 timer combinations. Step count logs with different exercise intensity levels are also yours to explore, as are the calorie counter and the auto-LED light as well. 

With this watch, you’re getting world time covering 300 cities and the step goal progress graphic is sure to keep you motivated. You’ll also be able to manipulate your watch from your phone and do it all fashionably. 

9. GMWB500CS Men’s Watch

gmwb500cs men's watch

With a unique grid design and a mineral glass face, this watch is a looker. Behind the sci-fi exterior, you get satellite time tracking and different time-measuring modes. It also comes with a mobile link setting that you could probably use 656 feet deep underwater.

Have fun with the daily display which is selectable in six languages. Be one step ahead with a low battery alert, and charge the watch and leave it in total darkness for ten months if you want to put it to the ultimate power test.

10. MTG-B2000PH-2AJR Rainbow Color Solar Watch

mtg-b2000ph-2ajr rainbow color solar watch

This is one of the more premium G-Shock watches and it’s the essence of resistance, guaranteeing protection from shock, centrifugal force, and the harshest of vibrations. The exclusivity of this piece makes it highly desirable.

Analog never looked so funky. The design is inspired by ancient Ancient Chinese lore. Auto-radio sync timekeeping, smartphone link, countdown timer; you want it, you’ve it. It even comes with daily alarms, a super illuminator LED light with afterglow, and 656 feet water resistance; what else do you need? 

11. G2100SKE-7A Transparent/Black

g2100ske-7a transparent/black

This mineral glass-faced watch is not just great to look at, it works pretty well too. It has all the great time features you need from world time to daylight saving and even a stopwatch.

A hand shift feature makes for proper visibility while the digital-analog dial caters to your whims. The three-year battery life makes it the epitome of endurance and a carbon core guard base renders it extremely durable.

12. DW5600E-1V Men’s Quartz Watch

dw5600e-1v men's quartz watch

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most iconic G-Shocks there ever was. The DW5600E-1V is a sports watch with a black resin shell and strap, but it’s more than that. It tells time to an accuracy of plus or minus fifteen seconds a month.

Since it’s in the league of 660 feet deep water-resistant watches, this watch is a scuba diver’s dream. You don’t have to worry about changing the settings by mistake, as the button mechanism is meant to be pretty secure. The auto calendar, multi-function alarm, and 1/100 stopwatch are just the cherry on top.

13. G-LIDE GLX-5600VH-4JF 

g-lide glx-5600vh-4jf

This polymer-banded watch is equipped with a moon phase tracker. It has a perpetual calendar and a tide graph for fishermen and surfers. The structure is impact-resistant with reinforced waterproofing, and it’s light to carry around. 

It resists water just like any other G-Shock on the list. You’ve got a bold color scheme to choose from as well as a multi-alarm with a sound glass flash function, stopwatch, and an EL backlight.

14. GD-400 Black Resin Sport Watch

gd-400 black resin sport watch

If you’re involved in watersports, you may have come across this one. Bar water resistance makes this perfect for use at up to 660 feet underwater, and the impact is no match for it. In fact, vibrations only give it a tickle. 

It has an auto light switch and hourly time signals, in addition to 5 daily alarms, daylight saving, and a countdown timer. It also comes with a full auto-calendar and a low battery warning, and the battery lasts three years. 

15. DW5600NASA21


In honor of NASA and space exploration in general, the DW5600 was created. Though it seems like a simple digital watch, this thing can withstand the pressure of waters over 660 feet deep. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s got an electroluminescent backlight afterglow to help you tell the time even in the blackness of space.

When your alarm goes off, it flashes and buzzes with sound. It has a two-year battery life, several measuring modes, and it’s shock resistant. All of that and yet this watch is so compact it’ll feel like your wrist is under the influence of the moon’s gravity.

What Does G-Shock Mean?

Gravity; that’s what it’s all about. G-Shock simply stands for gravitational shock. This range of watches repels any gravitational stress that’s placed on them, which is what earns it a reputation for toughness.

Why Do People Buy G-Shock Watches?

They’re made to last, even the more affordable ones. It’s a quality range of watches that are trusted by hobbyists and professionals of all kinds. The variety of styles is another thing that draws people to them, as there are just so many of them to choose from.

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