30 Best Gallery Wall Ideas for Your Home


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4 months ago

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Everyone has a dedicated wall in their home where they display beautiful artwork, family photos, and their other possessions. It is known as a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is a great way to decorate a room, whether it is a living room, bedroom, or hallway. These walls are typically larger and used to display art. 

The key to creating a gallery wall is to group items together and theme the entire space. Think about colors and materials and how each piece will relate to the overall theme. You can even choose to use different frames to give your wall an overall look.

Once you have decided to make a gallery wall, you will need to choose the pieces that you want to display. It is recommended that you start by collecting things that you love and hold a special meaning. 

Examples of these include family photos, pressed flowers, postcards, and artwork. If you’re not sure what to put up, try starting small and rotating your pieces. You’ll find the right combination of size and style for your home.

30 Best Gallery Wall Ideas

There are many reasons to create a gallery wall in your home. Aside from the beautiful display of artwork, you can create a timeline of memories and celebrate life’s milestones. 

1. Create a Gallery Wall with Ceramics

30 best gallery wall ideas 01


The gallery wall is an excellent way to display your ceramics. You can use a variety of ceramic items for display. If you have a ceramic plate collection, you may choose to include it on your gallery wall. It is one of the best ways to decorate your gallery wall. This idea is perfect for large and sophisticated homes. However, if there are children in your home, look for other ideas.

2. Family Photo Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 02


If you want to create a gallery wall in your home, one of the best options is to frame your family photos. It can be fun to mix and match frames and styles, but make sure to keep your theme and colors consistent. To make the wall look more cohesive, choose a single style or color for the frames. A gallery wall is a perfect way to display your favorite family photos.

3. A mix of Artwork and Painting

30 best gallery wall ideas 03


One of the best ways to create a gallery wall is to mix paintings and artwork. If you’ve never tried combining two types of art, here are some helpful hints: Try to balance the sizes of your pieces and avoid placing large works of art on one end of the wall. For example, consider a wall that features a mix of small and large paintings. Also, make sure you create a perfect blend of art and painting.  

4. Display Photos with Fairy Lights


30 best gallery wall ideas 04

If you have lots of pictures at your home, you can display them on your bedroom gallery wall. You just need to attach the pictures using a thread or string and put them on the gallery wall. Apart from that, you can use fairy lights around the photos and switch them on to create an illuminating effect around the photos. 

5. Use Picture Ledge

30 best gallery wall ideas 05


Using a picture ledge on a gallery wall is a great way to fill a space that otherwise would be empty. This type of decoration is easy to install and can make your space look cohesive. There are many types of picture ledges available, so it is important to choose the right one for your room. You can put different types of frames and pictures on the ledge instead of directly putting them on the wall.

6. Cartoon Poster Display for Children’s Room

30 best gallery wall ideas 06


If you want to make your kid’s room a fun place to be, consider adding a cartoon poster on the gallery wall. It’s a great way to let your child learn and decorate at the same time. Most kids will investigate their rooms thoroughly and pay attention to educational prints. You can put the posters of their favorite cartoon characters on the gallery wall in the children’s room.

7. Mirror Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 07


A mirror gallery wall is a fantastic way to spruce up a bland white wall and create a dramatic feature. You don’t need to have matching frames, but it does help to make sure that you choose a color scheme that will complement your other items. When it comes to choosing mirrors, don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and shapes. This style can look great with a variety of colors and styles.

8. Black and White Gallery Wall 

30 best gallery wall ideas 08


You can create a beautiful gallery wall with art that complements your space. You can display a mixed medium of black + white and color photos. This classic style is timeless and traditional and is a great way to add interest to your room. A gallery wall can be installed anywhere, from hallways and staircases to bathrooms. You can even create a unique gallery design with a mix of color and black + white pieces. 

9. Put Large Posters on Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 09


Another thing you can do is create a gallery wall using large posters. When putting together the wall, you should consider the size of the art pieces first. You can buy huge posters online and put them on the wall. However, make sure you don’t stuff the wall completely with posters. 

10. Create Collage on the Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 10


If you want to create a unique and stylish gallery wall, you can start by creating a collage. Print out the template, trace the sections, and cut them out. Then, you can use the pieces you cut out to assemble your own custom gallery wall. Creating a template is a great way to ensure that your photos and frames are uniforms. It will also help you create an even collage on your wall. You can also add inspirational quotes or words to each photo. 

11. Antique Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 11


An antique gallery wall can be an excellent way to show off your favorite art pieces. It can be done in several different ways and can include both modern and traditional art. You can mix and match the frames and wall attachments, but try to keep your arrangement cohesive. Start with your largest pieces and work your way down to smaller pieces. Then add more frames to fill in the gaps.

12. A Hat Display Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 12


A hat display gallery wall is a great idea for a home office. These hats are not only beautiful but also practical. Instead of tucking them away in drawers, you can hang them on a stylish hat rack or a rustic-looking coat rack. A few hats can be tied on with leather cording. There are many ways to hang them without using any hardware.

13. Gallery Wall above Couch

30 best gallery wall ideas 13


Hanging a gallery wall above your couch is a great way to add color and texture to the room without overdoing it. While the pieces on the gallery wall should be in proportion to the size of your couch, you can use larger pieces as well. This idea works best for large sofas, but you can also use smaller couches. 

14. Home Office Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 14


Creating a home office gallery wall is a fantastic way to add a new layer of decoration to your space. A large wall allows you to use more pieces and frame styles, and this is ideal for large pieces of art. Choose a combination of horizontal and vertical pieces and center them on the wall. Aim for a good balance of both kinds of frames, as a gallery of pieces should include both vertical and horizontal pictures.

15. Colorful Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 15


To create a colorful gallery wall, there are a few things you need to remember. First, choose the colors that are right for the room. Then, mix and match them. You’ll also want to pick a theme or style for the wall and mix framed pictures and art. Make sure all the pieces complement each other. It is the best idea for white walls.

16. Staircase Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 16


The most common way of creating a gallery wall is near the staircase. The first step in creating a gallery wall on a staircase is to plan how many frames you’ll need. This will make it easier to see the arrangement and choose the right spacing. In general, there should be a two to the three-inch gap between each frame. However, you can use wider frames if you have a larger space.

17. Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 17


Using a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall is a great way to show off your favorite pieces. A few easy tips will make your art display a success. Start by choosing one or two focal points and then build from there. Then, choose a different frame color for each picture. Once you are done, hang the pictures.

18. Special Moments Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 18


A special moment gallery wall is an excellent way to commemorate a loved one’s life milestones. Whether it was a wedding or a birthday, a wall full of framed photos will add a warm, inviting atmosphere to your home. Choose identical white canvases for all of the photographs and place them on a ledge to lean against the wall. 

19. Handmade Paintings Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 19


If you are into painting, you can display them using a gallery wall. Before putting up a handmade paintings gallery wall, it is important to plan the layout of the space in which you plan to display the paintings. Depending on the number of pieces you want to hang, you can measure each one or just wing it.

20. Create Family Tree

30 best gallery wall ideas 20


If you want to display your family history on a gallery wall, you have many options. You can build your display from the biggest frames to the smallest. The key to making the display look good is to vary the heights of the frames. This will make arranging them easier and will mix horizontals and verticals. This will give you a look that you want for your ancestry photo display.

21. Powerful Messages Display

30 best gallery wall ideas 21


Another thing you can do is display powerful and inspirational messages on your gallery wall. One of the most powerful messages you can share on your gallery wall is the message of hope. You can print different messages and display them on the wall. It will give you motivation. 

22. Use Corner Walls

30 best gallery wall ideas 22


You can use a corner wall as a picture gallery. This will give the space a more formal feel. You should place the largest art pieces in the middle of the gallery and smaller ones on the outer corners. You may want to experiment with a corner layout to see which works best for you.

23. Dark Walls

30 best gallery wall ideas 23


Using a dark color for gallery walls can be challenging. These dark shades can overwhelm the room if there are not enough pieces in contrast. To balance the effect, you can add lighter colors to break up the weighty darkness.

24. Entryway Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 24


An entryway gallery wall is a great way to add visual interest to a small space. You can display prints from vacation destinations, your own personal items, or an eclectic mix. Make sure to stick to one theme throughout your gallery wall. The best part about creating a gallery in your entryway is that you can change it up any time you want. 

25. Mixed Photos Gallery Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 25


You can create a mixed photos gallery wall by combining vertical and horizontal pieces of art. When choosing frames for your wall, make sure to keep the same style and color palette in mind. If you’re trying to achieve a cohesive look, consider placing your vertical pieces next to horizontal ones, with the top of each piece aligned with the bottom of the piece. 

26. Soothing Pastel Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 26


You can also create a soothing pastel wall in your home. First, you need to paint the wall using any pastel shade. After that, you can add white or beige frames to it. You can also put small mirrors, quotes as well as photos. 

27. Beach Treasures Display

30 best gallery wall ideas 27


If you love collecting seashells, you can display your collection on the gallery wall. You can use a canvas and stick the beach treasures inside it. After that, you can put the canvas on the wall.  

28. Square Frames

30 best gallery wall ideas 28


Another thing you can do is use square frames on the gallery wall. It will give a perfect symmetric look to the wall. Make sure all the frames are square and arranged in their proper order. 

29. Vintage Pieces

30 best gallery wall ideas 29


You can also display vintage art pieces on the gallery wall. If you have old letters, coins, or frames, you can put them on the wall. Make sure the wall has a dark shade to highlight the pieces. 

30. Childhood Photos Family Wall

30 best gallery wall ideas 30


This is the most common gallery wall idea. You can put childhood pictures on this wall. Select a few childhood photos from the collection and put them on the staircase wall or entryway wall. 


A gallery wall is the best way to add a personal touch to your home. You can add paintings, art pieces, antique things, collections, family photos, and many other things on the wall. You can use these ideas to easily build your own gallery wall.

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