8 Best Glock Triggers


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January 1, 2023

Glock is one of the top-tier names in pistols and they are renowned for a long list of reasons. Somewhere very near the top of that list are going to be the qualities of reliability, and of course, customization. While most shooters are quite satisfied and happy with their gun’s operation and feel, lots of owners like to make their gun uniquely their own, customizing everything they can on the incredibly modular guns.

One of the most popular upgrades that can be done with relative ease and a manageable cost is a trigger upgrade. The stock Glock trigger is great, but there is a world of other potential options out there, and some may be a much better fit for not only your trigger finger, but your shooting style, and even your color scheme.

Best Glock Triggers

Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger

agency arms drop-in trigger

The drop-in trigger from Agency Arms is easy enough that a first-timer can do it in just a few minutes. If you’re still unsure, they will actually install it on a Glock that you ship them. It is available in a handful of colors so you can coordinate with your other mods. The breaks and resets are nice and crisp, and it features a flat trigger face.

  • Models available for any model Glock
  • Agency can customize your trigger even further for you
  • The triggers from Agency Arms tend to be more expensive compared to other brands

Apex Tactical Glock Enhancement Trigger

apex tactical glock enhancement trigger

One of the best drop-in trigger upgrades out there, the Apex comes with everything you need to swap it out, and it pulls a pound lighter than OEM. The smoother, lighter pull may not be suitable for duty or defense. Not universal, so make sure you are looking at the right one for your frame.

  • Reduced pre-travel, overtravel, and reset distance
  • Super-crisp trigger break
  • Ideal for competition use

Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger

overwatch precision tac trigger

The Overwatch Precision is another superb option for a drop-in trigger. It is a flat-faced trigger made out of a lightweight aluminum alloy. It retains 2 of the 3 Glock safeties by keeping some of the OEM parts for the upgrade. Optional disconnector can reduce trigger pull for competition use.

  • NP3 corrosion-resistant coating
  • Indexing hook helps with safety and placement
  • Does not affect drop or pin safety

Zev Technologies Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger

zev technologies fulcrum ultimate trigger

The Fulcrum Ultimate is a much more advanced trigger upgrade that will take more work and setup than a drop-in, but the comfort and competition tolerances are some of the best. This trigger all but eliminates pre-travel and creep.

  • Keeps all three Glock safeties in place
  • Includes replacement for the full original assembly
  • Recommended for competition only

Killer Innovations Velocity Trigger

killer innovations velocity trigger

The Velocity Arms trigger is set to 5.5 pounds by default. The trigger blade is designed with a flat face, but the trigger itself is textured. The anodized aluminum guarantees corrosion resistance.

  • Heavier pull, but a short reset
  • Ideal for duty use or self defense
  • Available in an array of colors

Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger

lone wolf adjustable trigger

If you want a trigger that is versatile on the fly, you may want to pick up a Lone Wolf Adjustable. They are made from billet aluminum. The big draw to the Lone Wolf is the ability to adjust travel without taking the trigger out of the gun.

  • Adjust travel easily
  • Oversized safety spring

Tyrant CNC ITTS Trigger

tyrant cnc itts trigger

If you’re looking for more of an aesthetic upgrade that doesn’t alter your trigger pull, the Tyrant ITTS is the perfect option. It dresses up the trigger shoe while keeping the original trigger for safety.

  • Super-easy install
  • Matches a full line of Tyrant mods
  • Available for most Glock lines

Skimmer Enhanced Carry Trigger

skimmer enhanced carry trigger

Skimmer triggers are different from other brands because they aren’t technically an aftermarket supplier, they use OEM parts. OEM springs, stock trigger, and trigger bar are all kept, just modified to be far more predictable and smoother in their operation. They reduce pre-travel a bit, produce a nice crisp trigger break, but they are definitely more expensive.

  • All OEM parts are used in construction so no safeties are eliminated
  • Reduces travel a small amount
  • Parts are modified only as much as needed

Why Upgrade Your Trigger?

A lot of people intimately familiar with Glocks will tell you that if you want a better, smoother Glock trigger, you only have to shoot it more often. While they are absolutely right, that process can cost you countless hours and thousands of rounds. If you have a dummy cap you could dry fire a few thousand times, and that would accomplish the same thing, but who has that kind of time? You could take out the trigger internals and follow online guides on manually polishing them just enough to make them move better, but go a little too far and they’re done for good.

Upgrading your trigger gives you the option to have a premium, competition-ready trigger in a readily installable format. Many can be adjusted to comfortably accommodate your finger placement or pull strength preferences. If you find your trigger pull is too light or too heavy, you can make appropriate changes to ensure your trigger has the pull weight that you need.

Finding the right trigger for you can make an incredible difference, not only in the feel of the gun but also in the results seen when shot. With an aftermarket trigger, shooters should see a drastic improvement in both consistency and accuracy. Once you have your new trigger, most will be relatively easy to install, some will be drop-in, and some will need a little bit more of an experienced hand to be installed properly.

Varieties Of Aftermarket Triggers

All triggers do the same thing, but the design and operational features all change the specifics of the finished trigger. For triggers that are drop-in suitable, the process can be done in a few minutes without help. The drawback to these is that they are pre-setup so the level of customization is relatively limited. If you get one that requires a bit more complex install, you will likely have more options for customizing the exact feel and function you want and need.

Shooters who compete will need to pay attention to the requirements for their triggers, much more closely than the average casual shooter or gun owner who will be using their gun primarily for self or home defense. Your preferences will also have a high degree of influence over the variations in shooting that you notice after upgrading.

If you compete, you will probably want the lightest pull you can manage to shoot reliably and safely, since too light of a pull will result in failing to fire. While there is definitely a range of values for the preferences of shooters, but the general consensus is to have a heavier pull for duty or defense firearms and lighter pull for competition guns.

What To Look For In Your Next Trigger

Finger Placement

This is something that is crucial to the smooth and safe operation of the gun. Where your finger falls on the trigger is vital for accuracy and comfort over multiple shots, so it’s important to have a trigger that naturally fits your finger throughout the firing cycle & through the trigger reset. If you find your finger rides too low or too high, you will need to find a trigger that is able to provide you with

Pull Weight

You should also carefully evaluate the trigger pull strength that you want for your new trigger. This is one of the more important considerations to make as it can affect the safety and reliability of your prized Glock, as well as your safety while operating it. While a super-light trigger pull is really easy to pull, it is more likely to result in a failure by not causing the gun to fire.

Lighter trigger pulls are easier to fire, however, there is a much larger risk of an unintentional discharge. Since the weight striker will be weaker, there is the possibility that it may not even have enough force to fire. In just about any situation, light strikes are bad, but in a defense situation, they can be an entirely different kind of bad. Be sure that if you really want a low pull weight, you weigh the risks and test it thoroughly.


Many shooters find the default trigger travel is adequate, if not a little bit excessive in pre-travel. One of the reasons to upgrade your Glock trigger is to reduce pre-travel and overtravel, so your shots are nice and crisp, with perfect tactile feedback.

Personal Preferences

There are several other customizations that can be leveraged with a trigger upgrade as well. Opt for textured or flat-faced triggers, so that you can either get the feedback or surface area you need for optimal firing. Having a trigger that comes with a disconnector can be vital for those that want to tweak the pull, travel, and more, without having to change your trigger.

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