The Best Glock Upgrades: Defense & Competition


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September 20, 2022

If you’re familiar with most firearms, you are surely familiar with the Glock. That’s because Glocks are famous, well-known, and popular for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them even better. If you enjoy upgrades and customization, Glocks are the gun to choose. They feature some of the greatest aftermarket equipment for upgrades and tweaks. 

The truth is that Glocks are cool weapons that are well-thought out and well-engineered, and they come with all of the fundamentals right out of the box. This means that none of the modifications are required to use them, but they happen to be enjoyable to install, easy to use, and of course they make your Glock simpler to operate, more dependable, more precise.

You can shoot straight and well with a factory version, but your modified pistol could hit just a touch better, and it’s also faster. Let’s take a good look at some of the best Glock upgrades on the market that can make your favorite little gun even better. 

Best Glock Upgrades

Agency Arms Red Flat-Faced Drop-I Trigger

agency arms red flat-faced drop-i trigger

When it comes to improving your Glock trigger, you want to have something lightweight, quick, and simple to install. The red Agency Arms drop-in Glock trigger is the ideal combination of quality and value.

This trigger is a flat-faced kit with a lacquered red finish to truly draw attention to your handgun. It’s a drop-in design, which means you can put it together in minutes without worrying about running out of parts.

The Agency Arms trigger has a notably snappier reset and a smaller and thinner trigger pull. It’s suitable for both competitive and rapid-fire shooting at the range. Because you won’t be applying as much effort on the trigger while firing, the 3.5-pound draw weight will increase your accuracy. The original trigger pull weight on a fully loaded Glock 17 is six pounds, yet the fully loaded Glock 17 weighs just two pounds. Cutting the draw weight in half will help you become a much more precise shooter.

The update preserves the crucial safety mechanism in the trigger face, which is crucial because Glocks lack a safety switch.

The flat face of this Glock trigger gives the shooter additional control throughout the pull and reset process.

It’s available in a variety of versions to suit Glocks from Generations 1-4 and 5, as well as the G43.

Key Features:

  • Built to improve accuracy
  • Easy-to-install drop-in design
  • Stylish red finish
  • Flat trigger face added for comfort

Silencero Threaded Barrel

silencero threaded barrel

The Silencerco threaded barrel is ideal for recreational shooters looking to add a suppressor to their weapon. The Silenerco Threaded Barrel is made of 416R stainless steel and may be finished in black nitride or natural steel. The high-quality components can preserve your pistol in good working order for the coming years while also improving your accuracy marginally.

The 9mm barrel’s end includes 1/228 threading and a thread protector, allowing you to quickly install a suppressor and preserve everything in excellent working order while not in use.

While it isn’t the most cost-effective addition you can make to your Glock, it will undoubtedly enhance your shooting enjoyment and the practicality of your weapon. This barrel is only compatible with Glocks from Generations 3 and 4. You won’t need the help of a gunsmith because it’s a simple drop-in design.

Key Features:

  • You can choose between either a black nitride or natural stainless steel finish
  • While fairly expensive, it provides great value
  • Threaded in order to attach a suppressor

Hogue Handall Beavertail Grip Sleeve

hogue handall beavertail grip sleeve

The Handall Beavertail Grip Sleeve from Hogue is custom-made to fit certain firearms. Ease, safety, comfort and a more great fit for customer hands are top priorities for the firm. The Glock sleeves from this company are designed to fit over the barrel and stay put once locked in place thanks to the rubber substance.

The rubber utilized in their construction is high-quality and designed to last for decades. However after years of usage, it will not wear or deteriorate. It also helps you have a better grip, which means you’ll have more assurance and stability and confidence when shooting.

The grip’s dots and grooves aid in weapon stabilization to provide a more nice texture when gripping it. This is perfect for Gen 5 Glock owners who miss the finger grooves on the frame.

The grip sleeve serves a dual purpose: it cushions your hand during recoil and prevents the flesh between your index finger and thumb from becoming trapped in the slider.

The Hogue Handall Beavertail Grip Sleeve is a simple and effective improvement for your Glock that will significantly improve its performance.

Key Features:

  • Adds a lot of comfort to your Glock
  • Prevents you from catching skin in your slider
  • Easy to attach and detach

Elite Tactical Systems Group Translucent Magazine for Glock

elite tactical systems group translucent magazine for glock

The Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Translucent Magazine is undeniably eye-catching. It just looks cool and trendy and cutting-edge. Plus, it’s definitely something you don’t see often.  It is entirely made of polymer, which accounts for its appearance and longevity.

Aside from the amazing aesthetic, the magazine’s see-through build helps you know when you’re out of ammo.

ETS magazines can take a lot of punishment. If you drop it on a variety of surfaces or really put it through the wringer and toss it around, the magazine remains undamaged. It functions as though nothing had happened.

Don’t be deceived by the eye-catching design; the ETS Translucent Magazine is built to last.

The mag’s ability to clearly monitor how many rounds are left makes it handy at the range, in competitions, and in possibly life-saving circumstances.

The only drawback to this amazing addition is that it sacrifices covert carry while doubling your capacity.

Key Features:

  • Very strong and durable and can put up with quite a lot of wear and tear
  • Cheaper than most factory magazines
  • You can always see how much ammo you have in the chamber

Ameriglo Agent Night Sight Set

ameriglo agent night sight set

The Ameriglo Agent Night Sight Set for Glock is currently a terrific option available for your Glock and a great way to make it more effective and easier to use when the sun goes down. How can you be sure they’re trustworthy? Well, keep in mind that  they’re the FBI’s and US Marshals’ official sight set. That means something special.

The sights are constructed of superior, top-of-the-line steel bar stock that has been smoothed to prevent them from catching on your clothing and causing your pistol to become caught as you draw it. The design also makes it possible to rack a slide using only a single hand.

The sights are set up in a typical three-dot pattern. A front blade has a Tritium emerald lit dot surrounded by an orange circle, which makes it incredibly easy to choose objects and deliver precise shots, especially in low-light and stressful situations.

Tritium green LEDs are also included in the back U-notch scope to aid with target identification. The sights feature a matte black finish which blends in with the color of your Glock slide, so they won’t stick out.

This sight is considered a relatively simple upgrade to this build, but they drastically improve your ability to aim. This is essential for effective self-defense.

Finally, because to its easy drop-in construction, the Ameriglo Agent Night Sight Set for Glock may be fitted in only a few minutes at home.

Key Features:

  • Can be used in low lighting situations
  • Trusted by both the FBI and US Marshals
  • Will not snag on your clothing
  • Can allow one-handed rack sliding

History Of The Glock

A first-generation Glock handgun, the Glock 17, was created in the 80s to participate in Austrian military pistol competitions.

The Glock 17 was introduced to the armed services pistol test as a high-capacity weapon with a magazine that holds 17 shots. It possessed a polymer-based lightweight frame, a polygonal rifling barrel which was more accurate and easier to maintain, and relatively few controls, including no safety and no decocking. A total of t hree internal safety features were included, which happen to be a drop safety and trigger-mounted safety, to name a few. With just a small number of components (34 to be exact) it could be dismantled and rebuilt fast without the use of tools.

The Austrian military handgun testing decided that Glock’s sturdy and dependable design was the best. As a result, it was designated as the P80. Following collaborative trials between Norway and Sweden, it was discovered that the Glock handgun exceeded all NATO durability criterias, prompting both nations to adopt it.

Glock established a branch in Smyrna, Georgia, in 1986. Glock pistols began to be introduced that same year and were formally released in 1988, attracting the interest of both civilian and police enforcement shooters.

By the 1990s, police enforcement agencies throughout the country were in desperate need of new high-capacity semi-automatic handguns to replace their aging.38 special revolvers. To persuade police enforcement organizations to convert to the Glock, Glock launched a comprehensive marketing effort that included significant discounts and favorable trade-in schemes. The idea was a huge success, and Glock handguns are still used by 60 to 65 percent of all police agencies in America to this day.

Glocks swept practically every important shooting activity in the civilian world. They unseated the 1911 as one of the most popular platforms for shooting competitions. Glocks are frequently recommended by experts as being appropriate for concealed carry and home defense too. Glock has even created handguns that could be used for hunting.

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