10 Best Gun Brands in the World


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January 16, 2023

Guns remain one of the best ways to defend yourself in any situation. Whether random people are looking for trouble while walking on the street or someone has broken into your home, a gun can protect you in any situation. And when you’re out buying a gun, you want to settle for nothing but the best. So to help you make a better decision, here are some of the best gun brands that you can find in the world. 

Best Gun Brands in the world 

The brand of firearm you buy can be reflective of its quality. Furthermore, each weapon’s manufacturer adds its quirks and offers something unique to its guns. So whether you’re looking to learn more about the firearms industry as a whole or you want to know more about the most popular brands before you buy a gun, you can learn more about it here. These are 10 of the most popular gun brands in the world. 

Winchester Repeating Arms 

winchester repeating arms

Possibly the first name to come to your mind when you hear about a rifle is Winchester. Winchester Repeating Arms has been one of the earliest pioneers of rifles, as they were the first ones to develop the choke tubes for shotguns almost 50 years ago and still make some of the best rifles since their foundation 1866. 

Winchester Repeating Arms Company also makes ammunition for various guns, making them one of the last few companies that still do. The company also holds a close affiliation with Smith and Wesson, as the founders worked on the Rocket Ball ammunition and the Volition Repeating Rifle. Daniel Wesson and Horace Smith would later make their own company simply called Smith and Wesson. 

Heckler and Koch

heckler and koch

Following World War 2, Heckler and Koch were German companies that would eventually settle for creating sewing machines and bikes. However, they would eventually become famous weapons manufacturers, thanks to their submission of the G3 Battle Rifle. The4 G3 Battle Rifle would soon become the German Federal Army’s standard battle rifle. And following their newfound popularity in manufacturing weapons, they would eventually become the Heckler and Koch famous internationally.

In the years following their success, they would continue to improve their rifle design, leading to them branching out considerably. Over the years, they would even craft excellent sporting and hunting rifles, allowing them to keep the company well over water.

Springfield Armory

springfield armory

Few gun manufacturers are synonymous with “perfection” than Springfield Armory. As the winner of four American Rifleman’s Golden Bullseye Awards, the company has quickly solidified itself as one of the most impactful weapon manufacturers in recent memory. Not only do they create some of the most accurate and precise guns in the market, but each gun is built to last.

Springfield Armory also has a very interesting story, as the company did not start with the name. Instead, Elmer C. Ballance started his firm that would later adopt Springfield. The company was also the first company to manufacture the M14 rifle. The company would eventually switch hands to Bob Reese, who would later create some of the company’s most iconic firearms. 



Mossberg is one of the most prominent shotguns, next to Benelli and their incredibly popular M4 semi-automatic shotgun. The Mossberg 500 pump action alone has been one of their most famous guns, with the Mossberg 464 coming in pretty close. The most important thing about the Mossberg brand is that It encompasses the American Dream. 

While being an American Manufacturer, the founder was born in Sweden. Oscar Frederick Mossberg would start making some of the famous firearms at the Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works. As a supervisor on revolvers and shotguns, he would eventually create his own company. While they do have really good rifles, the show’s start is their range of shotguns.  

Savage Arms

savage arms

The famous explorer Arthur Savage was responsible for creating Savage Arms, which came out years after the father and son duo worked on guns. Other than being a famous explorer, he was also an inventor, which became obvious when he created the lever-action rifle, the Savage Model 99.    

Before the Model 99 would hit the shelves, the duo would tinker around with the magazine considerably switch it to different locations. In the end, the rifle would ship with a hammerless design and a rotary magazine, both of which were unlike anything that people had seen at the time. It would be accurate to say that his work was revolutionary in the field of rifles. 



As one of the oldest firearm manufacturers on the planet, Beretta has been responsible for some of the most important milestones in gun development. For the most part, they made incredibly influential guns like the M9 while creating arguably the best submachine gun of World War 2. The M9 would eventually become the standard sidearm of the US military during the 1980s, which was the second time they would create sidearms to be used in the military. 

The thing that stands out about Beretta so much is the company’s versatility. They manufacture guns, from pistols and submachine guns to rifles and shotguns. Each of their guns manages to stand out on its own, each of which comes with a unique style and craftsmanship. 

Sig Saur

sig saur

Sig Saur initially started as a small industrial plant that mainly worked on railcars and wagons. While the brand would produce more wagons and railcars, they would also start to manufacture guns for the Swiss Army. And as a fully-fledged weapon manufacturer, they would essentially become a household among firearm enthusiasts, especially those that love sidearms. Some of their best firearms include the Sig Sanur 1911 and the P226 Elite Platinum. 

Sig Saur would also eventually branch out into various accessories and ammunition types for its different guns. And one of the most defining characteristics of their weapons is that they all resemble very closely to their pistols. From the grip down to the weight and aesthetics.

Sturm, Ruger & Co.

sturm, ruger & co.

Sturm and Ruger is a fairly young firearms manufacturer that started its journey right after the second world war. Following the events o the war, the company quickly started to gain attention for many of their firearms, which even includes the .22 pistol that nearly all special forces officials use in combat. The semi-automatic pistol matched the looks of the German Luger 9mm and the American Colt Woodsman. 

That single gun was so successful that they could launch an entire company off it. Following the success of their .22 sidearm, they would even go on to create popular revolvers like the Redhawk Line and the GP100. Through incredible ingenuity, they could create a one-hit-wonder into a household name. 

Smith & Wesson

smith & wesson

Smith & Wesson is a name so synonymous with gun manufacturers even people who know nothing about guns will have heard the name. It is a name responsible for some of the most important and well-rounded guns in the world, which started with the Smith & Wesson Model 1. This was the first revolver in the west that could make use of Rimfire cartridges, which made every other weapon in the world at the time obsolete. Model 1 was the obvious choice to use during the Civil War, and since then, they have constantly been evolving. They are responsible for some very influential guns in history, and Glock only matches their overall quality. 



Few companies have been able to capture the firearms market and Glock, which makes it all the more influential. From appearances in various games and movies, Glock’s line of sidearms is easily their most popular. Some people who do not know much about firearms often use the word Glock and pistol interchangeably. 

What makes the Glock stand out is its minimalist way of preparing firearms. Each Glock sidearm comes with nothing but the absolute essentials, with all of the parts also being interchangeable. They are also a favorite for people learning the ins and outs of being a gunsmith, as the weapon is very simple to use. 

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