The Best Gun Oil & Grease for Smooth Operation


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January 1, 2023

Proper maintenance of your firearm is an essential part of ownership. If you are a hunter, target shooter, or love the sport, keep your gun well-lubricated, which adds to the enjoyment of shooting.

Thorough cleaning, using a good lubricant,  prevents many of the issues associated with accuracy and short-lived firearms.

Keeping your gun working properly requires a consistent schedule of lubrication. There are thousands of products that clean and protect metal surfaces. No other process or product is more critical to the smooth operation of a firearm than lubrication.

Best Gun Oil & Grease

The following post highlights the best lubrication products on the market.

Gun lubrication is a decades-old industry with huge names creating the best firearm lubricants in the business.  Small firms have found a solid foothold, with advanced nanotech and polymer technology for metal protection.

A Majority of companies produce gun lubricants in combination with cleaners and metal longevity. Gun enthusiasts see the advantage of purchasing all-in-one products, and others prefer a single product for lubrication. Either way, if it gets the job done to your satisfaction, that is what is essential.

Slip2000 Gun Oil

slip2000 gun oil

Slip2000 is, first and foremost, a synthetic lubricant, this CLP (clinical lab product) is one of the best protectants and cleaners on the market. The formula is best suited for rapid-fire and black powder firearms where your gun will have lots of powder build-up and residue.

The lubricant is a protectant designed to penetrate the first layer of micropores on metal, reducing heat and wear. Slip2000 contains no silicone or Teflon material. The product was tested under the Mil-Spec 63460D testing procedure. Slip2000 outperformed all other lubricants.

Slip2000 is a cleaner that rids your firearm of carbon, copper, lead, and plastic. The lubricant cuts through each of the materials and leaves behind a bonding agent. Slip2000 is a long-term formulation designed to protect the gun and does not attract dirt or grime.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent solution to the long-term protection and smooth operation of your firearm. The advanced formulation makes it ideal for storing the gun.

Unicorn Gun Oil

unicorn gun oil

Unicorn Gun Oil by the Umbrella Corporation is a full synthetic. The formula resists burn-off and features an extreme range of high-temperature protection. Umbrella developed the lube for maximum metal bonding to bolt carrier groups and barrels. Unicorn Gun Lube will not vaporize.

Another important function, the formula provides a peak moisture barrier for any metal surface. This feature will be necessary for triggers, slides, and other gun actions where rust can be extreme.

Unicorn Gun Lube provides superior adhesion, high bond strength for hot days, and long-term storage needs. Unicorn offers excellent lubrication for high pressure and stress surfaces, preventing long-term damage.

Sports enthusiasts of all types will find Unicorn Lube works well on all their equipment like gun reels and knives. Unicorn is a non-hazardous bio=degradable lube for ultimate protection. All components, including packaging, are made in the USA.

Bottom Line: Unicorn is an excellent gun oil for rapid-fire guns that produce a lot of heat. Consider Unicorn Gun Oil for your AR-15 platform.

Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease

mil-comm tw25b gun grease

Many experts consider TW25B to the best gun grease on the market. The product costs about $20 an ounce, so make sure this is the lubricant you want.  The Mil-Comm formula has received long-term approval from US and NATO forces around the world.

Mil-Comm is a synthetic product that significantly reduces friction on metal to metal surfaces. TW25B penetrates metal surfaces and leaves a thin, dry film that does not attract grime. Mil-Comm has perfected an anti-friction treatment that penetrates metal further than any other product.

TW25B is a light-grease application designed for heavy load applications. Mil-Comm’s Heavy Grease, MC12110, is perfect for extreme loads and pressures. TW25B resists temperatures from -90°F to +450°F.

Mil-Comm TW25B is used by all US military branches, law enforcement agencies, and industrial applications. TW25B works quickly on metal surfaces. The lubricant creates a recrystallized outer layer, which after hardening, is almost impossible to break.

After application, TW25B resists all heavy washing and wear-off. The product is found where firearms must keep running, no matter what.

Bottom Line: If you want the best gun grease on the market, this is it. TW25B is perfect for long-term storage and shooters who need light to heavy grease.

HOPPE’S No. 9 Gun Grease

hoppe’s no. 9 gun grease

No other name in the industry is synonymous with cleaning and lubrication like HOPPE’S  No.  9. Frank Hoppes combined nine chemicals to create the world’s first premium gun lubricant in 1903.

HOPPE’s Gun Grease is an all-purpose lubricant built for any firearm and any situation. The primary function of this gun grease is to protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. HOPPE’S  Gun Grease is a thicker product for high friction parts and long-term storage.

The great thing about HOPPE’S is the company features a broad range of cleaning and lubrication products. Use this solvent to clean fouling bores, with the product creating a barrier for corrosion prevention after application. The company features everything from a workbench to T-Shirts.

Gun Grease from HOPPE’S replaces metal sweat when applied to the bore and exterior surfaces. 937 ratings from Amazon give the product a 5-star review. Gun Grease can be used on any firearm from 1911 to an M1 Garand.

This Gun Grease from HOPPE’S is an affordable product giving every shooter no excuse not to lubricate their firearm.

Bottom Line: Choose this Gun Grease and stick with the HOPPE’S line of cleaning products for every need.

Tetra Gun Grease

tetra gun grease

Tetra is another one of those high-tech companies that got in on the gun lubrication industry over 30 years ago. The company has built out a wide-ranging advanced product portfolio.

Tetra Gun Grease is an advanced fluoropolymer penetrating heavy-duty lubricant. Tetra engineered the product to withstand a huge range of temperatures, from -100°F to +750°F. This gun grease structurally bonds to metal surfaces, quickly reducing friction.

The product is good for all types of firearms, including rifles, handguns, and shotguns. Gun Grease reduces buildup and stays attached to metal surfaces for extended periods. Making the product excellent for storage applications.

This is a heavy grease product for metal to metal shearing. However, be cautious with lighter firearms and parts; the product may be a bit too heavy. Gun Grease from Tetra is an extended wear product that may last for months depending on firearm use.

Bottom Line: Tetra has engineered a grease that keeps a firearm working well for extended periods. Excellent grease for storage.  

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil All-in-One

ballistol multi-purpose oil all-in-one

Ballistol is one of those amazing and successful companies that feature only one product. The multi-purpose oil comes in several different packages, but it is the same product. Ballistol has been in business since 1904.

Ballistol works on every part of the gun, from the barrel to the stock. The product can be used on nearly any metal surface and also works on material such as leather.

Ballistol is unlike other protectants that are basically PH neutral. Ballistol has a PH between 8 and 8.5, making the product highly effective for eliminating mild acids and human sweat. Ballistol contains a combination of anti-oxidants and high-grade oils.

Other lubricants on the market harden over time, oil begins to thicken and becomes sticky. Ballistol’s chemical makeup makes it less susceptible to hardening.  Rather than purchasing a variety of oils, lubricants, sealers, and cleaners, Ballistol performs each function well.

Ballistol can be used with a full concentration on most surfaces. However, as an example, if you wish to polish brass and silver, mix with water.

Why Practice Regular Maintenance?

  • Understanding your weapon better: taking a gun apart to maintain and lubricate helps you to understand how each part works in unison.
  • Reliability and Safety: consistent lubrication and maintenance remove grit and powder build-up for better performance. Residual fouling builds up in the barrel and receiver, creating dangerous shooting conditions.
  • Longevity: quality firearms can last a few years or a lifetime. Proper lubrication and regular maintenance add decades to the usefulness of a firearm.
  • Avoiding significant issues:  a dirty gun impacts everything from bullet drop and velocity to operation as a whole. Rather than waiting for failure, regular cleaning keeps your firearm functioning properly.

Gun Lubrication and Balance

Entire volumes are written on the effects and proper technique of gun lubrication and the correct amount of lubricant to use.  Every shooting enthusiast has an opinion on the right gun lubrication products, how-to, and plenty of tips.

What counts is what works best on your firearm and shooting application.

Lubricants provide some essential benefits to the performance and longevity of your gun. The primary rewards of using suitable lubricants are friction and metal preservation.

  • Identify the friction points on the gun. This identification is quickly made by looking for wear marks on the barrel, receiver, slide, and frame. Other areas of the firearm may need lubrication for friction reduction,  improving the ease of movement when the gun cycles through firing.

The controversy comes into play when the “amount of lubrication” applied to affected areas is questioned. Proper lubrication of a gun requires this basic tenet:

“If the shooter can see and feel the difference between dry metal and a lubricated metal friction surface, They have met the goal.”

Applying Lubricant to Your Gun

The first thing to remember, a little goes a long way. After the lubricant has been applied, if it moves by the force of gravity, you put too much on. Keep wiping away excess until the lubricant adheres to the surface without going anywhere.

If you choose to use high-quality gun grease, the same principles apply. Too much lubricant can be detrimental to the gun. Another point to remember; oil and grease degrade over time, so periodic applications are a good idea.

Final Thoughts

Every firearm enthusiast enjoys cleaning their gun and keeping it in top working condition. Lubrication is a critical product that can mean a few years for your firearm or a lifetime of reliable use.

The products above highlight some of the best new technologies, coming from a few of the best companies in the industry. Choosing a good oil lubricant or grease takes a lot of reading and actual tryouts of the product.

Whatever product or brand you choose, stick with it through the life of your gun.

Every product is hand selected by our editors. We may receive commissions on purchases from a link.

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