3 Best Gun Trigger Locks


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January 16, 2023

Whether you have young ones around the house or just want to make your guns as safe and secure as possible, invest in trigger locks. Trigger locks are a great way to keep your gun safe, especially if you don’t have access to a safe or a gun cabinet.

How it works is that trigger locks have two pieces. Each piece sits on each side of the gun’s trigger guard. When locked, the trigger lock prevents your fingers from accessing the trigger. As a result, you won’t be able to fire a gun whenever a trigger lock is on.

In some states, trigger locks are actually required by law. Even if you do not live in an area that requires gun triggers, it’s still a great idea to invest in these locks for maximum safety. Though they aren’t always as popular as other protection methods, trigger locks are a must for any gun owner for the safest gun experience possible. 

That being said, you have to find a safe and effective gun trigger lock if you want it to work as it should. To help you out, we have made this list of the 3 best gun trigger locks. We begin by covering some important factors to look at when picking a gun trigger lock. From there, we list our recommendations based on the locking mechanism and give an overview of each one.

Best Gun Trigger Locks 

SPIKA Trigger Keyed Gun Lock – Best Keyed Lock

spika trigger keyed gun lock

If you want a keyed gunlock, we recommend the SPIKA Trigger Keyed Gun Lock. We recommend this lock because it is durable, affordable, and suitable for many gun types, including pistols, handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

Most importantly, this trigger guard lock is made from a diecast construction. This construction ensures that the lock is rugged and durable. At the same time, the product will not scratch your gun either. It has rubber pads to protect the delicate trigger within. 

You don’t have to worry about the installation being difficult either. This lock has a simple easy-to-install method. Likewise, it is easy to remove when you have the keys, ensuring convenient and easy usage even for first time users.  

We really like that this key lock comes with two keys. To make sure you always have a key, we recommend separating the keys and placing them in two different locations so that you don’t lose both. That way, you always have a backup key.

All around, the SPIKA Trigger Keyed Gun Lock is a great pick if you want a regular keyed option. It is durable, affordable, and easy to use. You really can’t go wrong with this option.

Key Features 

  • Diecast construction 
  • Rubber protection 
  • 2 keys included 
  • Easy installation 
  • Fits most guns 

Master Lock 94DSPT Gun Trigger Lock – Best Combination Lock 

master lock 94dspt gun trigger lock

If you are a forgetful person, a combination lock may be better up your alley. You don’t have to keep up with a key, but you can still easily and efficiently protect your guns using this Master Lock 94DSPT Gun Trigger Lock.

The most notable feature of this lock is that you get to set your own combination using three digits of your choice. By setting your own combination, you’re more likely to remember it, even for years to come. Setting the combination is easy and fast.

The lock itself is highly durable and long-lasting. It is made from steel and zinc to ensure maximum durability. It even includes a four-pick tumbler to ensure pick resistance. Much like the lock above, this durable option comes with a rubber cushion to protect the gun’s finish.

This gun lock fits many handguns, rifles, and shotguns, but it doesn’t fit all. Carefully consider the dimensions before making your purchase. The price is relatively affordable, but it’s still good to double-check before you purchase the lock.

Key Features 

  • Steel and zinc construction 
  • Rubber protection 
  • Set your own combination 
  • Fits most guns 

BISONLOCK Bison Fingerprint Trigger Lock – Best Biometrics Lock 

bisonlock bison fingerprint trigger lock

Finally, the last gun trigger lock on our list is the BISONLOCK Bison Fingerprint Trigger Lock. Although the last two locks are fantastic and highly durable, this model is by far the best in terms of convenience and security, but it is super expensive.

Whereas the last two locks opened with a key or combination, this one is open using your fingerprint. It is a biometric lock. You will set your finger password, but you can set up to 10 profiles. All of these users can access the gun. There will be two administrators and eight users. The administrators can control the users.

Once you set up the fingerprint passcode, you can unlock this trigger lock in one second. It has 360 degree touch. So, just place your fingerprint anywhere on the scanner, and it will unlock. This scanner is so effective that the false rejection rate is lower than 1%.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about this lock running out of power and staying closed. If the lock runs out of electricity, it has a backup override so that you can unlock the key using a physical key when needed. Consequently, there is a biometric and keyed lock on this mechanism.

The lock is super durable too. It is made from a highly durable metal and is both weather and dust resistant. You can expect this lock to stay in place and not wear down easily over time.

In terms of safety, this lock is one of the best. It is so effective that it has already been approved by the California Firearms Bureau. It fits most guns, including BB guns, pistols, rifles, and shotguns, but double-check the size before purchase. Needless to say, this trigger lock is the best in terms of convenience, safety, and features, but it is expensive.

Key Features 

  • Lock and fingerprint activation 
  • Suitable for 10 users 
  • 360 degree touch 
  • Backup secondary opening with key 
  • Fits most guns 

How To Choose The Best Gun Trigger Locks 

Whenever you are picking out a gun trigger lock, you want to choose models that fit your gun and are safe, effective, and convenient to use. After all, not all gun trigger locks are as effective as they ought to be. By considering gun trigger locks before purchase, you can find the best model for your guns.

In order to choose the best gun trigger lock, look at the size, locking mechanism, portability, and materials. These four factors will ensure you get a highly efficient and safe gun trigger lock that is also convenient for you and your gun.


The most important factor to look at when selecting a gun trigger lock is the size. Not all gun locks will work on your gun. You have to find a lock that is specifically designed for your gun type. You should easily be able to find a specially made lock if you have a common gun, such as a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. Many locks on the market can work on all the most popular guns. 

If you can find a lock that fits the exact model of your gun, even better. No matter what, make sure to read the specifications of the lock beforehand to make sure that it will actually fit around your gun’s trigger effectively.

Locking Mechanism 

Gun trigger locks can come in several different styles and locking mechanisms. There are mainly three different options: keyed locks, combination locks, and biometric locks. Here is a closer look at each one of these locking mechanisms:

  • Keyed Locks: Keyed locks come with a key. This is one of the easiest locking mechanisms because it is straightforward and easy to use. The downside is that you will have to keep up with the key. If you lose it, you won’t be able to remove the trigger lock.
  • Combination Locks: Combination locks don’t have keys. Instead, you will set a combination and rotate dials in order to unlock the firearm. This option takes away the risk of losing a key, but you will have to remember the combination.
  • Biometric Locks: Biometric locks are the easiest to open. They rely on your finger, much like a fingerprint scanner. Although this is the most convenient method, it is bulky, expensive, and runs on batteries. It’s best to select biometric locks only if you are getting a lock for your home’s self-defense gun.


More than likely, you will have to transport your gun with the trigger lock in place. So that the gun is as convenient as possible, find a trigger lock that is portable. Portable trigger locks won’t add much weight to the gun, but they will still ensure that the gun is unable to fire.


Only opt for trigger locks that are made from durable materials. The materials used are what will determine how effective and long-lasting the lock is. Always look for heavy-duty materials, such as zinc or stainless steel. There is no point in purchasing a plastic or polymer lock since these can easily be broken or compromised.

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