The Best Heated Towel Racks – Towel Warmers for Your Home Spa


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3 months ago

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One of the things that make going to a spa so special is being able to wrap up in a fresh, warm towel after a massage and shower. A heated towel warmer can enhance the feeling of creating a luxurious, affordable spa experience at home every day. But, of course, no single towel warmer can meet the needs of every consumer. Just as baths and dressing rooms come in many shapes and sizes, so do towel warmers. With a myriad of heated towel warmers on the market, deciding which choice is the best one for you might seem overwhelming. 

Best Heated Towel Racks

Best Fast-Heating Heated Towel Rack

Amba Radiant Curved RWP-CP

amba radiant curved rwp-cp

The Amba Radiant RWP-CB is an excellent choice to provide warm towels in a hurry. Heating times range from only 10-15 minutes with this radiant hardwired model. All 10 of the elegantly-curved horizontal bars, as well as the two vertical support bars, heat up to provide safe, widespread warmth over the entire surface of each towel. In addition to heating towels, this is a good device to dry delicate lingerie, swimsuits, and other clothing items of similar thickness that might not hold up well in a clothes dryer. It can also accommodate extra-large towels. The Amba Radiant Curved model comes in an elegant polished stainless steel finish that will beautifully adorn any décor. 

Best Personal Use Heated Towel Rack

Mihibi Personal Use Heated Towel Warmer

mihibi personal use heated towel warmer

A personal use heated towel warmer is perfect for a person who is short of living space. This multi-faceted model is especially practical for those who indulge in-home salon services. The Mihibi Personal Use Heated Towel warmer is not only economically-priced. It also comes in a compact tabletop style that requires no installation, and that can be placed out of sight as needed. Its trim design has an impressive capacity to accommodate up to 15 hand towels. This model not only warms towels. It also steams them and keeps them at a temperature that discourages bacteria growth. 
This is a strong, durable towel warmer with a front-dial operation. Its efficient, round design provides an attractive appearance. An instruction manual is included with the Mihibi warmer to make operation a breeze. 

Best Buy For the Conscientious Consumer

Tankula Towel Warmer, Home Bathroom Electric 5-Bar Towel Drying Rack

tankula towel warmer: tankula towel warmer, home bathroom electric 5-bar towel drying rack

A surprisingly high-quality heated towel warmer for the price, this Tankula is fast, efficient, and beautifully designed. With the ability to run 24 hours a day, this powerful towel warmer runs on a standard electrical outlet and only uses 100-watts of power for operation. This is a rail-type towel rack that comes with five roomy bars that can not only be used for towel storage but can also be used to dry thin, lightweight clothing items. The modern design goes well with virtually any bathroom interior. 
Simple to assemble, the Tankula comes with the company’s manual and has all of the hardware and tools needed for its installation. It is artfully designed and comes in neutral white. 

Best Space-Saving Heated Towel Rack

Sharndy Wall-Mounted Bath Towel Heater

sharndy wall-mounted bath towel heater

Noted for its space-saving ability, this high-quality towel warmer is also energy efficient. Its durable and attractive design features four heated racks that evenly distribute heat to the entire surface of all towels that emerge fresh and warm. Ecologically sound, the Sharndy 4-rail towel warmer emits zero air pollution and operates from a low-cost 35W heat output. It comes in a space-saving, freestanding design and can be used in areas of the home other than the bathroom, such as a mudroom or hallway for general heating purposes, or can be professionally mounted on a wall for space-saving efficiency. In addition, the Sharndy comes in an attractive contemporary design with an attractive brushed steel finish that looks great in virtually any bathroom décor. 

Best Luxury Model Wall Mount Towel Rack

Amba Elory E2830P Heated Dual-Function Wall Mount Electric Towel Warmer

amba elory e2830p heated dual-function wall mount electric towel warmer

Winner of the Monaco Design Award in 2007, the E2830P Amba Elory Heated Dual-Function Wall Mount electric towel warmer by Amba comes with nine different settings to help users achieve the exact level of warmth they desire. This model is specially wired to prevent overheating and has a large surface area for heating towels quickly and efficiently, and weighs only 11 pounds. Increased temperature control can be achieved when this model is wired with a compatible external timer. (not included) The E2830’s high-quality, sleek design comes in a beautiful polished finish that works well with marble and steel and mounts directly into the wall. Its lustrous, ultra-contemporary design has great visual appeal and is perfect for luxury accommodations. The unit operates on a hardwired element and comes in various customizable sizes. All hardware and an operating manual are included with purchase. 

Best Bucket Style Heated Towel Rack


tmwings bo9fdpxbr9

The TMWINGS BO9FXPXBR9 bucket-style heated towel rack is a great option for small bathrooms but can still heat many towels. Its simple, graceful style is easy on the eyes and discreetly fits in beautifully with most bathroom décor choices. Toss in your robe for an extra-enhanced home spa experience. The tall, cylindrical style features top-loading and an easy-to-operate control panel. Among its safety features is an automatic shut-off design. This model is attractive and energy-efficient, costing only pennies a day to operate. It is available for purchase in white with your choice of a glossy, modern black lid and feet or a natural wood look that works well with a Swedish-style home spa creation. 

Best Towel Warmer for Finish Options

Heatgene 8-Bar Towel Warmer

the heatgene 8-bar towel warmer

The Heatgene is an 8-Bar heated towel warmer that is an energy-efficient, fast-working towel heater that has a large storage capacity and keeps towels warm and dry 24 hours a day. This towel warmer is available in a variety of beautiful finishes that enable consumers to find the best match for their bathroom fixtures. Its beautifully-curved rails come with grooves that help distribute heat evenly and that also keep towels from falling to the floor. The unit’s sleek, modern design fits beautifully into most decors. In addition, this model has several special safety features, including overheat protection. The Heatgene is easy to clean and simple to install, making it a popular choice among those who want to create an authentic spa experience at home. 

Best Independently Standing Towel Rack

Tankula 5-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer

tankula 5-bar freestanding towel warmer

Independently standing towel warmers can be easily tucked away when not in use. The Tankula 5-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer looks great when it is within sight, but its lightweight design enables it to be easily tucked away to make room as needed. It features five heated bars that can quickly warm the entire surface of the towels it holds and is easy to operate. The wide, rounded bars come in white and feature a clean, contemporary look that can accommodate virtually any décor. This model is powered by a standard electrical cord and does not require installation. It is easy to assemble and comes with all the hardware, tools, and instructions necessary for the simple job. Its two-in-one design not only heats towels quickly and efficiently. It can also dry thin clothing, such as lingerie or swimsuits. The Tankula 5-Bar Freestanding unit is a win-win any way you look at it.

Best Cabinet Style Towel Rack

Elite 19115121813 Hot Cabinet Towel Warmer

elite 19115121813 hot cabinet towel warmer

Cabinet-style towel warmers are usually intended for smaller facial towels. The Elite 1911412813 can heat up to 48 at a time, assuring there will always be a supply of fresh, warm facial towels available at a moment’s notice. This front-loading warmer features two heated shelves consisting of wire racks for perfect heat and air circulation. The padded heating elements in the insulated cabinet assure safe usage. It also offers protection against overheating. This is a great model for small spaces, as it can be placed on a shelf or tabletop. In addition, the consistent heat does not rely on bulbs, which can burn out. 
The sleek, rectangular exterior has a clean, white finish with visible pale blue trim when the door is open. The unit weighs 24 pounds and is easy to transport.

Best Hardwired Heated Towel Rack

ICO Bath Kontour Hardwired K401W Towel Warmer

ico bath kontour hardwired k401w towel warmer

The dependable ICO Bath Kontour Hardwired K401W Towel Warmer features your choice of premium finishes that resist tarnishing and that have long-term visual appeal. The heating mechanism is powered by a hardwire connection that requires professional installation and long-lasting durability. Its easy-to-operate style features a simple on and off switch that requires no adjustments, resulting in perfectly warm, fresh towels with every use. The unit’s exceptional appearance results from careful attention to detail, such as the concealed screws that provide a seamless aesthetic. In addition, the 7-premium quality bars provide full-towel warmth. This model comes with an installation guide and all necessary hardware. 

More Considerations

Heated towel warmers were once viewed as luxury items intended only for the elite. Today, busy families are discovering ways to affordably reduce the amount of laundry required each week, assist in organizing bathrooms, and provide the best way to ensure fresh towels that are perfectly dry and hygienic. Prices begin at under $100, increasing to the thousands for designer and specialty styles, providing a touch of luxury for virtually any budget. 

Towel warmers are manufactured in a wide variety of styles, such as rack models, shelf models, cabinet styles, and bucket styles that have the potential to add a unique look to any bath or dressing room. They come available as freestanding units, hardwired and permanently-installed models that are either wall or floor mounted. They also come in choices of electric or hydronic operation. 
Towel warmers come equipped with or without thermostats and heat-protection features, among their many safety features. Among their many additional options are timers that can be set to warm towels at a specific time before shutting off. 

Some come with built-in switches for energy efficiency, although manufacturers often advise leaving the units running at all times. In addition, robe hooks are available for keeping small towels and robes nearer the heat source, which provides light warming. 

Many heated towel warmers enable users to adjust their temperature settings to a desired level of warmth. Some are manufactured for an accelerated heat level, while others gradually provide gentle heat at a lower temperature. 

Why Buy a Towel Warmer?

  • Heated towel warmers are multi-functional 
  • Aid in the creation of a luxurious home spa environment 
  • Help destroy bacteria inherent in damp towels 
  • Are energy-efficient
  • Add luxury to any bath or dressing room
  • Can increase home value with hardwired models
  • Come in a variety of complementary finishes. 
  • They have safety features that make them perfect for the entire family

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