10 Best Hot Chocolate Mixes


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January 16, 2023

When the weather is just chilly enough outside to need a blanket and a mug full of a warm drink, there is nothing better than the smell and the taste of a good hot chocolate.

Best Hot Chocolate Mixes

Cadbury Original Drinking Chocolate

cadbury original drinking chocolate

We are all familiar with the ecstasy involved with the bunny’s special treats around that special time of year–rich milk chocolate on the outside, only made better by the contents within: the creamy, delightful “yolk” of the Cadbury Egg. If you’re a fan, you’ll love Cadbury’s hot chocolate mix, or cool chocolate–they call it simply Cadbury Original Drinking Chocolate.

Drinking Chocolate is all the rave in places like Spain, and this is a product straight from the UK. Cadbury is very proud of their chocolate, and with good reason! Do remember, it does come in powder, mix form, unlike Spanish drinking chocolates. The creaminess behind Cadbury’s drinking–and eating–chocolates are superior to other chocolate mixes you’ll be able to find.

For supreme results, it is recommended to have a fireplace on-hand to cozy up next to, a nice-sized mug (you won’t be able to resist a second helping), and for all things holy, don’t skimp and try to use water as your mixer! Definitely use milk–water will work in a pinch, but to optimize the flavor and essential Cadbury creaminess, spring for milk!

Lakanto Drinking Chocolate

lakanto drinking chocolate

For a non-dairy, gluten-free, sugar-free, Vegan alternative, Lakanto offers a brilliant drinking chocolate that is delicious in the cold of winter, warmed up to a perfect piping-hot temperature, or during the less-frigid months when you want a cocoa-flavored, icy-cold beverage. The Lakanto Drinking Chocolate is also a probiotic, so it supports guthealth. What more reason do you need to indulge in choclatey decadence?

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Sugar-free hot chocolate mix?” Well, yes. It sounds purely terrible, doesn’t it! It can’t be! It is. Lakanto broke the mold here, sweetening their drinking chocolate with Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener. After digging into it, it turns out this superfood’s extract is three hundred times sweeter than sugar. It is also calorie-free and has zero Glycemic Index.

Since it will not raise your blood sugar or insulin levels, this chocolatey treat is great for diabetics and those on strict weight-loss regimens, and nutritionists. It’s sweet enough to satisfy the most desperate sweet tooth, while staying well-within all the guidelines of a healthy lifestyle free of sugars, which can be dangerous to many lifestyles–or simply frowned upon after seven in the evening!

Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Canister

godiva chocolatier dark chocolate hot cocoa canister

The Godiva chocolate experience is just that: an experience. Can you remember your first time tasting a Godiva chocolate truffle, the deep, chocolate taste? The smoothness, the slight bitterness behind the sweet cocoa? Was it a special, raspberry truffle? Something else? Just the name Godiva tells you that this is no ordinary chocolate–it is a legend among chocolates, a royal among men!

To be sure, the Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa they have carefully crafted is in the same vein. It is rich, it is smooth, it is intense. It has the same slightly bitter taste, which slides down your tongue to remind you that it’s not simply flavored milk you’re drinking here, no. This is a hot chocolate beverage.  This is your new favorite mug. You might even lick it clean when you’re done. No joke!

Godiva has been doing this chocolate gig since 1926, and it shows. They’ve figured out how to turn chocolate into pure velvet when it reaches your lips. This is the kind of chocolate you drive five miles in a snowstorm for when your pregnant wife asks for it. Yes, it is that good. If there is going to be a list compiled about hot chocolate mixes, Godiva simply can not be left out.

Kiss My Keto Keto Cocoa

kiss my keto keto cocoa

There is not much in this world that is worse than feeling on top of the world with your body transformation and healthy choices, and crumbling in the face of feeling the debilitating desire for sweets. Chocolate is Kryptonite. Hot cocoa mixes are just the thing to nip that sweet fix in the bud, and Kiss My Keto has the Keto Cocoa to allow you to fall off the wagon, without falling off the wagon!

The MCT Oil Powder is an excellent addition to this hot chocolate mix, increasing energy and suppressing your hunger. The Kiss My Keto Keto Cocoa does not include any sugars, artificial or otherwise, no fillers, chemicals, corn starches, or additives. For an extra boost of energy, add a bit of ghee butter, either hot or cold liquid, and serve. Yum!

This is not your mama’s hot cocoa mix! You can use this as an addition to your pre-workout supplement, as the MCT Oil is a brain-booster and performance-enhancer. It can be added to any smoothies for a bit of a creamy, chocolate taste, and can also be used to bake or as a coffee creamer to kick off the day just right!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Mix

ghirardelli chocolate sweet ground chocolate and cocoa beverage mix

If you’re looking for a hot chocolate mix that will both pour down your cold- and thirsty throat on a snowy or cold day, and double as a key ingredient to crafting desserts that will impress your friends and family at get-togethers, there is only one single word you need to know: Ghirardelli. The real chocolate beverage has entered the building, ladies and gentlemen!

Ghirardelli screams luxury, it screams richness, fullness, and boldness of chocolate flavor. It is top-of-the-line for baking products because of its ability to turn full-grown women into speechless babes. If you want to craft a mocha, this is going to give you the best, most aromatic and sweet flavor–but not so sweet that it turns your stomach.

From cookies to brownies to cakes, you can bake them all with this Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Mix–and for the thirsty, hot or cold cocoas, mochas, or even mudslides. If you’re not the creative type, there is no shame in simply buying the canister as a gift, slapping a fancy bow on top, and giving it to a loved one. They’ll be won. Leave the packets for the kids and grab the Ghirardelli for the grown-ups!

Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix

nestle hot chocolate mix

When it comes to chocolate, Nestle has always had a knack for finding its way to the top of the pack. This box comes in a pack of three-hundred, but rest assured you can buy in a variety of sizes and flavors. Nestle’s hot chocolate mixes come in rich chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, and you can also get each with- or without mini-marshmallows.

Another thing that is nice about Nestle’s hot chocolate mixes is that, while you may be substituting quality if you switch out milk for water when mixing your cocoa, with Nestle, plain old water will do the trick every time. Water provides the perfect chocolatey taste everybody loves.

Nestle’s hot chocolate mix is another mix that serves as a good candidate for baking. It can be used to make chocolate cheesecakes, both in the crust and the cheesecake itself. It can also be utilized to make chocolate chip cookies, muffins, brownies, or even pound cake.

Serendipity 3 Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix 18oz Canister

serendipity 3 frrrozen hot chocolate mix 18oz canister

New York City is widely known for its pizza, shopping, people-watching, parades, and, well, a lot of different things, but a local hopping restaurant, Serendipity 3, came out with their very own Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix, which is an excellent spin on an old idea–and we approve!

Instead of the tried-and-true method of emptying contents of a packet into a mug, boiling water or milk, pouring said water or milk into the said mug, allowing to cool for a few minutes, and then enjoying, with this bit of a masterpiece, it’s a bit different. In a blender, you’ll toss in 3 ounces of the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate mix along with 1/2 cup whole milk and 1 1/2 cups of ice. Cover that blender and push start. Blend on medium speed to the consistency that makes your heart content and enjoy!

There is something so intriguing about the idea of blendy, icy-cold hot chocolate, and this is from someone who will often buy an iced-latte in the dead of winter. The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix is brought together by mixing a blend of fourteen different gourmet hot chocolate mixes crafted by Serendipity 3 themselves! Try it out!

American Heritage Chocolate Gourmet Hot Cocoa Pouch

american heritage chocolate gourmet hot cocoa pouch

What if you could be told the story of the Americas through the savory tastes rolling around when you take a sip of a rich, bold, and spicy-sweet hit chocolate? A hot chocolate whose recipe was painstakingly crafted by a team of historians who worked to recreate tastes from the 1750s and to tell authentic stories through the lens of chocolate.

The American Heritage Chocolate Gourmet Hot Cocoa Pouch is not like anything out there. The hints of orange, vanilla, and cinnamon are at once exotic and ancient. The chocolate is also Kosher, free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. All of it has been a culmination of the work of over one-hundred and fifteen experts from all over the world.

Finally, this chocolate has an excellent mission. Sales go to helping living history sites and fortifying museums with donations. American Heritage Chocolates also believe strongly in education and finds it a strong, worthwhile cause to fight to support it. Craft your own chocolate bark with American Heritage Gourmet Chocolates and experience the history!

Mountain High All Natural Hot Chocolate Envelopes

mountain high all natural hot chocolate envelopes

Trees topped with snow, wild deer, elk, bear. Ski lifts, frozen lakes for ice fishing, hanging outdoor lights on the cabin…coming back in to fight for a spot near the fire. This is the picture of the mountains, of the call of the hot chocolate, a smiling face brewing up the mix in the kitchen as all of the frozen bodies pile through the door, exhausted from the day’s activities.

Mountain High All Natural Hot Chocolate comes in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, and you can either buy it in the 21 gram envelopes or in K-Cup form, which is a nice, added perk. Buy them in a box of one hundred to appease the whole family–and hide a few for yourself, as they’ll go quick! There is no added corn syrup, only regular sugar, cocoa, salt, and low-fat milk.

This is a nice, thick and creamy hot chocolate mix that everyone will enjoy. Add it to your coffee for a delicious mocha, or just add water or milk for your steamy hot chocolate. For best results, add your hot chocolate mix to the hot liquid as you stir, and then enjoy the sweet aroma; that is, before you slurp it all gone!

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness Hot Cocoa Mix

swiss miss marshmallow madness hot cocoa mix

With a purchase of the Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness Hot Cocoa Mix, you’re going to get eight 9.6 oz. packets of the creamy chocolate mix. Not only will it make even the most health-conscientious parents grin as it is fortified with fourteen essential vitamins and minerals, a gram of protein, it’s only 130 calories.

Unlike some of the other hot chocolate mixes out there that come pre-populated with marshmallow goodness, the Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness Hot Cocoa Mix is pumped full of rainbow-colored marshmallows for added fun. Made from real dairy on real farms, this is a trustworthy brand we’ve enjoyed for decades. Just add six ounces of hot milk or water, stir, and voila!

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