12 Best Kids Picnic Tables


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4 months ago

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Whether you’re a total picnic enthusiast who wants to make sure that every guest gets the best experience at your outdoor get-together, or if you’re simply a parent looking for a way to make things more accessible for your kids, you really can’t go wrong with a kids picnic table.

Designed to seat their smaller bodies more ergonomically than adult-sized tables, a children’s picnic table can be a wonderful addition to your garden or to your standard picnic arsenal. The only question now is – what is the best picnic table for kids?

Check the market and you’ll find a world’s worth of choices just waiting to hop into your cart. But before you make the decision, it pays to know what each of these choices bring to the table (pun intended.) So, if you were hoping to get your hands on the best picnic table for the little tykes in your life, this list of the 12 best choices should start you off on the right direction.

Best Kids Picnic Tables

Kidnic Children’s Picnic Table

kidnic children’s picnic table

Ever tried assembling a picnic table with a bunch of toddlers running around? Yeah, it’s impossible. Fortunately, the Kidnic Children’s Picnic Table features a pre-built frame that requires zero assembly or extra parts. Just pop it out of the box, fold it out, and it’s ready to go!

While that might be reason enough for a busy parent to want to cop this convenient choice, there are a bunch of other features that might make the Kidnic the perfect table for your kids. Made out of ultra-thick plastic, all of its surfaces are easy to clean, letting you rub away crayon marks, spilled food, and whatever stains your kids might leave behind.

Lightweight, easy to handle and set-up, and durable with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds, the Kidnic Children’s Picnic Table combines all of the features you’d want in a piece of children’s furniture. Plus, the fact that it comes at a fairly reasonable cost, this versatile piece can easily find a place anywhere in your home.

Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Table

merry garden kids wooden picnic table

Looking for something with a little more aesthetic? There’s no way you can go wrong with the Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Table. With its smooth, rounded edges and beautiful silhouette, this is a piece you’d want to keep on display as a centerpiece in your home. Made from premium quality Canadian Hemlock, this children’s picnic table exudes expert craftsmanship with its subtle frame and clean lines.

But it’s more than just a pretty little addition to your garden. The Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Table also has a pretty durable frame, able to carry up to 100 pounds of weight on both sides. The wood is also treated, so you can leave it outdoors under the sun or rain without having to worry about damage.

Straight out of the box, it will come in quite a few pieces. But assembly can be a breeze – even for those who might consider themselves a little less than handy. All things considered, it’s a table that’s well worth its price, giving you great value that lasts a pretty long time.

HCG Home and Garden Junior Rainbow Kids Picnic Table Set

hcg home and garden junior rainbow kids picnic table set

With a large, overhead umbrella to keep the sun at bay, the HCG Home and Garden Junior Rainbow Kids Picnic Table Set is a total no-brainer if you want a strictly outdoor table. This adorable multi-colored table can add a splash of life to your backyard, but don’t be fooled by its whimsy. Made from a combination of wood and polyester, the Junior Rainbow Kids Picnic Table can sustain up to 150 pounds in total, supporting the weight of 3 to 4 toddlers at a time.

The large multi-colored umbrella is another welcome feature that can make it even more comfortable for outdoor use. Of course, parents also have the option to do without the umbrella, giving you the option to either fold it down or to remove it all together when it isn’t necessary.

Promising a lifespan of a decade or more, the only downside for the Junior Rainbow Kids Picnic Table is that assembly might be a bit of a chore. But once you manage to screw everything together, this long-lasting piece of kid’s furniture guarantees great value for every penny you spend on it.

Little Tikes Easy Store Jr. Play Table

little tikes easy store jr. play table

We all love Little Tikes. As one of the most trusted brands in the market of children’s toys and furniture, it would be impossible to complete a list of the best picnic tables for kids without Little Tikes making an appearance. And among the choices they provide, the Easy Store Jr. Play Table comes out as a potential front-runner. This sturdy plastic indoor-slash-outdoor table features the quintessential Little Tikes structure – made from solid plastic that’s rounded and subtly textured, giving your children a comfortable place to unwind, dine, and play while you continue on with the picnic merriment.

Able to accommodate up to 50 pounds of weight per bench, the Little Tykes table isn’t quite as robust as the others on this list. But with its impressive decades-long lifespan, this table is one that you can pass down from child to child for many years of picnics to come.

KidKraft Outdoor Table with Benches and Umbrella

kidkraft outdoor table with benches and umbrella

This pick from KidKraft has found a place in the heart and homes of lots of parents thanks to its impressive aesthetic that highlights the beauty of natural wood. The weather-proof material makes it a great choice for those who want to keep their kids’ picnic table outside under all kinds of weather, and it also works well to resist different types of damage from wear and tear.

Fitted with a large overhead umbrella, this picnic table features detached benches that can make it a lot easier for kids to move around and find the most comfortable position relative to the table. In terms of assembly, it might not be the easiest to put together, but the pre-assembled panels take away a lot of the guesswork that might make the process confusing for some.

Naturally Playful Picnic Table

If you’ve got a bunch of kids in the family, then you’ll need a kids’ picnic table that seats more than 4. Enter the Naturally Playful Picnic Table – a spacious selection that seats up to 6 kids and a maximum of 300 pounds. This sizeable contender is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, made from durable, thick plastic that’s weatherproof and guaranteed to last for many years down the line.

Designed with a fun wood and stone texture, the Naturally Playful Picnic Table can blend right in with your landscape, maintaining that consistent outdoor aesthetic. The material also makes it exceptionally easy to clean, letting you wash away crayon, paint, and other stains without all the effort.

Right smack in the middle of the price spectrum for kids picnic tables, the Naturally Playful Picnic Table has a lot to offer. Easy to assemble, impressively spacious, boasting a large 5-foot umbrella, this juggernaut of a children’s picnic table can be perfect for those big family get-togethers.

JAXPETY Kids Picnic Table

jaxpety kids picnic table

Sleek, simple, and pleasantly colored, the JAXPETY Kids Picnic Table is pretty compact compared to others of a similar design. But even with its slightly slimmer frame, this table can accommodate up to 110 pounds of weight on its benches, and up to 65 pounds of weight on its table surface. Its bright colored surfaces are treated to resist wear, tear, and weather, and promises to maintain its brilliant colors even after several years of use.

Transitioning form outdoor to indoor play is as simple as slipping out the umbrella and carrying the lightweight table inside your home. If you want to pack it away, just disconnect the large pieces and store them away until your next big picnic. Really, with its simple structure and straightforward design, assembling and disassembling this pick is as intuitive as it gets.

OxGord Kids Table and Chairs Set

oxgord kids table and chairs set

Fun, colorful, and exceptionally lightweight, the OxGord Kids Table and Chairs Set gives your children the independence to move around the picnic space. These feather-light chairs are perfect for smaller kids, at just the right height and weight to let them carry their chairs around and find the most comfortable spot without having to call on mommy or daddy.

Made from durable plastic, the multi-colored set can be used both outdoors and indoors, but the manufacturer does recommend storing them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight when not in use. If you’re hoping to do away with the complicated assembly, then the OxGord Kids Table and Chairs Set is definitely a win. Just pop and lock the legs in place, and you’re pretty much set.

KidKraft 21421 Farmhouse Table

kidkraft 21421 farmhouse table

KidKraft focuses on providing parents and their children with kids’ furniture pieces that are reminiscent of simpler times, using classic farmhouse silhouettes that match any interior or garden. Of course, they achieve this perfectly with the KidKraft 21421 Farmhouse Table and Chairs set that uses sturdy Birchwood that stands the test of time beautifully.

The four-seater table can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes with fairly simple assembly instructions that make it a breeze to put together. Of course, with aesthetics and durability like this, you can expect the set to come at a slightly steeper cost than other choices. But with its beautiful build and finish, and its promise of longevity, then its cost might be a small price to pay.

Jack & June Redwood Convertible Sand Box and Picnic Table

jack & june redwood convertible sand box and picnic table

Looking for a little more versatility? Well, look no further because the Jack & June Redwood Convertible Sand Box and Picnic Table is here. This clever little contraption can function as a sturdy picnic table, with spacious seats and a large table surface that’s ideal for eating or for tabletop activities and play. But aside from serving as a picnic table, it can be easily converted into a sandbox, letting your kids enjoy your new home addition in more ways than one.

With its small footprint and multi-functional design, this pick from Jack & June is ideal for parents who want to limit the amount of space that their kids’ furniture takes up. Keep it outdoors exclusively and enjoy the same quality and durability, thanks to its strong build and materials that are designed to withstand the test of time and weather.

Little Tikes Fold n’ Store Table with Market Umbrella

little tikes fold n’ store table with market umbrella

Another premium choice from Little Tikes is their Fold n’ Store Table. Designed to accommodate up to 8 kids, this behemoth of a children’s picnic table might just be the perfect choice for bigger families. Boasting the same, seamless, and smooth structure that Little Tikes is known for, this table uses a neutral stone and dark wood color that helps it blend in with other pieces of furniture.

With its large seating capacity and its overhead umbrella, the Little Tikes Fold n’ Store Table makes a wonderful addition to homes that host a lot of play dates. Now, if your little guests want to dine al fresco, then simply fold up the table and carry it to its new intended location. That’s right – assemble it once and just fold it up for storage or transport to ease your picnic planning woes.

Polywood KT130BL Kids Picnic Table

polywood kt130bl kids picnic table

Now, if you’re in the market for something that will last a pretty long time, then the Polywood KT130BL Kids Picnic Table might be a good pick. Designed with recycled HDPE lumber, this ultra-heavy-duty table can withstand even the rowdiest of playmates, aging beautifully with the onslaught of weather, time, wear, and tear.

With its edgy black finish and its beautifully seamless construction, this solid black picnic table can find a place in any modern space. Its clean lines and simple silhouette can blend in perfectly with any interior or garden space, even adding a decorative touch to your home.

Pricewise, it’s definitely not the cheapest picnic table out there. But when you consider the fact that it comes with a whopping 20-year unlimited warranty, then it’s easy to see why this children’s picnic table can be a wonderful investment for all the kids in your life.

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