20 Best Kitchen Countertop Organizing Ideas


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4 months ago

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No matter what the size of your kitchen is, staying organized can be challenging. Whether you have to navigate small cabinets, narrow drawers, or lack storage space, there’s a lot you have to deal with when trying to keep your kitchen tidy while also being sure that all of your items are accessible.

The main thing people have issues with in the kitchen is counter space and keeping it organized. Especially with how popular small appliances are. It can be challenging to figure out how to store things like plastic food container lids (no one likes to open the cabinet to a plastic avalanche!), cutting boards, baking sheets, pot tops, etc. Every kitchen has its oddities, so be sure to factor those in. If you don’t have the time to completely makeover your kitchen, these organizing ideas are clever ways to maximize even the littlest spaces.

We’ve put together a list of the best countertop organization ideas. With these ideas, you can make sure the items you need are always where they’re supposed to be—and easily within reach. And the best part? Many of these ideas are more than just handy; they’re budget-friendly and stylish.

1. Display Baking Items in Clear Containers

display baking items in clear containers


Do you not have room for your baking supplies in a cabinet? Do you keep them on the counter? Try placing your baking items in clear canisters; since you’ll be displaying them, you want to make sure you put them in something that gives off a clean and stylish look. Clear containers do just that! It’s best to use clear containers because they can make small spaces feel less cluttered. Then, take it one step further and store other food items like cookies or spaghetti.

2. Baskets Hanging From Rods

baskets hanging from rods


If you don’t want to cover your countertop with plenty of jars and containers, we have an idea for you! Instead, install a rod right under the cabinets and hang baskets for the perfect amount of storage. You can buy a rod and baskets from Ikea for a relatively affordable price. It’s easy-to-assemble and an appealing option to decrease the clutter on your kitchen counter. You can install as many rods and baskets as you need. In addition, you can store baking supplies, fruit, utensils, and whatever else you can think of.                                                              

3. Banana Hook

banana hook


Do you find yourself leaving the bananas on the counter to ripen? If you don’t have space for bananas and find that your home is always stocked with them, you should consider freeing up some space on the counter by installing one or two of these banana hooks. A bonus to these hooks is that they can flip up so that they’re hidden when they’re not in use. So if you don’t have bananas in your home, often these can still be useful! Of course, you can hang other fruit and vegetables as well. 

4. Utilize Vertical Space with Tiered Shelving 

utilize vertical space with tiered shelving


One of the best ways to clear space and keep your counters organized is to take advantage of the vertical space. The easiest way to utilize vertical space is with shelving. Use a tiered shelf to store spatulas, extra condiments, or spices you have lying around. If you have unique space in your kitchen like the photo above, you can add two of these tiered shelves and double the amount of storage. Shelves like these will keep the counter clear while giving you easy access to specific items. 

5. Corner Shelving for Plates and Mugs 

corner shelving for plates and mugs


Corners are often overlooked in all scenarios; it’s essential to utilize that space since it can save you a lot of room. We know that corners can be difficult, but you’ll find that it’s super easy to store items when you use corner shelving. You can either buy or make a stand with two shelves that increase organization and look great! You can store anything you want, but we recommend items you need access to often, like dishes, cups, spices, etc.

6. Stylish Utensil Crock

stylish utensil crock


Utensil holders are a great way to store and keep utensils together, but since utensil crocks are often placed on the counter, we recommend using a more stylish one. Your utensil crock doesn’t have to be boring! Any chic decor like a utensil holder can enhance your kitchen’s overall charm and give it a homey vibe. Putting your utensils in a crock and placing them next to the stove will provide you with easy access to your most-used kitchen tools.

7. Utilize an Over the Sink Drying Rack

utilize an over the sink drying rack


If you hand wash your dishes often, then It’s no secret that when you use a drying rack to dry off your dishes, you find that it takes up a lot of your counter space. The good news is there’s a solution for this! An over-the-sink drying rack helps you take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen; as we stated previously, it’s super important to utilize all of the vertical space you can. Therefore, using an over-the-sink drying rack can free up a good amount of space on your countertops. 

8. Cake Plate for Soap and Sponges 

cake plate for soap and sponges


It may not seem like it, but sponges and soap that sit by the sink take up a decent amount of space. You can decrease the area that these products take up by lifting them onto a stand that has a small footprint. If you don’t find any suitable stands at the store, you can repurpose a cake stand for this! We know it may seem a little weird, but look at the photo above; it looks great! 

9. Magnetic Paper Towel Rack

magnetic paper towel rack


Like most of us, you probably already own a paper towel holder that sits on the counter, but there’s a better alternative to this! You can instead ditch the standard paper towel holder for this one that you can magnetically stick right to the fridge? In addition, it’ll clear up even more counter space. We know it doesn’t seem like much but trust us, every little bit counts!

10. Hang Pull Out Drawers on the Wall

hang pull out drawers on the wall


A place where you can store herbs and spices in an organized fashion is a dream come true for people who love to cook and cuisine lovers. However, there isn’t always space on the countertops for this extra feature. In that case, you can install hanging drawers and use the vertical space between your counter and cabinets. A small hanging container with transparent drawers of different sizes will let you store said products in a stylish and clutter-free way.

11. Turn Your Mugs into an Art Piece

turn your mugs into an art piece


Are you a big tea or coffee drinker? Do you have a lot of mugs lying around? If so, we have the perfect countertop organization idea for you! If you want to declutter your countertops, it’s always best to start by getting rid of anything that is multiples. One item that people often have a lot of multiples of is mugs. If you currently have more than ten mugs and are a household of one or two people, try cutting them in half. Then, you can hang your favorites on a mug tree. There are plenty of mug tree options, but this cactus mug tree is adorable! You can turn your mugs into an art piece with this idea while also freeing up counter space.

12. Wire Baskets for Fruits and Vegetables

wire baskets for fruits and vegetables


Wire baskets are the ideal choice for storing fruits and vegetables. This is because wire baskets allow air access on all sides, which will keep the produce fresh for a long time. As a bonus, wire baskets are an extremely affordable option making this a budget-friendly idea. If you want to go even farther with this, you can install rods and hang the baskets, giving you more free space on your countertops.

13. K-Cup Carousel

k-cup carousel


If you have a Keurig, you know that k-cups accumulate fast and are hard to store. However, there’s a great way to add some decor, all the while storing your k-cups at the same time. So say goodbye to loose K-cups and messy drawers! Adding a k-cup carousel to your space adds some flair while keeping your k-cups in place. If you opt for one of these, just be sure that you can easily access and refill pods. The carousel in the photo can hold up to 36 K-cups.

14. Show Off Your Wine

show off your wine


If you’re looking for a unique wine storage idea or simply want to show off your wine, then a crosshatch wine rack is perfect! The wine rack in the photo can comfortably hold up to four bottles of wine. Adding it to your space adds natural warmth to your kitchen, but it is also a safe place to store your wine. If you want to take it further, you can also add a storage option for your wine glasses. 

15. Lazy Susan for Seasonings and Utensil Crocks

lazy susan for seasonings and utensil crocks


Lazy susans are perfect for those who are working in tight spaces. They allow you to access items quickly easily. For example, you can turn a simple wooden tray into a countertop lazy susan organizer for seasonings and cooking utensils. You know the stylish utensil crock we mentioned earlier? You can also throw that on the lazy susan to allow more space! 

16. Ceiling Pot Rack

ceiling pot rack


Do you have limited storage space inside your cabinets, so you have to resort to storing your pots and pans on the counter? If so, why not try out a ceiling pot rack? Ceiling pot racks allow you to store your pots and pans, keep them out of the way, and easily access them. What more could you want? As a bonus, pot racks can make excellent decor, especially if you have pretty pots and pans! 

17. Hang Baskets from Your Cabinets

hang baskets from your cabinets


If you’re not keen on adding shelves or installing rods to hang baskets but like the idea of having extra storage, we recommend you try hanging some baskets from underneath your cabinets or even from your ceiling. This leaves a small footprint and allows you to move them around if need be quickly. For example, the three-tiered hanging basket from Urban Outfitters pictured above looks great, but it offers an excellent amount of storage for all of the lightweight items you want to get off of your counter.

18. Place Stove Top Essentials in a Tall Metal Basket

place stove top essentials in a tall metal basket


Store all of the seasonings and oils you use most often in one place, right next to the stove.

Wire baskets like the ones pictured above can be found at pretty low prices. You can even try looking at the Dollar Store; we’ve seen them there for a reasonable price and in various sizes.

19. Drawer Tea Organizer

drawer tea organizer


Are you a big tea drinker? If so, you have to add this drawer tea organizer into your kitchen. It’s perfect! You can organize all of your favorite tea flavors. There are nine drawers for tea bags and two bigger drawers on the bottom to store any other tea-related items you may have. 

20. Wall Cereal Dispensers

wall cereal dispensers


Are you or your family cereal lovers? Are you desperate to find a suitable method for organizing cereal? We recommend opting for dispensers and ditching the boxes. Dispensers will free up pantry space and allow for easy access. You can go for free-standing cereal dispensers or go with the wall-mounted like the ones shown above. We suggest going with wall-mounted ones to keep your counter space clear. You can also dispense other dry goods like coffee beans, pasta, lentils, etc. 

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