10 Best Laser Measures


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4 months ago

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Laser measures have become a great upgrade to the traditional tape measure. They provide builders and home project enthusiasts with an easier and more accurate way of measuring when undertaking projects. Having the right laser measure can mean a world of difference when working on a project.

These laser measures work by sending out a pulse of laser light aimed towards a specific target. The time it takes for the reflection to return is then measured. This is how the measurements are calculated. Using a laser measure makes is possible to measure long distances, accurately and easily.

Additionally, some laser measures have other features that make them incredibly useful. There are laser measures that have the ability to add, subtract, calculate area and volume, triangulate and do many other functions. This makes having a laser measure a great idea for an architect, builder, weekend project warrior, renovator, and a hobbyist.

Best Laser Measures

Leica DISTO E7300

leica disto e7300

This laser is a great one to have in your toolbox, especially if your project involves indoors. This laser measure is a good tool for decorating, remodeling or real estate.

Although small in size, this Leica DISTO E7300 is guaranteed to meet ISO 16331-1 international standards for distance and accuracy. It has an accuracy better than 1/16th of an inch. It has a measuring range of 2 inches to 265 feet. This laser measure also has various measuring options available It can be used for straight line, continuous, min/max, area, volume, Pythagoras, stakeout, and add/subtract values.

The display face on this laser measure is easy to read. It has a bright, 3-line display and the numbers are shown in bold. And your results are viewable in all types of lighting conditions. Additionally, you have the option to get your measurements in feet/inches with fractions or the metric system.

The E7300 is designed to be tolerant of dust and moisture, so it is perfect to use when remodeling. It also comes with a multifunction end piece. This end piece is useful when measuring doors, windows, corners, etc. It works by automatically detecting the added length and then accounting for that when figuring out your dimensions.

There is a rubber over-molding on the DISTO 7300 so that it is comfortable to hold when measuring. You will also find included in the box a lanyard to help with carrying and a pouch for storage.

Leica DISTO E7400x

leica disto e7400x

Here is another laser measure in the Leica family. The E7400x has some amazing features and should definitely be considered.

To start with, the E7400x is made to withstand extreme conditions at job sites. It is water resistant and drop tested to 6 feet. It is encased in a tough, rubberized case for protection from water and dust.

The DISTO E7400 is accurate to within 1/16th of an inch and has a range of up to 265 feet. And this laser measure has some great features added in. It has the ability to measure straight line, min/max, area, painter, Pythagoras, and height tracking as well as some others. The nice thing about the E7400x is that it also has the ability to remember the last 20 measurements that you took using it. You can use this laser measure in inches and feet or using the metric system. The E7400x can also be used horizontally if you need a level on the work site. The display face on this laser measure is also easy to read. It has a bright, 3 line display and the numbers are shown in bold. And your results are viewable in all types of lighting conditions.

There are 2 other options when purchasing this laser measure. There is a set with an included pair of safety glasses or you can purchase the set with the target plates.


dewalt dw03101

This laser measure by DEWALT is a great tool to have handy. The DW03101 is able to measure to 330 feet. This laser distance measurer has the ability to calculate area and volume, can easily perform automatic calculations and it has an additional triangular area function.

The DEWALT DW03101 laser measure is accurate to within 1/32-inch (1mm). The tool has an integrated inclinometer, which means you can use it as a digital level to calculate continuous height and indirect horizontal distances. Indirect height measurements can be taken by using Pythagoras to measure distances, even when your point A and/or point B are not accessible for linear measurement.

The DEWALT laser measure features a large 3-line backlit display. This feature helps to improve screen visibility in both dim and bright light conditions and the memory is capable of remembering the last 20 measurements you took. The DW03101 has a multifunctional end piece that can be folded at 90 degrees for edge measurements and can also be extended to 180 degrees for taking measurements at corners. In addition, this laser measure has been created with a durable design that features an over-molded housing, IP65 water/debris resistance, and a successful 6 foot drop testing.

Makita LD080P

makita ld080p

The Makita LD080P laser measure offers a quick and easy solution for distance measuring. The Makita Laser Distance Measure is accurate to 262 feet and is designed to make tape measuring methods easy.

It has an accuracy of +/- 1/16-inch for maximum precision. This Makita laser measure is very versatile, it can take measurements in both standard and metrics and is capable of performing the following functions as well, distance, area,volume,permanen, min/max,add/subtract,stake-out,Pythagoras (2 point), Pythagoras (3 point), and also Pythagoras (partial height).

For your convenience when using the LD080P, other features included are an auto power-off function that will shuts off the device automatically, and a simple to use interface button and screen. Users will note that there is a ¼” thread on the laser. This makes it easy to mount on a tripod. The Makita LD080P is both dust and water resistant and comes with its own carrying case.

Extech DT200

extech dt200

The Extech DT200 is pretty easy to use. The DT200 is able to accurately measures distances ranging from 2 inches up to 115 feet. It can also be used for calculating both area and volume. The included function of the Pythagoras theorem also allows you to easily take indirect measurements. Other features of this laser measure by Extech include continuous measurement function with Min/Max distance tracking updates every 0.5 seconds, addition/subtraction, and front or rear edge reference. The Extech laser measure has an IP54 rated double molded housing for security, a low battery indicator, and an auto power-off function to help save the battery life.

The Extech DT200 is a small, but powerful laser measure. Perfect for all kinds of jobs.

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

tacklife hd60 classic laser measure

The Tacklife HD 60 Classic Laser Measure comes equipped with 2 bubble levels which give the user a more precise measurement than compared to one bubble. The accuracy of this laser is to 1/16th” of an inch. This laser measure has a range of up to 196 feet.

The Tacklife laser measure is small and compact. The carry pouch is included and will help protect the measure from dust and debris. Users will notice that the screen is large and uses back light to help increase visibility in all different types of lighting.

The HD60 Classic Laser Measure is able to perform automatic calculations of both area and volume. The laser is able to remember 30 measurements at a time. In addition, this tool has the functions for calibration, addition and subtraction, and max and min values. This laser measurer will help you work quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the Tacklife HD60 Classic is able to perform in various measurement modes such as distance, volume, area measurement, continuous measurement and measurement by Pythagoras. This tool is perfect for home projects, construction and hobbies.

This waterproof and dustproof laser measure is a great addition to your toolbox. Included in the box are also batteries and a carry case.

Bosch GLM 50 C Blaze

bosch glm 50 c blaze

This incredible laser measure from Bosch has an upgraded back-lit color display and Bluetooth technology that works with the free Bosch MeasureOn app. You can use this is a laser measure for just about anything. The Bosch GLM 50 C is capable of many different functions, which include the basics of real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect. The GLM 50 C Blaze is designed to have an all-around soft grip protection, which helps GLM 50 C to last longer because it will be protected from damage. The laser measure has an easy to use keypad that allows you to make quick and easy operations and the illuminated display provides an excellent readability of the measurements you took. The GLM 50 C laser measure is able to generate up to 10,000 measurements per battery supply. The Bosch GLM 50 C Blaze has a range of up to 165 feet.

You can use this laser measure in stake-out mode. This will make pinpoints that recur along a line, e.g. every six inches. You can also transfer measurements from the laser measurer to a smart device via the MeasureOn app. This makes it much easier when tackling a large scale project.

You will find included with your laser measure in the box, batteries, a carry pouch, a hand strap and 5 target cards.

URCERI Laser Measure

urceri laser measure

The URCERI Laser Measure will give you a tool that is highly accurate and easy to use. This laser measure can be used to measure up to immediately to 197 ft with an accuracy up to +/- 2 mm. The URCERI is constructed with bubble levels to help you get an accurate measuring result.

This laser measure is designed to be extremely compact. This makes it very portable and perfect to take to job sites. It uses just 5 buttons so that you can manage this tool with one hand.

The UCERI laser tape measure can automatically calculate the area and volume of the space you are measuring. The screen area is large with LCD and backlights. The backlights help you to easily view your info and allows you to use the laser measure in all different types of lighting.  In addition to being designed to self-calibrate, this laser measure is able to perform addition and subtraction, measure distance, measure volume, calculate area, use min/max for continuous measurement and use Pythagoras measurement.

You can expect this laser measure from URCERI will be able to store 30 different measurements in its storage and you can set the measurements to be in either feet and inches or metric. Included in the box with the URCERI laser measure you will also find the batteries and a hand strap. This laser measure is perfect for all types of indoors jobs.

Zamkol Laser Distance Measure

zamkol laser distance measure

The laser measure from Zamkol provides the user with several nice functions. You can use this laser measure to measure length, in continuous measuring, calculate area, calculate volume, and in Pythagoras mode. Users will find that the Zamkol laser measure is accurate to within 2mm and can be used in either metric or feet and inches.

This laser measure is able to store 30 different measurements to help when working on projects. The Zamkol laser measure is constructed to be both waterproof and dustproof, so feel free to use it in a variety of situations. It is designed to be compact and has a 4 line LCD display for ease in reading. The backlight is included and helps you to read the screen in many different light environments.

LOMVUM Laser Distance Measure

lomvum laser distance measure

This laser measure from LOMVUM is a great addition to your toolbox. This laser is extremely accurate thanks to the electronic level. This laser measuring device comes equipped with a built in electronic angular sensor and it will display the data in real time for you when measuring. This makes the laser measure more intuitive to use and it is easier to find the horizontal direction, which then helps to improve the accuracy of the vertical bevel. The LOMVUM laser measure has a range from 0.1 to 393 feet, and boasts of an accuracy of  1/16″.

This great laser measure features several different measurement modes that you can use. In addition, there are three measuring references- Rear/Front/End pieces. This helps you to more accurately measure for Single Distance/Area/Volume Measurement, Continuous Measurement, Auto Level/Height Measurement, Measurement by Pythagoras. Users will notice that there is an optional side measure button. This feature will give you much more measuring convenience.

This LOMVUM laser measure is able to store up to 20 different measurements in its memory.

Designed to be both waterproof and dust proof, this laser measure is covered with soft rubber. The included wrist strap and carry pouch will also help you carry and protect your laser measure.

The LOMVUM laser measure is designed with a 4 line LCD display with a backlight to help you view your measurements in all kinds of lighting. Included in the box with the laser are the batteries, a wrist strap and a carry bag.

Laser Measures

It is easy to use a laser tape measure. Simply place the laser measure at one end of the line to be measured. Then you aim the laser beam at a solid point at the other end. You do need a solid object at the other end so that the laser can be reflected back. If there is no solid object already in place, you can put one there yourself. You then press the button that activates the laser and the measurement will be taken and displayed on the screen for you.

There are many options to consider when deciding on a laser measure. These tools come in a range of prices. You need to decide if you need on that has many functions, just a basic measurement function and if you might need to use t outdoors, so then a waterproof laser measure would make sense. You also want to check how far the laser measure you are considering can measure.

When you are looking to purchase your laser measure, there are some accessories available that are extremely helpful. One item is a target plate. This plate is necessary when measuring longer distances that do not have a solid target on the other end. The target plate can be placed where you need to give you the reflection back. There are also target plates that can be used in corners, edges or for floors. These plates will be invaluable.

You might also want to think about adding a tripod. A tripod will help keep your laser measure steady and in position. This is another way to ensure greater accuracy. And you might want to consider adding a carry bag. After making the investment in a laser measure and the accessories you need, you want to be sure your tools are safe and always where you need them.

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