30 Best Laundry Room Design Ideas


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4 months ago

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Let’s face it, washing machines and dryers take up a lot of space. Designing the perfect laundry room is all about finding clever ways to organize your space efficiently. If you want to create the laundry room of your dreams, this article was made just for you. You’ll find inspiration to create a beautiful and functional space that fits in with the way you live, love, and launder. Let’s get into it room by room!

1. Cool Grey Ceiling Fan Laundry Room

source: hunterfan.com  

Greyish blue walls and burnt brown is inspired by Bauhaus design but the interior is very modern farmhouse. This laundry room is a beautiful example of the use of shiplap. Short-blad fans work great in narrow spaces. If you do a lot of hang drying, a fan will hasten the drying process. 

2. The Eclectic All-Inclusive Laundry Room

source: leroymerlin.it

This space is the exact opposite of minimalistic, but it’s extraordinary. The eclectic laundry room pantry combo is filled with eye candy, including apothecary jars, diamond checkered purple and yellow wallpaper, wooden crate pallet boxes, colorful bottles, and dozens of other objects. Oh yeah, there are laundry supplies too!  

3. Make Room for the Brooms  

source: housedekor.womenshop.space

This is a practical and affordable utility space to keep all the things you need to do your dirty 

work in one place. This tiny laundry room has a two-in-one washer dryer and no need for shelves. With a wire rack to keep your cleaning supplies, there’s plenty of room for vacuums, dusters, and brooms.

4. Pet-Friendly Laundry Rooms 

source: lt.gardendecorgalore.com 

This one features a built-in doggie den with a rinsing area complete with grey-blue subway tiles. If you have anything that needs hosing off, a rinsing area with a large drain and extra-long shower hose is a lifesaver. The muted neutral colors are a perfect place for your four-legged fur baby to relax. 

5. The Smooth Sailing Laundry Room

source: houseofhargrove.com

Midnight navy blue mixed with whites gives this room a smooth look. Shaker-style cabinets adorned with long handles, and a cream-colored floor and countertop tie everything together. Crisp lines and flat crown molding frame the cabinets, windows, and doors to help complete a modern look. The deep blues and hand-drawn style accent wallpaper turns a nice laundry room into something remarkable.  

6. Hamburger in Paradise  

source: clothandkind.com 

A little (or a lot) of color can go a long way. The special sauce to this laundry room idea is the paint. Red-orange dominates this safari sunset color palette. The shabby, colorful fringe rug is a fantastic fit for the space. The stained glass and industrial cage pendant light take it out of this world!  

7. Willy Wonka’s Laundry Factory

source: realsimple.com

The 1970s are back in and they’re here to stay. This laundry room is vintage and modern at the same time. The eye-popping lemon leaf wallpaper looks good enough to eat. This fun space also features pendant lighting with a burnished copper finish and cabinets with gold vintage-style handles.  

8. Morning Moods

source: thewoodgrove.com 

Let there be light! This farmhouse cottage laundry is homey and inviting. If you have an eastern exposure, you can use sheer window dressing to warm up the room’s temperature. Wood shiplap walls and natural wood grain pull-out drawers bridge the gap between indoor and out. I can hear Mozart’s Morning Mood in my head just looking at this laundry room. 

9. Bright Pastel Palette  

source: kellygolightly.com 

Our next inspiration has a very Southern California Palm Springs Vibe to it. Bright pastel accent walls complement this vibrant laundry room inspired by 1960s fashion. The modern flower flush mount, gold-trimmed light, vintage footstool, and mid-century modern wallpaper are fabulous. The mod rug it’s straight out of the 60s and 70s. 

10. Simple, Clean, and Mint Green Laundry Room

source: mydomain.com 

The result of this DIY makeover shows how easy it is to bring a drab space to life. The contemporary style is simple, clean, and green. Easy maintenance houseplants sit on a floating shelf next to a few essential items. All it takes to connect all the elements with an accent wall is some tape and a can of paint! 

11. Laundry Room in a Pocket

source: whirlpool.com 

This is a great idea if you have a tiny space. Whether you have a stack all-in-one, you can save space with fitted white modular shelving. Open shelving areas or hanging bars work wonders inside crevices. Every square inch of space is used, and it doesn’t feel crowded at all. 

12. Pull Out Drawers for the Laundry Room

source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com 

Pull Out drawers make everything easier. A thin cabinet with sliding doors is a terrific option if you have a side-by-side washer and dryer. You can store all your stuff without having to worry about digging into Cubbies or cabinets. Earth tones in the textured rug play well off the light-blue green walls. 

13. Use the Spaces in Between 

Here’s an inexpensive version of a pullout drawer. If you have hard floors, you can make good use of the space between your side-by-side setup. This wire rolling rack works great instead of pull out drawers, and it’s an easy alternative to installing a cabinet and a handy way to keep things organized. 

14. Everything Zen  

source: homestratosphere.com 

Everything is in harmony inside this Japanese-inspired slice of Zen. Harnessing nature is vital if you want to achieve this look. Natural light, clean lines, wood cabinets, and earth tones all work in harmony to give you a serene place to let your laundry soak. A window cill is a perfect place for a bonsai tree! 

15. Dramatic Lighting in the Laundry Room

source: Pawel K

All-white cabinets with chrome handles make for a stunning look in this laundry room bathroom combo. The metal pull out drawers save the day tight spaces. Ambient lighting reflects off sheen surfaces to give the illusion of more space and brings a sense of drama into the picture.   

16. The Shower Showstopper

source: Edna Faye Creations

A large rinsing area with a handheld showerhead is an indispensable tool for pre-rinsing. It’s great for soaking, washing your pets, and rinsing off muddy shoes. This laundry room is equipped with a steel farmhouse laundry hanger and grey quartz countertops. The Mosaic shower tiles give it that wow factor.  

17. Cozy Wood Butcher Block 

source: customshelfcreations.business.site

Imagine this space without the floating shelves, paint, baskets, and plants in this picture. The cool thing about this idea is that it doesn’t cost much to achieve a beautiful cozy look. The black paint and colorful rug really make the room pop. The metal sign is the icing on the cake that is this laundry room.

18. Minimal Avante Guard

source: Home Adore

Is this a laundry room or a movie set? Here is another gorgeous space that makes your washer and dryer look like a piece of contemporary abstract avant-garde art in a gallery. This minimalistic laundry room features modern cabinets with no hardware, and LED spotlights play with scale to achieve a striking theatrical effect.

19. Sunshine Central

source: sawnailandpaint.com 

A creamy color palette features swiss coffee paint on the walls and a seashell-colored tile countertop. Accessories like the bouquet of flowers and a floor runner work nicely with the inset cabinets and brushed nickel hardware. The wall facing the cabinets balances things with a hanging hook and carefully placed wall art. 

20. The Lamplighter Laundry Room

source: blackdiamondlighting.com

Here’s another eye-opening example of task lighting. A high-up metal wall sconce with a swing arm puts you in the spotlight. The designer went with a deep brown mahogany finish, and long silver handles on the cabinets. The Mosaic wallpaper is a lovely accent idea to compliment the hexagon tiled floor.  

21. One of a Kind Charm 

source: housebeautiful.com 

This adorable teeny-tiny closet laundry space is the epitome of wabi-sabi (austere beauty). The star is the customized vintage tomato red dresser fitted inside the closet and equipped with a hanging rod. The secret to achieving this look is all about finding the perfect piece. A charming idea for a small apartment.  

22. Less is more

source: georgeandwilly.com 

This laundry room takes less is more to the max. It’s so sleek and modern but still comfortable and refreshing. The wood-framed ceiling clothes drying softens the bold contemporary architecture. And the etched glass has a blur effect and lets plenty of light into this modern space. 

23 Black Tie Affair 

source: kinsman.com.au 

This laundry room is elegant and contemporary with a sophisticated feel and the perfect place for a secret agent or a smooth criminal to do their delicates. The gold sink faucet has a polished metal textured backsplash that works well with this smooth and sharp motif. The deep blacks make this space feel much bigger. 

24. DIY Dandy

source: lifewiththefalls.com 

Here is another cute and comfy laundry room with spotlighting and wood flooring. This is a popular DIY type of makeover that makes a big impression at a low cost. The dandy lion print wallpaper gives the room a unique twist, and the pull out drying rack is handy dandy.  

25. Sophisticated Contemporary

source: liverpool.com 

This space mixes and matches a variety of materials. The washer-dryer stack is flanked to the left by chevron backsplash tiles and to the right by a complex repeating geometric pattern. The brushed steel apron front sink contrasts with the dark and light woods to achieve a gorgeous transitional look.

26. Fabulous Farmhouse  

source: decorpad.com 

This is a welcoming, family-friendly laundry room. The sheer window treatment and green paint on the ceiling tie in perfectly with the decorative vinyl flooring. A durable light-colored woodblock countertop and large canvas hampers are functional and attractive. The white flower chandelier is absolutely delightful.  

27. Ultra Modern

source: stylecurator.com.au 

Clear windows, seamless ultra-modern cabinets, crystal clear glass, and a white quartz counter make this laundry cool and sleek. The recessed sink with a white tile backsplash go great together. There cannot be enough said about the perfect vase and flower arrangement. The right combo can change the whole dynamic of an entire r

28. Traditional Style and Grace

source: joyfullytreasured.com

A traditional laundry room with poise and grace. The crystal chandelier makes a luxurious centerpiece. A natural wood butcher block countertop sits right on top of the washer and dryer. Just above is a built-in cabinet adorned with fancy handles. The floral print wallpaper is a fantastic choice for this cottage-style space. 

29. Barnyard Farmstyle Sunburst

Classic beauty never goes out of style! Sheer curtains complement the brilliant sunburst orange-yellow ceiling. This laundry room has a fancy farmhouse feel with matching dressed windows, a vintage candelabra,  checkered wallpaper, and crown molding that frames the ceiling. A traditional accent cabinet sits next to the large farmhouse sink.

30. Wall Hangers Keys

source: Amber McDaniel

This clever design features a fireplace mantle as a shallow shelf. Floating shelf brackets hold up stained wood shelves that rest against white artisan tile. A keyring comes in handy as you head out to the garage. Decorative apothecary jars and wire baskets keep the shelves keep everything in place. A crown molding frame around the ceiling matches the dark wood theme.

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