15 Best Living Room Color Scheme Ideas & Designs


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3 months ago

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Choosing the color scheme for your living room is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to styling and decorating your living room. Getting the color choice you want to be spot on is crucial because this is the room you spend the most time in. Choosing which colors to decorate your living room with can be a daunting task – partly because of how many options there are. However, knowing what color combinations are guaranteed to look perfect together and being able to select the best hues are not as difficult as you may think – there are simple skills that you can all learn in just a few steps.

You should start by building a palette of ageless tones and classic shades that compliment each other. Once you do that you can then add accent hues to create boldness, a good way to think about this is to think of it like cooking, the colors represent flavors and ingredients. 

Get inspired with these 15 Best Living Room Color Scheme Ideas and Designs that you can achieve in your own space. 

What are Harmonious Colors?

Before we begin, you may be wondering what are harmonious colors? Harmonious colors can be varying shades or tones of the same color. This does have a more complicated name which is a monochromatic color scheme. You may be thinking, aren’t only gray, black, and white monochromatic colors? The answer is no, any color can be a monochromatic color palette. We would like to mention another harmonious color combination, that is analogous color. These are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Some examples of colors on the color wheel that are next to each other are red and orange, blue and green, and purple and blue.

1. Browns and Crisp Whites


The color combination of browns and crisp whites is extremely versatile as well as timeless. If you’re someone who wants to stick with one color combination and avoid any trends, this is definitely the combination to pick. The beauty of using whites is that they allow you to add more colors if at any point you decide you want to give your space a makeover and down the line.

2. The Sky and The Earth


This color combination creates a cheerful living room atmosphere because it uses both bold and pastel colors like turquoise, brown, and white. It definitely mimics the sky and the earth. Lighter monochromatic tones of turquoise and brown really create a sense of harmony throughout the space. The different shades of brown that you can see throughout the photo provide warmth, while the turquoise striped curtains and accessories give the room a pop of drama and color. The couch has a white slipcover that offers a comfortable and casual feel which adds balance.

3. A Variety of Smooth Green Tones


There’s no color more suited to 2022 than green. Green represents healing and life and at a time when our health and happiness seem more important than ever, it’s only right that we surround ourselves in shades that symbolize renewal and growth. A green living room will renew your connection with nature, and the color will summon feelings of vibrancy and serenity. The good news is green is available in a huge variety of shades and it’s easy to find decor that will suit the look you’re going for.

4. Canary Yellow and Ocean Blue


Are you looking to create a bold yet elegant-looking living room? If so, I have some good news for you. The combination of canary yellow and ocean is just as bold as it is elegant. Shades of blue whether it be deep blue, royal blue, or ocean blue adds so much depth to a space and will give it an elegant feeling instantly. But since these colors are pretty dark, it’s a good idea to add a color that will brighten things up. The vibrant canary yellow accents do a perfect job, you can do it with things pillows, drapes, furniture, etc.

5. Shades of Tranquility


If you’re someone who has a busy life whether it be because you live in the city, have a hectic job, or have a busy family a sanctuary away from all of that is important. This urban-looking living room is a perfect example of how monochromatic colors can bring harmony to a space. This color palette is very simple, you can see this in the ivory couch and carpet, the taupe walls and tables, as well as the purple accessories. However, the three different shades of purple shown in the throw pillows, art, drapes, and lamps “finish” the room, allowing it to look more complex and harmonious at the same time.

6. Embrace Warm Reds


Are you contemplating a red living room? The color is definitely a dramatic choice but it’s actually a color hue that’s easy to work and live with. It’s a very warm color and that causes the room to have a cocoon-type feel. This is a color that looks even better under artificial lighting which makes it a great choice for a lot of living spaces. One of the main reasons you might prefer to have a red living room is because of the color’s “heat”, in cold climate areas it can create a really sought-after atmosphere. It truly is perfect for someone who wants a cozy living room. 

7. Dark Gray and Pastels


Dark gray is a neutral color that makes a calming base for your living room. It can give off a little bit of an empty vibe when using it on its own, it’s a great idea to warm it up with a few pastel colors. Doing this will allow the space to retain a calm vibe. For example, a dark-gray wall is a great backdrop for soft pastel colors, or as you can see in the photo the dark-gray couches pair perfectly with the soft pink accent wall. 

8. Spice and Everything Nice


If you’re someone who loves the fall season and everything it offers, we have some good news for you. You can enjoy the beautiful fall colors all year round by styling your living room with an autumn color palette. Gold and dark orange are analogous colors also known as colors that harmonize well because they are next to each other on the color wheel. To expand the feeling of harmony throughout the space two monochromatic shades of orange/brown and orange are included in the area via the rug and pillows. As you can see in the photo the love seat and sofa are tan which gives the viewers’ eyes a break from the strong saturated colors. This adds balance.

9. Stay Traditional with Berry Shades 


The colors heather, aubergine, indigo have a long-lasting appeal which is why they’re chosen often, however, when they’re used on their own, they can feel a little cold. You can warm them up by pairing them with earthy tones. Purple evokes feelings of passion and power. When choosing a purple shade, always select a shade that’s significantly lighter than the one you are aiming for. This is because they are more powerful when applied. The color lavender reflects light extremely well, even in the middle of winter, making it a really smart choice for those who have a small living room. Living rooms always look great when they’re accented or bathed by pink and purple, because it creates interesting and serene living spaces.

10. Olive Green and Royal Blue 


Are you interested in creating a contemporary and classic living room? If so the combination of olive green and royal blue can help you achieve that. Olive green is a sophisticated and traditional color, royal blue adds to this aesthetic by infusing a sense of serenity and calm. You can pair this color combination with accents that are glass or have metallic finishes for a truly grown-up-looking living room.

11. Cool Twilight and Rose Pink


Intimate. Serene. Hopeful. These are all words that come to mind when viewing this living room. The rug, walls, and floor are beautiful shades of gray and the couch is twilight blue. The couch is accented by a rose pink fur throw, flowers, and throw pillows to break up the blues and greys found throughout the room so that they’re not overwhelming. The white side tables almost gleam creating a focal point in the room. 

12. A Completely Neutral Color Scheme 


Give your living room new energy with a soothing and fresh color palette like the one seen above. The main color seen here are lichen, limestone, and sage. Choose a subtle shade of limestone and use said color on the walls, then layer tonal yet different shades of greens and creams on the furnishings. This will create a restful color scheme. Finally, it’s always ideal with color schemes like these to bring in some cacti and plants. 

13. Black and Red


Everything about this color combination is big and bold. Red is a powerful color and black is sophisticated which causes them to balance each other out well. It’s the perfect combo for a living room in a bachelor pad, the black and red combo doesn’t have to be in your face, either. You can use this color combination in accent pieces to water down the intensity of the colors.

14. Warm Golden Reflections


This color scheme really reflects the colors found in sunflowers. It’s welcoming and warm, this gold-toned room welcomes guests in with open arms and compels them to sit for and enjoy some good conversation. The lightest gold color from this palette is on the walls, giving the room an airy and open feel. The striped rug seen in the photo has several gold tones of caramel, wheat, and topaz which pulls the room together. There are two chairs in the room in the color espresso brown, this color is a warm neutral, anchoring the room and keeping the gold tones from being monotonous.

15. Deep Blue and Powder Blue


You may have found that throughout this article that there are colors that really stand out from each other. However, there are opportunities where using shades of a color can look great. Take this pairing of deep blue and powder blue together. Monochromatic pallets can run the risk of becoming overwhelming visually but if you stick to serene and cool colors you can make this work by pairing it with minimalist room decor. The decor should have curvy shapes to keep the aesthetic inviting and soft.

15 Amazing Living Room Color Scheme Ideas & Designs!

Who wouldn’t want to give their living room some character or a revamp? Utilizing color schemes and designs to add some character, whether it be a big change or a small change, can leave a lasting impression on the interior of the room and whoever visits it! It can elevate the space to new levels, even more so if you feel like your living room is just missing that one thing to pull everything together. What is even better is that there are plenty of color scheme options to decorate and design your living room with. This way, you are able to get exactly what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking to transform your living room but don’t want to replace furniture or don’t have the room to rearrange then how we can’t recommend changing out the color scheme of the room. You can do this with minor things like painting the walls or changing out decor. We hope the 15 Best Living Room Color Scheme Ideas and Designs we shared above give you a good starting point! We hope you are inspired to style your living room in a way that will really make it shine. These ideas and designs are unique, beautiful, and easy to complete. It’s time for you to give your living room a makeover, have fun!

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