10 Best Magazine Fed Shotguns


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January 1, 2023

The shotgun is one of the most versatile and effective weapons for hunting, self-defense, and more. The magazine-fed shotgun has been around since 1885 – with a few modifications over the years to accommodate various purposes.

Magazine-fed shotguns have been growing in popularity and are now used for tactical purposes in law enforcement and military units.

A magazine-fed shotgun is also referred to as a pump-action shotgun as it requires the user to press down on the fore-end (or handgrip) of the firearm with their non-shooting hand then pull back, or “pump”, an internal mechanism that chamber another round into firing position.

We’ll review ten of the best magazine-fed shotguns on the market today as well as their features so you can make an informed decision about which will work best for your needs.

Best Magazine Fed Shotguns

Best Arms 912 Semi-Automatic Magazine Fed Shotgun

best arms 912 semi-automatic magazine fed shotgun

This shotgun is a 12-gauge shotgun that can hold up to five shells in a tubular magazine. The receiver is constructed of alloy steel for superior strength and durability, while the specialized ribbed barrel allows for less weight as well as better accuracy with slugs.

It has a manual safety catch on both sides of the weapon which prevents accidental discharge – important when you’re hunting or using this for self-defense purposes.

There’s no need to rack back any slide before firing, allowing shooters to save time during an emergency (this feature makes it ideal if speed is key).

Its polymer stock features textured grip inserts making it comfortable and easy to handle – even if your hands are wet or sweaty from rain or other adverse weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Barrel Length: 18.5″
  • Capacity: 5 Rounds

Citadel RSS1 Magazine Fed Shotgun

citadel rss1 magazine fed shotgun

This shotgun is made by Citadel and is great for home defense or to take out on the hunting field. Its magazine holds up to six rounds of 12 gauge shells, meaning you can fire off a series of quick shots without having to reload (this feature makes it ideal if speed is key).

It comes with both ghost ring sights and an adjustable stock so users can customize their weapon’s ergonomics making them comfortable while also saving money in the long run because they won’t need expensive add-ons.

The Citadel RSSI Shotgun has many features that stand out from other shotguns such as higher capacity magazines than other models which allow shooters more time during emergencies before needing to reload.

Key Features:

  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length: 9.75″
  • Overall Length Collapsed: 28″
  • Overall Length Extended: 31.25″

Fostech Origin 12 Magazine Fed Shotgun

fostech origin 12 magazine fed shotgun

This shotgun is a truly unique design and is known as a bullpup configuration. This means that the magazine sits behind the trigger group instead of in front like most other shotguns on this list.

The benefit to this style of weapon is its low profile, compact size makes it easy to maneuver around corners with ease or even through tight spaces such as hallways or staircases.

Another key feature would be its detachable box magazine which allows users to quickly reload without needing additional accessories. It also comes equipped with an adjustable stock so shooters can easily elevate their shots based on how tall they are.

Overall, this weapon is perfect for tight spaces and the weight distribution means that beginners should have an easy time learning to shoot it.

Key Features:

  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length: 9.75″
  • Overall Length: 19.37″
  • Shell Length: 2 3/4″

Kalashnikov USA KS12 Magazine Fed Shotgun

kalashnikov usa ks12 magazine fed shotgun

This shotgun is more than just an interesting novelty, it’s also one of the best magazine-fed shotguns on the market. This is thanks to its great balance between range and power. Its barrel has a short profile which makes this weapon extremely maneuverable in tight spaces while still maintaining solid accuracy at longer ranges due to its rifled barrel.

The KS12 comes with two detachable box magazines that can hold up to 12 rounds each for maximum efficiency when reloading.

Not to mention, the KS12’s ergonomics are very comfortable to use, allowing for extended usage without causing strain on the user. This is a great gun either equipped with its factory built-in sights or any other optic accessory of your choosing.

Key Features:

  • 12 Gauge
  • Semi-Auto
  • 18″ Barrel
  • Threaded Barrel

Mossberg 590 M Series Magazine Fed Shotgun

mossberg 590 m series magazine fed shotgun

This shotgun is one of Mossberg’s top-of-the-line shotguns which comes with a variety of features. One key feature is its metal trigger housing that can withstand wear and tear over time without compromising the performance or reliability of the gun.

Because it is made out of heavy-duty steel, this allows for a longer life span than many other models on the market today.

The durable build quality also makes this shotgun weather-resistant so you don’t have to worry about rusting when you’re out on the field on those rainy or snowy days!

Key Features:

  • Increased capacity
  • Double-stack magazine design
  • Steel magazine release button
  • Designed around the Mossberg 590

Remington 870 DM Tactical Magazine Fed Shotgun

remington 870 dm tactical magazine fed shotgun

This shotgun is made of durable materials that can withstand harsh environments. It also has an ergonomic design making it very comfortable to use even during extended periods of usage.

Another great thing about the Remington 870 DM Shotgun would be its detachable box magazine allowing for quick reloads mid hunt

The build quality is sturdy, which allows for a longer life span than many other models on the market today.

This shotgun comes with a lot of different attachments and accessories allowing this shotgun’s usability to extend beyond the battlefield creating more efficient roles in a society like police or military personnel etc.

Key Features:

  • 6 Round Magazine
  • Tactical  Forend
  • Black Synthetic Stock
  • 18.5” Fixed Cylinder Bore Barrel

Rock Island VR60 Tactical Magazine Fed Shotgun

rock island vr60 tactical magazine fed shotgun

This shotgun is a great all-around shotgun that is more than just a military and police model. This gun has some of the best weight to variability ratio on our list, giving it an edge in long firefights.

The extended magazine tube makes this gun stand out among other models with its quick reloading capabilities allowing you to get back into the fight faster. Plus, it is a great-looking gun with a few different finishes to choose from.

Moreover, it is a very reliable gun with an easy-to-maintain design, making it one of the best shotguns for rough users.

This model has the most desired features typically found in more expensive firearms such as parkerized steel components (trigger group, follower & base); drilled and tapped receiver plus more. If you are looking for one of the best magazine-fed shotguns, look no further.

Key Features:

  • 20″ Barrel
  • Capacity: 5 rounds
  • Semi-auto
  • Extended mag tube

Remington 870 12ga Pump Action Express Tactical Shotgun

remington 870 12ga pump action express tactical shotgun

The 870 is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun that has a tactical design with an extended mag tube. This model also features a Picatinny rail and adjustable ghost ring rear sight for quick target acquisition, etc. Moreover, this shotgun has an 18.75″ barrel with a matte finish and reduced recoil, etc.

It’s a great deal, you can’t beat it. You literally can not get this kind of quality shotgun anywhere else at that rate! The extended mag tube allows for longer shots before reloading, which will keep you out of trouble if need be.

With its tactical design, Picatinny rails, and adjustable ghost ring rear sight – sighting your target should be no problem whatsoever!

Key Features:

  • Integral sling swivel studs
  • The solid synthetic stock offers durability
  • Textured forend provides an added grip
  • Twin action bars prevent forend twist for a smooth, reliable action

UTAS UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun

utas uts-15 tactical shotgun

The UTS-15 has an interchangeable magazine connector that works with both box magazines and drums in either 12 or 20 gauge.

The stock also adjusts to three different lengths of pull for added comfort while shooting, despite what body armor you are wearing.

This model includes several Picatinny rails so it can be outfitted whatever your needs might be. If you want one of the most versatile shotguns available today, this is one to consider adding to your arsenal!

Key Features:

  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Barrel Length : 18.5″
  • Capacity : 14+1
  • Chamber : 3″

FN P-12 magazine-fed shotgun

fn p-12 magazine-fed shotgun

The final magazine-fed shotgun is the FN P-12, which is a 12 gauge shotgun with an 18-inch barrel and extendable stock.

This model has both manual and automatic safeties as well as a rotating bolt head that locks directly into the barrel’s chamber for increased accuracy.

While it does not have any Picatinny rails or other space to attach accessories, this pistol-grip shotgun features some of FN Herstal’s most reliable technology in their shotguns such as chrome-plated internals and gas piston operating system.

Key Features:

  • 18” cantilever barrel
  • Improved Cylinder choke tube
  • Chrome chamber and bore
  • Weaver rail pattern on cantilever

What Is So Special About Magazine Fed Shotguns?

Magazines offer quick reloading capabilities in comparison to tube magazines

This is a huge benefit when it comes to tactical or emergency use. Tube magazines can be difficult and time-consuming to reload, whereas magazine-fed shotguns are simply fed rounds into the chamber by pushing down on a spring-loaded ejection port cover in one smooth action.

Faster than pump-action or semi-automatic firearms

Speed is a very important factor when it comes to shotguns. The faster you can fire, the more chance of hitting your target and taking them down as quickly as possible. Traditionally this has been a problem for shotgun shooters because they tend to require two hands – one hand to hold onto the stock and another on the fore-end.

Great for fast-paced hunting

Sometimes you need a fast fire rate where a pump-action shotgun just won’t cut it. In these situations, a magazine-fed shotgun is a great choice because you can rapidly fire multiple shots without having to reload. Plus, it will be easier to load than a pump-action because you can fill the magazine with shells, which means no fumbling around.

You can have different types of rounds in the magazines

A cool fact about many magazine-fed shotguns is that you can put different kinds of rounds in the magazine, which means that if you are hunting for waterfowl or doves then one shotgun will get both jobs done. You don’t need multiple shotguns as you might with other types.

Are There Any Downsides to Magazine Fed Shotguns?

Increased possibility of rupturing the magazine accidentally

This is an unfortunate downside of magazine-fed shotguns, but it’s a very small chance and you should still give them a shot (pun intended.)

Typically more costly than their tube-fed counterparts

In many cases, magazine-fed shotguns are more expensive, but it depends on the brand. However, they are typically around the same when buying base-level shotguns that aren’t specialty shotguns or luxury brands.

It may be harder to sell

Magazine-fed shotguns are sometimes harder to sell after you are done with them, but it depends on how long you have had the gun and if any modifications were made. If the gun is stock it will likely just take a little more time to sell.

Can be more difficult to clean

Lastly, magazine-fed shotguns can be harder to clean because it is harder to take out the magazine and get a good look at what’s going on inside. There are tons of kits to help, though, so it isn’t the end of the world.


Magazine-fed shotguns are a great choice for close-quarter combat. They can offer faster cycling and reload times than typical pump-action shotguns.

While there are many magazine-fed shotguns to choose from, this article reviews the top ten models that you should consider in your search for one of the best magazine-fed shotguns.

Always remember to practice with your shotgun at least once a month so you can stay sharp. There are tons of practice targets that you can use for this purpose.

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