12 Best Manual Tire Changers


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4 months ago

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Just when you least expect it – there goes your tire. Ah yes, the anxiety and stress caused by a flat can be its own breed entirely. Fortunately, dad gave you a crash course on how to change a tire in case you ever found yourself in that situation. Now, the only thing you need to do is grab your manual tire changer and replace that busted baby yourself.

Having a manual tire changer tossed into your trunk or waiting for you at home can spare you from expensive auto repair costs. Letting even the most unskilled automotive owners manually change a tire on their own, these devices have helped countless people from sticky situations. Plus, they can work on more than just your car, bringing tired, worn-out items around your home back into a usable state.

The only real predicament now is deciding on which tire changer deserves your patronage. We’ve scoured the web in search of the best manual tire changers. After all the research, the reading, and the comparisons, we’ve complied this comprehensive list of the 12 best picks and why they might just be the perfect essential to pop in your trunk.

Best Manual Tire Changers

Northern Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer

northern industrial portable mini tire changer

First on our list of the best tire changers is the Norther Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer. Its handle-operated control mechanism works effortlessly to completely change your tires, allowing you to apply just the right power to get your tires to pop. The device was especially designed for vehicles with smaller tires, like lawn mowers and trailers, breathing new life into these household items with relative ease.

It pays to manage your expectations though when using a manual tire changer. While it will definitely get the job done, it won’t always mean that it’ll make it easy. For the most part, using the Northern Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer will take a little lubrication and perhaps a moderate amount of elbow grease. If in between the process you find yourself cursing the device, take a step back and reassess what you’re doing. The intuitive mini tire changer should tell you what you’re doing wrong at a glance

Powerlift Manual Tire Changer

powerlift manual tire changer

Its rugged steel construction makes the Powerlift Manual Tire Changer a real beefy choice for bigger vehicles. Working on tires starting from 8 inches to light trucks, this Powerlift Tire Changer doesn’t joke around when it comes to the extent of the repairs that it can perform. Of course, as one of the more heavy-duty choices on the list, there’s no way you can stuff this in your trunk. In fact, it even requires that you bolt it down in your garage for safe and proper operation.

Durable and robust, this powerful tool can become a wonderful essential if you’re an automotive fanatic who just loves to tinker and repair cars and other wheeled contraptions around your home. Generally, the Powerlift won’t come close to the sheer power generated by industrial and commercial tire changers, but it does put out more force than your average at-home manual changer.

Dr. Roc Professional Tire Change Kit

dr. roc professional tire change kit

Strong and durable, the Dr. Roc Professional Tire Change Kit calls for a little more elbow grease but boasts a design that promises to keep your beads and rims in good condition. The specially designed ultra-heavy-duty pieces that come with the kit minimize the damage to your tires and hubcaps, letting you take them to a repair shop later on to be restored and hopefully, reused later on.

The chrome finished tool set includes three tire spoons, two rim protectors, and a valve tool with 6 valves to help you effectively remove tires on bikes, motorcycles, and other small wheeled items around your home. Backed with a lifetime warranty, this tire change kit comes with a promise that any damage and manufacturer defects you encounter during use will be promptly resolved by the brand behind it – no hassle, guaranteed.

Car Truck ATV Motorcycle Bike Tire Changer

car truck atv motorcycle bike tire changer

Now the Car Truck ATV Motorcycle Bike Tire Changer won’t make your job entirely easy, but it will make it doable. This burly contraption is a heavyweight, featuring a solid steel construction that’s designed to work on countless types of tires over several decades of use. Requiring that you bolt the entire device down on a slab of concrete, this tire changer can accommodate tires from 4 inches to 16.5 inches in diameter, perfect for dealing with smaller tires like those found on motorcycles, bikes, and ATVs.

As one of the bigger devices on the list, it pays to be prepared when using this behemoth. Make sure you’ve got a lot of lubrication lining the rims and beads of your tire to minimize the effort you put in. It might also help to have a friend at the ready to help you secure the contraption in place and to prevent the clamps from losing their place along the beads.

GoPlus Tire Changer Kit

goplus tire changer kit

The GoPlus Tire Changer Kit is about as manual as it gets, giving you access to a bunch of different tools to dismount a tire and remount it in as little time as possible. The company behind the set claims that with the right skill and know-how, you might just be able to remove tires in as little as eight seconds and replace them in under twenty seconds when using this premium kit.

Aside from its bold claims on efficiency and time, it’s also worth mentioning that the GoPlus Tire Changer Kit boasts a design that aims to protect all the different parts of your tires and rims. This is so you can bring them to a repair shop and have them restored for future use. The comfort features are also a nice touch, providing you thick ergonomic rubber handles that give you a stable grip throughout the process for precise control at each step.

Larin TC1 Steel Manual Tire Changer

larin tc1 steel manual tire changer

Another heavy-duty choice is the Larin TC1 Steel Manual Tire Changer. Weighing in at 42 pounds, this ultra-durable choice is pretty lightweight for its construction, especially when you consider that it can work on tires for light trucks. Its compact design and relatively lighter frame make it easy to transport the contraption, in case you need the device in your trunk for those just-in-case-moments.

Working on tires as small as 8 inches up to tires for light trucks, the Larin TC1 Steel Manual Tire Changer means business despite its compact build. Mounting the device on a big slab of concrete should give it more stability. Oh, it also pays to know that the Larin might not be able to spare your rims and beads from damage, so if you’re ready to say goodbye to that old tire without the hope of repair and restoration, then go ahead and have at it with this manual tire changer.

Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer

manual portable hand tire changer

Working on smaller wheels up to 16 inches, the Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer is a relative lightweight. Made from solid steel, this manual tire changer features a light build that makes all of its parts far easier to move and maneuver compared to bigger, heavier, bulkier designs. The changer was intended for smaller tires, such as those found on lawnmowers, trailers, and motorcycles.

When working with the Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer, it pays to move with slow gentle movements, guaranteeing proper positioning every step of the way. Despite being made of pretty solid material, the frame can feel flimsy at times. Sure, it won’t fall apart on you while you use it, but because of its lighter build, slow and steady will feel a lot more secure when working with this device.

BLACKHORSE-RACING Tire Changer Removal Tool

blackhorse-racing tire changer removal tool

This complete set combines all the tools you could ever possibly need to replace a tire, making the entire process easy and intuitive even for a beginner. The 5-piece set features super strong drop-forged steel construction that won’t bend or break even with the toughest tire changing jobs, giving you the confidence to work on virtually any tire that needs replacing.

Fitted with nylon rollers, this set takes the status of your beads into consideration. Despite its powerful and robust grip, the BLACKHORSE-RACING Tire Changer Removal Tool set is delicate on your beads and rims, preserving their shape and minimizing damage to give you the opportunity to repair and restore them later on. Plus, because they’re pretty compact and sleek, it’s totally possible to toss them in your truck and keep them there just in case you might need them sometime in the future.

Wanheyao Tire Lever Change Kit

wanheyao tire lever change kit

Designed for the bike enthusiast, the Wanheyao set includes three different spoon tools that let you get right between a tire and its rim so you can pop it off and get it on with little fuss. This compact yet heavy-duty solid steel set is perfect for working on motorbikes of all shapes and sizes and may even extend to more robust vehicles like ATV’s depending on the amount of elbow grease you’re willing to put out.

Fitted with rubberized comfort handles, these tools are pretty easy to use, allowing speedy tire replacement with the right skill. Plus, because they are pretty inexpensive, they make a great choice if you want to have that extra set of tire replacement tools lying around to use along with other kits and devices for bigger jobs.

Toolsempire Multi Manual Portable Tire Changer

toolsempire multi manual portable tire changer

The Toolsempire Tire Changer was designed with the goal to give you confidence while you change a tire. There are lots of flimsy designs out there that will buckle, break, and bend under the pressure of the tire changing process, not only soiling your effort, but also putting your safety at risk. So, this portable tire changer was designed with supremely durable steel that won’t cave into the weight and pressure of the tire changing process.

The versatile tool can accommodate tires from 4 inches to 16.5 inches in size, letting you work on smaller wheels. Giving you the option to mount the device on cemented flooring, the Toolsempire manual tire changer can become a mainstay in your garage, giving you a mini-station where you can work on busted tires and make replacements at home for a cost-effective repair. If you decide to throw it in your trunk, its lightweight build can be great for on-the-go replacements as well.

Morphon Manual Tire Changer

morphon manual tire changer

Designed for light trucks and cars, the Morphon Manual Tire Changer is a tool you’d be lucky to have in your trunk. This durable, heavyweight of a tire changer uses supremely hardened steel for extra resilience, letting you apply hundreds of pounds of pressure without having to worry about the material bending or breaking during use. The handles are coated with a special material to keep them snugly in your palm during a change, so you don’t have to keep fumbling with the tool.

If you’re not making a replacement, the Morphone tool set can also help you achieve a bunch of repairs that can bring your tires back to tip-top shape. Perfect for spreading your tires for inspection, buffing, dust suctioning, and patchwork, the Morphone Manual Tire Changer is a versatile tool that can help you keep your tires in premium condition.

TUFFIOM Portable Manual Tire Changer

tuffiom portable manual tire changer

Another entry in the small wheel category is the TUFFIOM Portable Manual Tire Changer. Working on smaller wheels from 4 inches to 16.5 inches in size, the TUFFIOM can make a wonderful workshop companion, letting you replace wheels on bikes, motorcycles, lawn mowers, trailers, and many other devices and vehicles equipped with small wheels.

The pristine construction boasts gliding parts that are incredibly easy to operate, reducing the amount of effort you’d have to put in to complete a job. Made from heavy duty, hardened steel, the TUFFIOM promises to stay intact and free from bending and breaking even during the toughest replacement jobs, to give you the peace of mind and safety you deserve. Relatively light weight, the device is also portable, allowing you to travel around with the nifty device for quick replacement jobs on the road.

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