The 6 Best Mini Freezers


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January 16, 2023

Mini freezers are the century’s invention for kitchen appliances since they are made to fit in small spaces where a freezer with standard size won’t fit. These freezers are ideal for entertainment rooms, baby rooms, door rooms and are often used as an addition when more freezer space is needed. 

We made a selection, coming with a list of the best mini freezers that meet customer and standard requirements. The choice can be easy if you consider all the right factors to start with.  

Best Mini Freezers

Kismile 2.1 Compact Upright Freezer

kismile 2.1 compact upright freezer

The Kismile freezers surfaces are made entirely out of stainless steel. They employ the modern design with space usability and can be the ideal appliance addition to RV’s, student dormitories, bars, and households. Furthermore, you will be pleased to have a helper in your office or home premises that can provide fresh food at any time. Their strong freezing capacities are just the starting point why customers leverage Kismile before every other company.


The Kismile freezer is perfect for many spaces inside your home or office. The model is made of stainless steel and is available in three colors. It is ideal for storing breast milk, meat, frozen goods, and many other purposes. 

The freezer has seven temperature controls, which can be set from the back of the freezer. These temperatures range between -7.6 to 6.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the adjustable leveling leg, it has a sophisticated look and accessibility that can be maneuvered in each place. The door is reversible, another convenience for practical people. It uses the best consumption compressor, R600, which wastes only 0.6kW per hour. The noise level is low, so the freezer won’t cause a distraction while working.

Specifications: Total storage volume – 2.1cu.ft; Voltage – 115V; Width – 17.5”; Depth – 21.5”; Height – 25”

Midea WHS-109 Upright Mini Freezer

midea whs-109 upright mini freezer

Midea aims to provide the highest quality possible, utilizing value and innovation. The brand is included in all aspects of producing their household appliances, from sketch to final product, to delivery and offering customer support. Midea proudly offers durable and high-quality freezers and refrigerators, among other domestic linen goods, that fit government and technical standards. 


The three cubic feet freezer by Midea is one of the company’s best-selling mini freezers. It allows a few modern features, like a reversible doors mechanism and adjustable leg, which are essential for small spaces and fit in every kitchen corner. The freezer has passed all standards and doesn’t consume excessive power, earning its Energy Star. 

When it comes to the technicality of the freezer, it is featured with low mechanical temperature and low noise of 42dbA, equal to bird singing in a quiet environment without traffic. It has an adjustable shelf that can be moved up and down and provide more space inside. The freezer is labeled to accommodate up to 105lbs of food. The design is easy to manage since it has mechanical temperature controls.

Specifications: Total storage volume- 3.0 cu.ft; Voltage-120 V; Width-19.7”; Depth-18.5”; Height-33.9”

Whynter CUF-110B Upright Mini Freezer

whynter cuf-110b upright mini freezer

Whynter manufactures freezers for customers who are conscious of design and capacity. Their products are perfectly seen from many angles, especially the storage requirements, power consumption, and cooling systems built inside the freezer that are almost impossible to overheat. Buying one of these goods is an unquestionable solution that will suit all your freezing requirements.


The Energy Stared freezer that uses less power than one light bulb is the perfect choice to store ice cream, frozen food, or breast milk. This Whynter freezer representative has a black reversible door and recessed handle, providing a flush finish. It is a child-proofed product since it contains a cylinder lock with two keys. The temperature can be controlled and customized within the range of -10- 2 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Moreover, the internal storage space of the mini freezer is similar to regular freezers, containing a removable wire shelf, allowing customers to improvise with the free space. The compressor is one of the most powerful engines for mini freezers and has been UL certified. 

Specifications: Total storage volume – 1.1cu.ft; Voltage – 115V; Width – 18.5”; Depth – 17.7”; Height – 19.5”

Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact  Reversible Door Refrigerator

midea whs-65lb1 compact  reversible door refrigerator

Knowing that Midea is the total market ruler that manufactures durable and high-quality refrigerators and freezers, it is not a surprise why this brand occurs twice in our article. Their variety of choices is the number one reason why so many customers buy their goods. It seems like the team that leads the company has finally found the golden ratio between customer requirements, high standards, and long-term utility.


This tiny refrigerator works with the capacity of a big one. It has a multi-powerful compressor and is power-efficient. However, it is not suitable for making ice cubes or storing frozen food, just for cooling off beverages and healthy snacks. 

The refrigerator has an adjustable leg and a single reversible door that can be set, according to your home space. The system works on mechanical temperature adjustment. With its purchase, you get a one year warranty for any problem that might occur with the device.

Specifications: Total storage volume – 1.6cu.ft; Voltage – 115 V; Width – 17.7”; Depth – 18.6”; Height – 19.4”

Black+Decker BCRK32B

black+decker bcrk32b

Black+Decker provides unseen quality and has a lineup of freezers in multiple capacity options. The company gives customers what they vouch for when buying a home appliance: affordable price and efficient-friendly device that will last for long. On top of that their products come with 2 years warranty.


This Energy Star mini freezer comes in two colors and five-volume capacities. However, the bestselling model is one of 2.5cu.ft.The freezer is a compact and stylish, space and power-saving house appliance. Apart from being ideal for indoor spaces, it is equipped with glass shelvings. The door has two liters storage capacity, while the dispenser can store five 12 ounce cans. 

The compressor R600 is durable and maintains the whole cooling system at optimal working condition. The thermostat controls are adjustable, and the leveling legs make this freezer more practical than it does look on paper. Since it is ultra-quiet, it is perfect for places that need quiet appliances like waiting rooms or baby rooms. The freezer produces 45dbA. 

Specifications: Total storage volume – 2.5cu.ft; Voltage – 120 V; Width – 17.5”; Depth – 18.5”, Height – 26.6”

hOmeLabs Mini Fridge 2.4

homelabs mini fridge 2.4

The home appliances factory specializing in manufacturing kitchen goods has invested fantastic effort in making cost-effective items that come with free shipping and the promise of lifetime support. 


The sleek black exterior of the mini-fridge has an ultra-modern touch that blends with every indoor color. It is quiet and ensures a high-quality compressor that doesn’t overheat or consume too much power.

Apart from taking minimal space and having a large capacity, the hOmeLabs mini freezer is the perfect freezer for any house room. The freezer has three possible modes for adjustment. If you want to freeze ice, the company recommends using Max and Med mode. 

The inside structure of the freezer has a special compartment for storing soda, eggs, butter, condiments, and wine. It has a built-in drain that is great for catching drip when the freezer defrosts.

Buyer’s guide

Detecting what the best mini freezers should have is not an easy job. You must consider so many criteria that can be overwhelming and lead you nowhere. That’s why we’ve selected the following few as a stable foundation of what you must consider before buying a mini freezer. 


A freezer capacity is a volume that is possessed and is considered usable. Simplified when we think about volume, we think about how much food we can stuff inside the freezer. Volume is a different notion than size, which usually refers to the space amount the freezer takes up in your kitchen. The freezer capacity is measured in cubic feet. 


Following up on the previous paragraph and knowing the difference between volume and size, a freezer size is measured in inches. So if you didn’t remember what volume and size are, seeing the measurements can wipe up every doubt you had. You should check not just with your metro but also with your house blueprint, whether or not a particular freezer can enter a certain kitchen space. Just remember two things that are vital when planning the space for the freezer:

  • First of all, behind each freezer, there is a compressor. The compressor is the essential part that does all the cooling. This part needs a bit of space for ventilating because it becomes extremely hot during its work. To avoid overheating and possible total freezer collapse, it is best to position the freezer not directly pressed against the wall. Calculate the space needed between the compressor and the wall in your space measurements.
  • Also, don’t forget to plan the door’s swing in your measurements. However, modern freezer designs come with the option of reversible doors that can be squeezed and positioned in any kitchen. 


Luckily for people who have little kids, tiny freezers come with lockable doors operated with a key. This is not a standard feature for all freezers. And another feature that is worth mentioning in this section is the possibility to mount reversible doors. This allows buyers to customize the freezer upon their needs, improving the flexibility with installation.

Energy usage 

Freezers waste a lot of energy and are among those household assets with the highest power consumption. Thankfully, government guidelines recently have invested a lot of effort in improving energy efficiency. 

The law requires all electrical appliances to meet efficiency standards and show outstanding performance when the devices are being tested for power waste.


These small freezers need to be defrosted by hand, unlike bigger freezers, with special defrost features. The defrosting procedure includes- emptying the freezer, turning off the freezer, and then removing the accumulated quantities of ice. It is recommended to clean your freezer when the frost exceeds over ¼ inches in thickness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do mini freezers last?

Depending on the manufacturer, the average lifespan of a mini freezer is 11 years. Keeping a 0.25” of frost can significantly increase the freezer’s lifespan if you frequently maintain the freezer by defrosting.

Can I use the mini freezer as a fridge?

Some freezers have temperatures that allow them to work as a fridge. However, if you need a conversion, simply change the freezer’s thermostat with a fridge thermostat.

How cold do mini freezers get?

Compact refrigerators have a mechanical temperature between 5-7 degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer compartment. 


The kitchen appliances market has spread extensively over the last few years. Having such a wide selection, it is not easy sometimes. But having guidance from where to start searching for the best mini freezers is essential. Before buying one, keep in mind the following things: the specifications of the freezer, the accessibility(does it have reversible doors or leveling legs), and the power consumption. You buy this appliance to last for decades, right?

Every product is hand selected by our editors. We may receive commissions on purchases from a link.

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